Chapter 204: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 204 The Recovery of Kerry (1)
Henry seemed still doubtful toward the word and said in a lower voice, “But you know, the young master have asked me to check background of her and Xuan Chu. Obviously, he was still skeptical about her.”

“Really? ” asked John the butler to a surprise.

Henry hesitated for a while and perhaps he took John was the one who he could believe in, he continued to said, “ Yes, I did as ordered at the beginning, and then I kept the secret investigation work on Xuan even if the young maser was about to quit it.”

Though John the Butler was also curious why Kerry would change his mind to let Yan Chu and her brother an easy go, he was sure that he had no reason to be skeptical about Yan. So he said, “Silly boy, obviously it was because Yan won the trust from our young master. And truth to be told, master has told me then that I should take the order of Yan as that of the hostess. So we shouldn’t cast our doubt against her.”

Henry was a little amazed and asked, “I can’t figure out why did the young master do so? You know, the girl he should be in deep love with is our really hostess- Venus, who bore his baby while departure…”

John the Butler stopped him and said, ” Alright, boy, that ‘s none of your business, all we should do is to serve our master well. Now let’s go. Fang and Long will stay here as guards. “

Henry was still worried about the safety of his boss and said, “Uncle John, wait a minute please. I should enjoin Fang to take good care of young master before we leave.”

Meanwhile, Kerry still remained unconscious one the bed of the ward. With his face well-shaved, Kerry was a really handsome boy. Venus felt a unease around him, she hadn’t had a good talk with him ever since she knew him.

“Kerry Ye, for that you have murdered my brother, I shall kill you as revenge, but now, you get a dementia and lose your consciousness. I shall spare you and loose myself from the burden of revenge.” Said Venus with a sigh, “but it is such a cruel reality that I can’t save my baby without your help. Get up now and save my baby, then you owe me nothing and we won’t meet forever. That’s good for both of us. Come on, wake up now!”

However she tried, Kerry was still unmoved like a corpse lying there. Then she took out his mobile phone and opened an e-book and said, “The doctor tells me to have more talks with you, then perhaps you can wake up much sooner. I think I have finished all I want to tell you, now I can read something as an alternate…this book is named Into The White Night authored by Higashino Keigo, I like it so much and I hope you will enjoy it too. ”

Then Venus began to read the book for Kerry. Her soft and pleasant voice sounded in the ward. When she found herself an incorrect pronounce , she would stopped to have a drink then continued it. She kept her patience in the reading task until the noon when Xuan brought her a delicate lunch.

“What bring you here?” asked Venus.

After a good looks at Kerry, Xuan replied, “I am here to bring you a lunch. And by the way, has him waken up ever?”

Venus shook her head as reply.

“What did the doctor say?”

“He told me that he was not sure will Kerry wake up or not, so he asked me to have more talks to him, but I don’t know if it works.” Replied Venus. Then she opened the lunch boxes, there were well-cooked prawns, meat, mushrooms and green vegetables which seemed delicious to her, indeed.

“A really good meal.” said Venus. However, she found two boxes of rice when took out all the lunch boxes. Xuan took one box and said, ”Yes, I hope I can share a good meal with you.”


Xuan picked a shrimp for her and asked in a low voice, “Did you get the call?”

Venus casted him a glance and nodded as reply.

” I have something to tell you that your business is done here and you should turn a blind eye to the follow-up deal.” Said Xuan.

Venus frowned and said impatiently, “I got it.”

Xuan stared at her and after a while of hesitation, he murmured, ”Do you know what poison he has got?”

“I don’t know, but it should be a nerve-ruining one.” replied Venus in a discontent tone, “ You and your family did a really disgusting job for the treasure map. “

Xuan was surprised by her sudden offensive word, and said in a low voice, ” Forget it and have a good meal, OK?”

Venus stared at him and said, “It is you who mention it to me.”

“Good girl, take care your tone!” Shouted Xuan, who was a little angry and shameful about what Venus said just now. Venus, however, didn’t dare to fight back straightly and buried herself in these delicious food. After the lunch, she raised up and alone and said with a sneer, “A really terrible meal it is, the food you bring sucks.”

The rebellious personality of Venus did dumb Xuan a lot.


Three days later, there was still no sign to show that Kerry would wake up, which nearly drove his fellows mad.

“Why don’t we transfer our young master to another hospital? We can find a better one in capital city, or we can go abroad to find one for him, we can’t wait here and do nothing for our master.” said Henry.

“I…” John the Butler hesitated for a while for he didn’t dare to make such a unpredictable decision. Then he turned to Venus for a help.

Venus stepped back and said, “Uncle John, I am sorry I am not in position to decide.”

John the Butler frowned and finally decided, “I’ll call the younger brother of our master, he should be in position to decide.”

Then they left and there was only Venus who stayed in the ward with Kerry. Judging from his appearance, he looked like no more than a normal guy who fell into a tight sleep. Venus leaned herself to his ear and whispered, ”Kerry, wake up now, or you can never meet your son in your whole life.”

Would Venus woke up her husband by a whisper? Henry was so curious that he fixed his eyes on Kerry’s face, only to find a unmoved stiff look of his master.

“Henry, what are you doing? Go and get the transfer procedures done for our master. We will transfer he to the capital city and his brother tells me that he knows a very famous neurologist in the it.”

“OK, I will do it right now.” replied Henry. After a while, the Kerry was settled down on a stretcher and was about to transferred to the hospital in capital city.

“Miss Chu, are you going with us?” Asked John the Butler.

“Of course I am.” Replied Venus. It seemed that all she could do for her baby was to wait until Kerry woke up. John the Butler gave her a warm smile for he was grateful that the young girl now began to concern about his master.

When stretcher was carried out of the ward, Venus followed beside it and held Kerry’s hands involuntarily. His fingers were long and thin and when she desperately prayed for him, one of the fingers moved with a little stroke.

“Wait a minute.” Said Venus, who casted a surprising stare at Kerry and said, ”Kerry may wake up just now.”

“What? What are you talking about? ” Asked Henry in surprise.

“His fingers, one of his fingers just moved a bit.” Venus held Kerry’s hands to his fellows, who were really excited about that and fixed all their eyes on Kerry fingers. However, at this point, Kerry opened his eyes suddenly and a hoarse voice came from his throat: ”What the hell are you looking for?”

His word was like a strong wave that overwhelmed his fellows in an instant.

“Jesus! Young master, my master, finally you come back to us.” Cried Henry with joy, who was in such an ecstasy that he was about to have a wild dance as congratulations.

John the Butler’s eyes were wet and until now he could took breath of relief. So he murmured “Good, good, really good for your coming back to us.”

However, Venus calmed herself down and looked into his dark blue eyes and asked, “Do you still know me?”

WTF? Kerry was in a really confused look about her weird question. Venus was afraid the warning from the doctor would come true that Kerry might get a dementia even if he woke up. However, she was not sure about then she continued to asked, “Do you remember who you are? ”

At this point, both Henry and John the Butler were fixing their eyes on Kerry since they were also worried about the inauspicious warning from the doctor.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 204 The Recovery of Kerry (2)
Kerry opened his mouth and tried to make a sound. His throat was dry and sore. It took a moment before he said slowly. “What are you talking about, Yan? Of course I know who I am.”

Venus laughed, holding back the tears in her eyes, “Thank God, you’ve finally woken up. If you don’t wake up, I’ll be mad at you forever.”

A smile lifted a corner of Kerry’s lips. “I’m sorry I just wake up now.”

Venus wiped the tears from her eyes. “We don’t have to transfer you now. I’ll wheel you back to your room.”

“Henry, get the doctor.” Venus said.

“Okay.” Henry recovered from his surprise and raced to the doctor’s office.

Kerry was pushed back into the room, but he never let go of Venus’s hand. He was afraid that if he let go of it, she would be gone, as he had seen the scene so many times in his dreams.

During the three days he was unconscious, he felt that someone was whispering in his ear. Her voice was so gentle, so familiar. He wanted to open his eyes to look at her, but he couldn’t lift his eyelids.

Until just now, he had almost clearly heard her say that if he didn’t wake up, he would never see his son again. He was so anxious that he wanted to open his eyes immediately, but his body seemed to be suppressed by a force that allowed him to struggle to no avail.

The doctor came quickly and examined him thoroughly before Kerry reluctantly let go of Venus’s hand.

The ward was silent, with only the doctor’s questions remaining.

After the examination, the doctor who had been calm was startled, “It’s unbelievable. Mr. Ye is very healthy now.”

“So can Mr. Ye be discharged now?” John asked.

“Wait for the blood test results. If there are no problems then he can be discharged.” said the doctor.

John suddenly remembered something. “I need to tell Kevin quickly, so he doesn’t need to come back.” He said to Kerry.

“Did you tell Kevin about my coma?” Kerry asked. He drank a glass of water and his voice was much better.

“You were in danger, so we had to get Kevin back. And he said he’d fly back tomorrow,” John explained.

After being in a coma for three days, Kerry could understand their worry. He didn’t blame them for this. “Give me the phone. I’ll talk to him.”

Kevin hadn’t offered to call him since Venus disappeared. As long as he called Kevin, he’d hung up after a few words. He knew Kevin was blaming him for not doing what he had promised to do, for not taking care of Venus.

John found Kevin’s number and then dialed him. Then he handed it to Kerry.

The phone rang three times before Kevin answered it. It was morning in France. Kevin seemed to be on his way. The horn of a car could still be heard on the phone.

“John, how is my brother now?” Kevin asked worriedly.

Kerry had a gentle smile in his eyes. He hadn’t heard Kevin call him brother in a long time.

“It’s me.” said Kerry.

Kevin was silent, and after a moment he said, “It’s good that you’re awake. I’m hanging up.”

“Kevin,” Kerry called out to him. He heard him not hang up and then continued, “How have you been?”

“I’m fine.” Kevin said simply.

“Let me know if you’re short of money …….”

Kevin immediately interrupted him and said in a cold tone, “No need. I’m working on a project with the professor now and I get paid.”

Kerry sighed in his heart that Kevin was still angry with him and wouldn’t even take his money.

“Kevin, the company has your shares. You can get money from the company.”

Kevin said directly, “Then put it in the company. Now I don’t need it.”

“Are you going to be mad at me forever?” Kerry could hear the detachment in his words for him.

Kevin was silent.

In the ward, John and Henry walked out, with only Venus standing a short distance away at the window. She heard them talking and knew they were at odds again.

Half a minute later Kevin said, “If you can’t find Venus, don’t expect me to be nice to you. I guess you’re not going to find her. Now you’ve found a woman named Yan Chu. That woman’s voice is quite similar to Venus’s. It’s good that you let her go so she can have a happier life.”

Kerry eyed to Venus and explained. “You misunderstand. I’ve never given up on finding her.”

“Then call me when you find her, bye.” This time, Kevin hung up the phone immediately.

Kerry looked down at the number on his phone for a long time. He didn’t think that after all this time Kevin still wouldn’t forgive him because of Venus. Maybe she was the first girl he liked so he went out and never came back once.

Venus saw him staring at the phone and came over. “Did you and your brother have a fight?”

Kerry reached out and took her hand, “He’s been mad at me for a long time.”

Venus was quite surprised, “I see he cared for you.”

Kerry let out a long sigh, “He was friends with my wife Venus. After Venus disappeared, he blamed me for not finding her. Actually, I want to find Venus more than he does. I searched almost everywhere, but I couldn’t find her. To this day, my people are still out there looking for her. Maybe that’s why my brother gets the wrong idea about me.”

Venus listened to his words, her feelings complicated. She didn’t realize that in this world Kevin was still thinking about her.

An hour or so later, they got the test results back. All of Kerry’s tests were normal. It was nothing like the physical condition of someone who had just had surgery.

The doctor was puzzled, but Kerry knew it was because of his body’s peculiarities.

Then Kerry was promptly discharged from the hospital. After went home, he took a shower and then changed. He came down from the second floor to let Henry get the car for him.

Venus was designing clothes on the couch. Kerry came over to take a quick glance at her.

Venus saw the leather shoes he was wearing and pretended to be casual and asked, “Are you going out now?”

“Yes, there is something.” Kerry didn’t say it explicitly.

Venus tilted her head, disgruntled, “You’ve only been back for less than two hours. Why not stay at home and get some rest? And it’s almost 5:00 in the afternoon, can’t you go out tomorrow?”

When Kerry saw she care for him, he felt warm. But he wasn’t going to tell her where he was going.

He touched her long, soft hair, and then said, “I have a job to do. If I don’t get it done tonight I probably won’t be able to fall sleep. Don’t wait up for me at dinner tonight. I might be back late.”

Venus seemed to guess where he was going and took his hand and said, “Where are you going? Can you taking me with you?”

Kerry smiled lightly, “It’s not the place for girls. You just stay home, okay?”

Venus deliberately snorted, “I see you’re trying to get a woman, or you wouldn’t be rushing to get out after you got out of the hospital.”

Kerry was speechless. He leaned over and pressed her against the couch, his voice low, “I’m not interested in another woman. Just want to fuck you.”

Venus was used to hearing him talk like that, so she was responsive. She put her hands around his neck and pulled him toward him, saying softly, “Please let me come with you. I’ve been running both Ye family and the hospital for the past few days, and I haven’t been out much. I’m bored. Just take me out with you, okay? I’ll absolutely do whatever you say.”

Perhaps her scent drew him in or her words convinced him, so Kerry finally agreed to her request. He touched the tip of her nose with his fingers and said, “It seems that I have to take you out with me.”

“Well then, you don’t have to get out of the car when you go, just wait for me in the car.”

Venus immediately smiled and returned respectfully, “Yes, sir.”

Kerry pinches her nose softly.

Venus chuckled. She didn’t expect Kerry to agree to her request so easily.

Henry was startled to see Kerry come out with Venus, but he didn’t say anything.

The car left the villa, but it didn’t go to the city center but to a very remote area. Venus was very curious about where they were going.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 204 The Recovery of Kerry (3)
“I’ve been in a coma for several days, so have you been there?” Kerry asked Henry in front of him.

“Every day, but he refuses to say anything, and his men don’t know anything.”

Kerry snorted, “Really?”

Venus pretended not to understand and asked him, “Who have you arrested?”

Kerry held her hand and spoke in a flat tone, “The one who kidnapped you.”

“You caught them?” Venus was a little surprised.

Seeing her smile, he also smiled, “Of course, no one can get the benefit from me and still retreat without paying anything. I need to find out who is behind all this.” The smile in his eyes turned into a grim.

Looking at him, she was a little scared and asked, “You’re not going to kill him, are you?”

Kerry lifted her hand and kissed the back of her hand softly and said, “No, didn’t I promise you that I wouldn’t kill anyone?”

“That’s good. I don’t want your hands full of blood.” Venus looked directly into his eyes, but she knew as long as the man was breathing, for the silver-faced man wasn’t asking for him to be intact.

“OK.” Kerry said softly, cradling her in his arms.

Outside, the sky got dark.

The car came to a large iron gate, and the guards came out to confirm who the visitor was before opening the gate.

Although Venus grew up in A City, she was only familiar with the city center, so she had no idea of this place. Observing the outside environment, the third-floor room was with light on and there were some men walking in the tard, with great muscle.

“What are you looking at?” Kerry suddenly asked her.

She pointed at the two men that appeared in her sight and said, “They have really good bodies. Look, their arms and shoulders are full of muscles.”

Kerry got upset when he heard so, “Can’t you see mine?”

“You’re different.”


“It’s…” Venus pinched his strong arm, “You’re not as big as theirs.”

Kerry smiled wryly and lowered his head to whisper, “But I have a place that must be bigger than them.”

Venus was about to subconsciously say, “That’s not true.” Suddenly she realizing what he was saying, so she blushed and punched him in the chest, “Oh, god.”

Somewhere of Kerry’s baby suddenly went up, “What? Don’t you think so?”

Venus didn’t know where to look at, so she had to look out of the window.

If he didn’t have something to do later, he really wanted to fuck with her in the car. It seemed that they had never fucked in the car, so if there was a chance, he wanted to try it.

The car slowly stopped at an iron gate and Henry turned back, “Young master.”

Kerry nodded to Venus and said, “Be good and stay here. I’ll be out later.”

“Go, then.” Venus waved her hand at him.

When Kerry got off and walked inside with Henry through that dark red iron door, Venus immediately took out her phone and sent a location to Xuan Chu.

Soon, he replied with a message, “Is it convenient for you to talk on the phone?

Venus looked around and dialed his number.

“Is the location that he has been locked up?” He asked in a low voice.


“Is it complicated? For example, how many guards are there, do they have weapons, and the exact place.”

Xuan Chu asked several questions, making Venus a little irritated, “Don’t forget, I’m only responsible for giving you the address. I don’t care the rest of things.”

Xuan Chu was silent for a moment, but he then threatened her, “Venus, this person you are looking for is one of his favorite subordinates, if he died, do you think he would feel good? If he’s in a bad mood, then your son…”

“Bastard!” Venus cursed angrily, “You’re all assholes.”

“Well, give me the information I just asked for.” His tone was indifferent, not like the one who was eating and playing with her.

Venus took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, “I can only say what I see.”


“When we came in, a guard came to check it out personally before letting us in. There was nothing special inside when we came in. It’s wide, like a training ground with a lot of training equipment. I didn’t see anyone carrying a weapon. Kerry went into a short bungalow across the three-floor building. It has an iron red gate, guarded. As for other things, I really don’t know.”

“You didn’t follow him in?”

Venus snickered, “Who do you think I am? Kerry will let me in?”

Xuan Chu paused for a moment and said, “OK.”

Venus didn’t want to hear another word from him, and directly hung up the phone, leaning back against the back of the chair. She was wondering whether what she was doing was right or wrong?

She revealed Kerry secret base in order to save her child. If Xuan Chu took someone to attack, would all the people here be killed? They all had fathers and mothers, made of meat and bone, so why should they suffer such a fate?

But what if she didn’t? What about her baby? He was still so young, who couldn’t talk yet.

Venus was having a hard time and in silence, she felt like she was becoming selfish, not the kind-hearted Venus she used to be.


The window was small and the light was dim, with only one energy-saving lamp on.

Heng Zhang was chained to a chair, whose face haggard and eyes red. His clothes marked with bloodstains, and the gunshot wound on his leg inflamed from not being treated in time.

He was surprised when he saw Kerry standing in front of him intact. He had been injected with strong psychotropic drugs, so how could he actually recover so quickly?

“What? Surprised to see me?” Kerry asked with a smile.

He spat out and said hatefully, “You’re so lucky that you didn’t turn into a fool.”

“So, the injection is to make me stupid.” Kerry realized why Venus had that reaction when he opened his eyes at that time. He said as he paced, “That’s right. The vault only needs my face and fingerprints anyway, so you can still take out the map if I turn stupid.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve underestimated you.” There was confusion in his eyes, “I’d like to know how your men knew our whereabouts and were so clear about the cars.”

Kerry spread his hands and said truthfully, “I told them.”

“How is that possible? You don’t even have a chance to tip them off.”

Kerry laughed and continued to tell the truth, “Because I have superpowers and I can come and go freely without being restricted by time and space.”

Heng Zhang sneered, “You think I’m a little kid and would believe such crap?”

Kerry knew that he wouldn’t believe him even if he told him, so he had no intention of hiding it, “See, you won’t believe me even if I tell you, so what can I do.”

Heng Zhang looked down and talked to himself, “It must have been someone who betrayed me and revealed the information. It must have been like this.”

Kerry stopped smiling and walked up to him to peer down, “Go ahead, tell me who is your boss. I can consider making you suffer less.”

“Don’t ask anymore. The guy behind you has already asked me many times. I won’t betray my boss.” Heng Zhang said firmly.

Kerry was not angry, “You are indeed a good and loyal employee. In fact, when people are alive, no matter what they do and who they follow, their ultimate goal is to make some money to make their lives better, so let’s say, if you tell me who your boss is, I will give you money that you can never spend all in your lifetime. Why go through fire and water for him? “

Heng Zhang looked at him mockingly, “Kerry, stop it. I won’t change my mind. Because money is not the most important thing to me.”

“What about women? Do you like women?” Kerry then asked.

He looked away, without saying anything. Kerry suddenly knew something and asked Henry, “Oh, you don’t like girls. OK. Henry, go to find some boys to serve Mr. Zhang. He’s our VIP guest, be nice to him.”

“Kerry, how can you be so despicable?” Heng Zhang gritted his teeth and stared at him incredulously. Boys? He’s straight as can be, how could he be man…

“Heng Zhang, take your time, I have countless ways to make you feel bad. This is the most enjoyable for you.”

Kerry said this, turning around and walked out, and also instructed Henry, “Remember, don’t be that girl kind. I believe Mr. Zhang should like muscle guys.”

“OK, young master.” Henry said, holding back a laugh.

Heng Zhang was even more angry, having the urge to strangle Kerry, “Kerry, you are not fucking a man! Why not just shoot me?”

Kerry turned around and laughed gloomily, “To the enemies, my principle is to do whatever it takes.”

“Bastard, son of bitch…”

Henry followed Kerry out and shut the door to leave the cursing behind.

As the two men walked towards the car, Henry asked uncertainly, “Young master, is this really necessary?”

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