Chapter 209 – 210: My Billionaire Mom


Kristen felt that there was no strength, and the body was so hugged that there was no strength at all. She bit her lips fiercely and the pain caused her to wake up temporarily. She stared at the assistant who came to herself, and she exhausted the strength. Thigh up!
The assistant’s face was twisted, his hands were loosened, and he screamed on the ground while covering his crotch. Kristen took the opportunity to open the door and ran out.
“Grass mud horse, I must sleep with you today!” The assistant endured severe pain, and he got up from the ground and chased her out.
Kristen wanted to call people.
But the assistant yelled filthy words that she was stealing, and the people in the hotel were pointing subconsciously.
Kristen was drugged. She was paralyzed and ran unhappily at all. She didn’t take her mobile phone, car key, or money. She ran out so unconsciously. She didn’t know who to call or what to do. To do, the desire to let her only know to escape here.
She didn’t know how long can she run. Her eyes were all red. She felt her body was as hot as a stove. She was uncomfortable. She wanted to stop but she would be caught up.
“Return, you want to run?”
The assistant came after her, he sneered, when he will catch Kristen, he would kiss her, on the other hand, he will take the mobile phone and photograph the blushing Kristen. Under the appearance of Kristen’s fruit body, to threaten Kristen, then she has to spend money for her life.
“Go away!” Kristen’s eyes were red, and she had no strength to struggle. Her body seemed to be unable to stand. She slapped it out, but it hit her assistant’s face like a tickle.
The assistant laughed. The slap was comfortable, he felt more excited.
“Go away? Boss, you have been single for so long, don’t you want to? Every night is alone, haha, I will accompany you tonight, at this time, you should enjoy it!”
For such a top-quality woman, the assistant has dragged her into the alley by holding her unbearably. He wants to solve Kristen on the spot and correct the law on the spot, conquer her first, and then bring her back to the hotel to enjoy…
After all, Kristen’s figure is superb. How can he do it if he don’t use it tonight?
Kristen felt desperate. She hated being with a younger man in her life. She closed her eyes and shed tears of despair. Now she has no strength to resist, but after waking up, she will die with this person!
She was dragged into the dark alley, and her hand suddenly caught something, man, man’s hand.
Kristen seemed to be desperate, and suddenly a person appeared, “Please, save me, save me…”
Kristen begged hard. She hadn’t asked anyone for so many years, but now she can’t do it.
“Please, please…” Kristen shed tears.
In the darkness, a pair of eyes appeared.
“Fuck!” The assistant was startled. Is there anyone in this ghost alley?
He was so excited that he didn’t notice that there were still people in this alley.
“Go away, have you heard? She’s my own woman, did you fucking hear from me?” The assistant scolded, if he was called, then he would be arrested before he finished Kristen, then it would not worth it!
At the very least, if he was caught, Kristen wouldn’t be at disadvantage!
In the dark alley, these eyes glanced at him, and at Kristen, who was begging said nothing.
Quiet! Very quiet!
“Fuck off!”
The assistant was annoyed, gritted his teeth, and made a step back. “Okay, don’t do anything else. You also haven’t seen such a superb woman, right? The body is so good, you look at her buttocks, she do care every month. It’s impossible for you to meet this kind of woman in your life. I’ll share it with you. Is this okay?”
“Don’t!” Kristen listened to this sentence and the hope that had just emerged immediately turned into despair. She was confident in her figure, and men would lose their senses when they saw it. If this man joins the battle group, then she…
In the dark, the master of these eyes still did not speak.
“What do you want? Fuck, I always let you come first, right?” The assistant was annoyed, and her mother was so unlucky today??
“Get off!” The owner of the eyes spoke, his voice was unemotional.
“Fuck, I share with you but you are not willing to, your mother still wants to eat a single meal? you…” Where can the assistant endure? He has worked very hard and finally succeeded. With this opportunity, how could he concede?
He squatted down, grabbed a brick, and slammed into the dark eyes, but the owner of the eyes moved.
Punched with a punch. The assistant covered his belly like a dried shrimp and screamed on the ground.
“Fuck,…” The assistant gritted his teeth, and he got up, but when the dark man came out, he was stunned. “It’s you!!!”
One foot kicked over, the assistant was kicked out for more than a meter, he felt pain and ran away with his stomach covered in his legs, he could not beat it, he can only run away, he regretted that this opportunity was once in a lifetime. He just shot the video, although Kristen was not on, Kristen’s ugliness has already been revealed. If someone else sees it, Kristen’s face will be wiped out!
The assistant ran away. With this video, there is still a chance!
The dark man came out, and in the alley, a beam of light illuminated his face. Chuck, yes, the shot was actually Chuck’s.
He didn’t expect to shoot him. He just came out of the boxing gym and was going home, but he heard the movement, he hesitated to walk over to see what happened, but Kristen grabbed his hand, he saw Kristen there, he also saw her eyes blurred, blushing like an apple.
Chuck knew what state Kristen was and how was she succeeded by his assistant.
He just wanted to turn around and leave. After all, he didn’t like Kristen very much and hated this woman but Kristen’s desperate plea just now made Chuck move his heart.
If he left like this and let her be insulted, would he be too perverted, not a man?
After struggling for a while, Chuck sighed, forget it, just help someone he didn’t know.
The assistant left, Chuck was about to leave, but a hot body hugged himself from behind, “I want, give me, give me…”
This is a woman’s confused voice. Kristen has completely lost her mind. Chuck frowned. How much medicine did the assistant give? Was he going to play Kristen?
“Release!” Chuck was too lazy to care about her.
“No, give me…” Kristen kissed Chuck. Chuck was taken aback. After struggling, bang, Chuck heard the sound of his head hitting the wall and then thumped, Kristen was silent.
Chuck was scared again. What the hell is this? died? Chuck squatted down and touched Kristen’s neck and pulse. It was estimated that she passed out. Chuck is entangled. Now if he leaves. She must be picked up by someone else. What’s the use of saving her if at last she will be picked up by someone?
Chuck sighed, let’s do it right. He picked up Kristen and left, but… this woman’s figure is so good, Chuck’s hands were surprised, surprised, no wonder what the assistant said just now, Kristen goes regularly to take care of the buttocks, It turned out to be true.
When he touched it, it was good to pay. Chuck cuddled her out of the alley and saw a hotel with 30 yuan a night opposite. Chuck felt distressed, he actually had to pay 30 yuan?
But there is no other way. He can only find a place for her.
The hotel’s aunt saw Chuck hugged such a beautiful woman. The aunt was also surprised, and asked where did Chuck pick it? Chuck gave her a glance, of course, she didn’t say that.
Auntie, she understood the expression, opened a room for Chuck, and sold it to Chuck before leaving. After entering, Chuck left her on the musty bed.
But when he thought of Kristen drugged. Would it be possible to go like this? He thought about it and saw that there was a basin in the bathroom. He took the water and filled it with water. He put Kristen directly in the basin without taking off her clothes. Kristen snorted, and it was estimated that it was too cold.
Let you cool down, after doing all this, Chuck left, he had to go home with his wife.


Kristen had a dream, dreamed that a man whose face she couldn’t see saved herself, and then she and this man had…
It’s crazy.
She felt cold and cold. She woke up from this dream and opened her eyes. She was horrified. Where is she?
Mountain area? Have you been taken to the mountains and locked up? Kristen got up and thumped, her legs were numb. She looked down and saw that she was actually sitting in a basin. This is…

Kristen found that her clothes were intact. What’s wrong? Didn’t you get caught by that bastard assistant? Kristen tried hard to get up. She checked her body. She was numb and swollen. How can she tell?
Kristen shook her head, she tried hard to recall what happened last night.
She found out that she was drugged, and she escaped. Then she met a man when she fled. This person seemed to have beaten the assistant. What happened?

“Head, my head hurts? When I pack my bag, what did I hit?” Kristen felt her head painful.
Where is it? Bed, TV, is it a small hotel?
This man brought her to a small hotel? Kristen felt that her scalp was numb. At least she had to open a hotel. How could she come to such a place?
Kristen’s clothes are intact, but she don’t know if it was put on by that person. Kristen sighed. It shouldn’t be, even if she was drugged, she should still feel.
Feeling cold, Kristen looked at the basin on the ground. Did she sit in it last night?

Kristen shook her head. At this time, her clothes were all wet. How could she go out?
She can only take off her clothes and then use a hairdryer to blow off. After drying, she went to take a bath and touched her body, feeling that she should not have been touched by that man. Kristen was relieved, did she meet a good man who was sitting in disorder?
Kristen’s ping jumped a few times, no, she had to ask about it. She put on her clothes and went out.

“Beauty, you woke up?” The hotel’s aunt looked at Kristen’s strangely.
“Yes, I woke up, who brought me here last night?” Kristen asked.
“The young guy was very handsome and has a lot of muscles,” said the aunt at the hotel. Chuck just finished practicing boxing last night, and it’s still obvious he must have muscles. When the aunt saw this figure, she also had some thoughts.
If Chuck would have came to live alone, she estimated that she would take the initiative to go to Chuck’s room…

Kristen breathed a sigh of relief. His assistant was a thin monkey, and he was not handsome and had no muscles.
“When did he leave?” Kristen was nervous. If he left in the morning, then he must have been…
“Sent you in and he left within three minutes,” said the aunt.
Kristen froze, so to speak, this young man simply saved herself? Opening a room for herself, he left, not touching her at all?
Kristen was relieved. The hotel maid said that the man was very young, and it was best that he didn’t touch her himself because he is not disgusting unlike anyone younger like him.
This person is not bad, he did not do anything to her, since this is the case, then he should be thanked.

Should she give him money?
“I ask you beauty is he not someone you knew?” asked the hotel aunt.
Kristen shook her head. She had only been here for a few days. How could she meet a young and handsome man?
“Then when you came in last night, you kept arms around his waist and closed your eyes and kissed his neck?” The aunt in the hotel looked weird.

Kristen’s face became red when she brushed her face. When she came last night, she seemed to hug him, but she didn’t kiss him honestly? Kristen felt embarrassed, she actually kissed the neck of a younger man than herself?
“I thought when you came, it was already on the road once.” said the hotel aunt.

“No, no.” Kristen was ashamed, how could it be? Although she felt dizzy, she didn’t feel any consciousness, but she didn’t feel any consciousness. She just felt that her body was moving. He should have embraced himself and opened the room. He didn’t do anything else. So, this young man is really a good person.

“Can you describe what this person looks like?” Kristen asked.
“Handsome,” said the aunt.
Kristen is helpless, how to find this? She was a little disappointed, others saved herself, at least she had to thank her, but how to find a handsome man? Kristen walked out of the hotel disappointed, but the aunt chased her out, saying that there are still fifty or fifty deposits, which the young man pressed last night.

Kristen next, looking at the fifty yuan, she was thinking, what is it like to save yourself? At the thirty-dollar hotel, are you very poor?
It doesn’t matter, I will give you a lot of money.
She thought about going to the hotel where she lived. Her cell phone, card, and everything was in the hotel. It was no use talking the assistant.

She arrived at the hotel and asked the hotel staff who said that the assistant did not come back yesterday. Kristen’s face cooled down. How dare he do this to her?
Kristen returned to the room and looked at her cell phone. She wanted to call the police, but she couldn’t. If such a thing was reported, how would she go out in the future?
She suddenly thought that the person who saved herself had beaten the assistant. Then the assistant must have seen the person who saved her. Then, just find the assistant and ask him if he could do it?
Kristen turned on her mobile phone to make a call and let her company’s people come.

When a person comes over, it is not difficult to find this assistant. If you find an assistant, you can find someone who saved you.
Kristen changed her clothes. What do you think? Did the man touched her last night? she should be touched, hugged, there must be, after all, she is confident, her figure does not lose any European and American women!
Kristen is entangled and feels sick? Kristen didn’t know, just wanted to find someone who saved her.
Who are you? Kristen was meditating, she remembered the dream of last night in her mind. She fell in love with him. Kristen sighed. What the hell was she thinking? This person who saved her is smaller than her! Kristen felt confused, she should not think so.…

In the past few days, Kristen was looking for this assistant, but the assistant seems to have disappeared. She was very angry, she must catch him! Kristen has been thinking these days about the man who saved herself that day.

Thinking about what this person looks like, handsome? How handsome? She drove by herself and unknowingly arrived at the city square. Her eyes narrowed. This square must be acquired by herself!
You must not swallow that breath! This man peeked at the bottom of his skirt and scratched his front. Revenge him absolutely!
Kristen thought this and drove into the parking lot of the square.…

“Teacher Yvette, what did you say?” Yolanda was particularly surprised because Yvette came to look for her and said that her company had been transferred to others, and she didn’t want Chuck to know.
Yvette nodded, today is the fourth day, and he will come over later.

“Teacher Yvette, I think your company is doing well. Why did you change it? Is it a financial problem? It’s okay. You tell me.” Yolanda knew that Chuck took special care of Yvette and now she doesn’t want Chuck to know, then she can only help. With regard to funding issues, she can help her little personally, not much. There are still hundreds of thousands of them. This is all her savings from working while she was in college.

“No, it’s my personal problem. Thank you. Please don’t tell Chuck,” Yvette shook her head.
She came here for this, because of the company transfer, one of the procedures is the handover of the venue.
“This.” Yolanda was very helpless. The company was transferred. Chuck will know sooner or later because he is the owner of the square and comes here every day. How can he not see the problem?
“It’s a matter of few days, be able to hide a few days.” Yvette intends to find a job today, a part-time job, after all, after a month, the school will start.
Yolanda nodded helplessly, “Okay.”

Yvette came over and took an inch to sign the contract. She signed the contract and left. She wanted someone to come and take over this, so the door would not open for a few days. Yvette watched that her company door was closed, she with a sigh lost, she regained her mood, and she had to work hard to make money and pay back the new beginning.

“Wife, why didn’t your company opened the door today?” Behind Yvette, Chuck walked over curiously.

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