Chapter 206: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 206 An Incomplete Treasure Map (1)
The weather was unusually hot. When Kerry Ye came downstairs to drink water, he asked Venus Mu if she wanted to go shopping, but Venus refused him directly.

“Aren’t you going to buy clothes?’ Kerry asked. Then Kerry sat beside her with his legs crossed.

Venus finished her blueprint carefully and brought in to Kerry, saying, “Take a look at my blueprint with your professional eyes. Do you think I can make it to the semi-finals?”

Kerry lowered his head and saw a gauzy dress on the blueprint. The slim waist and soft lines show the elegance of the dress.

“It’s nice.” Kerry praised.

Venus’s nervous facial expression disappeared immediately and she said happily, “Really? That’s good. I’m so worried about getting knocked out in the first round.”

“How could that be possible? I think you can make it to the final at least with your ability.” Kerry said.

“Don’t make fun of me. I saw the people who signed up on the Internet and found that they are all very powerful figures in the domestic fashion design industry. I am just a fresh graduate without any practical experience. It’s good if I can make it to the semi-finals.” Venus said.

“You are very intelligent and creative. Don’t underestimate your own capabilities.” Kerry had a sudden enlightenment and said, “Why don’t you work in our design department? Some experience might help you.”

Venus opened her eyes wide in surprise and said, “Me? Work for your company? Stop pulling my leg.”

“Why not? Oh?” Kerry made fun of her and said, “How can the beloved daughter of Chu family be my employee? That’s not a proper work for you.”

“That’s not the reason. Actually, I’d like to work in your company, but my brother won’t let me do that. He doesn’t want me to be a designer any more than my father does.” Venus said.

“As long as you want to work in my company, I will take care of Xuan Chu.” Kerry said confidently. Kerry was sure that Xuan would certainly allow her to work.

“But almost everyone in your company knows me. If I work in your design department…” Venus said. Venus worried there would be a lot of gossip.

Kerry apparently had not thought of this question. After thinking for a while, Kerry said, “You can go to the design department in the name of learning.”

Venus was still embarrassed. In fact, she really likes the colleagues in the design department and the atmosphere. But she was afraid of being discovered something by them if she works there.

After seeing Venus was hesitated, Kerry said, “There is another reason why I want you to work in my company.”

Venus looked up at Kerry’s blue eyes and asked, “What’s that?”

“The treasure map that those people took is not complete. I’m afraid they’ll come looking for it again. It doesn’t matter if they aim at me, but you are my weakest point now. I’m afraid they will hurt you again, so I want you to be my side all the time and I can be at ease.” Kerry said with tenderness in his eyes.

Venus was somewhat moved. After being silent for a while, she said, “Well, Mr. Ye, how much will you pay me? I’m picky about my employer.”

Kerry was relieved to hear her agreement. “Yes, you will be a famous designer in the future and of course I should give priority to your will. May I ask how much salary do you expect, designer Chu?” Kerry said.

Venus raised her head with a frown and thought for a moment, saying, “At least as much as yours.”

“Are you sure?” Kerry asked her with raised eyebrows.

“Yes, I want as much as yours.” Venus said.

Kerry sighed and said, “To tell you a bad news, I have no salary.”

“How could that possible?” Venus said immediately.

Kerry shrugged and said, “I’m the boss of Yehuang Group. Why do I need salary?”

“No, I need the salary. I need to support myself.” Venus said.

Kerry was amused by her last words and said, “How much do you want?”

Venus held out three fingers and said, “At least 30000 yuan a month. I won’t work there if you give me less than that.”

Kerry grabbed her fingers and pulled her directly into his arms. “To show my sincerity, I will give you another 20000 yuan a month. How about that?” Kerry said.

Venus got out of his arms with a smile. “It’s the first time I meet a boss who offers to raise the salary. Thank you, Mr. Ye.” Venus said.

Kerry was satisfied that he could take her with him every day. Venus didn’t need to be with Xuan and Kerry could be at ease.

“Then call Xuan and ask him to have dinner together. I will talk with him about that.” Kerry said.

“What will we eat?” Venus asked as she looked for her phone.

“What do you want to eat?” Kerry asked.

“Hot pot.” Venus said without thinking.

“You just said it’s too hot to go out. Isn’t it too hot to eat hot pot?” Kerry asked confusedly.

“That’s not the same. What’s wrong with eating hot pot in summer? I feel good about it.” Venus said.

Kerry raised his arms in surrender and said, “OK, it’s up to you.”

Xuan was surprised when Venus invited him to have dinner, but he didn’t refuse.

Kerry booked a private room in the hotpot restaurant that Xuan and Venus had been to last time. When Kerry and Venus arrived, Xuan was sitting in the private room to make a phone call. As they entered, Xuan nodded to them and said to the phone, “I see. I have other things to do. I will hang up first.”

After putting away the phone, Xuan looked at Kerry and said, “I went to see you in the hospital two days ago, and you were still in a coma. Fortunately, you are good now. Otherwise, I and Yan Chu will spend the rest of our life in guilt.”

Kerry smiled and said, “I was lucky. I am the starter of that and I should protect her.”

“That’s true, but we still need to thank you. Shall we, Yan?” Xuan looked at Venus kindly and said.

Venus nodded immediately and said, “Of course.”

Kerry was uncomfortable when he heard Xuan said “we”, but he didn’t show it on his face.

Who was he referring to by saying “we”?

Kerry also looked at Venus and said, “She thanked me last night and I was pleased.”

As soon as Kerry said that, Venus and Xuan were stunned. They are all grown-ups and of course they knew what Kerry’s talking about.

Venus blushed with shame. It’s nothing big to talk dirty when there is no outsider. It’s too embarrassing to say that in front of Xuan.

Venus reached under the table and gave Kerry a hard wring on the thigh. After seeing Kerry frowned with pain, Venus let go of her hand with satisfaction.

Xuan didn’t care much about what Kerry said. He is a man and he’s used to these dirty jokes. However, he was a little irritated when it was said by Kerry and it is in relation to Yan.

Skipping this subject, Xuan took up the menu and pen on the table and asked, “What do you want to eat? I will order.”

“I want to eat lettuce, kelp, tofu, cattle stomach, shrimp balls and duck intestine. By the way, the special beef here is very delicious. I also want to eat needle mushroom, lotus root and streaky pork.” Venus said a lot of food in one breath.

Xuan took the pen to tick the menu quickly. When Venus finished speaking, Xuan asked her, “What else do you want to eat?”

“Have you ticked all that I said?” Venus said. Venus marveled at Xuan’s speeding of ticking and memory.

“It’s a piece of cake.” Xuan said calmly.

Venus gave a thumbs up to Xuan. She forgot that the two men in front of her have excellent memory. How could she hold them to ordinary standards?

Xuan ticked several other items and said, “You said you like the ice cream here last time. I ordered one for you.”

“By the way, don’t forget to have two-flavor hot pot. I don’t eat spicy food.” Venus said.

Xuan smiled and said, “Of course I don’t forget that. But what’s the point of eating not spicy hot pot?”

“Gee, do you think everyone likes chili as you?” Venus answered back.

Kerry crossed his legs and put his hands on his legs when Xuan and Venus interacted. He felt as if there was a stone in his heart. He shouldn’t have put forward to have dinner with Xuan. It’s much more convenient to say that to him on the phone.

After ticking what himself and Venus like to eat, Xuan raised his head to ask Kerry, “Mr. Ye, what do you want to eat?”

“Anything will do.” Kerry said.

Xuan didn’t notice anything wrong with Kerry, anyway, Kerry is usually cold.

“That’s done with the order. We will order more when necessary.” Xuan said.

Venus felt the atmosphere was oppressed and she said, “Won’t you have some wine?”

“OK. Mr. Chu, what wine do you want to drink?” Kerry said.

“Anyone will do.” Xuan said.

“Then let’s drink some liquor.” Kerry said.

“You just left hospital yesterday and you can’t drink liquor.” Venus frowned and said.

After Venus said that, Kerry’s moodiness and dissatisfaction immediately dissipated. “Then let’s have some red wine.” Kerry said with a smile.

“It sounds OK.” Venus said. Then Venus called the waiter in and said, “Bring me a bottle of your most expensive red wine.”

“OK. I will bring it here right away.” The waiter said.

Venus turned to look at Kerry with a smile and said, “Don’t be stingy with money.”

“Will you drink the wine?” Kerry asked.

Venus shook her head immediately and said, “No. I will make a fool of myself if I get drunk.”

Kerry and Xuan breathed a sigh of relief simultaneously. It’s good that she won’t drink wine. Kerry and Xuan couldn’t stand with her singing when she is drunk.

The soup base and dishes were served quickly. Venus hadn’t eaten hotpot for a long time, and when the two men were still drinking wine, she started to eat.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 206 An Incomplete Treasure Map (2)
Kerry Ye informed Xuan Chu of his decision this afternoon. Xuan was somewhat disagreed. “Yan Chu will work for your company? It’s not a good decision. I still want her to learn how to run business from me.” Xuan said.

“She can learn how to run business anytime. She is now taking part in a national costume design competition. When the competition is over, she will go back to mk.” Kerry said slowly. Kerry looked the competition up and found that it will last more than two months. When the game is over, maybe he has found his child and Venus Mu won’t have to go back.

Xuan turned his head to look at Venus, who was sweating from eating, and said, “Is this what you want?”

Venus just picked up a steaming piece of beef and blew at it. “I want to take part in that competition, or what I have learned abroad for so many years will be in vain.” Venus nodded and said.

Although Venus is Xuan’s sister now, there is an agreement between them. That is, Xuan can’t interfere with Venus’s decisions. Besides, they still have a very difficult task to fulfill and Xuan couldn’t stop Venus from doing what she wants to do.

But why Xuan was so unhappy? He felt as if he was watching his sister walk into the tiger’s mouth.

During the dinner, Xuan enjoyed himself a lot with the hot pot. Kerry, on the other hand, hardly ate. He was busy helping Venus take the dishes out of the pot and talking the progress of the project to Xuan. Therefore, the dinner is a harmonious one.

After saying goodbye to Kerry and Venus, Xuan took a taxi back to his apartment because he drank wine. Venus ate too much and walked on the street with Kerry to help to digest.

“Ah, I ate so much. I will be fat.” Venus complained.

“You are so thin. It’s good for you to put on some weight.” Kerry put his arms around Venus’s shoulders and said. They attracted a lot of people’s attention for their good-looking faces.

Venus was not used to so much attention and said to Kerry, “Let’s go home.”

Kerry sensed her discomfort and beckoned to the car that had been following them. “Take us home.” Kerry said to the driver.

Almost everyone in the Sky City knows Kerry. Kerry didn’t want to be photographed by others, because they might upload the photos on the Internet and it would bring unnecessary troubles. After all, Kerry’s personal life is a good selling point.

Kerry brought Venus to the design department of Yehuang Group the next day. Everyone in the design department, including Meiling He, was at a loss.

Isn’t Venus the head of mk? Why she condescended to the design department? The amusement park project under way seems to have nothing to do with the design department.

“This Yan Chu from mk. I’m sure everyone knows her. She just came back from studying abroad in Europe, majoring in fashion design, so she comes to the design department to work with you for some time.” Kerry introduced briefly.

Venus was very nervous, but she hid it very well. “Hello, I’m Yan Chu. I am here to learn from you. Mr. Chu is flattering me. I hope we can get along happily in the future.” Venus said with a gentle smile.

The crowd finally regained their senses and applauded. “Welcome, welcome.” They said. Venus, with her beauty and modesty, won the hearts of all at once.

Kerry then bowed his head and said to Venus, “Come to my office if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ye.” Venus said politely.

Kerry was amused by Venus. “Her attitude changed so quickly. I really want to hold her in my arms to kiss her.” Kerry thought.

“Miss He, come with me.” Kerry said to Meiling. Then Kerry turned to walk out of the design department, followed by Meiling with an indifferent look.

“Yan is an important partner for us. She comes to the design department because she is interested in fashion design and she wants to get some experience for the upcoming national costume design competition. Please take care of her for me.” Kerry said.

“Yes, Mr. Ye.” Meiling said respectfully. “So if it’s a critical meeting, like the workshop for the next season’s women’s attire, should she attend?” Meiling then asked.

“Of course. She can attend any meeting of the design department. mk has no business in clothing, which doesn’t conflict with us.” Kerry said.

“I see.” Meiling said. Meiling was surprised, but she didn’t show it. Is this young lady going to take the place of Venus? Although Meiling never cares about her boss’s private life, everyone likes gossiping. She just guessed cautiously.

After talking to Meiling, Kerry went back to design department. A few of employees who had just talked and laughed with Venus immediately shut up and ran to their seats.

“I will go upstairs.” Kerry said softly.

“OK.” Venus said calmly. Venus tried her best to behave like the boss of mk. Venus was afraid that anyone would know her relationship with Kerry.

Kerry squeezed Venus’s hand at an angle nobody could see, but Venus shook off his hand immediately. Venus gave Kerry an angry look to remind him of what he had said the night before.

Kerry had no choice but went to his office to finish his work. They were like a couple who engaged in office romance and it’s somewhat exciting.

Last night, when Venus walked with him in the garden, Venus made a request of Kerry. That is, when they are in the company, she is Yan Chu, the boss of mk and she is only a partner of him.

Compared with the excitement of other colleagues, Meiling was stressful. She didn’t know what she should do to Venus. This has not happened to her since she took the job.

The first question is where should Venus’s seat be.

It’s inappropriate for Venus to share the office with so many people, but Meiling is the only one who has her individual office.

When Meiling was vexed, Venus said voluntarily, “Miss He, I’ll take that empty seat.”

Meiling followed Venus’s eyes and found the empty seat she said is the former seat of Venus. After Venus left, the seat has been empty. The point is, there’s no new employee in the design department.

“OK. As long as Miss Chu feels comfortable with them.” Meiling said.

“It’s kind of you, Miss He. You don’t need to call me Miss Chu. Just call me Yan. I often hear your name in the mouth of the colleagues. They say your design is very creative and in line with the market. I will ask for your advice in the future.” Yan said with a smile.

“I am not worthy of such compliments.” Meiling said immediately. Then she ordered the others to help clear up the empty seat.

An hour later, Venus sat down in her former seat again and all sorts of feelings welled up in her minds.

This is the place where she stepped into society, leaving many wonderful memories.

Kerry was busy in his office and he didn’t remember to call Venus until noon was coming.

Kerry was sure Venus would get use to it quickly, because there is the place where she had fought at.

The phone rang twice and was answered, “Hello.” Venus said.

“Where would you like to have lunch?” Kerry asked.

Venus was revising her blueprint and said, “Anywhere will do.”

“I booked a meal at the hotel. Go upstairs and eat with me after work.” Kerry said.

“OK.” Venus said and hung up the phone. Kerry was so angry than he almost jumped. He wanted to ask more questions, but Venus ignored him when.

Then secretary Liu knocked on the door and came in, saying, “Mr. Ye, Miss Su’s agent called and said Miss Su wants to invite you to lunch.”

Kerry was stunned and said, “Who is Miss Su?”

“She is the spokeswoman signed up with us last time. The agent called several times, but you weren’t at work. She called again today and said Miss Su wants to thank you.” Secretary Liu explained.

“I won’t go.” Kerry said. They didn’t mean to thank Kerry, but take the opportunity to sign more contracts.

“OK. I will decline her. There is one more thing, you are invited to participate in the auction held by the Charity Association of Sky City tomorrow evening.” Secretary Liu said.

Charity Association?

“I will go to the auction.” Kerry thought for a while and said. Even though he knew he would have to give a lot sum of money to the association, doing some charity is good for his company.

“OK. I’ll go and get some preparations.” Secretary Liu said.

At noon, Venus pushed the door of the president’s door in high spirits. After seeing it’s Venus, Kerry smiled. “What makes you so happy?” Kerry asked.

“Miss He said my blueprint is good.” Venus said proudly. In fact, Meiling said her blueprint is awesome and creative.

“Am I right? You are the design master of the future.” Kerry said. Then Kerry pushed button telephone and said, “Mr Wang, bring the food in.”

Venus sat on the sofa consciously and stopped smiling.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 206 An Incomplete Treasure Map (3)
Wang was Kerry’s assistant, and soon he came in pushing a food cart with delicate food placed on plates, with lids on top of the plates.

“Mr. Ye, Mr. Chu, shall we eat lunch?” Wang said respectfully.

Kerry put aside the documents and walked up to him, “Alright, you can also go to eat.”

Wang then left.

Kerry uncovered the lids, except for weevers, the rest of the dishes inside were vegetarian dishes, but the color and appearance were good.

“Since we’ve ate so much meat last night, we eat lighter today.” Kerry helped her add the rice.

Venus was hungry after a busy morning, so she began to gulp as she received the bowl.

“There’s a charity auction party tomorrow night, do you want to go with me?” Kerry asked for her opinion.

“Is it fun?” She asked.

Kerry said frankly, “Well, it shouldn’t be fun, just some antique calligraphy and paintings and so on. To be frank, we businessmen are just throwing money at it to earn fame.”

“Then I won’t go. It’s boring. I’d rather stay at home and watch TV shows.” Venus didn’t bother to go for the fun.

Kerry didn’t ask her again. This kind of place was indeed no fun, and her beauty would attract them, so it was safer to stay at home.

Charity Auction Party.

Kerry appeared at the venue in a suit, becoming the center of the media. At this time, he thought, fortunately, Venus didn’t come, or she would turn around and leave as soon as she saw these cameras.

Coincidentally, Kerry actually ran into a friend he hadn’t seen for a long time, Hao Nangong.

What a trouble.

Kerry ignored him and walked straight to the venue. When he walked to the steps, a beautiful lady in a dress accidentally lost her balance, so he subconsciously held her waist.

The beauty turned her head to see the person who helped her. When she saw Kerry, her eyes were glittering, “Thank you, Mr. Ye.”

Kerry took a look at her and felt that she looked familiar, but he didn’t know her. He nodded at her without saying anything and continued to walk in.

She seemed to be a little disappointed, holding up her dress and following him, but he was walking too fast for her to catch up.

Kerry had met many familiar faces here. Sky City was not big, and anyone could come here were rich or powerful, most of whom were invited when he helped Xuan Chu to make a blind date.

After greeting with some acquaintances, he sat on the chair with his name and Henry came to give him an auction brochure.

“Young master, a woman has been following you since you come in.”

The moment he entered the door, Henry had noticed him, and also of course the beautiful woman who was following him.

“I don’t know her.” Kerry said indifferently, casually flipping through the auction brochure, which was full of all kinds of jewelry and celebrity calligraphy and paintings that would be auctioned tonight.

Flipping to the last page, Kerry stopped, on it was a crystal-clear jasper hairpin with a kapok carved on the head.

At the foot of the page was the name of the hairpin, “Green Snow and Fragrant Hairpin”.

He remembered Venus’s hair and her snow-white skin, so it would be beautiful with a jade hairpin like this.

Alright, he would take it tonight.

The charity auction had officially begun after everyone arrived.

The host first introduced the main purpose of the auction and all the money would be donated to the Red Cross to be used for the primary school and road construction in the mountain village.

The first item to be auctioned was a jade bowl, which Kerry was not interested at all, so he lowered his head to send a text message to Venus.

“What are doing?”

Several minutes after sending it, while Kerry waited anxiously ready to text another one, Venus replied. It was a picture of her in the pool, whose hair fastened in a swim cap. She was wearing a swimsuit, looking away, with water on her face.

Kerry recalled a poem that says, “When the lotus begins to blossom, the dragonflies have long since risen to the top.” And she was that little lotus flower.

He suddenly regretted coming to this silly auction. It would be nice to have fun with her in the pool.

When he was thinking, he got another message, “Aren’t you at the auction?

Kerry quickly replied her, “It’s too boring. Swimming with you should be more fun.”

“Well, enjoy. I’m going to swim now.”

When he read this message, he was completely pissed off.

Next was a piece of jewelry.

“This is a pearl necklace worn by the British royal Princess Diana, all together 39 and each one is extremely precious South Sea pearls, transparent, rare… Each pearl is exactly the same size…” The host on stage praised it, and finally said, “The starting bid for this necklace is two million.”

Soon the bidding was called, 210, 220, each time raising 100,000. Suddenly, they heard someone bid for 4 million. Everyone looked at the man and it was Hao’s men.

Kerry turned his head to look at Hao. Did he want it?

So how could he let it go?

The host looked shocked and was busy saying, “Mr. Nangong 4 million once, 4 million twice…”

Just as he was about to call the third time, Henry raised his hand, adding one million.

“Mr. Ye’ s bid is five million.” The host was too excited.

Hao mockingly looked at him and continued to call the bid, 5.5 million. He was going to get this necklace no matter what, for his mother’s birthday was coming and he was going to give this necklace to her as a birthday gift.

Shuhua Chen had no interest in bags or clothes, but only in jewelry. If he wanted to make her happy, he could send her a precious necklace for her, so that she could be happy for days and could respond to his any request.

However, Kerry wouldn’t let him get it, and as soon as he asked for the price, Kerry would simply add another million.

When Hao gritted his teeth and said 10 million, all the audience turned to Kerry, and surprisingly, Kerry shook his head with a smile and said he would give up.

The host was too satisfied with the price, “Ten million once, ten million twice, ten million three times.” He happily struck the small hammer, “Thank you Mr. Nangong for your generosity, this precious necklace belongs to you.”

There was loud applause, and that’s when Hao calmed down and realized what he’d done. He’d bought a necklace for almost five times the price!

Hao looked towards Kerry with anger, but he only saw his mocking face.

Kerry was doing it on purpose. He didn’t want this necklace, he just wanted to raise the price.

Damn it. 10 million, what kind of necklace couldn’t he buy? But it was too late to regret now.

After teasing Hao, Kerry was in an extremely good mood. The next items couldn’t arouse his any interest. Though he was looking at the stage, his thoughts had already flown away. He was thinking about a document he saw today.

It wasn’t until the end, when the hairpin came out, that Kerry came back to his senses.

The hairpin, glowing with turquoise light, lying quietly in the display box, as if it was telling a sad and beautiful story to people.

“This is our last piece for today’s auction, made of the finest Hetian jade, weighing 10 grams. This jade hairpin was a gift from Emperor Kangxi to his favorite consort, and was handed down from band to band, and later got lost. Starting bid, one million.”

After the host finished speaking, there was silence down below. After a few rounds just now, everyone had got what they wanted to, so no one seemed to be interested in this hairpin.

Kerry signaled to Henry, who raised his hand.

The host was worried about this good thing going unsold when he saw Kerry make his bid, and it was 2 million. He was extremely happy, saying, “Mr. Ye bid for 2 million, is there anyone else?”.

Hao wanted to raise the price, but he didn’t know if he really wanted to buy it, or if he was deliberately trying to make fun of him again, so he held back from raising the price.

The host asked for a while, but no one raised the price, and finally, Kerry bought the jade hairpin for 2 million.

A lively auction ended with 26 million yuan. Of course, Hao was the main benefactor, so the host gave him a good compliment, but if Hao hadn’t been there for the sake of so many VIPs, he would have already left.

After the event, Kerry and Henry headed out and were stopped by the long-awaited beauty at the door.

“Hi, Mr. Ye.” The beautiful woman was smiling.

Kerry looked at her with cold eyes and said very rudely, “Do we know each other?”

She was embarrassed and was explaining, “Did Mr. Ye forget me? My last name is Su, and I’m the spokesperson you chose some time ago.”

Oh, no wonder he thought he’d seen her somewhere.

“So, what can I do for you?”

“I almost fell and made a fool of myself just now, thanks to Mr. Ye’ s help, can I buy you some coffee?” Miss Su was eager for an answer.

“You’re welcome. No need to buy my coffee.” Kerry decisively refused.

Miss Su of course wouldn’t give up because of his one or two words. He was so rich that as long as she could hook up with him, she didn’t have to work in entertainment business.

“It’s not a big deal for Mr. Ye, but it’s a big deal for me, so Mr. Ye, please? Just a cup of coffee.” Miss Su looked a little flirty.

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