Chapter 207: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 207 Kerry’s Love Affairs (1)
“Why should I give you face?” Kerry didn’t play by the rules. He’s still in a hurry to go back and to show Venus this jade hairpin, thinking that could this woman get out of the way?

“Mr. Ye, isn’t it too rude of you to speak to a lady like that?” Cenxue Su was filled with anger. Although he was her boss, but she at least did not encounter cold eyes, as she was a popular star in the entertainment industry. She thought that Kerry selected her to be the spokesman because he had a good feeling for her. To think that he did not even recognize who he was, this is too high and cold.

Kerry did not want to bother with her and said, “I’ve always been like this.” Then he walked around her towards his car.

Cenxue stomped her foot behind, not knowing that the two had just been filmed.

Back to the villa, Kerry took the jade hairpin and rushed to Venus’s room.

Venus was wearing a silk nightgown, tidying up the clothes in the closet. Her long hair had just been washed, fluffy and soft on her shoulders. When she heard his footsteps, she directly asked without turning back, “Why are you back so soon?”

A hand appeared in front of her, and there was a rustic jewelry box on it.

Venus turned back in surprise and asked, “What’s this?”

“Open it and take a look.”

Venus uncovered the lid and a jade hairpin lay quietly inside. She praised from the bottom of her heart, “So beautiful.”

Kerry knew that she liked it, because he could tell her love to classical elements from her clothing design style.

“Go,” Kerry pushed her shoulder and sat her in front of the dressing table. He ruffled up her long silk-like hair, put it into a very simple bun behind her head and put the pin on it.

Venus turned her head to see what her hair looked like. The jasper carved like a hibiscus flower quietly bloomed in her dark hair, making her an ancient maiden in TV shows.

“You … you actually know how to put your hair in a bun?” Venus found it unbelievable because he was Kerry, a man who knew nothing about how to dress up. How could he do this kind of hairstyle?

Kerry smiled proudly, “I watched the online video on the way back, and I did a good job.”

“Yes, it’s not bad,” Venus is a bit speechless. She absolutely couldn’t learn it just by learning from a video.

Kerry placed his chin on her shoulder and gazed deeply into those dark eyes in the mirror, “I gave it to you. Do you like it?”

“Yes, I like it. But I can’t put something worthy of millions on my head every day.” It would be a burden for her to walk.

“How did you know it would take millions?”

Venus raised her hand and pulled out the jade hairpin, with her long hair falling like a waterfall. She said, “This jade is the best of the Hetian jade. Look at the carving. It’s purely hand-made and the edges are already rounded. It should be old. Even if it doesn’t be sold in the auction house, this jade hairpin costs hundreds of thousands of Yuan. Now that it’s sold in a charity auction, it must cost you guys, the rich, a lot of money. If this item’s not sold for a million or two, it’s not a real charity auction.”

Kerry listened carefully with surprise in his eyes, “I really don’t know you know it so much.”

“Of course, when I was a kid… “Venus stopped suddenly and almost let something slip.

Kerry smiled and asked, “What happened at that time?”

Venus’s gaze fell on the hairpin in her hand and said, “When I was young, there was an elder in my family who loved to collect jade, which influenced me.” This elder she was talking about was none other than her grandfather. Grandpa Mu loved jade very much and collected a lot of precious stones. When free, he often hugged Venus and told her about this knowledge.

“Oh,” Kerry bowed his head and gave a kiss on her shoulder, saying, “If you like it, wear it. It’ alright if it’s missing. I can afford to raise my own woman.”

“Good things should be kept well. It’s a fate. What a pity to lose it.”

The fate she said was only the one between people and jade, but apparently Kerry misunderstood it to be the luck between him and her. He turned her face, kissed her happily, and said in a low voice, “You shut me out last night. Are you still going to do so tonight?”

Venus looked at him alluringly, “Can I?”

“No, you can’t.” said Kerry and threw her on the bed.

“You’re going to take a shower. you smell of strange perfume.” Venus put her hand against his chest and wrinkled her nose.

Kerry stopped to sniff his body, which really smelled of perfume. He rolled over, casually took off his suit and threw it on the sofa not far away. He unbuttoned his shirt and said, “When I was going up the steps, a woman almost fell, so I helped her. That’s probably when I caught it.”

Venus stretched her head and asked smilingly, “She’s a beautiful woman, right?”

Kerry raised his eyebrows, saw the playfulness in her eyes, and said, “Actually, she’s somewhat related to you.”

“Me? I don’t know any woman in Sky City.” Venus was amazed.

Kerry took off his shirt and continued to undo his belt. Venus did not find anything wrong with his smooth movement at all.

“Do you remember the last time when I asked you to pick anyone to be our new spokesperson? It’s her.”

“Oh, that popular star,” Venus remembered. Suddenly realizing that he had stripped down to a pair of four black panties, she stuck her head under the blanket and shouted in a muffled voice, “Why are you undressing here, you rascal? Go to the bathroom.”

Kerry smiled wickedly, “I don’t know how many times you’ve seen it. Why’re you still so shy?”

Venus smear grabbed a pillow and threw it over, “You quickly go.”

Kerry caught the pillow and put it back on the bed, “Okay, I’m going.”

This night, of course, was for them to unite. However, they didn’t know that when they woke up, there would be overwhelming gossip.

In the morning, when Kerry and Venus were having breakfast, Henry came in with an anxious expression, holding some newspapers in his hands, “Young Master, there’s the gossip of you.”

Hearing this, he almost spewed out a mouthful of milk. He wiped his mouth, frowned and asked, “What did you say?”

Henry gave him a few newspapers, “Look, it was just published this morning. it’s the headline of the entertainment section.”

Venus’s shocked, thinking that it was she who was reported in the newspaper. She leaned over to read it which was written in a big way that the sugar daddy of the popular actress Cenxue Su turned out to be Kerry.

There were a photo of the moment he reached out to help Cenxue last night, and a photo of them talking at the door, as Cenxue looked at him in a lovely way while Kerry had no expression. The angle was very right that it looked like the two people were very close to each other.

Kerry scanned the article quickly. It also mentioned the endorsement of Yehuang Group, saying that the reason why Cenxue was able to beat many female stars to get the endorsement was that she was Kerry’s sugar baby.

Sugar baby? Kerry sneered, thinking that he wouldn’t take a liking to such a woman?

Kerry looked up two other newspapers, which showed similar content. He couldn’t stop laughing, “After I helped her, I was stopped by her to have a few words when coming out. Why do I become her sugar daddy? These paparazzi are vividly imaginative and dare to write this.”

“The news’s not just in the newspapers. It has all exploded on the Internet today.” Henry added.

Venus somehow just found it out-dated and ridiculous. She said with a smile, “It’s obviously Cenxue Su’s trying to use you to hype herself.”

Kerry turned his head to look at her, “You’re not going to believe this, right?”

Venus smiled and glanced at him, “Kerry, I’m not that silly, alright? You’ve been with me all this time. Besides, she’s beautiful, but she’s not better than me.” Venus gestured with her finger, with her face full of pride.

Affectionately squeezing her small hand, Kerry greatly relieved as he was afraid that Venus would believe it. Since she didn’t believe, he didn’t care at all. Then he threw the newspaper aside to continue his meal.

“Young Master, do you just let it go?”

“What does it matter? It’s not a fact anyway.”

Henry looked more worried than Kerry did, “Young Master, you should look the news at the internet. It’s really…”

Kerry still didn’t care while Venus was very interested so she took out her mobile phone, opening her frequently-used news client. Sure enough, the front page headline was about Kerry’s affair.

Unlike newspapers, news online plumbed much deeper. She turned a page and was stunned by a text which unexpectedly mentioned her

“What’s that nonsense on the internet again?” Kerry, seeing that she looked wrong, asked when eating.

Venus coughed and said, “I’ll read it to you. According to the insider, Kerry’s wife had studied abroad. Mr. Ye is handsome and has good luck in adventures with women. He seems to be loyal to his wife on the surface, while Kerry has never paid a visit to his wife since she left. So we can see that Kerry is not a good husband we had in mind. On the contrary, he has affairs with many actresses in private. Cenxue Su is one of them…”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 207 Kerry’s Love Affairs (2)
The more she read, the more she wanted to laugh, and finally she couldn’t read any more, so she put down her phone and made fun of Kerry, “Mr. Ye, you actually tangled with a number of female stars. I really want to see them.”

Kerry was also amused by her, “I don’t have such a big appetite.” Before he could finish his words, his phone rang and it was from Secretary Liu.

“Mr. Ye, I’m sorry to disturb your breakfast.”

“What is it?” Kerry reached out his hand to hold Venus into his arm.

“It’s about the online gossip. Have you seen it?”


“It’s like this, just now Miss Su called me and said that she had absolutely nothing to do with this, and she didn’t know who is spilling the beans, so she hopes you don’t blame her.”

“OK.” Kerry took the phone away, whose expression became somewhat serious.

“What?” Venus was puzzled.

“Cenxue Su called Secretary Liu and said that she didn’t do this.” Kerry said simply.

Venus was stunned for a while, “If it wasn’t her, then who else? What can’t some people in the entertainment industry do for hype nowadays?”

Kerry began to analyze, “She is our spokesman, so if she wants to use me, I will definitely tear up the contract, which she should know. If it wasn’t she…” Kerry remembered of someone, smirking, “I know who it is.”

“Who?” “Hao Nangong.”

“Again?” Venus was surprised.

“Last night, he auctioned a pearl necklace, which he could have got it with three or four million, but I raised the price and let him buy it for ten million.”

Venus laughed, “You’re too sneaky. Aren’t you afraid that he’ll suddenly stop auctioning and the necklace will fall into your hands?”

Kerry took out a tissue to help her wipe the corners of her mouth, “You know what Hao’s mother loves jewelry and lately, he has been forced by his family to get married, but he doesn’t want to. That’s why he wants to please his mother with a pearl necklace. It’ s his mother favorite. Besides, what does it matter if he doesn’t want it. I think it’s beautiful for you to wear pearls.”

Venus shook her head, “Never. Let’s talk about it when I’m over thirty-five. Then, now that you know that Hao did it, what are you going to do?”

“It’s just a gossip. He can’t do anything to me.” Kerry acted indifferent. Once, Xinyou Qiao also made this, making women’s clothing sales decline, but this time was different, in Kerry’s business plan, even if the women’s clothing was cut, it couldn’t cause too much harm to him.

Hearing this, Henry also relived.

Yehuang company design department

Mr Li, Lina and several people were chattering about today’s gossip. When they saw Venus come in, they all shut up. They could not figure out the character of Yan Chu, whose identity was special, so they did not dare to be too rude.

Instead, Venus was a little embarrassed and casually asked, “What are you guys talking about? So hilarious?”

Mr Li was quickly answered, “It’s about Mr. Ye and Cenxue. We don’t believe it.”

Venus was surprised, “Why? Don’t you see those pictures?”

They looked at each other, not expecting her to be so gossipy, and they were all much more relaxed.

Lina said, “Pictures? Wasn’t it just two people standing and talking, and Mr. Ye helped her? If Mr. Ye is having an affair with her, then there should be some pictures like cuddling or kissing. What can these photos show? She wants to be famous too much.”

Mr Li then said excitedly, “Yes, the Internet also said that the reason she took the endorsement of our women’s clothing because of her special relationship with Mr. Ye. We hear it all that day when several top executives sat together in a meeting, Mr. Ye called…”

Mr Li immediately stopped, nervously looking at Venus, not daring to speak again.

Venus said frankly, “Mr. Ye called me and I chose her. Because I had only heard of her name when she had a movie screening in Hong Kong.”

Seeing that she didn’t blame her and still had a smile on her face, she greatly relieved, “Right, so now these scoops online can’t be trusted at all. It must be that Cenxue wanted to hype it up, that’s why she framed Mr. Ye. I used to like her quite a bit, but now I don’t want to see her face.”

Naturally, Venus wouldn’t tell them that there might be another truth.

After joking around for a while, Meiling He walked into the office with a solemn face, and they immediately scattered in all directions, only Venus calmly said good morning to her.

Meiling also replied with a good morning and went into her office.

When Kerry and Venus wanted to let it go the next day, a bigger scandal was reported.

Kerry’s private life was in disarray, and he was cheating on his wife with the beautiful female director of MK Company in Hong Kong.

This time there were also several photos about their eating alone, walking in the school, and that night wandering after eating hotpot, whose arm was affectionately on Venus’s shoulder.

The article didn’t describe anything about Yan Chu, but repeatedly stressed that she was the daughter of a Hong Kong tycoon, currently working with Yehuang Ghroup on a large project and so on.

Kerry adapted a more serious attitude this time. He didn’t care the report made him look despicable and shameless, but he didn’t allow it to hurt his family.

“Didn’t Hao want to watch the show? I’ll make this a little more interesting, Henry, find a few of our advertising media, both paper and online media, and say that Nangong family’s young master has not married because…he is bisexual. As for the photos, those female models he has been dating with must have some. And men, well, just find several one that showed him drink with men.”

Henry and Venus were so surprised to widen their eyes. Really?

“Will people believe it?”

Kerry spread his hands, “People love this. Even if it’s fake, they will still believe part of it.”

Venus said with a smile, “Hao is going to hate you.”

Kerry’ s eyes flashed with some uncertainty, “We’ve already done. Go ahead.” He said to Henry.

“Yes.” Henry was desperately to do it, so he ran out after getting the order.

Kerry was afraid that she was worried, so he held her small hand to comfort her, “Don’t be afraid, it will be fine.”

“I’m not afraid, it’s just scandal, it’s nothing.” Venus was in a good state. She didn’t care anyway. Everyone was also discussing it in private, which she could just ignore. It’s Yan Chu, not Venus.

Kerry was very surprised to see her in such a good mood, suddenly feeling that she was different from before. She became mature but also much stronger.

When she came to the company, Venus smiled as before, but there was something wrong with the way others looked at her. But the good thing was that they didn’t say anything in front of her, because of her identity, so they didn’t dare to make a fuss.

After ten o’clock, Venus went to the bathroom. As she was about to push open the cubicle door and go out, the voices of a few women coming from outside.

“Do you guys think that Yan Chu has some kind of relationship with Mr. Ye?” A woman said.

“I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s true. Yesterday it was revealed that Mr. Ye has a relationship with Cenxue, and today it’s said that he has a relationship with Yan Chu, so I think someone did this deliberately to frame Mr. Ye.” Mr Li began to say.

“You’re right to. We all know Mr. Ye is cold to girls in the company. He doesn’t like a person with a messy private life.” Lina said.

“Anyway, this time I believe Mr. Ye.” Mr Li said with indignation.

Lina laughed, “Hey, you’ve always been one of Mr. Ye’ s nymphomaniacs. I also think that this Yan Chu won’t choose to be a mistress since she has good looking, good family background, good upbringing, who is amicable. The men admiring her should be a long line.”

“That’s right…”

Then they went out. Venus washed her hands in the sink, while laughing and shaking her head. She really let you down, Yan Chu was his mistress.

In the afternoon more than four o’clock, more explosive news through the network quickly spread. A famous playboy in A City is a bisexual. He loves men and women. And the photos were really shocking.

The design department office blew up.

They were too familiar with Hao, because of Kerry, he used to come to the company. When he saw the beautiful employees, he would flirt with them. but later he rarely came.

Now, who cared whether Kerry was keeping an actress or not, whether he had an affair with Yan Chu. Everyone all focused on Hao.

“I really didn’t expect that Hao is so good at playing. Rich men are sometimes psychos.”

“It really surprises me.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 207 Kerry’s Love Affairs (3)
In Hao Nangong’s House.

“Pop-” An exquisite glazed bottle shattered on the floor, but that wasn’t enough to quell Mr. Hao Nangong’s anger. He roared at the butler, “Where’s that son of bitch? Where did he go? Why doesn’t he come back?”

The butler dared not to lie, trembling, “The man with him said he probably went to the bar.”

“Pop-” a glass was shattered, “Probably? I think he did go. Have someone bring him back to me immediately. I’m going to kill him today in case he will bring shame on the family name in the future.”

Shuhuai Chen who stood beside gently persuaded him, “Calm down. Your blood pressure will go up again later.”

“It’s all your fault,” Mr. Nangong took aim at his wife, “You are always protecting him. If you hadn’t stopped me last time, I would have killed him long ago. So he won’t have a chance to disgrace the Nangong family today.”

The last time that Mr. Nangong mentioned was when Hao Nangong lost Venus.

Shuhua didn’t dare to speak.

At this time, Hao appeared at the door. When he saw what had happened in the house, he turned around to run while Mr. Nangong shouted, “Grab him.”

The two bodyguards standing at the door swarmed up and grabbed Hao tightly.

Hao realized that he couldn’t run so he said very consciously to the two bodyguards, “Let me go, I’ll go in by myself.”

But these two bodyguards, who had always only followed Mr. Nangong’s orders, rigidly carried him to the master before letting him go.

Mr. Nangong was flew into a fury at the sight of his son so he casually grabbed and threw the stool by his feet. Hao didn’t dare to dodge. The hit of the legs of the chair made him grit his teeth in pain.

He knew his father. The more he dodged, the harder his father hit him.

“Kneel down!” Mr. Nangong stormed.

Hao kneeled on the ground heavily. It was lucky that this place didn’t have any glass shards.

“I’ll give you the chance to say. Is what the internet says true?”

Hao tilted his head and said firmly, “Of course it’s not. I like only women.”

Mr. Nangong was a very traditional person, and couldn’t even say those words. He said with a red face in anger, “Then why are there pictures of you being intimate with men on the internet?”

“Dad, that’s because I was drunk. Those guys are my friends, ordinary friends.” Hao stressed.

“Okay, then what were you doing in Thailand?”

Hao felt wronged, “I just went there for a trip. I didn’t go to any party. It’s all nonsense.”

“Then why is there so much bad news that you are…” It’s hard for Mr. Nangong to say the words, so he skipped them and then scolded, “Do you know? A few of your uncles just now called to ask me with sarcasm whether the thing said online was true. You have disgraced our family name.”

“Dad, I swear. I only like women.” Hao said seriously. “There’s someone specifically against me.”

Mr. Nangong squinted his narrowed eyes which indicated sinister motives, “Who?”

Hao looked at his father and said without confidence, “Kerry.”

Mr. Nangong was surprised, “Kerry? How could he… ” Suddenly, Mr. Nangong remembered the various scandals about Kerry that had been circulating from yesterday, and then looked at his son in front of him and instantly figured it out.

“Is it you who hype the news about Kerry in these two days?” Mr. Nangong asked in a cold voice.

Hao didn’t dare to look into his father’s eyes, and nodded his head.

Mr. Nangong’s anger, which had just subsided a little, burned again. He kicked his son in the shoulder, shouting, “Why did you provoke him? I’ve warned you to stay away from that man. If you don’t do these things secretly, will he target on you?”

Hao was unconvinced, straightening up his neck and saying, “If it wasn’t for him, the necklace I gave mom wouldn’t have cost that extra four or five million.”

“Isn’t it just money? Does the Nangong family care about that small amount of money? You’ve lost his wife. Why don’t you let him give vent to his anger on you? You are driving me crazy right now.” When finishing his words, Mr. Nangong picked up another chair and prepared to smash it at his son, but his wife hugged his arm.

“Okay, okay, calm down. It’s all clear now. Our son is not what he’s said online. You should be happy, not to be so angry.” Shuhua softly pacified her husband, and then turned around to glare at her son, “Apologize to your father.”

“I’m sorry.” Hao said quickly.

“What’s the use of you saying sorry to me? You are sorry to the Nangong family’s ancestors,” Mr. Nangong breathed heavily, “Choose one of the girls your mother and I picked for you last time and get married immediately.”

Hao looked up and was about to protest, but when he saw his mother shaking her head at him, Hao bit his teeth and lowered his head.


The two big scandals hadn’t come to an end whilst a sudden and unexpected earthquake in Sky City shattered people’s peaceful life.

It was eleven-thirty in the morning when the earthquake struck.

Venus felt thirsty so she went to the restroom to get some water. At that time, she found that the water in the bucket began to shake around. She thought she was dazzled but then the ground began to shake violently as well.

“Earthquake.” Someone at the office. Then, there were screams and everything was a mess.

Venus tried to run outside, but couldn’t stand steadily as the ground shook violently. Due to her high heels, she fell right down to the floor. She could only watch as various snacks and cups from the storage shelves dropped down and rolled to her side.

Her body was pushed to the corner by a huge force. The ceiling of the chandelier smashed down hard with glass shattering, and soon the water dispenser fell on the ground, and the tall storage shelves also came down.

Venus shrieked and looked at the storage shelf that was falling down.

“Boom-” The top of the storage shelf was stuck right on the window sill. She cried as she was afraid that the solid wooden shelf less than a meter away from her would hit her. She didn’t want to die. She had her children.

The floor shook again, “squeak-” Getting away from the ledge, the shelf started to slide down, rubbing against the wall. Venus couldn’t care to cry and crawl to the triangle area in front of her. Unexpectedly, a box of personal belongings falling down on her head. Her eyes were full of stars. The last picture before her coma was a child laughing like an angel.

The unprecedented disaster lasted for two minutes, but just two minutes was enough to place the city into extreme panic.

Except for the employees on the first and second floors who ran out of the building, all the other employees of the Group were trapped in the building. The moment the earthquake struck, the elevators stopped working, and with such violent shaking, it was impossible for them to run down from above tenth floor.

Two minutes later, the earthquake paused.

Every office was in chaos, with data computers chairs and other office supplies all falling to the ground.

The screaming stopped and someone softly asked, “Has the earthquake stopped?”

Then, the ground began to shake again, but it’s much weaker than it had just been.


After the shaking stopped, a man said, “Don’t panic. This building is against a magnitude 8 earthquake. It won’t collapse.”

Then, the anxious figure of Kerry appeared at the entrance of the design department, and he shouted, “Yan Chu.”

“Mr. Ye.” Meiling He came out from under the table whose usually meticulously combed hair now disheveled.

Kerry asked with concern, “Is everything alright?”

Meiling nodded her head, “Yes.”

As soon as everyone saw Kerry, they all stood up from different corners, looking at their boss with eager and panicked eyes.

Kerry pressed down the tension. As so many people looked at him, he couldn’t be confused. He took a deep breath and said, “Although the earthquake is suspended, there may be aftershocks. Meiling, you immediately organize evacuation from the stairwell. Men give a hand to woman, hurry up.”

“Yes.” Meiling turned back and waved at her subordinates, “Everyone quickly leave. Put down your belongings. Come back for them after the aftershocks have stopped.”

It’s more important to run for your life than to care about the money.

Kerry looked around but didn’t find Venus. He asked Meiling who was organizing everyone to leave, “Where’s Yan Chu?”

“I don’t know,” Meiling also looked around the office and asked aloud, “Where’s Yan Chu?”

Li, whose face was a mess of makeup remembered something suddenly and said, “I saw her go to the restroom.”

Kerry ran towards the lounge and around the computer and pushed chairs out of the way. At the door, he found the unconscious woman.

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