Chapter 207 – 208: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 207: Playing Mah-jong to Wash Away Worries

“Sorry, the number you dialed is not connected for the moment, please dial…” senior Buddhist nun Qingyuan made several phone calls, but no one answered.

Unable to get through to Lan Yu, Qingyuan had to send her a text message, telling her to call back, seeing the message.

Back to the hall, Qingyuan said apologetically, “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry. I just called my niece, but she might be busy right now that she didn’t answer. Let me wait for her to call back!”

Mr. Chen waved his hand and said, “That’s all right! Let’s keep drinking…”

“Okay, I’d like to propose a toast to you, Mr. Chen…”

The hall of the Chen family became lively again.


After the seven-day National Day holiday, the Academy of Six Major Schools opened.

Lan Xia came out of the office in a bad mood.

On this national day, she fell from the early period of the return-to-nature stage to the later period of the acquired stage.

It almost broke her down.

These days she searched desperately for ways which could help recover her cultivation base, but nothing came of it.

Now she believed what Kris Chen said was true. If time could go back, she would have listened to him that not to take that elixir. But there was no remedy for regret in the world.


Kris once said that he had a way to help her.

Thinking of this, Lan Xia raised a glimmer of hope in her heart and walked quickly towards the classroom.

She could not wait to see Kris’ position as soon as she entered the classroom. But to her disappointment, he didn’t come.

“Where’s Kris? Hasn’t he come out of the Scripture Pavilion yet?” Lan Xia thought doubtfully. Didn’t the school say that there were only three days? It has been seven days. He must have come out!

Thinking of this, Lan Xia suppressed her irritability and concentrated on teaching her students.

It was just that she felt the internal force in her body was decreasing every minute, and she was weakening little by little, which made her very anxious.

Halfway through the class, she told her students to study by themselves and returned to her office, stepping on high heels!

Taking out her mobile phone, Lan Xia reflected on whether she should call?

Then, she thought of the fact that Kris was absent from class today, and she suddenly came up with an idea.

She cleared her throat and dialed his phone.

“Sorry, the number you dialed is not being answered for the moment…”

“Well, not coming to class, and now not picking up the phone. That’s outrageous!” Lan Xia hung up the phone angrily and then sent him a text message.


Meanwhile, in the Fifth People’s Hospital of Westriver City.

After sending Mary Su to the hospital a few days ago, Xi Lan performed the operation on herself. She stayed in the emergency room for a day and a night and finally rescued Mary from the Death.

Xi Lan told Kris that the knife had cut Mary’s lung lobes and almost stabbed into the heart.

If she was sent to the hospital ten minutes later, there would be no way to save her.

Thinking that he had almost lost Mary, Kris was scared, and sweat streamed down his back.

In order to let Mary pass the dangerous period steadily, Kris continuously outputted genuine energy to protect her and speed up her recovery.

At the same time, Kris also found the prescription of lung nourishing pills in the medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions!

After finding this prescription, Kris immediately refined dozens of pills, took them to Mary every day, and then catalyzed the pill’s efficacy with genuine energy. It was only three or four days later that Mary got better.

It’s just that his face was pale because of excessive loss of blood.

Kris thought about whether he should look for a prescription that could facilitate hemogenesis in The Medicine Book Thousand Golden Prescriptions.


Mary took Kris’s hand when he was thinking with his head bowing.

Kris looked at Mary with concern and said, “Dear, why don’t you sleep any longer?”

Mary said coquettishly, “No, I have slept for six or seven days. If I go to sleep again, I will become a lazy ass and a fat woman. Then you won’t like me anymore.”

“My silly girl, I will always like you no matter how fat you are!”

“Give me a hug, honey…” Mary opened her arm coquetting.

Kris smiled, hugged her in his arms, and said affectionately, “Dear wife, I will never let you suffer again in the rest of our lives.”

“Thanks for always tolerating and protecting me, Honey.” Mary also looked at Kris affectionately.

They looked at each other, and the love in their eyes could not melt away.

They approached each other, and their breath intertwined.

They were about to kiss.


Just when their lips were touched, the ward door suddenly opened, and Jane Tang walked in with a few people.

Behind her, there were few ladies all dolled up.

The ward was filled with a strong fragrance in an instance.

“Hey! Aren’t you ashamed making out in the daylight?” Several women behind Jane started gossiping.

Mary quickly pushed Kris away in shyness.

Kris was very upset. He was about to kiss Mary. They could have come at any time. Were they troubling him deliberately coming in at this point?

Jane went directly to the bed and looked at Mary worriedly, saying, “Darling, do you feel better today?”

In the past few days, when her daughter was in the hospital, she refrained from playing mah-jong, but she couldn’t resist it last night. She was persuaded by those people behind her to play mah-jong.

Look! She ran to the hospital when it just came to an end.

Mary nodded her head and said, “Mom, I feel much better now, thanks to Kris, who has been taking care of me these days…”

Seeing her daughter was still making a pitch for Kris, she interrupted her immediately and scolded Kris, “It’s you who brought her bad luck. If it weren’t you provoking other people outside, how could Mary get hurt? Aren’t you ashamed letting a woman block the knife for you? You are such a loser! A complete loser! “

Kris couldn’t refute her, so he stood there, letting her scold him.

Seeing Kris was not speaking, Jane was even angrier. She said, “Look at him, taking no notice of my words! I feel sick seeing him.”

Seeing her mother was scolding again, Mary suddenly had a headache. She said, “Mom, that’s enough, haven’t you scold enough these days?”

“Huh, tell this loser to leave quickly, I’m annoyed to see him!” Jane said angrily

“Oh!’ Mary covered her face in pain and then gave Kris a hint. Kris understood and said, “Mom, I assume you haven’t eaten breakfast yet. I’m going out to bring you some breakfast.”

After saying this, he fled out of the ward

After Kris had left, Mary asked Jane, “Mom, where did you go yesterday? You didn’t answer the phone or text. Have you gone to gamble again? “

Jane’s face stiffened, and she quickly said, “How is it possible when you are injured? I’m not in the mood. I stayed up late these days, so I went to do the spa with those friends.”

“Is that real?” Mary looked at her in incredulously.

“Of course, I… I won’t lie to you…”

Before she finished her words, a woman behind her laughed and said, “That’s enough, Jane. What’s the matter of telling the truth that you went to play mah-jong rather than do the spa? You even cheat your own daughter!”

“What are you talking about…” Jane glared at Yuhua Wang but was completely deflated this time.

Yuhua pouted and said, “What, am I wrong? You lost me three million yesterday. Would you like me to show your daughter the IOU you wrote? ”

“You…don’t…” Jane was anxious.

But Yuhua wasn’t listening to her at all. She took out a note from her LV bag, which was exactly the IOU written by Jane.

Jane quickly reached out her hand, trying to grab it. Yuhua froze for a minute and said hurriedly, “I can tell you that I took photos on my phone. It won’t work tearing it down!”

“Yeah, are you trying to cheat? We are all witnesses!”

“That is, you still owe me one hundred thousand dollars, and I still have the note!”

Saying this, a woman also took out a note from the bag.

“Look, this is the IOU written by your mother!” Yuhua handed the note to Mary. There was not only the name written by Jane but also her handprint on it.

If you don’t believe me, I have videos here! “Yuhua took out her iPhone 11, saying the words.

In the video, Jane held an ID card and said that she owed Yuhua Wang three million dollars.

Jane shivered in rage. Mary’s face was pale, and she felt pain in the chest.

Mary looked at Jane bitterly, “Mom, didn’t you promise that you won’t play mah-jong anymore? Why do you gamble even when I’m in the hospital?”

Jane knew that he was unjustifiable, so she quickly explained, “I…I was upset about seeing you in the hospital. So I couldn’t resist, and I went to play mah-jong in order to get rid of my worry. Mary, don’t be angry. You haven’t recovered yet. You can’t be angry. Besides, it’s just three million dollars. We can afford it.”

Mary almost burst into tears in anger and said, “Mom, we don’t have money now. Have you forgotten that last time when grandma came to our house, I used all our money to exchange the shares of the Liu family? We don’t have any money now.”

What? Have you transferred the money already?

Jane was stunned and said hastily, “I said that I don’t allow you to give them money. Why didn’t you listen?”

Chapter 208: Legs Weakened in Panic

Yuhua Wang frowned, pointing at Jane Tang, “Don’t talk nonsense! Listen, give me three million, or I won’t forgive you.”

Jane hurriedly said, “Sister Hua, see, you have an IOU from me. I won’t repudiate a debt. The point is that I don’t have enough money now. How about two more days before I get enough money and hand it over to you?”

Now she had no choice but to call Yuhua sister in embarrassment, who was even ten years younger than her.

Yuhua smiled coldly, “No way. You must give me the money today, otherwise, I won’t forgive you.”

Mary was disappointed to hear this.

She was disappointed with her mother, who played mmah-jong all night when she was seriously injured to be hospitalized.

What mostly made her sad was that the reason she made up was to drown her sorrows.

It might be less innocuous if she lost a few thousand dollars from playing mmah-jong

But in fact, she had lost three million dollars in one night.

As a result, the lender came here to ask for money.

Thinking of it, Mary felt pain in her wounds.

“Sister Hua, please, don’t do that,” Jane smiled trucklingly, “You are so kind, and how about giving me another two days plus the interest since we are old acquaintances?”

“Plus, the interest?” Yuhua said with a smile, “No problem if one million a day. Two days, two million. Two days later, you should pay me five million in total, right?”


Five million dollars in total?

It’s even more venomous than usury!

“No! You can’t do that! It’s looting!” Mary was so anxious, and hurriedly said, “No. Absolutely not!”

Jane was stunned with a wry smile, “Sister Hua, are you serious? How about one hundred thousand dollars of interest a day? I’ll give you two hundred thousand dollars of interest in two days. How do you think? Why not make a concession to me?”

Yuhua sneered, “Jane, you gambler! Do you think you really deserve my concession? Are you determined to repudiate a debt? So, don’t blame me!”

Meanwhile, she took out the phone and dialed a number.

Two women behind Yuhua said, “Oh dear, sister Hua must be calling her husband!”

“Oh, woe to Jane then.”

Jane also became flurried, who immediately said to her, “Sister Hua, please! We can have another choice!”

Jane had heard about her husband, who was said to be a leader with so many followers in his control in the underworld.

“What should I do?” Jane thought in panic.

Unfortunately, the call was connected.

Simultaneously, Yuhua said grievously, “Honey, come here. Someone owing me money refuses to pay off. She even threatened me. Woo, come here now. I’m bullied by her!”

“What? Who dares to bully my honey? Crazy? Where are you? I’ll hurry there!”

“I’m in the Fifth People’s Hospital.”

“Damn it! Wait there for me! I’ll be there soon!”

Yuhua deliberately turned on the speakerphone. Jane was scared to death, hearing the angry voice on the phone!

That’s done it! Then what could she do?

Yuhua looked at Jane with a sneer, “You’d better return the money before my husband comes. Otherwise, you’ll be finished.”

“Mary, hurry up! Take out the money. Are you going to see me dying in front of you?” Jane shouted at Mary.

Hearing her words, Mary tried to sit up from the bed and anxiously said to Yuhua, “Auntie, please give me two days. By the time I must be…”

Yuhua interrupted her words rudely.

“Auntie? Are you blind?” She glared at Mary, “Listen, if you don’t give me the money today, I’ll roust you out of the hospital!”

Yuhua paid the most attention to her skincare and age.

Now she was so angry to be called auntie by Mary.

“Sister Hua, please. Don’t blame my daughter!” Jane couldn’t be more regretful. She anxiously said, “How do you think if I mortgage my real estate certificate to you for another two days before I pay off?”

In this case, she had no choice but to make such a bad decision.

“No, you can’t!” Tears filled Mary’s eyes.

Stunned for a while, Yuhua said with a smile, “Okay, I heard that you live in Tianmengyuan Villa, right?”

So wonderful the villa was that a number of people had always been obsessed with buying such a villa. So had her.

“Well, I have an idea. If you transfer ownership to me, you don’t have to return the money. What’s more, I’ll give you two million dollars. How do you think?”


“No, no way!” Mary clutched her chest and said, “It’s my house. No one can take it away without my permission. “

Simultaneously, a loud voice came toward the ward, “Who dares?”

A tall man came in, followed by about eight strong men.

The man was exactly Kuizi, the Branch Leader of the Holy Dragon Cult in Westriver City.

He was Yuhua’s husband.

As soon as Kuizi entered the ward, Yuhua hugged him and said in an aggrieved voice, “Honey, they bullied me!”

Her pained expression seemed to tell everyone that she was badly aggrieved.

Kuizi’s face suddenly fell, who shouted, “Who was speaking just now? Who owes my wife money?”

Kuizi looked scary with his tall figure and ferocious face.

The women in the ward were too scared to speak anything.

Yuhua immediately pointed to Jane, “It’s her!”

Kuizi walked toward Jane with a cold smile, “You owe my wife money, right? How dare you? Do you know who I am?”

Jane was badly scared, who kept stepping back, “It’s not like that. I said I’ll mortgage my house to her until I return the money. “

Although Mary was reluctant to do that, she couldn’t neglect her mother’s life, especially in the face of these malevolent men.

With a sigh, Mary said, “I can mortgage the real estate certificate to you. When we have enough money two days later, you’ll return it to me. “

After Yuhua whispered in Kuizi’s ear, Kuizi’s said in surprise, “Tianmengyuan Villa?”

“It’s true.” Yuhua began to egg Kuizi since he was cheered up by the villa, “Honey, what are you waiting for? That’s reasonable for me to ask for my money back. Since they don’t have money, they should mortgage their house. Now take her to the Department of Housing Management to deal with it. “

Kuizi waved his hand, and several burly men came out from behind.

Jane’s tears were streaming down, “No! You can’t do that! Stop stepping forward! Or I will fight with you!”

Now she was really regretful. If Mary was hurt by them, she would never forgive herself.

“Catch her!” Yuhua ordered two strong men to pull Jane away.

And the rest directly surrounded Mary at the same time.


Suddenly a man came in.

It’s Kris!

Everyone in the room was stunned to see him coming in with his face grim while carrying the breakfast he bought outside.

“What the fuck! Who is…”

Kuizi suddenly swallowed his curse words when he saw the man in.

Branch leader?

The other men beside him were also stunned, looking at Kris with their mind completely blank. Before long, these men finally reacted, kneeling on one knee, “Your Master. “

Kris ignored them and walked toward Mary, putting the breakfast on the table. Then he turned to look at Kuizi, “Good job, uh?”

What he said had frightened Kuizi, making his legs weak in an instant!

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