Chapter 209 – 210: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 209: Finish the Business of the Cults in the Cults

Kuizi was frightened to death. He was not that stupid as not to see that there was a special relationship between Sub-Branch Leader and these two women.

Kris frowned: “What are you waiting for? Release my mother-in-law.”

What? Is this woman Sub-Branch Leader’s mother-in-law?

These two masculine men who were holding Jane Tang knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing to Kris. “We shall be damned! We shall be damned!”

Jane also froze. She just stood there, having no idea what to say.

Kris looked at Kuizi and said: “Now tell me, what happened?”

Since he made Kuizi the Vice Sub-Branch Leader, he hardly ever concerned himself with the business of the cult, but now Kuizi brought the brothers of the Holy Dragon Cult to the hospital and controlled Jane Tang. Something was just wrong.

“Sub-Branch Leader, I…”

Kuizi stammered. He didn’t know what to say. Could he tell Sub-Branch Leader about the fact that he took the wife of Sub-Branch Leader to the Housing Department by force and asked her to give him her house?

Kuizi remained silent. Mary, who was lying on the bed, said, quite shyly, “Kris, they want to rob our home from us.”

What? Rob, our home? Kris froze when he heard this and looked at Mary in confusion. Then Mary told Kris everything about what just happened.

“Damn! I’m so damned,” Kuizi thought. And beams of sweat appeared on his back that his cloth got soaked. What a bit of bad luck to ask the wife of Sub-Branch Leader to pay off her debts.

He offended his superior, and in the Holy Dragon Cult, which had a strict class system, it was a felony.

He was thinking about what he could do to get Kris’ forgiveness. Because after serving the Holy Dragon Cult for so many years, he didn’t want to lose this position, which Kris gave him.

Kris sighed when Kuizi was thinking about how to apologize.

Now Kris found his mother-in-law unbelievable. When her daughter was hospitalized because of injury, she spent a whole night playing mahjong. What kind of mother is that?

Even though Kuizi’s method was way too reckless, but still, the debt needed to be paid off. “Kuizi, give me your account, and I will send the money to you.”

When she heard Kris was going to pay off her debt, Jane said in a hurry: “Yes, this big brother of yours is going to pay off for me. He is my son-in-law. You can just go to him.”

Before Jane finished, Kuizi knelt on the ground because he was so frightened that his knees failed him.

He looked at Kris fearfully. “Sub-Branch Leader! Please forgive me. Who am I to take money from you!”

He was frightened, and he thought Kris was gonna dismiss him from his position.

What!! Everyone in the ward was shocked. Especially Yuhua Wang, whose mind just went blank. Why was his husband kneeling in front of Jane Tang? and was calling him Sub-Branch Leader? Isn’t Kris the loser that was married into Su Family?

“Are you mad? Get up!” Yuhua tried to pull her husband up but failed. Instead, she was dragged down by Kuizi, and her knees knocked on the floor so forcefully that she shed a few tears out of pain.

“Kneel down, you stupid woman. Show your respect to Sub-Branch Leader!!” Kuizi slapped Yuhus Wang across her face.

Yuhua Wang froze, and she was so shocked that she forget crying.

At that moment, Mary stared at Kris, and her heart swelled with pride.

Kris never ceased to surprise her, and she wondered what else was he hiding from her.

When she thought of what happened the other day at the Temple Fair Street, she stroked her ring and still felt everything was surreal.

“I have to pay off my debts.”

Kris was not a man to abuse his power. Even though Kuizi was his inferior, he would still pay off his debts because that was the right thing to do. He could not get personal when talking about business, or how would he maintain his authority and manage the affairs of the Holy Dragon Cult.

“Sub-Branch Leader, please don’t do this to me. I can’t take your money,” Kuizi was more assured that he would be dismissed.

And then, Yuhua Wang recovered from her shock and said angrily: “I won these three million dollars, and why can’t I take it? Why are you so afraid of this loser? I’ll give him my account if you don’t have the guts to do so.”

Then she grabbed a bank card and threw it in front of Kris. Kuizi was almost frightened to death when he saw this.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Stupid woman, shut up!” Kuizi slapped Yuhua again and again, and Yuhua’s face was swollen. Then Kuizi kept kowtowing to Kris and said: “Sub-Branch Leader, my wife doesn’t know a thing about it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” And then he grabbed Yuhua’s head and knocked it heavily on the ground.

These people who came with Kuizi were so frightened that tears were streaming down their faces. Because it was a felony to offend the wife of Sub-Branch Leader and the mother-in-law of Sub-Branch Leader. They could even be put to death if the Sub-Branch Leader wouldn’t let it go.

“Sub-Branch Leader, please forgive us!”

And the ward was filled with the bumps. A few seconds later, the floor was stained with blood. Kuizi and his people were kowtowing so heavily that they almost killed themselves.

“Enough. Get up!” Kris said impatiently.

This bloody scene almost frightened the two women behind Yuhua to death. They said fearfully: “Jane, we need to go now, and you can let your daughter go to rest. And as for the money, just forget about it. You don’t need to give it to us.”

Then they took off hurriedly.

Jane Tang was shocked. She didn’t understand why these two women would give up their money.

Kris motioned the other people to leave, and he made Kuizi stand up. Kuizi’s face was covered with blood, and he also picked up his wife, who was already in a coma.

Kris said: “Take your wife to a doctor.”

“Thank you, my Sub-Branch Leader!” He said and then wanted to kneel down again but got stopped by Kris.

“Go, find your wife a doctor, and then come to me,” Kris said.

“Yes, my Sub-Branch Leader,” Kuizi was shaking. He thought his mistake was still not forgiven.

Half an hour later, Kuizi came back to Kris.

At then, the blood on his face was dry, and he looked rather pathetic with the black blood lump hanging on his face.

Kris saw his intention immediately, but he didn’t say anything about it.

Kuizi knelt on the ground the moment he saw Kris and said: “ Sub-Branch Leader, it was all my fault, please punish me.”

Kris held him up and said: “My mother-in-law was wrong, but what you did was also problematic. You should go back to the altar and be whipped for thirty times.”

And then Kris thought a little bit and said: “Inform our brothers that if anyone bullied normal people with their power, he would be severely punished.”

“Yes, my Sub-Branch Leader!!!”

Kuizi bowed to Kris deeply, and then he got relaxed because since he was punished, this matter should be done with.

Being whipped for thirty times was not a severe punishment at all, especially for someone who violated the rules of the cult. Kuizi felt both grateful and shameful.

The Holy Dragon Cult and the Sun-Moon-Holy cult are cults, but still, Kris would not let his followers bully the average people, at least he would not allow that to happen on the territory controlled by him.

There is an old saying: Do not get ordinary people involved in the cults’ business, as it is against the principle of the cults.

It seemed to Kris that it was also necessary to mention it to the Sun-Moon-Holy cult brothers.

Then Kris asked: “Kuizi, do you know Shen Family in Southeast City?”

Shen Family in Southeast City?

Kuizi thought a little bit and said carefully: “This Shen Family is very powerful in Southeast City. It is a second-rated Grand Family.”

Grand Family? Kris was looking murderous. He said: “I don’t give a damn whether it is grand or not. He hurt my wife, and I will destroy his family.”

Then, Kris sent out energy that was no less strong than the energy in the innate-power stage’s fulfilled period.

Kuizi was shocked by the energy, as he never thought Kris was at such a high level. And then, Kuizi was in total allegiance to Kris because it is humanity’s nature to admire the powerful ones.

“Yes, my Sub-Branch Leader!!”

Kris took his energy back and said: “Tell our brothers to gather at the altar tonight at eight o’clock.”

“Yes, my Sub-Branch Leader!!”

Chapter 210: Loyalty

At eight o’clock that night, Kris arrived at the Tianshan Club, which was the Holy Dragon cult base in Westriver City.

Tianshan Club was also the place where Xiaolong Tan received Kris for the first time. But actually, this club is run by the Holy Dragon cult.

The third floor of the club is not open to the public, and only the brothers of the Holy Dragon cult could get in. And the size of the hall on the third floor is over a thousand square meters. It was filled with the brothers of the cult, at least four hundred of them.

In the center of the hall, two rows of redwood chairs were placed, and two Taishi chairs were placed on the high platform, behind which there is a statue of Guanyu, which was two meters tall.

Kris was seated on the left chair, and Kuizi, the vice Sub-Branch leader, was seated on the right. And seated on the redwood chairs were the deacons of the branch alters in Westriver City, and there were six of them in total.

The average brothers were standing beside.

When everyone arrived, Kris said: “I am declaring war! It is a war on Shen Family in the Southeast Cities. Now everyone should be prepared for it, and we won’t stop until Shen Family is wiped off the surface of the earth.”

Then Kris looked at Kuizi and said: “vice Sub-Branch leader Zhang, tell us what the Shen Family is like.”

Kuizi’s family name is Zhang, and since it was a very formal occasion, it would be inappropriate to call him by his nickname.

“Sub-Branch Leader, Shen Family in Southeast City, is a second-rated grand family. There are eight hundred and sixty people in its family, and two hundred and sixty are immediate family members. The head of the family is called Xiaoxiong Shen, and he has an only son named Lang Shen.”

“As for their level, Xiaoxiong Shen is in the middle period of the innate-power stage. His three brothers: Tianxia Shen, Tianying Shen, and Tianqi Shen are all the practitioners in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage. And in his immediate family, half of them are in the acquired period of the acquired stage, and the other half in the middle period of the acquired stage. His other family members are mainly in the early period of the acquired stage!”

What? They have three people in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage? Many people gasped when they heard this.

They had four people in the innate-power stage if Xiaoxiong was counted. Besides, its immediate family members are no to be ignored. This is indeed a powerful rival.

Besides, they have six hundred relatives, and even though they are at a lower level, their power is far higher than the ordinary people.

No wonder Li Family didn’t revenge against Shen Family after Tianba was beaten. Li Family was hardly comparable to the Shen Family.

Kuizi was grim-faced. “Sub-Branch leader, these three people are the strongest in Shen Family.”

The fulfilled period of the innate-power stage?

Kris frowned. It was not easy to fight a person in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage.

“Besides, there are some other small families who plead their loyalty to Shen Family.”

Kris sank into deep thought. He was silent and kept knocking his finger on the table.

The place sank into deep silence, and the brothers standing beside didn’t even dare to take a deep breath because they didn’t want to interrupt the Sub-Branch leader.

“What’s our chance if we fight directly against Shen Family?” Kris asked.

Kuizi thought about it carefully and answered: “We have only three hundred and eighty-eight brothers, so in regards to the population, we have a disadvantage.

And I’m in the middle period of the innate-power stage, and our deacons are in the early period. What about you? My Sub-Branch leader?”

“I’m in the later period of the innate-power stage,” Kris said.

“So we have six brothers in the early period of the innate-power stage, and one in the middle, one in the later. And we have ten brothers in the fulfilled period of the acquired stage, and a hundred in the later period of the acquired stage, a hundred in the middle period of the acquired stage, and the other one hundred and seventy are in the early period of the acquired stage.”

“We don’t have much chance if we fight them directly unless we ask for help. But now the Six Major Schools are all against us, so it’s not likely for us to get their help.”

Then Kuizi took a pause and said: “But I learned that Xiaoxiong’s only son was stabbed earlier for up to four hundred times, and even his penis was cut off. Now the Leader’s son is disabled, and they wouldn’t let a disabled man be the new Leader. Now I was informed that many people in Shen Family want Xiaoxiong to resign and give out the power.

“Is this true?”

“Yes, and I believe the three brothers of Xiaoxiong’s are about to rebel.”

Then Kuizi smiled confidently and said: “We only need to send some people to get in touch with other people in Shen Family and to corrupt their organization, and by then, Shen Family will surely collapse.”

“Good, we will just do it according to your plan. We must corrupt their organization to the extreme, and it’s better if we frighten off the small families that are dependent on Shen Family first, then Shen Family would be lest alone, and then we can deal with them one by one.”

“Yes, My Sub-Branch leader.”

Kris smiled and said: “Fine, and as your Sub-Branch leader, I can’t be too mean. Here is the deal: you will win a million dollars if you kill a relative of the Shen Family, and three million dollars if you kill an immediate family of his, and if you kill anyone of Xiaoxiong, Tianxia, Tianying, and Tianqi, you will win a hundred million dollars.”

When Kris finished, everyone felt unrest, and their eyes were looking murderous all of a sudden. To win a million dollars if you kill a relative and three million dollars if you kill an immediate family of his, what a great reward. Because when they first joined this cult, they just wanted to make money.

They will fight for him even though they were not paid but being paid so much makes them feel more inspired and loyal.

“I will fight for my Sub-Branch leader until I die,” Kuizi knelt on the ground.

“We will fight for my Sub-Branch leader until we die.” Six deacons and more than three hundred brothers all knelt on the ground.

Kris smiled. He knew everyone present would be loyal to him.


When everything was settled, Kris went back to the hospital to take care of Mary.

The next morning, Kris went up early, and Mary could leave the hospital in another two days.

It was pointless for Kris to stay at the hospital, so Mary persuaded Kris to go back to school. It was true that during these days in the hospital, their relationship developed rapidly. Kris had been holding Mary in his arms these days when they went to sleep. Which was quite a treat for Kris.

When he got to school, basically everyone was there, and Tianba Li was also in his seat..

When he saw Tianba, he walked to him happily. And Tianba saw Kris too, and he stood up and asked: “Kris, where have you been during the national holiday. You didn’t answer my call, and you didn’t respond to my WeChat.”

Kris patted on his shoulder and said: “I got so high during the holiday, and I forgot to call you back. It’s my bad. I’ll take you to dinner sometime later.”

Kris didn’t tell Tianba the news about Mary. He determined to deal with it himself.

Tianba looked at him and nodded, smiling. Last time they were about to dine together, but Mary interrupted, and this time, they could finally have a good time together. They hadn’t got such a chance since he recovered.

When they were talking, Kris’s phone rang.

Kris checked his phone, and it was Yanru Sima. She sends him a message, and it went: Are you free after school? I can take you to dinner.” Kris rubbed his nose and thought: How come she still remembers about taking me to dinner. Because the last time he turned down her invitation, Kris added her WeChat, and now Kris almost forgot about it, and she still remembered.

But he didn’t have any time because he needed to go back to the hospital and take care of Mary.

Then Kris sent a message back to her: “Sorry I’m busy tonight. Maybe next time.”

Yanru Sima froze when she got the message. She had never been turned down before, and it made her very unhappy.

If those men who were pursuing her got to know about it, they would be so angry. How can anyone turn their goddess down!

When the message was sent, the bell rang.

Rou Wen, the traditional medicine doctor, walked in with her books, dressed in a white coat. And the boys in the classroom were all excited.

Rou Wen was a soft woman. She looked cute, and she talked softly. She was indeed a fair lady.

Rou Wen put her books on the table. It said: “Last time, we learned traditional medicine, and this time, we are going to learn how to distinguish herbs and how to make the best combination of herbs. So we have this class in Herbs Room.”

Medicine and martial arts are always combined. A man proficient in traditional medicine is not necessarily a practitioner at a high level. But a practitioner at a high level is must proficient in traditional medicine.

There were thousands of herbs in the Herbs Room. From Panax to Precious Snow Lotus, Kris found all kinds of herbs and even some rare materials, which made him excited.

The Academy of Six Majors is so rich that they use such precious materials in classes.

Rou Wen stood in front of a table and said: “Now in front of you there are thirty herbs, and they are Panax, fallopia….”

Rou Wen picked up a herb and began to talk about its functions.

When everyone recognized the herbs and understood their functions, Rou Wen smiled and said: “Now you know these herbs, and we are going to make Blood-producing Stasis-dissolving Soup. Listen carefully and watch it carefully.”

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