Chapter 207: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 207 You’re a Helpless Idiot

The glasses man continued looking at Vanessa and stroke her smooth cheek, “How about it? Have you thought well?”

“Let her go!”

At this time, Colin’s face was heard behind them.

Nobody came inside after he waited. When he was about to ask, he heard a cry outside the door. That’s why he hurriedly came out. Who would’ve thought that Vanessa was seized by the glasses man?

When Nina saw Colin came, she had support in an instant, so she felt more at ease.

Colin glanced at both of them and said to the glasses man, “Let her go. You’re here for me and it has nothing to do with her.”

The glasses man didn’t let go, “I’m indeed here to look for you but this doesn’t hinder me from finding a woman. After all, in my job, there’s only today and there’ll be no tomorrow. Of course, I must have fun in time.”

“You!” When Colin just said a word, the familiar dizziness came. He held back not to faint, “You can find women in those places. This is not a place for you to find women!”

“Ah, why does she have to look so appetizing, then?” The glasses man smiled, “Actually, Doris is more appetizing for me. But my boss has instructed me that I can’t touch her. Otherwise, I’ve made my move long ago!”

Colin became angrier when he heard this. He was almost swallowed by the dizzy sensation. If he didn’t hold the door frame, perhaps he might’ve fainted, “If you dare touch her, I’ll let you die miserably!”

Doris is Colin’s forbidden spot, whoever touched it must die!

The glasses man snorted, “Don’t worry. Since my boss has instructed, I won’t touch her. But I’m going to call dibs on this woman!”

Both Vanessa and Nina were slightly frightened. Listening to the conversation just now, they knew this man wasn’t someone ordinary. They couldn’t afford for the troubles.

Colin clung to the door frame tightly and said coldly, “Why exactly did you come to look for me?”

The glasses man glanced at Vanessa who was in his embrace then let her go, “I’m here to give you the antidote.”

As soon as Vanessa was free, she ran to Nina’s side.

Colin looked at the glasses man in doubt, “Antidote?”

“Don’t think too much. The dosage is only for one month to prevent you from getting worse this month.”

Colin understood after listening. When he took the poison back then, this man had said to him that he would give him a certain amount of antidote every month. Today, he’s here to deliver the antidote.

“Let’s go inside the office and talk.” Colin turned sideways to let the glasses man went inside.

The glasses man smiled upon seeing it and glanced at Vanessa again before entering the office.

The glasses man let himself sat on the sofa as if he’s the owner of the office.

Colin didn’t make a fuss about it and said immediately, “Where’s the antidote?”

The glasses man didn’t say much and just gave the small porcelain bottle containing the antidote to Colin, “This is for this month. I’ll come again next month at the same time.”

“Oh,” Colin didn’t respond much. Since Vanessa was here, he didn’t worry about the poison. So it didn’t matter whether it’s the antidote or anything. But, he could also ask Vanessa to do research, maybe she would discover something.

Seeing Colin was calm, the glasses man had a doubt. But after he thought about it since Colin was such a fool, his reaction was normal, so he didn’t ask much.

However, he still gave the warning, “You’d better stay here well. Otherwise, there’ll be no antidote for you anymore!”

Colin said coldly upon hearing that, “I don’t need your reminder.”

“And, you’d better not make a move on those two women just now. Otherwise, I won’t mind killing you!”

The glasses man sneered, “Is it up to you? You know that I’m a killer and you’re just a mere ordinary person. You still want to kill me?”

“Just try and find it out.”

The glasses man was confident, “If you kill me, Colin, nobody will send the antidote for you and you’ll die!”

“I don’t care!”

The glasses man snorted, “You’re indeed an idiot! It’s forsaken of the women again! I don’t really understand. It’s good to have women but to lose your life for women, you’re a helpless idiot!”

Colin had nothing to say to such a man, “You have to remember that I’m a man of my words!”

“Don’t you love your wife very much? Why? Do you still care about other women?” The glasses man taunted him, “It seems that you don’t love your wife that much.”

“I’ll have that woman!”

After speaking, the glasses man left.

Colin clenched his fists and glared at the glasses man’s back.

After a while, Colin gave a phone call to Gerd.

“Kill that man. Do it cleanly.”

The glasses man would deliver the antidote to him every month and he must’ve had contact with the boss behind him. From this point, Colin wouldn’t touch him. But what was worse about the glasses man was that he wanted to touch the people around him. Don’t blame him for having the heart to kill him, then.

Especially, the glasses man also expressed his thoughts of Doris, which made him intolerable even more.

Not long after the man left, Vanessa and Nina walked in.

Colin threw the antidote to Vanessa, “This is the dosage of antidote for one month. See if you can develop the final antidote. If you can’t do it, it won’t matter.”


In an unknown villa, Walson was sitting on a sofa. He threw his cellphone in his hand, looking completely angry.

He just informed the five groups and also the chairman of Juding Bank, Wei Reed, asked them to come to the villa for him. He wanted to ask, how dare they betrayed him.

After sitting quietly for a while, Walson took his phone again. When he was about to call, he saw the latest news.

“Wanxing Trading Company declared bankruptcy!”

Walson froze for a moment and quickly clicked to read it. When it was confirmed that Steven personally declared the bankruptcy of Wanxing Trading Company, Walson believed this fact. But he didn’t understand, Steven was doing well, why would he declare bankruptcy?

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