Chapter 204: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 204 Being Ungrateful

Colin chuckled, “I don’t blame them, but you’ve let me down.”

Steven’s heart flipped again, “Mr. Ward, I….”

Colin interrupted him, “You encountered the same situation as them but you’re in different circumstances. Do you know the reason? Trigg and the others have nothing to do with me but you’re different, if it weren’t for Marquis, there won’t be Wanxing Trading Company since long ago.”

“So, it’s natural for them to treat me that way under that situation.”

“Do you know? There’s someone under the same circumstances as you. He has received my kindness and was also drugged by Walson. Moreover, his drug is more serious than yours.”

“Do you know what he chose?”

“He took the poison but said to Walson that he would rather die than doing something to me that he would regret and he would never betray me!”

When Steven heard this, he trembled uncontrollably.

Colin continued, “So I’m thinking that each people are different. Not everyone is what you think and not everyone will remember your kindness.”

Steven said in a tremble, “Mr. Ward, I know that I’m wrong. I….”


Benny, who saw his dad being ‘bullied’ by Colin, stood up for him.

“Colin Ward! I’m the one who offended you just now. It has nothing to do with my father! If there’s something, you can come to me! Who do you think you are to teach my father a lesson?” Benny recalled what Colin said to him before going to the auction. So he naturally thought that Colin got his father in trouble because he offended him.

Colin glanced at Benny and smiled in disdain. He wouldn’t take him seriously, such a spoiled rich second-generation.

“Steven, I’ve said it clearly. If you still have some decency, you’d better declare the bankruptcy of Wanxing Trading Company by yourself. Otherwise, if you wait for Marquis to take action, it won’t be as simple as a bankruptcy.”

Steven trembled as his face turned pale.

Benny yelled, “Colin, who are you bluffing at? Why do you want us to declare bankruptcy? I only said that you’re poor and you despise us, the Wanxing Trading Company so much, even you want us to declare bankruptcy. I didn’t expect that the chairman of Marquis is such a petty and vengeful person!”

“Our company, Wanxing Trading Company, isn’t a company that you can bully!”

“Stop talking!” Steven shouted, “Shut up!”

Benny refused, “Dad, I give him a short scolding. He wants us to declare bankruptcy, what’s the reason? Even if Marquis a big company, they shouldn’t bully people this way!”

Steven knew the reason, but so many people were here. How could he say it out loud?

Colin didn’t care about this. Because he knew that if he didn’t explain clearly today, not only Benny but also the others would think that Marquis was bullying someone.

“Fine, then I’ll tell you. I ask your company to declare bankruptcy has nothing to do with you!”

“Because the Wanxing Trading Company is being so ungrateful!”

Everyone was puzzled.

Benny was even more puzzled but he also didn’t want to be called an ungrateful person, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Colin didn’t reply to him. Instead, he explained everything from the beginning until the end.

“Three years ago, Wanxing Trading Company went into an economic crisis and almost went bankrupt.”

“Steven, you went to all the major banks and none of them gave you a loan!”

“At that critical moment, it was us, Marquis, that injected a 300-million-dollar fund for you to recover and get through it!”

“But, what is Wanxing doing now?”

“You joined hands with the other five companies to sanction Marquis! Is this how you thank Marquis?”

After speaking, Colin looked at Benny again, “You tell me now, am I talking nonsense, being wrong by calling you ungrateful?”

Everyone suddenly realized that Steven and Benny’s expression looked slightly contemptuous.

“It turns out that the Wanxing Trading Company is so ungrateful!”

“Aren’t they being so ungrateful?”


Benny turned to look at his father, “Dad, is that…true?”

He had never heard his father saying those things, so he didn’t know that they had such a connection with Marquis.

Steven looked down upon hearing that. He didn’t speak, which also tacitly agreed.

He couldn’t find any reason to refute it. There was also nothing to refute. After all, everything was true.

As for him being drugged, he couldn’t use that as an excuse. Because Colin had already told him, someone had made a different choice.

Benny looked at his father. He wanted to ask something but what should he ask?

Should he ask if his father was being ungrateful and returned the kindness with ingratitude? What’s the point? It’s been done and the result couldn’t be changed!

Colin snorted, “I wasn’t bluffing just now. I’m just reminding you and giving you a final warning. Trust me, I’ll do what I say!”

After speaking, Colin immediately turned around and left.

When Nina and Adam saw this, they immediately followed.

Everyone looked at each other and dare not speaking.

Steven sighed dejectedly, “It’s over….”

Benny looked at his father and held his sigh.

Why it turned out this way?

All of this suddenly made him breathless.

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