Chapter 208: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 208 Venus, I Know It’s You (1)
At the moment, Venus Mu was trapped in the storage shelf, with broken glass, water and all kinds of bottles and cans over the floor.

“Venus!” Kerry Ye shouted. He wanted to go in to save her, but it was as if there were mountains and rivers between them.

Meiling He was at the door evacuating people and when the last person went out, she heard Kerry call “Venus”, which made her doubtful. But it was clearly Yan Chu in there, so why did Mr. Ye call “Venus”?

Without any hesitation, Meiling ran in the direction of the tea room. She was the manager of the design department, so she couldn’t leave anyone behind.

Kerry pushed away the chairs and desks in front of him, but the hardest part was to move the storage shelves.

“Mr. Ye, let me help you.”

Kerry looked back, finding it was Meiling, who was now with messy hair. If it was another situation, a situation that Venus hadn’t been trapped, he would definitely have let her go first, but now, he really needed her help.

“Thank you.” Kerry said gratefully to her, “Be careful, you pull on this side and I’ll push from that side.”

“OK. Be careful, too.”

Stepping on the glass pieces on the ground, he came to one side of the storage shelf, bending down. The space was very small, only enough for him to stand, so he tried different angles. Finally, he said to Meiling,

“When I count one, two, three, you do it, alright?”

“Got it.” She gripped the edge of the storage shelf tightly.

“One, two, three!”

Kerry and Meiling exerted almost all their strength, one pushing and one pulling, but the storage shelf was only moved a little bit, because it stuck between two walls.

“Again. One, two, three!”

Repeating several times, they saw a little part of Venus’ s body.

“Okay, Okay. Thank you so much.” Kerry sincerely thanked Meiling who was already sweaty, “Hurry downstairs.”

Meiling wiped the sweat from her forehead, knowing that her mission had been accomplished, and said, “Mr. Ye, please carry Miss Chu out. I’m leaving first.”

“OK, be careful when you go downstairs.” Kerry said, bending down and walking to Venus. She closed her eyes tightly, whose forehead was swollen and red, so it was obvious that something had hit her head.

Kerry anxiously called out, “Venus, wake up.”

However, she didn’t answer Kerry. Therefore, Kerry did not dare to waste any more time. With one hand on her back, the other hand holding up the legs, he bent down to move out.

When they were just out of the storage shelf, another wave of aftershocks hit. Kerry didn’t stand still, so he kneeled down to the ground all of a sudden. But he was still holding her in from of his chest.

“Boom!” The storage shelf that had just been moved by him broke off from the middle and hit the ground heavily, splashing water and pieces of glass.

“It’s okay, it’s fine. Venus, don’t be afraid. I’m here with you, don’t be afraid.” Kerry held her tightly while talking to her with his subconsciously shaking lips. He turned his body slightly to block the water and glass behind him.

This was what he said to Venus, but also himself.

The ground was once again stable, so Kerry stood up with great efforts, holding her in his arms as he continued to get out of here.

Finally, with a lot of effort, Kerry left the tea room with Venus.

“Venus, Venus, wake up.” His worry and concern could be sensed from his voice.

This time, Venus seemed to hear his call and gave a “hum” with all her strength, but this cheered Kerry up, making him ecstatic. She was still alive.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll get you out of here, don’t be afraid.” Kerry kissed her forehead several times, then wrapped both her arms around his chest and ran towards the outside with her steadily on his back.

The design department in the nineteenth floor of Yehuang Building. Since the elevator couldn’t be used, Kerry had no choice but to go down by foot. People passing them all ran quickly. The aftershocks were still there, making the atmosphere tense and scary, but Kerry never thought to leave her behind. If he had to die in this disaster, he wanted to be with her.

One floor, after another.

Kerry was getting more and more tired, with his energy releasing. Kerry hit the wall several times and fell to his knees, but he was trying to protect his woman and made sure she was safe and sound.

The unconscious Venus could feel the bumps along the way and she weakly opened her eyes, only to see the man’s red and hot earlobes, wheat-colored skin, and sweat on his neck.

She smelled the familiar scent of his body and felt safe somehow, and a voice inside her told her that Kerry would not leave her alone.

“Kerry…” She called out weakly.

The man carrying her stopped with a violent stiffness and quickly placed her on the stairs, whose eyes were bright as the stars in the sky.

“Venus, thanks God you’re awake.” Kerry was surprised to hear her call his name.

But Venus didn’t feel anything wrong, probably because her brain was still in a mess. She frowned and said, “I have a headache.”

Kerry carefully rubbed her injured forehead with his hand and comforted her, “It’s fine, something might hit you.”

Venus tried to touch her forehead, but she didn’t have any strength on her hand at all.

At that moment, another wave of strong aftershocks hit, and Kerry subconsciously grabbed her in his arms and stared at the ground tilting little by little.

Venus’s eyes were a little sore, and when he released her, she couldn’t help but ask softly, “Kerry, will we die here?”

“No, I won’t let you die, neither of us will. You hold on, think about the baby, he’s still waiting for us.”

Venus began to be clear. Hearing his words, she froze… How could he…

Kerry held her face and said with deep affection, “I know it’s you, I always knew it was you, but we’ll talk about this later. I’ll take you out of here first, no one knows if there will be a stronger earthquake next second.”

After saying that, Kerry once again carried her up and went down with firm footsteps.

On his back, Venus completely went blank. She thought she had been hiding it well, so where did she expose herself? And when did he know?

By the time Kerry was sweaty all over. He finally carried her out of the building.

The street was in a chaos and traffic had paralyzed. Billboards were all over. There were some injured and fainted people and crying children.

In just a few minutes, what was originally the most prosperous place in Sky City was like hell.

“Young master!” Henry called out and ran over to him. He didn’t know what had scratched him and the blood had drenched his shirt. It was quite terrifying.

“Young master, you’ve finally come out. I was about to go in to find you.” Henry said with palpitations, looking at Venus who had already in a coma.

“I’m fine.”

Henry focused on his leg and said worriedly, “Young master, what happened to your knee? Why is it bleeding?”

Kerry took a look at it, finding it was there was a blood stain on his light-color pants. Maybe he kneeled down on the glassed when he was rescuing Venus. The whole time his attention was all attached to Venus and he didn’t feel the pain. It was until now that he began to feel the pain was spreading.

“It should be glass. Don’t worry, it’s fine.” Kerry asked with a very flat expression, “The car can’t get out now, right?”

“Yes, it’s all blocked.”

“Where are the others?!” Kerry asked.

Henry pointed to a square not far away and said, “It’s all over there.”

“Come on, let’s go over there too.” Kerry carried Venus to the square. Henry saw that he was struggling and wanted to say that he was willing to help to carry her, but with his knowledge of his boss, he wouldn’t agree with this.

The square was already packed with people. Some were talking on the phone, some were crying, and others were complaining.

Yehuang’ s employees saw their boss coming over, they all came to him, who were all in a terrible mess.

Kerry put Venus down, putting her arms around her, and circling her into his arms without any embarrassment.

“Every department now immediately count the staff number to see if anyone is missing.” Kerry gave the order.

Secretary Liu said, “When you haven’t come just now, we’ve already counted it and there are still four people missing. An elder lady in the logistics department, a young girl in the finance department, and two in the marketing department.”

“Can you get through on the phone?” Kerry asked.

“No, the phone service is very poor right now and it’s impossible to make a call.”

Kerry thought for a moment and said in a deep voice, “Logistics, Finance and Marketing, where are the managers of the three departments?”

“Here…Here…” The three men stepped forward.

Kerry said seriously, “The employees are trapped inside and we can’t just stand by, so are you willing to go in and bring them out? Of course, it’s voluntary. Because no one can guarantee what will happen later.”

They hesitated for a moment and said, “Yes! Let’s go.”

“Thank you very much!” Kerry then said to the manager of the security department, “Your department’s employees are all selected through hard test, who have a good physical condition. Go and ask who would like to go in and rescue them.”

“OK. Mr. Ye.”

Soon, the security department came over with fifteen strong security guards, making Kerry pleased. It seemed that his reputation was not too bad.

“Now there are four people trapped inside. Managers of the logistics and finance departments, you each bring four security guards up to look for them. remember, be careful.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Ye. We will definitely bring them out successfully.” The two managers left in a hurry with some guards.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 208 Venus, I Know It’s You (2)
Kerry handed Venus in his arms to Meiling He beside him, and then said to the marketing manager, “We two take the remaining seven people up to find the other two.”

“Mr. Ye, you’d better stay here. You still have an injury on your leg.” The marketing manager said.

“It’s fine, it’s just a cut,” Kerry who didn’t care, “Don’t waste time. Hurry up. You guys come with me.”

“Mr. Ye, I’ll go too.” The security manager said.

“No, you stay here with a few vice presidents to protect our employees.” Kerry patted him on the shoulder and turned to Henry, who was going to follow up, and said, “You stay here, too.”

“No, Young Master, I want to protect you.” Henry said stubbornly, with his eyes a little red.

Kerry looked down at the still unconscious Venus and whispered to Henry, “She’s Venus. You take care of her here.”

Henry opened his eyes wide in surprise and couldn’t believe what Kerry had said. How could she… be Young Mistress?

Kerry stared at Venus with emotion before he left, and turned around to enter the building where no one knew what danger would happen.

Time seemed to freeze. Seeing their boss and managers risk their life to go in to save people, many Yehuang Group’s employees shed tears. Even if the salary was low, it’s good to have them be their leaders because they made them feel safe.

Henry was quietly by Venus’s side. He couldn’t take his eyes off the woman, and his mind was turning over and over with Kerry’s last words—“she’s Venus”.

But this face was obviously not like that of Young Mistress. How could she be Venus?

Henry suddenly remembered a few things: one day, Kerry told him not to check on Yan Chu, and also asked John the Butler to be nice to her. So did Young Master find out that Yan was actually Venus?

He risked his own life to save Yan and doted on her. So, it was the reason!

That’ good! What he and John the Butler were worried about would never happen again, and Young Master would not have to die alone.

In the midst of his rejoicing, Henry remembered one more thing: Where was the baby?

Before he could think carefully about it, Venus in front of him murmured in pain and finally opened her eyes.

“Young… Miss Chu, are you awake?” Henry almost said the wrong thing.

Venus looked around in a daze. She was familiar with faces surrounding her but she didn’t see Kerry’s. She asked Henry, “What about Kerry? Where’s he? “

“There are still a few people trapped inside the building. Young Master brought some persons in to rescue them.”

Venus set her heart at ease and coughed twice. When feeling a bit better, she said to Meiling, “Thank you, Mr. He. Help me up, I’m better now.”

Meiling beckoned Xiaoli over, and two of them helped Venus up together.

“Are you Okay?” Meiling asked with concern as Venus didn’t look very good and her feet were flimsy.

Venus shook her head a few times and weakly said, “Yes, just a little headache.” Then, she looked around, feeling that the air was filled with the sense of fear and anxiety.

Injured people were crying out, but no paramedics were coming to help. The earthquake had come without warning so that all people were stunned and effective rescue had yet to begin.

Suddenly, the aftershocks came again, and were much stronger than the previous ones. The screams in the square were loud and clear. Henry grabbed Venus’s shoulder so quickly that she didn’t fall.

The world seemed to come to an end but everyone gritted their teeth to overcome their fears.

“Heavens, please bless Mr. Ye and the people inside for getting out safely.” Someone said, and all employees gazed at the building. Venus’s became worried.

At this moment, she stopped hating this man and was secretly hoping for his safe return.

“They’re coming out.” Another person shouted loudly.

A strong security guard carried a middle-aged woman on his back, walking over to a crowd of people in the chaotic street. The crowd burst into applause.

This was the lady from the logistics department, who was cleaning the bathroom when the earthquake happened. While running outside, she tripped over a mop on the ground and injured her leg.

Just when she was desperate, the manager of the logistics department with others found her. At that moment, she burst into tears.

Soon, a little girl from the finance department who was crushed under the table was also rescued and whose tears messed up her makeup.

“Why haven’t the two people from the marketing department come out yet?” Secretary Liu looked anxious, and he spoke what was on everyone’s mind at this time.

“Don’t worry. Mr. Ye and others will be fine.” Someone comforted him.

Meanwhile, another group of people came over. Here came several security guards brought by the marketing manager. One of them was carrying an unconscious lady on his back.

“Where are Mr. Ye and his men?” Henry asked.

The marketing manager swallowed his saliva and said with a dry throat, “I didn’t see them. The marketing department has two floors so we were separated as soon as we entered the building.”

Henry was even more anxious. If it’s not for Kerry orders, he would have rushed to find him now.

As time passed, the sky grew darker and darker, as if black clouds were going to press down on the city.

Loud sirens and ambulance voices scraped through the chaotic air from far and near.

People cheered as if they saw hope.

A large number of police set out. Some were relieving traffic congestion, some were working with the public to rescue the people in the car, and some were maintaining order.

Venus’s nose was a little sore as she looked at all this. This was the place where she was born and raised, so beautiful and vibrant, but in a moment it had become completely different and devastated.

At this moment, she felt that humans were really too small, and there were very few things of nature that could be influenced.

While everyone was anxious, Kerry and a few others finally appeared in sight.

“Mr. Ye and the others have returned. They’re back.” Someone shouted excitedly.

Kerry found Venus at a glance and she was quietly looking at him. He felt warm and walked quickly to her, “How are you? Are you feeling good?”

“I’m fine,” Venus said.

“Does your head still hurt?” Kerry touched the swelling on her forehead and said sadly, “It’s all swollen.”

“It’s fine. I was just hit by a box during the earthquake.”

Kerry put his hand on her shoulder. Seeing the appearance of police and paramedics, he said to Secretary Liu, “Quickly arrange for someone to send the people who were just injured to the ambulance, and ask doctors their conditions.”

“Got it,” Secretary Liu looked at the injury on his knee and said worriedly, “Mr. Ye, you should also go and have a check. Your knee is bleeding.”

“No need to worry about me. I can feel it. The wound shouldn’t be big.” Kerry showed no care. He actually couldn’t really feel the pain in his knee now, as it was probably numb.

The traffic on the road began to gradually resume. Kerry said aloud to the employees, “I know that many people’s bags, keys as well as mobile phones are not brought down upstairs, but it is too dangerous to go in now. I suggest that you wait for a moment until the aftershocks are not so frequent and then you can go in to get things. Or you can go to the house of your friends or relatives. Everyone doesn’t need to come to work these two days. Just take it as an early vacation, and wait for notice to ask you to work.”

“Got it…” “Okay, Mr. Ye…” Many people said.

After arranging things, Kerry worried about the wound on Venus’s forehead and whispered, “Let me take you home first and treat the injury.”

“No, besides, there’s no way to go back now. The road is still blocked.” Venus said with a sad face.

Kerry sighed. It seemed that he could only wait in the square first. And he didn’t know what happened to the car placed in the underground.

The disaster was like a black hole, eating away people’s hope little by little.

The radio in the square suddenly played a song, a cheerful piece of music that the Chinese people like, which made thousands of people quiet down.

A moment later, a deep voice came, “Well, citizens, I’m Qidong Zhang, the Mayor of Sky City. An earthquake that has just occurred damages our city severely, but the government has set up an action group and the disaster relief operation is carried out in an orderly manner. I hope everyone will not panic and try not to go indoors.”

“In order to ensure your safety, we will have police set up tents in People’s Square, Revolution Park and the playgrounds of various high schools in this afternoon. We also hope that citizens who can help will join us so we can get through this disaster together.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 208 Venus, I Know It’s You (3)
After the speech of the municipal commission secretary, the crowd began to stir. The SWAT team were organizing the orderly evacuation of people, those who wanted to go home could go home, and those who wanted to go live in tents could live in tents.

Just as Kerry was considering whether to found a car or not, Henry’s phone was finally put through.

“Hello? Henry answered. “How it is going? Are you fine, Young Master?” The anxious voice of John was heard.

“I’m fine, but Young Master is hurt.”

Then John was busy asking, “Is it serious? Where’s the wound?”

Henry glanced at the wound on Kerry’s leg and said, “I think it’s quite serious, John please send a car here quickly, Young Master’s car is locked in the garage.”

“I’ve already sent a car to you, you can contact the driver.”

“I get it.”

Henry hung up the phone and looked up the driver’s number again, but he dialed twice without getting through, and finally got through the third time.

“Taozi, where are you now?”

“I just entered Huaiyang Road, but there is a traffic jam and I can’t move at all.” Taozi complained.

Hearing this, Kerry said, “Ask him to stop there, Huaiyang Road is about 20 minutes away, we can walk there.”

Henry repeated Kerry’s words and then hung up the phone.

Kerry said to the Security Department, “Ask some workers to keep an eye on the company in case that some one will make trouble. Tell them whoever stays will be paid five times more than the usual. Figure out the names of those people who had just gone in, they should be rewarded.”

“Don’t worry Mr.Ye, I’ll keep an eye on the company, you’d better care your wounds now.”

After arranging all the things, Kerry took Venus and Henry towards Huaiyang Road. The street was chaotic with sewage flowing everywhere. Some children were frightened and kept crying in their mother’s arms. Seeing this, Venus eyes were filled with tears.

Kerry caressed Venus’s shoulder and said nothing for he was also very upset and didn’t know what to say.

Ambulances whizzed by from time to time, heading straight to the nearby hospital.

It took them more than forty minutes to walk in such situation where falling billboards and overturned cars were scattering on the road among crowds of people. They were very frightened and suffered an aftershock. Kerry was almost hit by a falling glass for he fixed his attention on Venus.

Taozi was waiting anxiously by the car, and when seeing Kerry, he exclaimed, “Boss, here I am!”

When they got in the car, Venus felt her legs almost numb. Seeing that Venus was pale, Kerry quickly took a bottle of water from the back and opened it to her, “Drink some water.”

Venus said “thanks” and grabbed the bottle and drank. Just now she was very nervous, and now she felt thirsty and hungry after being relaxed.

The car was moving slowly towards the villa, the driver prepared to stop for there were people running form time to time, he was afraid of hitting them.

“Taozi, turn on the car radio.” Kerry frowned.

Taozi turned on the radio, which was broadcasting the earthquake in Sky City.

It turned out that the earthquake they had just experienced measured 7.8 in magnitude, the epicenter was in the eastern suburbs of Sky City. The urban areas were fine, but the suburbs were fiercely ruined, leaving countless dilapidated houses.

Experts in the Seismological Bureau urged the general public to try to stay in high ground to avoid a tsunami.

“I don’t know the condition in the construction site,” Kerry was very worried.

“Don’t worry, Young Master, I’ll have a look after I send you back.” Henry said sitting on the passenger side.

Kerry stared at the gloomy sky outside, “Just call Kai from the engineering department first, he’s the company representative stationed at the project, he should be there at this moment.”


Henry dialed Kai’s number several times, but he couldn’t get through for the poor signal. Just when he was about to give up, the phone suddenly went through, and Henry handed the phone to Kerry.

“Kai, this is Kerry, is everything fine in the construction site? Are there any casualties?”

“President Ye, the workers just came down for lunch when the earthquake happened, so no one was injured, and now everyone is staying outside, but several overhead shelf were hit.”

Hearing this, Kerry was greatly relieved, “That’s fine, it’s really good to hear that. We can start to build the shelf another time.”

“That’s what I’m thinking,” Kai said.

“Then you should take care of the site, just stop working and I’ll send some food to you. It’s summer, be alert please and you can sleep outside if it’s not safe.”

“Fine, Mr.Ye.”

After hanging up the phone, Kerry asked about several other factories, all of which were damaged to varying degrees.

Seeing Kerry’s frowns, Venus took the initiative to ask, “Is it serious?”

Kerry smiled at her, “A little.”

“It’s a natural disaster, no one can stop it.” Venus continued.

“I know,” Kerry took Venus’s hands, and when she was about to pull him away, Kerry begged her, “Just for a moment, okay?”

Venus’s heart tightened, remembering how he’d carried her down the stairs, she kept silence.

After driving out of the city center, the traffic was smother, but there were a lot of broken branches and fallen poles.

After arriving at Ye’s villa, everything in the house was normal except for the disheveled furnishings.

“John, where’s the medicine that Dr. Han left at home? Bring it over quickly.” Henry said to John as soon as he entered the house.

“Fine.” John turned to get the medicine.

Venus held back Kerry when he was about to go upstairs, “Go and sit in the living room, what are you doing upstairs?”

“I’ll change my shorts.” I need to change my pants for applying the medicine.

“I’ll help you, please just sit on the couch.” Venus said faintly and thumped up stairs. After the reveal of her identity, Venus could no longer pretend to be passionate and she acted very indifferently.

Seeing her back, Kerry smiled faintly, as long as she cared about him, that was enough.

Venus found a pair of grey cotton shorts in the wardrobe and went downstairs. She threw it to Kerry and said indifferently, “Put it on.” John happened to come with the medicine at this moment. He was surprised at Yan’s attitude, and felt very confused for they were quiet sweet a few days ago.

Kerry didn’t care about that, he directly put off his trousers but didn’t expect that a part of the pants was linked to his body, which made him very painful.

Venus turned her back and shifted her gaze. Hearing his breath, her eyelids jumped and guessed that he must be painful.

“Oh, Young Master, what happened to your knee?” John uttered an exclaim with some tremble in his tone. Thus, Venus turned back and saw that Kerry’s whole knee was broken with blood. Although, it was not bleeding, a few pieces of glass had stuck into the flesh.

“I’ll ask Dr. Han,” Henry said.

“No, it’s just a physical wound, Dr. Han should be busy now.” Kerry refused Henry’s suggestion. Although Mr.Han was his family doctor, he had his own clinic, and many people needed him now.

Henry bites his teeth, “I’ll go and fetch a basin of fresh water.”

Venus didn’t know how she feels, the sentiments in her heart was tumbling. He did this for saving her.

Kerry carefully put on the shorts, and said to Venus, “Don’t look at me, go to wash your face and change your clothes.”

Venus was very furious, he even cared about her in such a situation. She sat on the sofa and said angrily, “It’s none of your business.”

Kerry was stunned, he didn’t understand women and explained, “I just don’t want you to feel unpleasant ……”

Hearing this, Venus was more furious, “Kerry, can you shut up and take care of yourself?”

Kerry was stunned, he didn’t know why Venus was so angry for he did nothing wrong.

Seeing this, John was frightened, he wished Henry could come quickly and told him the truth. Young Master was blamed by a woman like a pet dog, and even didn’t dare to retort a word.

Henry brought water over, he squatted down and began to clean Kerry’ wound although he found their expression were all weird.

Kerry could bear the water clearing, however, when it came to iodine, he was very painful with sweat falling off his forehead.

“Henry, be lighter.” John said beside him.

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