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Chapter 209: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 209 How to Save Our Son (1)
His hand was shaking and he became soft.

Venus didn’t dare to look at Henry, who instead looked at Kerry’ s hand. He should be painful, for his hand gripping the sofa had turned pale.

“Young master, hold on. I’m going to take the glass out.”

With medical forceps in hand, he was still hesitating.

Kerry looked at him, ordering, “What are you waiting for? Do it!”

“I’m afraid that I will make you painful.” Henry murmured.

Kerry really wanted to kick his, “Do it now.”

Henry swallowed and got the forceps near his flesh.

“Ah!” Kerry m0aned, frightening Henry, who stopped.

“Continue.” Kerry yelled.

Henry had no choice but to do it. Soon, he got one out and tossed it into the basin, the bl00d of which spread.

Venus could see his arm trembling because of the pain, whose fingers turned more pale. Then she suddenly came to hold his hand with her small hand.

Kerry frightened for a moment and then turned to look at Venus with surprise in his eyes.

However, Venus was cold and indifferent, “It’s just because you saved me. Don’t think too much.”

Kerry held her small hand in his, entwining his fingers with hers, saying with a trembling voice, “You are my wife, of course I would save you.”

What Kerry said shocked John, who almost dropped the tray in his hands. Was he mad? How could Yan Chu be his wife? It should be Venus.

“I didn’t ask you to save me.” Venus didn’t appreciate him at all, not looking at his painful and burning eyes.

Kerry forced a smile, “Yes, I made a fool of myself. But I couldn’t leave you alone. If anything happened to you, I would forever lose my wife.”

“Mr. Ye, there are so many women around you, so why me? Wasn’t there an actress who fell for you the other day?” Venus didn’t notice that she was jealous.

“But I only want you. No matter how other women are, I just can’t love them.”

Listening to his gross words of love, she got goosebumps. There were still two men here and how was able to say this without blushing? She glared at him, “When the hell did you know that?”

“From the moment you returned to Sky City. I’ve always suspected, but I have no proof. Venus, no matter how much a person’s face changes, her habits and demeanor will never change. You’ve shown too many flaws.” Kerry frowned because of the pain and looked down at Henry, who had taken out the third piece of glass, “Until that night, when I held a party. Xuan Chu sneaked into my study.”

“You knew it was him?” Venus was shocked.

“I didn’t know at that time, but later on, I’ve found out.”

John was shocked about their conversation, staring straight at Venus’ s face. It was hard for him to accept this fact.

Venus snorted, “I think you must have used your superpower to run into my room at night, right? Kerry, it’s too despicable.”

Kerry was explaining, “No, how could I do that before I was sure of your ident!ty? It was that night you called Xuan Chu in your room, when I was delivering fish soup to you. I heard it at the door.”

It was actually herself who had revealed the secret, whose expression became very odd, but then she thought that since he had known for so long, he still pretended not to know it. It was too much for him to watch herself and Xuan Chu act as siblings.

Venus got angry, trying to shake off his hand, but he held it tightly, “Kerry, since you know who I am, why are you pretending not to know anything? Do you think I’m stupid when you’re watching the show?”

At that moment, the fifth piece of glass was thrown into the basin.

“Of course not, I haven’t said anything because I’m afraid to. I’m just afraid that you’ll leave in a huff, and then where can I find you?”

Venus looked cold and said, “Well, now that you know this, there’s no need for me to hide anything. Give me what I want. I’m going to save my child.”

“You promised me not to leave and I will save our child.” Kerry made a deal with her.

Venus got furious, “Do you know why I came back with a different ident!ty? I just want to save the baby by myself and find a place where you’ll never find us. I just want a peaceful life with him. Why would I stay when you’re asking me to stay now? Kerry, you k!lled my brother, but you saved my life, so we’re even. We don’t owe each other anything.”

Kerry also turned impatient, “Do you think that if you give them it, they will let you take the child away? You are so naïve. They will only become greedier for money and use the child again to force you to come back, then ask me for more, getting as much as possible from Ye family. They can even force me to sell arms and do human trafficking. I’ll do all of that for the sake of my child, but what about those innocent people? Can you accept it?”

His words made her clear. She had been worrying that what if he wouldn’t give her the child when she gave him the map, but she didn’t dare to think too much about it. Now, Kerry made her illusion shatter.

She began to cry, which instantly doused the fire of Kerry. He didn’t want to see her cry. He k!ssed the back of her hand and said, “I know I should not say this, but this is the truth. I believe you have also suspected. Venus, trust me, the child is ours and I will rescue him. Don’t worry, okay?”

Venus stubbornly asked, “Do you really want me to stay?”

“Yes, no matter what it may cost.” Kerry said firmly.

Venus wiped away her tears and sneered, “Do you know that actually the kidnapping case was originally planned by Xuan Chu and I, but something went wrong and also, the attack on your base was also because of me. Knowing this, you still want me to stay?”

Kerry was stunned for a few seconds, and for a moment, all the things he couldn’t figure out were figured out now. No wonder his base, which was so secretive, could be found…

“Kerry, don’t you hate the one who betrays you the most? I almost got you k!lled, and you still want me to stay?” Venus was wearing a cold smile and looked into his eyes.

Kerry did not answer her, but took a knife from John’s tray.

“Young master, don’t be impulsive…” John screamed.

But Venus didn’t have any fear and she didn’t even blink her eyes, but the next second, Kerry shoved the knife into her hand.

“Venus, I’m sorry for what I’ve done, including k!lling your brother. And no matter what I do or say now, I know you won’t forgive me, so no matter what you do, I won’t blame you. If you still have hatred inside you, stab here.” Kerry poked his heart and continued, “Stab me and take revenge for your brother. It’s the best way for you to say goodbye to me. If I die, Henry and John are here, I swear they will never look you for trouble. If I get lucky and don’t die, give me a chance, a chance to take care of you and our child.”

Venus grabbed the sharp knife and stared blankly at Kerry, who was with a calm face. Was he serious?

“Young lady, you…”

“Shut up!” Kerry snapped, stopping Henry from speaking, “Both of you get out.”

“Young master!” John shouted, full of worry.

“Get out! Don’t come in before I call you.”

John and Henry looked at each other, hesitating for a moment, and went out of the living room.

“Alright, you can do it right now. After you do this, then our grudge will end.” Kerry looked at her calmly. Of course, he didn’t want to die, but if he wanted Venus to forgive him, he had to gamble with his life, for he believed that she still had some feeling for him. Otherwise, even if she pretended to be Yan Chu, there wouldn’t be the love in her eyes.

The knife trembled slightly in her hand. Venus took a deep breath and looked at Kerry with cold eyes, “This is what you said. When you get to hell, don’t blame me.”

“I won’t blame you. I owe you and I should pay it back.”

Venus gripped the knife, once all sorts of things in her mind like slides constantly flashing. The moment when she was humiliated, t0rtured almost to death, and her brother was kicked into the sea all came to her. When the hatred was about to overcome her, she suddenly remembered that he risked his life to save her. In the morning, in order to drag her out of the shelf, he even ignored his own injury and bl00ding. Also, he carried her down from the 19th floor… She stopped when the knife already touched the shirt…

Why? Why did she think so much? As long as she stabbed him, she could get rid of him forever. And then tell the silver-faced man that he had died in the earthquake, but why, she hesitated?

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She shouldn’t have mercy on him. He had treated her so bad in the past and he was the one who k!lled her brother. She could never forgive him because of this trivial thing. Then she would look down upon herself.

Also, she didn’t believe he wouldn’t dodge it.

Thinking of this, she raised her hand again.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 209 How to Save Our Son (2)
Both John the butler and Henry was on their nerves when Venus took out a knife. But for the order from Kerry, Henry would rushed ahead and take away the knife in a violent way.

With a wave her hands all of a sudden, Venus stabbed Kerry’s c.hest with the sharp knife. The bl00d gushed out and shocked her. “Why do you stand still here? You should dodge it!” cried Venus.

Kerry covered his c.hest with his hands and found that the wound was not fatal for him. Then he said with a hallow smile, “You don’t mean this, right?”

“You are a madman.” Cried Venus, who dropped the knife and covered the wound in his c.hest with gauze.

“Now I get a chance for you, right?” said Kerry with a cunning smile.

“Shut up!” said Venus angrily. The bl00d continuously gushed out when he opened his mouth to talk.

“If you insist on departure with me, then what’s the meaning of my life? I prefer that you can satisfy yourself by k!lling me .”replied Kerry.

Venus was in a rage about the stupid words of Kerry so she shouted , “Listen up, man, if you want me to stay, you should take good care of yourself. I should tell you that I’ll immediately find a handsome and rich new husband if you don’t cherish your own life. And at that time, your son may have a new daddy.”

As expected, Venus’s words worked. Kerry’s l!ps were trembling and he immediately yelled back, “No way, you are dreaming about that. Henry, give a call to Dr. Han, come on. “

“Yes, my boss, hold on for a second, Dr. Han is on his way here now.” replied Henry.

When the three men were all on their nerves, Venus suddenly burst into a series of laughter which astonished them in an instant.

“Well, a good wife you are who laughs at her husband when he gets badly wounded!” said Kerry in a joking tone.

“You take trouble for yourself, that’s what I laugh at.” Replied Venus, who tried her best but fail to help laughing.

“How can you…”

“Be easy, my young master, the more you say, the more you bleed.” said John the Butler, who stopped his master and then turned to Venus and said, “My young hostess, spare our young master, he looks not good at this time, I hope you can settle down the dispute with him now.”

Venus shrugged as a reply. She would her promise to spare Kerry after the revenge with the knife, but she would never treat him as her husband.

Dr. Han came as soon as he could because he got a message from Henry that Kerry had been stabbed in the c.hest, which might be a fatal wound for him.

“My God, tell me who did this!” cried Dr. Han. When he came in the room, he found Kerry’s c.hest had been soaked in bl00d and his l!ps were white and trembling.

“Just save him.” Said John the Butler.

“Henry, take the stretcher in the medical room here now, and call two men here.” said Dr. Han. Then he turned to Kerry and asked, “How do you feel now?”

“A little dizzy.” Replied Kerry weakly.

“Poor boy, you got a terrible wound and lost a lot of bl00d, and that’s why you feel dizzy.” Said Dr. Han. Dr. Han was nearly speechless since the business with Ye family was like a torment for him, though Kerry had promised him a big deal as his salary.

Then Henry pushed the stretcher in, and two other men gently placed Kerry on the stretcher. Just as Henry was about to push the stretcher out of the room, Kerry gently raised his hand towards Venus.

After a few seconds of hesitation, a tiny and graceful hand took hold of his big hand and followed the cart to the doctor’s room.

During the treatment, Kerry had a long and tiring dream in which he ran from room to room. He was trying to find the pretty girl who he fell in love with, but he failed at last. However when he was about to stopped searching, he found the girl was standing on the towering roof and jumped off from it when he caught the sight of her.

“Venus, no!” yelled Kerry, who jumped up from the bed suddenly and surprised his fellow.

“My boss, good to see you.” Cried Henry happily.

“Where is Venus? Where is she? ” said Kerry, who seemed to be scared by the terrible dream.

” It’s more than ten o’clock now, she may go to bed.” Replied Henry. He knew what Kerry wanted to know, but he didn’t dare to tell him the truth. Kerry was so disappointed for he found the one who stayed up with him wasn’t the lady he loved.

To cheer up his boss, Henry said in a seemingly serious tone, “My boss, our young hostess has stayed here for a long time, but now perhaps she gets really tired and go back for a rest..”

“Henry, you are always a bad liar.” replied Kerry for he knew Venus would never do that for him. Henry lowed his head and kept silent. In fact, Venus had came for visit and said to Henry, ”Take care of your boss, now I get to go.” Then she left as soon as she could.

“Alright, Henry, it is only 10 P.M., take me up, I have something important to ask her.” Said Kerry. Henry stopped him when he was about to raised himself up from the bed.

“Please stay here, boss, I will bring her here for you.” Replied Henry.

It was too early for Venus to go to bed. She now took off the mask and got a piece of face-pack on her face. When she racked her mind for the next step of her plan.

Knock! Knock!

“Who is that?” asked Venus, who got up vigilantly.

“I’m Henry, the boss wake up now and ask you for a talk.”

“I see.” Replied Venus. Now since the dispute between her and Kerry was done, she should get the help of him to save her son.

After putting on night make-up, she opened the door and was surprised by the presence of Henry.

“Jesus! What are you doing here?”

“I…hmm I am waiting for you as ordered. ” replied Henry, who was struck by the real face of Venus. Then he continued to say, ”My hostess, my real hostess, I should always serve the will of my master.” Henry was still with a dull expression, perhaps it was a really surprising fact for him that the girl in front him was his real hostess. But all in all, seeing is believing, now he could trust her fully. When they came to the room, Henry stayed out of it and closed the door for them. He should have no ears for the confidences between the couple.

“Here you are, take a seat here please.” Said Kerry, who patted the edge of the bed in a hope that they could enjoy a real intimate talk together, but Venus rejected him and sat on the sofa. Kerry gave her a bitter smile, he knew Venus would still not accept him now, and he had to take time to reconcile with her.

“What do you want to talk about?” asked Venus.

“I want to know what happened since your departure, and where is our son. To save him, you must tell me everything you know.” Venus looked at him indifferently and said after a while of hesitation, “I just started to be taken to a unoccupied Island in the Pacific Ocean by a plane. There was only a local woman there to take care of me. And then someone took me to a hospital to born the baby. Three days after that, a man took my baby away.”

“What does that man look like?” asked Kerry.

“I can’t see clearly because he was wearing a silver mask to cover his face, but I am sure he’s very young, and he should be a Chinese about 30 years old.”

“What is the location of that island?”

Venus shook her head and said, “I don’t know. It should be an island in the Pacific Ocean.”

Kerry frowned about the answer. As he knew, there were numberless islands in the Pacific Ocean. It’s impossible to search them one by one.

“And then?”

“The man threatened me to be back with you and forced me to get a treasure map from you in half a year. To hide my ident!ty, he design a special mask which can ensure that my appearance is the same as that of Yan Chu. Then I went back to the Sky City, that is all.”

Of course it was a long story but Venus had to make it short to save her time.

“There are only two year before deadline comes. I don’t have much time. What’s your plan? If you don’t know how save our baby, I beg you to give me the rest part the treasure map.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 209 How to Save Our Son (3)
“In fact, what they got from me is all I have.” Said Kerry with a sigh.

Venus raised up from the sofa and exclaimed, “What? Are you sure? But…But they told me that the map is an incomplete one. “

Kerry nodded and replied, “Yes, it is, but you should know it has been an incomplete one since my father handed it to me.”

“Then why do you tell them there was a rest part in the vault?”

“Because that is the only way for me to save myself at that point.”

The truth stunned Venus and she did feel helpless now since she didn’t have any idea to save her baby now. “So how can we save him without the treasure map?” cried her.

Kerry was pleased by the word-“we”, which , for him, meant that Venus now was standing on the side of him. Then he waved his hands with a big smile and said, “Good girl, come closer to me, I get a good plan to tell you.”

Venus glared at him and after a while of hesitation, she moved slowly to him and took a seat the edge of the bed, though she still kept a distance with Kerry.

Kerry was cheered up by the closer relation between him and his wife. He turned a serious look and said, “You know there is no such a thing like the rest part of the treasure map, but we can pretend that we have one. Then you can tell them that you should have enough time to get it. Meanwhile, I will send my men to look for our son. My men will have a good search job on the fvcking islands on the ocean, we can definitely take back our son safely. “

Kerry’s words did comforted Venus. Then Kerry continued to said, ”However, I need you to do one more thing for me.”

“I will do everything for you to save the baby.”

Kerry relaxed her with a warm smile and said, “It is a little case for. As you know, the Chu family must have a deal with the man who take away our son. You should get more information from Xuan and ask for more photos and video cl!ps.”

“Of course I can…” replied Venus with a nod, who stopped and immediately shouted to Kerry, ”Motherfvcker, you must have a good look at the content in my mobile phone without my permission!”

Kerry nodded and replied, “Yes, but that is the only choice for me to know my son, he is so cute, did you get him a name?”

Tears came around the eyes of Venus and she replied, “He stayed by my side only for three days, how did I have time to name him? Now I even forget that how old he is… “

Finally, her tears fell down and she began to uncover the true thought deep in her heart: ” You know when I born him, he scared me a lot since he didn’t even make a sound. However, when the doctor patted him lightly on the back a few times, he gave me a beautiful smile like an angel, at that moment I know that he will be the baby with a strong will… “

After that, Venus couldn’t help but bursting into tears. Kerry was nearly heart-broken to Venus’s story, then he struggled to her side, and stretched out his left hand to hold her in his arms.

“Don’t blame on yourself, it is not your fault.” Said Kerry in a gentle voice. Venus, however, still buried herself in cries and murmured, “You know he was a good boy who never cried during that three days, when he was hungry, he chuckled to me for the milk, then he fell in a tight sleep when he was full. However, when the man took away him from me, he cried so terribly that my heart was nearly broken, God helps me please, tell me how can I save him.”

“You are a good mom, it’s not your fault, I am the one who should be on blame.” Said Kerry in a hoarse voice.

Venus clenched her fist and smashed it on the intact part of his c.hest and cried, “Of course, it’s your fault. If you don’t have a treasure map, how can my son become a hostage? It’s all about you! It’s all about you! “

Kerry knew that was why she still hated him, so he didn’t stop her and let her fists fall on her c.hest. When she was out of strength and stopped it, he found the clothes on his c.hest got totally we.t by her tears.

Kerry wiped off her tears and k!ssed her on the forehead and said, “Honey, cheer up, I’ll find our baby. I swear.”

Venus choked for a while, and when the anger in her heart was almost let out, she realized that she was lying on the arms of Kerry, she pushed him aside immediately and said, “Have a rest, now I’m going back.”

Kerry quickly grabbed her wrist and whispered, “Can you stay with me tonight? I just want to stay with you, please! “

Venus rejected him without hesitation, then she shook off his hand and cried in a low voice, “Get a sleep and dream for it.”

Kerry knew he wasn’t able to keep her here tonight. Before she went far away, he said in a loud voice, ” There may be an aftershock tonight. Set a wine bottle to the ground upside down, you can wake up sooner when the bottle is broken.”

Bang! The door was slammed close as a reply for him.

With a sigh of relief, Kerry recalled what she had just said about their child. He was sure that he would safely bring his son back and turned the boy into a real man in the future. However, at this point, what confused him was what a name should he gave to his son. Perhaps that was really a big deal for him.

It was a really terrible night for those who lost their home after the earthquake. They found a place on the street for a sleep tonight, however, the torrential rain suddenly came and woke them up. The rain was so heavy that the nearby counties of Sky City were badly effected.

Venus was so tired this day that she was in a tight sleep even when the aftershock came and shook down the bottle. Perhaps she did need a good rest since she had been on nerves to hide her ident!ty before that.

In the morning when the sun rose, Venus put on her mask and went downstairs. Before the child was rescued, she had to keep her true ident!ty as a secret. When Venus went into the living room , she found Kerry was enjoying a hot drink and he looked much better.

“How can you…” said Venus in surprise. She couldn’t believe Kerry could get recovered with a night after a terrible wound.

“Thank Goddess! And perhaps I should thank you too since the wound was not fatal, it was nothing but a painful injury .” replied Kerry in a chuckle.

Venus was a little annoyed and said, “Then should I send you another stroke?”

“I know you won’t because you are still in love with me.” Said Kerry who kept a gentle smile on his face.

” A cheeky guy you are!” said Venus. Then she left for the kitchen.

When he was about to follow her, the telephone rang and he went to pick it up. It was his younger brother- Kevin, who gave out an anxious voice through the phone: “Hello? Is it Uncle John? “

” It’s me, brother.”

Kevin paused for a few seconds and said, “Big brother, I’ve heard that there was a terrible earthquake in Sky City, are you guys OK?”

Kerry was moved by the concern from his brother and replied, “Everything is fine at home. But many buildings in the Sky City were damaged by the earthquake.”

“Alright, I heard about the earthquake through News, but I couldn’t have the contact with you through phone call till now.” said Kevin.

Kerry looked at the clock on the wall and said, “Thank you, brother, it’s about midnight in the place you are, you’d better go for a good rest now.”

“Well, take care of yourself, bro, bye!”

Kerry was the last family in this world, and despite the estrangement and friction between them before, he was still concerning about the safety of his brother. For Kerry, the care from the younger brother did move him.

During the breakfast, Kerry found that Mrs Qin’s att!tude towards Venus was obviously better. He turned to her and said, “Mrs Qin, I need you to ask Uncle John and Henry to be here.”

Mrs Qin nodded and went out the room.

“What do you want?” asked Venus, who was enjoying herself in the delicious steamed buns.

Kerry glanced at her and said, “You’ll know soon.” Venus, however, stuck her middle finger toward him.

When all three people were standing in the dining hall, Kerry said in a serious tone, “Now I think all of you must know the true ident!ty of Yan, you want you to keep a secret for her. You should treat her as Yan rather than Venus, do you understand?”

“Yes, young master.” Said them with a bow.

“All right, go for work now. Go get our car, Henry, I should go out today.”

Henry, however, raised his head and said, ”But my boss, I think you should have more rest to get recovered.”

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