Chapter 205 – 206: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 205: Heart-Protecting Mirror

“Wound Kris, and you will win ten million dollars, and Kill him, you will win fifty million dollars.”Xiaoxiong Shen’s eyes filled with blood.

This time, he was determined to kill Kris.

Money meant nothing to him, and he just wanted Kris to die.

Inspired by what he said, his minions yelled and yelled. That money was a huge incentive to them since they chose this profession in the first place because of the money.

Kris understood immediately. These are people from Shen Family. But what took him by surprise was that they would choose this time to take revenge.

Actually, Xiaoxiong Shen had long wanted to kill him. Still, Xiaoxiong learned that Kris was a student in the Academy of Six Major Schools. He spent most of the time at school, so Xiaoxiong could hardly find any chance to do so. Besides, the Shen family was a grand family, but it was nothing compared to the Six Major Schools.

And when he learned Kris was in the Scripture Pavilion, he picked Mary as his new target because he didn’t know when Kris would come out again.

He heard that Mary was shopping at the Temple Fair Street, and then he decided to abduct Mary. Still, unexpectedly, he also found Kris, so he decided to take the chance and kill Kris, and then take his wife away to please his minions, or his pain would never subside.

These people are rushing to them rapidly. Behind them, there was a huge crowd that was trying to escape. Besides, Mary and Mina were both wearing high-heel shoes, so they couldn’t run at all.

But then, Kris thought of a way. He said to Mary grim-faced: “I’ll stop them later, and you and Mina should run away when there is a chance.”

Then Kris took a deep breath and rushed to there people from Shen Family.

Mary stomped anxiously, but she knew she couldn’t go with Kris. She was scared out of wits, and she held Mian’s hand and asked: “Mina, What shall I do?”

“Calm down, Mary. It doesn’t help to get anxious.” After being trained for a period of time, Mina calmed herself quickly. Seeing these people rushing to them rapidly, she said: “They are coming for revenge, and it would be too late to call the police.”

“Then, what shall we do?” Then Mary thought that Kris was very close to Lan Yu, so she quickly called to Lan Yu.

But Lan Yu didn’t answer the phone.

“Pick up the phone! Why aren’t you answering my call?” Mary was so worried that there were tears in her eyes.

And this was what was happening on the other side.

Bao Cao followed Lan Yu and kept apologizing: “Lan, it’s all my fault. I was such a fool. Please forgive me, and I promise this will never happen again.”

Lan Yu was annoyed by Bao Cao, and she stopped walking and said to him: “I know our parents arranged our marriage, but I find it necessary to reevaluate our relationship after spending some time with you.”

Bao Cao’s heart broke when he heard this. “What does she mean? She wants to break up with me?”

Cao Bao grabbed Lan Yu’s hand and said: “Please don’t break up with me. It’s all my bad. Please hit me, or insult me. Whatever you want as long as you are happy.”

“Please don’t do this.” Lan Yu looked at Bao, feeling frustrated. She wanted to forgive him, but she didn’t have a good reason to do so, especially when she remembered what happened these days.

And most importantly, the image in her heart was getting more and more clear.

“I think we both need a break.”

Then, Lan Yu snatched her hand away and left without looking back.

Bao Cao froze, and he looked at Lan Yu, who was gradually vanishing. Then the next second, he shouted: “Kris, I hate your guts!”


When Mary was making calls, Kris bumped into the mob. After practicing Marrow-clearing Scripture, Kris reached the later period of the innate-power stage. And the Marrow-clearing Scripture helped to widen the channels in his body. Besides, he ate the Dragon and Tiger Pill before, so even he was at the later period of the innate-power stage, his Genuine Energy was as powerful as a practitioner at the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage.

Within a split second, some people in Shen Family were knocked down.

But the people brought here by Xiaoxiong Shen are not mediocre. Half of them are in the middle period of the acquired stage, and the other half is in the later period of the acquired stage. Their ability to take hits is much stronger than the average people.

Kris gave out ten punches within a split second, and people around him were all knocked down, blood spurting out of their mouths.

Thanks to Kris’ Mayfly Power, they couldn’t even touch him. And that’s why Kris could succeed simply by avoiding them.

Kris was getting calmer, his eyes colder, and his punches heavier.

Kris punched someone in the chest, and every rib he had was shattered. Blood spurted from his nose, and he lost consciousness immediately.

“Go! Kill him! Don’t come back, kill him!!” Xiaoxiong shouted, looking murderous.

Kris’s power frightened his enemies. They never thought Kris could avoid being touched when he was surrounded by so many people.

They couldn’t even touch him. How could they hurt him? “Go, Wound Kris, and you will win thirty million dollars, and Kill him, you will win a billion dollars!”

Their breath quickened when they heard this, and they kept thinking about how rich they will be if they just hurt him. Then they stared at Kris with greedy eyes, as if Kris became a treasure box.

Xiaoxiong contended when he saw their fierce eyes.

“KILL HIM!!” “KILL HIM!!” they roared and rushed to Kris.

Kris was getting more stressed, especially when he thought Xiaoxiong Shen was in the middle period of the innate power stage. So he must keep his courage and spirits up.

But the fight had already drained half of his strength. He put his acts together and delivered another ten punches, and those hits were all knocked down.

And then, a man attacked Kris with a knife from behind, and had it not been for Kris’ sharp alertness, he would be badly wounded. The knife only cut his clothe open, and the man got so excited and yelled: “I hurt Kris! Haha, I’m now a rich….”

Before he could finish, Kris punched him with furious anger, and sent him ten meters away.

“Kris!” When she saw Kris was covered with blood, Mary shouted.

Kris thought Mary was in danger when he heard her. He looked towards her. And then, Xiaoxiong Shen grabbed a knife and attacked Kris.


“Mary!!!! NO!!!”

Mary positioned herself between them, and Xiaoxiong stabbed his knife into Mary’s heart. Kris then used his Genuine Energy and delivered a murderous punch to Xiaoxiong. “I KILL YOU!”

Xiaoxiong was hit, and he was sent flying and knocked some other people down.

Blood spurted out of Mary’s chest, and Mary fell heavily on the ground.

“Mary, why are you so silly,” Kris knelt down and held Mary up.

When Mary was stabbed, he felt he was half dead.

“You will be fine. You will be fine.” Kris stroked Mary’s delicate face with his bloody hand.

His heart was broken into pieces.

Mary felt her energy was slowly drained, and something was fading away.

She breathed rapidly. She wanted to touch Kris’s face but she found her arm too heavy to raise. She looked at Kris’ pale face and said: “Kris, you have always been there for me, protecting me, and this time, I can finally protect….”

“Mary, stop talking. Call the ambulance now! Mina!” Kris shouted to Mina.

Mina, who was almost frightened to death, walked up to them and made the call.

Then, Xiaoxiong Shen, who was knocked down, got back on his feet and puked some blood. Then he grabbed a piece of mirror that was dented by the punch and said: “ Haha, I have got the Heart-Protecting Mirror. You want to kill me? Too young, too naive.”

Chapter 206: Help me find

Xiaoxiong Shen laughed wildly: “Boy, did you have any idea about ending up like this today? You hurt my son, I must take you down today!”

With that, he said to the men next to him: “Go!”

The words fell, and the remaining thirty people rushed over insanely! Kris asked Mary to take care of Mina and stood up from the ground!

“You will all die!”

With that, Kris gathered his genuine energy into Dantian(the lower belly), two bursts of genuine energy, one red, one white, condensed into a ball, spinning wildly beside Kris!

“I’m gonna kill you all–Sun and Moon Rotation!”


His genuine Yinyang energy condensed together!


More than thirty people of the Shen family had just touched the extreme genuine energy, and immediately flew out, they were screaming!

Half of them their skin went red, like cooked prawns, and half of them had ice on their skin, the whole person was frozen into an ice stick. They could not survive.

Xiaoxiong, who was rushing over, was hit by Kris’s Sun and Moon Rotation, he was seriously injured and fell to the ground!


Xiaoxiong spits out a big mouthful of blood, and he never thought that this guy was so powerful!

What an overpowering skill!

If it weren’t for his own genuine energy that he had just stirred up, he would end up with others now.

Even so, he was also seriously injured!

At this time, Kris’s genuine energy was rammed into Xiaoxiong’s body. If Xiaoxiong did not push the energy out of the body as soon as possible, it would be a big problem.

Seeing that the dozens of people he brought were all injured here, Xiaoxiong was very sad.

These people were the backbone of the Shen family.

This time, he did not expect Kris to be so powerful!

He saw Kris’s murderous look and immediately shuddered. If he didn’t escape now, he might not be able to leave today!

“Kris, I will definitely come back for you.”

Where there’s life, there’s hope.

Xiaoxiong stared at Kris with this cruel remark and fled.

If they were seen by others, the owner of the Shen family in Southeast City fled in embarrassment, people would be shocked even their jaw would fall off.

Kris saw Xiaoxiong running away and did not catch up. At this time, he was only concerned about Mary.

“Dear, you will be fine, you will be fine…”

Kris blocked several of her main acupoints in a row, slowing down the blood flow, this can give Mary more time to survive.

Then he picked up Mary, who was covered in blood and stirred up the few genuine energy from Dan Tian, using the Mayfly Power.

“Dear, I…I feel very bad. If I die, you…you leave the Su family, and then…and find someone to marry again…” Mary’s face was bloodless, but her eyes were full of the attachment to Kris: “There is something…I want to say for a long time, my husband…I…I love you…”

After talking, Mary passed out.

“No… Mary, don’t …don’t!” Kris was devastated!

At the same time, something was happening in the Manor of the Chen Family.

That day was the day when the Chen family hosted a banquet to entertain Emei practitioners.

The Old Master Chen sat in the first seat, and Master Qingyuan (Leader of the Emei School) sat next to him to show respect.

Nobody knew whether it was intentional or unintentional that Emei practitioners were scattered by Quan Chen at other tables and sat with people of Chen’s family.

The practitioners of Emei had no make up on their face, but they had very tender skin.

They were very good-looking, people of the Chen family were all greedy of them.

Now they finally had the opportunity to get in touch with them up close, all of which were due to Quan Chen.

Quan Chen’s move was completely buying up the hearts of the family members, but those people of Chen’s family showed their gratitude to him.

He knew everything worked well.

Thinking of this, Quan Chen was so proud of himself.

At this time, the Old Master Chen, who was sitting in the first seat, raised his wine glass and stood up: “Today is not only a day of national celebration but also an annual family feast of Chen family. It was even the honor of my Chen family that Master Qingyuan of Emei and her high-level practitioners. Here I would like to make a toast.”

His words just fell, and all the people of Chen’s family stood up, holding wine glasses in both hands, and looked at him respectfully: “Wish grandpa a long and happy life!”

Then everyone finished their wine in one gulp.

At this time, Master Qingyuan also picked up a glass of wine and said to the old man, “Thank you, Mr. Chen, for your hospitality, I appreciate that very much!”

The practitioners of Emei had a good impression of the Chen family!

Especially the enthusiasm of the Chen family made those young female practitioners feel more honorable. They lived on Emei from an early age, and it was the first time for many of them to go down the mountain.

Although the people of Emei and the Chen family had never intruded on each other, in these days, they lived together. It was inevitable that there will be contact. The young practitioners of Emei began to know the Chen family.

Mr. Chen said with a smile: “Oh, today is a great day. Wudang and Emei are connected through marriages for generations, we are close to each other. You can think of me as soon as you go down the mountain. This is my honor!”

Master Qingyuan also nodded: “I’m sorry. I punish myself by finishing a cup of wine!”

She filled herself with a glass of wine and sipped it out. “Wow! You’re really a boozer!”

Quan Chen stood aside and praised.

“Thanks,” Master Qingyuan said with a slight smile.

“I heard from my grandpa before, saying that you are not only superior in martial arts, but also generous in heart. I didn’t expect that you can really drink. Here’s to you!”

Quan Chen lied without blinking his eyes. If Qingyuan did not come to the Chen family herself, he would not even know her at all.

As he spoke, he poured wine for Master Qingyuan.

“Come on, Master, here is for you!” Then, Quan Chen drank.

“Oh…” Qingyuan was hesitant. In fact, she really didn’t know how to drink, but the young masters of the Chen family are making a toast himself. If she didn’t drink, it would be inappropriate.

“Thanks, and here is for you.” He said that Qingyuan finished the wine quietly and immediately said: “Actually, I have no head for wine. This is the last drink. Forgive me!”

“What a pity!” Quan Chen thought, otherwise it would be nice to take this opportunity to intoxicate her!

Jie Liang frowned aside and pinched him quietly, and the pain even made Quan Chen straightened.

After a few rounds of wine and dishes, Master Qingyuan put down her chopsticks and asked the old man: “Mr. Chen, I want you to help me find someone. I don’t know if it’s convenient for you!”

Mr. Chen said, “No problem! Just give me the name, as long as he is in Westriver City, I will help you find him out!”

“Yeah, our Chen family did have some power in Westriver City!” Quan Chen patted his chest and said.

“Who are you looking for? What is the name, what are the characteristics!”

Qingyuan thought about it and said, “The person I want to find named Kris!”



As soon as her words fell, all the Chen family’s faces changed suddenly, and the original lively atmosphere suddenly cooled down.

The Old Master Chen frowned and asked, “How old is this Kris, and what are the characteristics?”

Master Qingyuan said: “I am not very clear. A few days ago, our practitioners from Emei sent a message saying that there was a man named Kris in Westriver City who had an Obstacle-Breaking Pill in his hand.”

What? Obstacle-Breaking Pill?

Everyone in the Chen family frowned, but after a while, they were all in relief.

Oh, it was not the Kris of the Chen family!


Every one of the Chen family looked at each other and laughed.

Quan Chen also breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that the “Kris” that Master Qingyuan was looking for should have the same name as Kris. How could that loser Kris have the Obstacle-Breaking Pill?

The Old Master Chen was also relieved.

“Okay, we’ll help you, but you’d better offer some details about that person, such as his age so that we can find him quickly!”

“OK!” Master Qingyuan nodded, then said: “Mr. Chen, please wait a moment, I’ll make a call!”

She stood up and walked aside to call Lan Yu!

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