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Chapter 205: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 205 Inexplicable Anger (1)
“Do you think I’m joking?”

Henry was silent.

In the car, Venus was closing her eyes and meditating. When she heard the footsteps, she put away the expression on her face.

“Are you hungry?” Kerry found she was a little tired and asked with concern.

“A little bit.”

“You look slimmer. When you go back, I’ll let Mrs. Qin cook more soup for you.” Kerry lovingly fondled her face with the back of his hand.

Venus smiled, “Well, the fish soup cooked by Mrs. Qin is delicious.” She had been kidnapped and ran to the hospital every day these days. No wonder she lost a lot of weight.

“I’m glad you like it.”

Then they went back.

Venus tentatively asked, “Have you found any results? Who is the boss?”

“He hasn’t said anything yet, but I have plenty of way. I hope he’ll enjoy tonight.”

Venus was frightened by the coldness in his tone. “Enjoy?”

Kerry smiled insidiously, “You’d better not know such a thing.”

“Well, it’s definitely not a good thing.”

Kerry smiled. It was indeed not a good thing. He was afraid of scaring his lovely girl.

“Aren’t you afraid of others coming to save him?” Venus asked.

Kerry said proudly, “Not at all. First, this place is very remote and basically no one knows. Second, even if someone wants to save him, my men are still there.”

Venus breathed in relief. In this case, she didn’t have to feel guilty. What she feared most was that Xuan Chu was armed to the teeth to save Heng Zhang when Kerry was unprepared and suffered heavy losses. Then she definitely had to feel uneasy.

Now, each of you depended on yourselves. She is not God and couldn’t arrange too much.

Back to the villa it was already 7 o’clock in the evening. Henry went to arrange things and Kerry and Venus ate dinner.

Because of the return of Kerry, Mrs. Qin was so happy that she cooked many dishes today, most of which Kerry liked.

“I remember something.” Venus laughed at Kerry. “The last time I asked you about the map? You said you didn’t know. It turned out to be a lie to me.”

Kerry paused for a few seconds. He was not sure if she was Venus, so how could he tell her such a secret?

“No, you were just my partner at that time.”

Venus nodded, “Make sense. The map is quite important and you shouldn’t tell an outsider. However, it is also a pity that my greatest wish in my life is to look for treasure. As a result, the treasure map was robbed without even looking at it.”

Kerry smiled. If the map was really stolen, Venus would not have to stay, so he would try his best to hold her back.

“Do you think I would be that stupid?”

Venus got curious, “What do you mean? Is the map they robbed fake?”

“It’s real, but now that technology is so advanced, of course I have to make two preparations, so in order to prevent loss and theft, I specially made two copies and put them in different places.” Kerry talked nonsense without flushing.

Venus saw he was so serious and she chose to believe what he said.

“You are really foresighted. Don’t you want to look for the treasure?”

“In fact, I don’t want to have this map at all.” Kerry paused and his expression became a little indifferent. “My parents had a very bad relationship because of this map, and they also died because of it. I don’t want to follow their old path, so I only see it as a memorial and don’t want to find this treasure. I am more willing to use my wisdom and efforts to create a business empire of my own than to spend my whole life looking for a treasure that may not exist yet. I think I have done not bad. “

There is no denying that Venus was inexplicably moved by his story. It turned out that the indifferent and fierce Kerry had such a thought.

“What? Moved by my story?” Sensing she was in a daze, he teased.

Venus also be straight. “I was very touched. I thought that business leaders like you all love money very much. Unexpectedly, you are an exception.”

“I love money too, but gentleman loves money, in a proper way.”

Venus sniffed, who almost choked by rice.

“What? Am I wrong?”

Venus covered her painful belly because of her laugh, “Ouch, gentleman? Kerry, do you call yourself a gentleman?”

Kerry was stunned by her and smiled instead of getting angry, “Right, I’m not a gentleman.”

After dinner, they were watching TV in the sofa in the living room. Kerry was holding her in his arms. At first, he just combed her hair. Later, he put his hand directly into her collar…

Venus hit him on the hand, “Don’t.”

Kerry’s hand stopped at her collarbone and whispered in her ear, “I am not a gentleman anyway.”

“Don’t touch me, I haven’t bathed yet.” Venus teased.

“I don’t mind.” He said, with hand going down and was pressed down by Venus.

“I do.” Venus took out his hand and said, “Watch TV.”

Kerry rubbed against her face and his breath were hot. “I haven’t touched you for several days.”

“You were discharged from the hospital today. The doctor told you to have a good rest.”

“Are you afraid that I can’t do that?” Kerry held her finger in his palm and lifted it up to grind it between his teeth. This made Venus’s scalp itch.

“Kerry, stop.” Venus tried to pull out her hand, but failed. Suddenly, she was picked up and was taken up to the second floor, “Kerry, put me down, your shoulder hasn’t healed yet.”

“It seems that you are indeed questioning my ability. You forget that I am not an ordinary person.” Kerry looked at her dark eyes and smiled gently, but the heat in his eyes was about to ignite her.

Just now at the dinner table, when she said she was not a gentleman, Kerry wanted to rub her into his arms and teach her a lesson. It was now the limit to endure.

“Then… then I need to take a bath first.” Venus said shyly.

“After this, I will wash with you.”

Venus covered her face and muttered in a low voice, “When will you finish…”

Kerry was furious by her words and moved much faster. He kicked open his door and kissed her as soon as he put her on the bed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to be quick today.”

“Don’t tear my clothes. Ah, stop.”

“I’ll buy you ten more tomorrow…”

It’s their happy time then…

This was the first time that Venus had been lying in Kerry’s bed since she came back. They had not been apart for many days, but his extraordinary enthusiasm and eagerness had made her painful several times.

“Kerry, are you a dog? Don’t bite me…” Venus gasped.

“I am a dog, a dog starved by you.” Kerry raised his head, whose eyes were full of flames, extremely charming.

Venus reached out to cover his eyes. She did not dare to look at those eyes. It was too touching. She was afraid that she could not help falling into them.

I didn’t know how long it took, after a violent knock, Kerry shook all over and hugged her shoulder tightly. Venus opened her mouth and could hardly shout out.

There was no denying that Kerry was really good in bed. In the past, he was just for venting, never taking into account her feelings. Coupled with resistance to him physically and mentally, Venus felt only pain. Now, he cared about her and would see whether she was comfortable or not, and would release himself only after she came every time.

The sheets were wet. Kerry slowed down for a while and picked her up again.

“What?” Venus asked weakly, eyelids are almost glued together.

“Not to take a bath? Take you to the bathroom and change the sheets by the way.”

Venus said, “You are awesome.”

“You finally admit it.” Kerry pushed open the bathroom door and looked at her jokingly. “Can you still stand?”

“Yes, sure.”

Kerry slowly put her down, turning on the water and tried the water temperature before letting her touch the water. “Take your time. I’ll change the sheets first.”

Venus was embarrassed to face up to him and turned to wash herself.

After a while, Kerry’s hot body also squeezed in.

“You go out first and come back when I finish it.” Venus said with her small hand against his chest.

How could Kerry miss such a good opportunity? He directly held her into his arms and let warm water flow, with a low and attractive voice. “After being naked so many times, you’re still shy?”

“I’m not used to it.”

“But I like to see you like this.” Kerry teased.

“Why are you so annoying?” Venus pouted her red lips.

Kerry immediately bit her lips. Originally, he just wanted to kiss, but he underestimated his endurance and couldn’t stop as soon as he tasted her.

So, Kerry pressed her on the wall, doing that again.

This time Venus really had no strength and was carried out of the bathroom by him with her eyes closed.

“Don’t touch me…” Venus warned him.

“No more. I promise.” Kerry’s eyes were full of deep affection, “I’ll help you dry your hair before sleeping.”


Kerry took the hairdryer from the bathroom, putting her head on his legs, and began to dry her long hair bit by bit. When it was all dry, she completely fell asleep.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 205 Inexplicable Anger (2)
The air conditioning was cool at night, and Kerry Ye tucked Venus Mu and himself into the quilt. Then, with Venus in his arms, Kerry fell asleep.

At that moment, Kerry felt as if he held the whole world in his arms. He was content and delighted.

Late at night, the quiet of the night was broken by the urgent ringing of the mobile phone. Kerry then awoke from his beautiful dream. He searched the phone and picked it up. It’s Henry who’s calling and Kerry answered the phone.

“What’s up?” Kerry said.

“Sir Kerry, Heng Zhang was rescued.” Henry said.

Kerry suddenly sat up from the bed and he sobered up immediately. “When was he rescued?” Kerry said.

“Just now. Word came from the base that a group of men had broken in and saved him.” Henry said.

Kerry kneaded his brows. Afraid to disturb Venus, Kerry asked in a low voice, “How about the casualties?”

“I don’t know. I’m just going there to check it out.” Henry said.

“Wait for me, I’ll go too.” Kerry said. Kerry got dressed quickly after he hung up the phone. Before he left, he turned up the air conditioner and then he leaned over to kiss Venus on the forehead.

When Kerry walked out of the villa, Henry was already waiting for him.

“Sir Kerry, you have just discharged from hospital. You’d better…”Henry said.

“I’m OK. Get in the car!” Kerry said.

The night was still and there were few cars on the roads. The black Land Rover drove at top speed as if it’s no man’s land. So it took Henry half an hour to get to the base, which would have taken more than an hour.

The base was ablaze with lights.

When Xiaofang saw Kerry, he immediately came up to Kerry and said, “Boss, here you are.”

Kerry strode forward, frowning. “What’s going on now?” Kerry asked.

“Five of our men have been injured and the base’s doctors are rescuing them. The three male prostitutes were all dead. The men of the opposite side were all dead, except for Heng.” Xiaofang said.

Kerry stopped and asked suspiciously, “All were dead?”

“They were all killed by the opposite side. They might afraid that those people will tell what happened today to others and so they killed them all.” Xiaofang said.

Even though Kerry is ruthless, he never hurt his men. “Fuck, these people are out of mind. Did you see their faces?” Kerry said.

Xiaofang shook his head and said, “No, they all covered their faces.”

“Did you hear their accents?” Kerry asked.

“No, they didn’t speak.” Xiaofang said.

Kerry looked around and walked to the room where Heng had been held. Kerry saw three big men lying naked in the blood.

“Give a million yuan to their whorehouse and ask the boss to give the money to their families. It’s a pension for them.” Kerry turned to Henry and said.

“Yes.” Henry said.

“Dispose of the bodies tonight carefully.” Kerry said.

“Yes, boss.” Xiaofang said.

Kerry then came to the medical room, where the wounded were under rescue. Several of them had been shot in the legs or arms. Only one man was in danger. The bullet went into his chest.

“Where did they get in?” Kerry turned to Xiaofang and asked.

“I just checked and found that they got in through the east wall. They knocked down one of our sentries and then went straight to the place where Heng was being held, as if they knew in advance.” Xiaofang said cautiously.

Kerry’s face clouded and scolded, “This is not an arcadia, and it’s not surprising that some people can find it. But what did you do when they got in and hurt our men?”

Xiaofang bowed his head in shame. He wanted to defend himself, but it’s his fault. “I’m sorry, boss. It’s my fault.” Xiaofang said.

Kerry stared at him angrily and said: “If anything like this happens again, you’re out.”

“Boss, I promise it will never happen again.” Xiaofang said.

“Where did them escape to?” Kerry asked coldly.

“Along led some men go after them.” Xiaofang said.

“Call and ask where he is.” Kerry said. He would ask more men to search if he could. It’s a belittlement of him by taking people away from his turf.

Xiaofang said yes and called Along immediately. It was a long time before Along answered the phone and he seemed to be in a bad situation.

“Along, where are you? What happened?” Xiaofang asked anxiously.

“Our car was knocked over by them. I got stuck in the car and the other two men fainted.” Along gasped and said.

After hearing that, Xiaofang’s face became livid. “Where are you? I’ll go there right now.” Xiaofang said.

“I’m on the way to the eastern suburbs. Come as soon as possible. I’m afraid the two brothers won’t hold out.” Along said.

“I see.” Xiaofang said.

Xiaofang was on speakerphone and before he said something, Kerry said, “Call 120 and you go there with 120. They can’t have any accidents anyway.”

“Boss.” Xiaofang said gratefully. He and Along are good brothers and they are always together. He was more anxious than anyone else when he knew Along had an accident.

“What are you waiting for? Just go.” Kerry gave him a kick in the leg and said.

Xiaofang then ran to the car.

The sky on a summer night is so clear that it would be a wonderful night if it weren’t for the faint smell of blood in the air.

In the distant light, Henry and others were dealing with the dead methodically. In the medical room behind them, the doctors were still rescuing the injured.

Kerry was lost in thought. Did someone let out the secret or the opposite side is so sensitive that they found the base?

The reason why he interrupted Xiaofang’s speculation is that he didn’t want to cause panic. Questioning peers is a powerful tool to discredit their loyalty.

If someone did let out the secret, who is he?

The accident happened just after he left the hospital.

Then a smiling face suddenly appeared in his mind, but he dismissed the idea the next second. It couldn’t be she who let out the secret. She is a victim herself and she nearly died while exchanging the treasure map. How could she help to save Heng?

It’s absolutely impossible.

As time ticked by, the day was dawning. As the night wore on, all was quiet. The five injured men passed the crisis and one of them was still under observation. Xiaofang came back from the hospital with Along and the other two men. Apart from dislocated arms, they were fine.

It’s probably the biggest luck that at least his men didn’t die.

After staying up for a night, Kerry was tired and his eyes were full of blood.

“Boss.” Along stood dejected before him and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch up with them.”

Kerry raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “It’s OK. We will catch them sooner or later. It’s good that you are fine.”

After hearing that, he lowered his head further.

After seeing the tired face of Kerry, Henry said. “Boss, you just left the hospital yesterday, and you stayed here all night. Let me drive you back home to have a rest.”

“Has everything been taken care of?” Kerry asked.

“Yes, don’t worry.” Henry said.

Kerry nodded and walked toward the car. The smell of blood was all over his nose that night and he missed the scent of Venus very much. He desperately needed to hold her in his arms and sleep.

It was just after seven o’clock in the morning when he returned home.

Kerry walked to the bedroom and Venus was still asleep. He then went quietly to the bathroom and took a shower. After that, he went to the bed and hugged Venus’s warm body.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 205 Inexplicable Anger (3)
Venus Mu was awakened by Kerry Ye’s move. “Is it dawn yet?” Venus asked in a daze.

“Not yet. Let’s get some more sleep.” Kerry said softly.

Venus then fell asleep again quickly, because she was really too sleepy.

They slept until noon.

Venus woke up with a yawn and stretched herself. When she turned around, she found Kerry was still in a sound sleep.

Oh? Isn’t he usually the first to wake up? Why not today?

Carefully removing Kerry’s hands from her waist, Venus got out of bed to pick up her clothes. She just realized that she couldn’t wear the clothes, for they were torn into pieces by Kerry last night.

But Venus had to wear clothes, so she went to Kerry’s luxurious dressing room helplessly. She found a large white shirt and put it on. It’s right up to her thighs and she didn’t even have to wear pants.

Venus couldn’t go out dressed like that, so she washed her face casually and then sat on the couch, playing her phone and waiting for Kerry to wake up.

She was reading a piece of entertainment news when she got a message. Venus checked the message and found it was from Xuan Chu. It reads “success”.

Venus’s eyes twitched. Did he go to rescue his man last night? Did Kerry know that?

After staring at her phone for a while, Venus deleted the message as usual. This affair was down and it’s time to move on for another. But it’s not easy to let Kerry take out the remaining half of the treasure map.

What’s the best way to do that?

Kerry said he isn’t interested in treasure, but hearts lie between bellies. Who knows if he’s telling the truth? And if he is honest, why didn’t he tell her that the treasure map is incomplete?

Kerry is indeed interest in the treasure, though not so much as the others.

It was almost lunchtime and Venus’s stomach was growling with hunger, but Kerry was still asleep. Venus was worried. He doesn’t usually sleep for such a long time. Was it because he was so tired last night and he had a relapse?

Venus ran to the bedside and patted Kerry’s face, saying anxiously, “Kerry.”

Kerry opened his dim eyes and saw the smooth thighs, then the familiar white shirt and the anxious look of Venus.

“It’s good to see her as soon as I open my eyes.” Kerry thought.

“Kerry, wake up.” Venus shook him by the shoulder and said. She didn’t expect that she would be held by Kerry and fall on the bed the next second.

Judging by Kerry’s strength, her worries were unwarranted.

Venus looked at Kerry’s handsome face near at hand and asked suspiciously, “Kerry, how can you sleep so long? It’s noon now.”

Kerry leaned on Venus’s shoulder and said with closed eyes, “Something happened last night. I didn’t sleep all night.”

Venus’s heart did a flip. Last night? Is it that Xuan rescued his man?

“What’s the matter? Is it serious?” Venus asked.

“The man caught by us was rescued.” Kerry said.

Venus pretended to be surprised and said, “Is it dangerous? I mean in the future.”

Kerry opened his eyes and rubbed the end of his nose against hers. “Don’t worry. I won’t let them hurt you again.” Kerry said with a charmingly hoarse and deep voice.

Venus couldn’t stand such intimacy and pushed Kerry away by the chest, saying, “Get up. It’s twelve o’clock. I’m starving.”

Kerry smiled dotingly and said, “Didn’t you have breakfast?”

“That’s your credit. How am I supposed to get out of here when you ripped my clothes to pieces?” Venues said. Venus was cute as she behaved like an angry kitten with her eyes staring at Kerry.

Kerry groaned and wrapped her in his arms. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I will go shopping with you today.” Kerry snickered softly and said.

“Anyway, if you get enough sleep, get up and get my clothes from my room.” Venus said.

Kerry buried his head in Venus long hair and said, “I want to lock you up in this room so you can’t go anywhere.”

“Kerry, when did you become so clingy? I remember you weren’t like this before.” Venus said with a smile.

“What was I like before?” Kerry asked.

“Well, you were indifferent, restrained and sensible.” Venus said. Venus tried her best to find encouraging words to describe him. If it wasn’t to please him, Venus would have said he used to be mean and contemptible.

Kerry lifted his head and looked straight into her sparking eyes, saying, “You’re so nice and I can’t help myself.”

Venus asked Kerry with the corners of her mouth raised, “Am I better than your wife?”

Kerry was stunned. He caught a trace of anger in her eyes keenly. Is she jealous of Yan Chu?

“Just tell me if I’m better than your wife.” Venus said.

Kerry looked serious and said slowly, “In fact, I always treat you and she as the same person. You are she and she is you.”

“But we are two people.” Venus said in a sniffy way.

“I know. Just let me be selfish, will you?” Kerry said with a pleading tone.

Venus was suddenly shocked by her own anger. Why did she get angry when she saw Kerry was so attached to Yan? She should be happy. That way, she wouldn’t have to be worried in the future.

“Yes, I shouldn’t be angry.” Venus thought.

Kerry looked her in the eyes and he was worried, because he couldn’t guess what was Venus thinking about. Did she make any decisions?

“Go and get my clothes.” Venus said coldly in a deliberate way.

“You should stop being angry after I get your clothes, OK?” Kerry said.

“Just get my clothes first.” Venus said.

Kerry act shamelessly and said, “Promise me first.” He was genuinely afraid that she would be angry.

“Why are you such a man? Are you going or not? I’ll go myself is you don’t.” Venus said. Then Venus set out to get up. She knows Kerry and she knew that Kerry would never allow her to get out of the room dressed like that.

Sure enough, Kerry tightened his arms around her. “Well, I’ll go to get your clothes.” Kerry said to smooth her.

Venus snorted and said nothing. She could hardly tell whether she was really angry or pretending to be.

Kerry kissed her forehead before getting up and walked out the bedroom in his pyjamas. He is the owner of the villa and he can wear whatever he wants. No one can criticize him.

Venus got up and she vented her anger on a soft pillow. She hit it with one blow after another and said, “Asshole.”

She has been a good girl sine childhood and she doesn’t say the swear words. She only knows asshole and playboy. But what was she angry about? She might not even know herself.

After lunch, Venus continued to work on her blueprint. The preliminary was coming and she didn’t want to be flunked by then. It’s so humiliating.

Kerry didn’t go to the company. He went to the study to deal with his work after lunch. He hasn’t been to work these days and his mailbox was full of work emails.

All the emails are normal, except for one. That’s an email uploaded by Kerry himself for the fear of losing it. It contains the photos and videos of his child.

He clicked, downloaded and opened it. Then the innocent smiling face of the child appeared on the screen.

Kerry looked at it quietly for a long time before he turned it off. He must get his child back. But after all this time there was still no news from Nighthawk.

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