Chapter 206: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 206 I’ll Have Dinner With You Tonight

In the Lanbo port villa, Eva and Baker were both sitting with Doris in the living room. Aside from them, there was also Flora.

“Flora, eat fruits.” Eva brought up the fruit that she cut.

“Thank you, Auntie.” Flora smiled and took a slice of apple.

Eva smiled and sat down, “Fortunately you’re staying with Doris. Otherwise, both of us won’t know what to do here!”

Although both of them were Doris’s parents, there was such a generation gap. Especially now, since Doris had the intelligence of a five-six-year-old, the generation gap was unknown. With Flora here, it would be much better.

At this time, Doris took a slice of an apple. She then asked while eating, “Sister, when will Uncle be home?”

“Why are you thinking of him?” Eva said subconsciously, “He only knew bringing trouble and danger to Doris, hmph!”

Doris was slightly unhappy hearing this. Her uncle is clearly a good person. Why did her mother have to say him this way? Why didn’t her mother like her uncle?

Flora could only force herself to laugh and said to Doris, “Doris, uncle won’t be home before night. He’s making money to buy delicious food for you, Doris!”

“Really?” Doris blinked while asking.

Flora nodded, “Of course”

Eva snorted and expressed her dissatisfaction.

Baker smiled with relief without saying anything.

When Flora excused herself to the bathroom, she quickly took out her phone and gave a phone call to Colin.

“Hello, Colin. When you come home tonight, remember to buy something delicious for Doris.”

Colin replied, “Even if you don’t say it, I’ll buy her something.”

Flora snorted, “Okay. If nothing important, you can come home earlier. Doris has been talking about you.”

In the office, Vanessa saw Colin hung up the phone and teased him, “Yo, did your wife call?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. It’s Flora.” Colin put down his phone. since he knew that Doris missed him, so there was a bright smile on his mouth.

Vanessa clicked her tongue, “I think you have a good relationship with women.”

“Look at the women beside you. Let’s not bring up your wife. There is also Flora, then Nina, me. Oh, there is also Ellie.”

Vanessa continued, “What do you think of Ellie? I can see that Ellie also has feelings for you.”

“You think too much.” Colin answered, “It’s impossible.”

Ellie approached him with a purpose from the beginning. Later, she joined forces with Fox and harmed Doris that she almost couldn’t wake up. Perhaps, her goal was to bring down Marquis, so Colin felt that it was impossible.

It’s just that Ellie’s attitude during the auction had puzzled him and couldn’t figure it out for a while.

Vanessa sneered at him, “You’re such a log. I feel that you think that nobody would have feelings for you aside from Doris, right?”

Colin nodded and then changed the subject, “Tonight, you can go home together with Nina!”

Vanessa said, “I’ll have dinner with you tonight!”


Vanessa rolled her eyes at him, “Brother, do you need me to remind you again that you’re still poisoned now?”

“…Oh” Colin planned to say everything is fine, but after thinking that nothing was wrong with it, he nodded and agreed.

In the afternoon, Nina knocked on the door and came in, “Chairman, someone wants to meet you.”

“Who is it?” Colin asked.

“I’ve never met him.”

After speaking, Nina showed the surveillance video to Colin.

Colin saw a man with glasses in a refined manner in the video. But no matter how refined he is, it couldn’t hide his hostile eyes.

Seeing this man, Colin’s heart flipped. It was the man that wanted to kill him back then. He was also the one that gave him the poison and antidote that day.

Colin looked down, “Let him in.”

After speaking, Colin then spoke to Vanessa, “You go out first.”

Vanessa saw Colin’s cold gaze and his firm attitude. She knew that this person wasn’t someone simple. So, Vanessa obediently his office with Nina.

The glasses man had been waiting outside the door for quite a while. When he saw Nina and Vanessa, his eyes lit up.

“This idiot is really lucky with women! There are a lot of pretty women by his side!”

Nina and Vanessa ignored him.

The glasses man was obviously not in a hurry to meet Colin. Instead, he approached Vanessa step by step, “Pretty lady, how about you come with me?”

Vanessa rolled her eyes, “I’m sorry. I’m not interested in pervert and crazy people.”

“Haha…” Not only that the glasses man wasn’t angry, but also he became more interested, “You’re spicy enough. I like it!”

Nina also looked bad and reminded, “Sir, the chairman is waiting for you in his office.”

The glasses man said leisurely, “There’s no need to rush. I want to develop feelings with this pretty lady.”

“You! Sir, this is Marquis, not an entertainment place!”

The glasses man looked at Nina and examined him from head to toe, “You are also not bad. Why don’t you come together?”

Vanessa stood in front of Nina, “What are you looking at? If you look again, I’ll dig your eyeballs out!”

The glasses man smiled. He took out his hand, surprisingly quick, as he pulled Vanessa into his arms. A dagger appeared in his hand and pressed it against Vanessa’s neck.

“Vanessa!” Nina shouted.

“How are you going to dig my eyeballs?”

Vanessa was frightened that she was unable to speak. She didn’t expect that such a refine man was such a wretched gangster. In the end, he took out a knife and was a pervert indeed!

Nina looked at Vanessa anxiously, “I tell you that this is Marquis. If you dare to act recklessly, you won’t be able to leave Marquis!”

The glasses man didn’t care, “Don’t worry. Your chairman won’t dare to do so.”

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