Chapter 205: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 205 Not a Personal Playmate

It was said that Vanessa went to find the chairman of Juding, Wei Reed at that time. He was poisoned and Vanessa was the one who cured him.

After the auction, Vanessa and Colin met again.

“Wei said that he wants to meet you.”

Colin directly walked towards his car, “I don’t want to”

Wei Reed was only someone who was controlled by Walson. He had only come across Juding a few times. He was also not interested in them. So, he didn’t want to waste his time to meet him.

Vanessa shrugged and got into the car with him.

Wei was still waiting in his car for Colin. He didn’t react until he saw that he was gone. Colin didn’t even care about him.

Colin took Nina and Vanessa back to Marquis. Adam drove his car, so he didn’t join them.

In the car, Nina said to Colin, “Chairman, the land in the southern suburb was purchased by Ellie. Will it be disadvantageous to us in the future?”

Ellie is a dangerous woman and she had a purpose towards Colin, so she had to remind him.

Colin was expressionless, “I know that Ellie isn’t easy. But compared to the land in the southern suburb, the piece of land that Trigg obtained is more advantageous to us.”

The poison in Trigg and the others had long been cured by Vanessa. What happened today had also been discussed in advance with Colin. So, compared to the land in the southern suburb, the land surrounding Lanbo Port was more worthy of the Marquis’s effort.

Since Colin had said so, Nina understood.

At this time, Vanessa said, “That piece of land was obtained by Ellie? It means that Ellie seemed to have helped you just now, right?”

Nina nodded, “Exactly….”

Colin was also suspicious, “But no matter what she wants to do, you have to keep an eye for me, Nina. As for another aspect, there is also Gerd. I’m not worried.”

After returning to Marquis, Nina went to handle some matters, while Vanessa was inside Colin’s office looking at the magazine boringly.

“Since you’re idle, why don’t you stay with Doris?”

Vanessa pouted, “I’m only a personal doctor, not a personal playmate.”

“In that case, why don’t you go home?”

Vanessa frowned and looked at Colin, “You haven’t forgotten that you’re still poisoned, right? If I leave now, what will happen if the poison is acting up again?”

“I’m fine now. There shouldn’t be much mood swings anymore.” Colin said lightly.

Vanessa clicked her tongue, “Who knows if any mishap would happen? So, I have to follow you closely.”

Colin sighed lightly and said helplessly, “Okay, okay, it’s up to you then! As long as you don’t disturb me working, it’s fine.”

After a brief time with Colin, Vanessa’s impression of him had clearly changed. From the beginning, his image of an affectionate husband had become stronger, principled, and a real man with a true friendship.

Any woman would be tempted with such a man.

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