Chapter 205 – 206: My Billionaire Mom


“Unimaginable? Haha, Zabrina, are you kidding me?” Alex Hales sneered and thought the joke was particularly funny.
What background can a person have who rely on for a loan from his wife?

Isn’t he has the background of the dumpster?
“No, I didn’t make a joke with Mr. Hales.” Zabrina shook her head. “So as I told you, I will ask you Mr. Hales, can you use the highest reception standard in a five-star hotel and where they pick you up with Rolls-Royce?”

Alex Hales raised his eyebrows, and his family was worth more than a billion dollars. Going to a place like Beijing is nothing. But how could it be possible for the five-star hotel to send the highest reception standard?

“Are you kidding me? Did you mean Chuck did it?” Alex Hales looked ugly.
“Yes, and, if you went to Beijing, could you hit a billion-dollar boss in public? It wasn’t even a thing…you can do it?” Zabrina asked again.

“What are you talking about?” Alex Hales began to be shocked and gave him ten guts, he didn’t dare to hit people having billions!
This is big, wouldn’t the person will take crazy revenge? It was not something he couldn’t resist doing so.

“Zabrina, what you said is that true?” Alex Hales was sure.
“Do you think I will make a joke with Mr. Hales?” Zabrina was calm, but her heart was more irritable and inexplicable.

Alex found it difficult to understand, how could it be? If Chuck had such a background, why would Yvette borrow from a loan shark?
Is there something wrong with this? For example… Zabrina bragging for Chuck , she was so confident that he believed and was convinced.

Possible! No, it must be!
Alex Hales outlined a smile, “Leave that man alone, you are beautiful, are you free at night? I want to invite you to supper.”
It’s very simple, but it’s different from what Alex Hales said. If you know that he spent 500,000 here today!
Zabrina would know her wealth!

“No, I have to film the movie tomorrow.” Zabrina shook her head.
“It’s okay, what are you afraid of filming?” Alex Hales smiled.
“I’m afraid, I’m afraid that Mr. Chuck would fire me because he invested in this movie…Mr. Hales, please.” Zabrina finished and went to power.

With Alex Hales’s dull face, investing in movies? Her film was invested by Chuck? At least tens of millions of investment in a movie? how can that be? Is it true that his background is really big?
Alex Hales thought of Chuck, whom he thought was just bragging about the beauty of the leaves, cold sweat came out of his back.


Chuck drove Yvette home. On the road, Yvette didn’t say a word and kept her head down. When she arrived home, Yvette walked to her room. Chuck pulled her, “Wife, How much did you borrow from loan shark? I will give you back, don’t borrow any more…”

He could think of Yvette’s sudden departure just now, which must have been ridiculed by her classmates about loan sharks.
“Her husband, I’m sorry, let me fix it myself?” She tried to make herself look up, Chuck was helpless.
Yvette’s character is like this. When something happens, she will try to solve it by herself, but how much has she borrowed?

“Husband.” Yvette came over, and the two of them sat down. Yvette lay on his heart. “Husband, am I very useless?”
“No, how could it be?” Chuck sighed.
Yvette was independent, how could she be useless? With her ability, it is a matter of time before the company gets up. It is just a difficult time for Yvette.

Yvette had been lying in Chuck’s heart for a long time before she returned to the room. Chuck wanted to find out how much money Yvette had borrowed. After all, usury was not a joke.
He looked Yvette at loss and returned to the room.

Chuck carefully took out his mobile phone and opened WeChat. He was ready to let the “Local Tyrant” retreat, but there was no way to do so. He could only ask Yvette this way.

Yvette sent money every day, but Chuck did not accept it, he sent message in the WeChat.
“How are things?”
Chuck heard Yvette’s mobile phone ringing in the room. Sure enough, Yvette quickly returned. She finally managed to deal with him. Why? Didn’t he return the money to her? He’ll take the money later and she’ll be at ease.

“It’s okay, you use it first, and I’m not in a hurry to use the money.”
“Thank you, but you collect the money!”
Chuck saw this, but helpless, Yvette’s character is too strong, she can only return to him passing her company, if found that her company’s business is not very good, can she tell him about her company?
A few minutes after this message was sent, Yvette didn’t reply. When Chuck thought she wasn’t replying, Her message was okay. You collect the money.

“May I see you tomorrow, what trouble your company is in, you can tell me.” Chuck’s thought came up.
“Meet? Yes, it would be better if we meet in the restaurant downstairs in my company.”
“Can’t you go somewhere else?”

“Not very good, this is not ok because I don’t want my husband to see the misunderstanding, he is also working in the square, if he sees it, it’s better, please don’t mind.”
“Yes, I’ll go find you tomorrow.”
“Well, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you.”

Chuck turned off her cell phone, walked to the balcony, and called Wilbur Wendel. How to make Wilbur Wendel pretend to be a “Local Tyrant”? Ask him how much Yvette borrowed and how the company is doing.
Wilbur Wendel answered the phone and was pleasantly surprised. He asked Chuck if he wanted to come over and play. In the nightclub, Chuck certainly said no. He simply said the situation, mainly all the chat details. Chuck said it.

Wilbur Wendel was surprised, “No wonder you asked me about it. It turns out that the Local Tyrant is you, okay, no problem. I will go to her company tomorrow to find her and help you to ask about it.”

Chuck was relieved, how to say Yvette embarrassedly said in front of him, this method can only be used, Chuck hung up the phone, just turned around and saw Yvette. Chuck was startled. What did she do? Do you suspect that you are a “Local Tyrant”?

“Her husband, I want to hold you to sleep,” Yvette whispered.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief and walked in. Yvette hugged Chuck. She had become accustomed to Chuck embracing her these days and could not sleep without him embracing her.

“Her husband, let me tell you that I will meet a friend downstairs in the company tomorrow who helped me for a long time …” Yvette wanted to make this clear. If there was a misunderstanding, she would not be able to explain it.

After listening to her words, Chuck was moved and felt that he still had to find an opportunity to say that the Local Tyrant was their own affair, but this time it was better to let Wilbur Wendel replace it. How to say this is not a glorious thing for Yvette.
She was embarrassed to tell her husband.
She may worry that he will look down on her.

“En.” Chuck nodded.
Yvette looked up at Chuck’s lips. She… she don’t know what to say. Today she saw Chuck’s lips. There was a woman’s lipstick. Whose?
Yvette felt uncomfortable in her heart, embracing Chuck and closing her beautiful eyes.

On the second day, Yvette woke up to make breakfast, the two ate, Chuck opened a sports car and sent Yvette to the square, Yvette went to the company first, Wilbur Wendel’s phone came, and the two met, Chuck said it carefully again and Wilbur Wendel patted his shoulders and nodded, “Relax, I will get this little thing done.”

Chuck rest assured but was also anxious, what if Yvette doesn’t believe him? He can only hope that he took Wilbur Wendel to a restaurant, which happened to have a compartment, Chuck was next to him, and Wilbur Wendel saw Yvette in another room.

Chuck wants to hear what Yvette said about himself.
He sent Yvette a message and asked her to come down. Yvette got back and arrived immediately.
Yvette looked at her mobile phone. She didn’t know what to do. Without the expectation of seeing the “Local Tyrant” for the first time, she was very calm, as if she only saw someone who helped her.

She calmed her mood and went down quickly. When she reached the door of the private room, she took a deep breath and knocked in. When she saw Wilbur Wendel smiling inside, Yvette was stunned. She walked in, “Are you a Local Tyrant?”

“Yes, the Local Tyrant is me,” Wilbur Wendel calmed down. How could he be a rich second generation in such a thing? Well cooked.
Yvette looked at him, her eyes were turning, shaking her head affirmed, “No, you are not a Local Tyrant!”

Last time she knew that Wilbur Wendel was the owner of the square, she asked, but Wilbur Wendel’s expression at the time told her he was definitely not, so she was pretty sure that Wilbur Wendel was definitely not a Local Tyrant!


Chuck, sitting in the next room, was shocked when Yvette said that Wang Wei was not a “Baller.” But he was very helpless soon.
Yvette was able to be a university teacher, and when he was in school, whether it was elementary school, When I go to college, my grades are basically first. How can I not be smart?

Probably the last time Yvette met Wang Wei, he tried it out.
Chuck sighed, he still underestimated his wife’s ability!
What should I do now?

Chuck thought about how to end because Yvette will definitely continue to find the “Baller”.
However, Chuck continued to listen.
“Really? You haven’t seen me before, and you said I’m not. It makes me a little sad to say that.” Wang Wei sighed and stood up as if he was about to leave.

“But you really aren’t.” Yvette shook her head. For this, she was really certain that Wang Wei was not a “Baller” who helped him.
But… she was puzzled again, “the Baller” didn’t need to lie to him, and he was really sighing and sighing at this time. Was she definitely wrong?

“Yeah, you must think that the person who helped you is very young and handsome.
You must have imagined me as a star. When I saw my real person, I felt that it was too different from what you thought, so you were disappointed, right?” Wang Wei sighed, revealing his loss.

Chuck, next to him, gave a thumbs up. Wang Wei didn’t have too many girls, and all lies came with his mouth open.
“No,” Yvette shook her head. She wasn’t a nympho. She didn’t have any special feelings for handsome men. Just think… “I reminded you when I saw you last time, but your reaction tells Me, you are not a Baller to help me.”
“Are you saying that I hid too deep?” Wang Wei smiled.

“No, it’s you…”
“I didn’t mean to identify myself at the time, and I certainly wouldn’t show any expressions, let alone think about it, if I’m not a “Baller”, how could your company continue to continue? Continue to renew? Do you think there are other people? Can this be done?” Wang Wei continued to ask.

Yvette was awakened by this sentence, yes, he is the owner of the square, and his company can renew the contract. It is also a matter of him. Is he… really a Baller?
Yvette sat down to suppress the doubt in his heart, “Are you really a Baller?”
“You still don’t believe me? The first time you went to the hotel and were drunk with those two bosses, or did I see it and saved you…” Wang Wei was helpless.

Yvette was embarrassed when it came to this matter, it should be him, but…how did he not feel any gratitude to him? It may be the first time I met him, so chatting with WeChat is different.
Yvette did not continue to wonder, as he said, who else besides him?
Don’t even think about it yourself, the “Baller” who helped yourself is him.

“Sorry, I’m sorry for what I just said.” Yvette apologized.
“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Wang Wei smiled.
Chuck next to him was relieved. Wang Wei really had his own set.

Yvette believed in three words, but Chuck was a little uncomfortable. He was clearly a “Baller”. Chuck sighed and felt that he was cheating, not Did Wang Wei pretend to be himself?
I don’t know if Yvette knew that he was wrong, that Wang Wei was not a “Baller”, what would she do when she was?

“Order,” Yvette called the waiter, and the two ordered a bit of food, and Wang Wei began to enter the subject. Because Yvette already believed in Wang Wei’s reasons, he took Wang Wei as a friend and chatted between friends, of course. You can let Yvette say something.
Yvette sighed, “My company has improved a little recently, and the business is better.”

This is true. The employees of the two executives who have picked up at the airport twice have come to train.
“Then your company’s situation should be good! This month’s profit is good?” Wang Wei began to routine.
“There are profits, but I can’t make ends meet, mainly…” Yvette sighed. She remembered that when she was in Beijing, she lost that necklace for nearly half a million dollars, so she had to consider starting a loan shark.

“What’s the main thing? It doesn’t matter, can you tell me, are the two of us friends?” Wang Wei was also curious.
Yvette was entangled in whether to talk about it, but he certainly couldn’t tell Chuck about what happened in Beijing.
“I went to Beijing before, I rented a necklace, and then I broke it, and I lost nearly half a million,” Yvette spoke out but felt calm, but she regretted it a bit if she sat opposite How good is her husband Chuck?
Chuck was particularly surprised. Why didn’t Yvette tell himself about it? Chuck sighed.

It seems that it was because of this that Yvette’s funds could not be turned around, so she considered borrowing a loan shark.
But when this matter came out, Chuck could help her solve it.
“Why don’t you say this to your husband?” Wang Wei also felt strange.
“My husband is younger than me, I am five years older than him, he is young, handsome, and… good to me, how can I tell him about it? I am worried about trouble and worry about myself He’s gone, he will start to hate me…”

Yvette shook his head, his voice was a bit bitter. She thought it was good that Chuck shouldn’t know about it. It’s best to never know.
Yesterday, Chuck knew that he had borrowed a loan shark. Other bad things could not be let him know.

Otherwise, Chuck would definitely think that she worshipped money, and then began to hate herself, and finally separated from herself… Since childhood, Chuck was used to being by her side. If she was absent one day, she would not get used to it. She couldn’t imagine what to do in the next life…
Wang Wei envied him, who would have the heart to hate such a beautiful wife?

Chuck heard Yvette’s heart, he really wanted to rush in and tell her, how could he hate her because of such a thing?
But rushing in now, Yvette will definitely feel very guilty and cannot face himself!

“Then what? You have a deficit of half a million, what can you make up for?” Wang Wei asked. Chuck had already told Wang Wei all the details.

“I… I went to borrow a loan shark and borrowed 700,000 dollars.” Yvette said with a sigh, feeling relieved in his heart.
Only seven hundred thousand? It was almost the same as his own estimate. Chuck was not surprised. How to say Yvette did not spend much money on her own, 700,000 was enough.

“Seven hundred thousand? Why didn’t you keep looking for me?” Wang Wei continued to ask.
Yvette didn’t know how to say it. Is it because he borrowed usury to repay your money? Then you will definitely not receive the 500,000 in WeChat.
“I can solve it myself.” Yvette didn’t say anything else. She was borrowed by usury, and she was even more unlikely to say, “Please take half a Million Dollars!”

“You can use it first,” Wang Wei said the original words Chuck just explained.
“No, this is the money I paid back to you. Please take it away. I am very grateful to you for helping me. Really thank you!” Yvette said seriously.

Yvette is really grateful for this “Baller”. If it is not “Baller,” when he was in the hotel that day, he might have been forced by those two people… If that was the case, Yvette could not meet him. For Chuck.
I was Chuck’s wife since I was a child, but when I was away for the first time, what would Chuck think? Yvette was afraid now.

Next, the rice continued to eat. Yvette didn’t say much. After eating, he was grateful to go to the company. Chuck came over and Wang Wei smiled, “You are lucky, you have found such a wife.”
Chuck also felt that she was able to grow up with Yvette from an early age, and she was still her own wife. Chuck felt lucky.

“So what do you do now?” Wang Wei was curious.
What can I do? Can only use WeChat to continue to transfer 700,000 to Yvette, let her return the money first.
In this way, Yvette will continue her company with peace of mind.
Chuck decided that he would transfer 700,000 to Yvette after the meeting. Anyway, he didn’t need to find his mother. Yolanda had money there.

“Yes, she believes me anyway. When will I continue to pretend? Call me anytime…” Wang Wei said.
Chuck nodded, indeed he had to let him come out a few times, Wang Wei smiled, “Chuck, it’s okay in the afternoon, I will take you to a good place, make sure you like…”

He smiles as you understand, Chuck certainly understands, ready to shake his head to refuse, but at this time, the door of the private room pushed open, and a surprising voice appeared, “Husband, how are you here.”
No, isn’t Yvette going to the company! How come back?

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