Chapter 209: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 209 Small dagger!

Walson Martin called Steven Wan.

“What’s wrong with you? You declare bankruptcy!?”

Steven Wan didn’t explained, but warned him instead: “Walson Martin, I advise you to stop fighting. Don’t fight with the Marquis, don’t fight with Colin Ward. You won’t win.”

“Walson Martin’s face was sullen.”I won’t win? I did underestimate Colin Ward this time, but I there is no next time!”

“Look out for yourself!” said Steven Wan.

Then he hung up.

Walson Martin was seething with anger. “What do you base this conclusion on? Colin Ward has now had the Marquis behind him, the day I take down the Marquis was the day Colin Ward kneels before me!”

What he did not know was that Colin Ward had not only had the Marquis Group, but also the whole Ward Family, which he can’t afford to provoke.

Walson Martin’s patience was wearing thin after a long time of waiting for the five chairmen of the groups; while he was about to make the calls and ask why, several figures on the CCTV camera seized his attention.

It was a group of tall men dressed in black, each with a large knife in his hand.

Walson Martin was taken aback at the sight of this; his eyes widened as he sprung up from the seat, locked the door behind him and ran upstairs to the window of one of the rooms.

As he knew, the villa was on one side of a quiet lane, which was relatively hidden and he could have escaped by jumping out of the window.

The pound of the door slamming gave him no extra time to think; he climbed up the window and jumped down directly.


When he landed, one of his ankle got sprained, making him hiss in pain.

But now, he could not care less about it.

Limping out of the alley, he called Trigg Yue.

“Trigg Yue, have you arrived yet?

“Almost, in a few minutes.”

“There is no need to come, someone in my family is going to kill me, you should go, too!”

Trigg Yue gasped. “How about you?”

“I’m fine. I’m out of here, in the alley behind the villa. I’ll contact you when I’m safe.”

Trigg Yue exclaimed, “I’m afraid you are not so fine.”

“What?” Walson Martin was stunned for a moment, and then reacted angrily, “It’s you!”

Walson Martin hung up immediately and cursed, “Fuck!”

After throwing his phone away, Walson Martin ran out of the house without even thinking about his own feet.

Damn it! As Walson Martin now knew, the killers were assembled and sent by the chairmen of the five companies.

He had at first thought Colin Ward was behind this. After all, Colin Ward had said he would regret for letting him go. However, judging from everything, it was not Colin Ward.

Then he began to suspect Ellie Ye; her action at the auction had him wondering if she was out of his control.

But he had enough confidence in his own drugs, so he ruled out Ellie Ye again.

It turned out to be the heads of the five companies!

Walson Martin could not figure out why would these five want him die so desperately; who would give them the antidote after he died?

It was obviously not a good time to think about these things; he had to run for his life first.

After running for some time, he hid himself in a messy construction site.

He was like a miserable and distressed dog who had just been kicked out of the house; there were people out there dying to kill him.

“Vanessa Liu!” After a while of dwelling, a thought occurred to him.

Yes, they were trying to kill him because they were all detoxified; and the only person who could do that was Vanessa Liu.

And at today’s auction, Colin Ward’s confidence had spoke for itself that the five had reached an agreement with him.

No wonder Colin Ward would have let him go; prison at the moment was the best way out and the safest option for him.

However, it was too late.

After leaving the Marquis, the man in glasses arrived at the Nine-Day Club, wanting to vent his desire aroused by Vanessa Liu.

As a killer, he had plenty of money, so he ordered a private room with a separate hot spring tub and two beautiful women to wait on him.

In the hot spring tub, with two beautiful women in bikinis doing massage skillfully on him, the glassed man enjoys the rich aroma of the high-grade wine.

He squinted at the two beautiful women while running aggressively his large and strong hands up and down on their naked bodies; there was a void in his heart.

What was it?

Vanessa Liu!

Unlike these women, who were obsequious and seductive, Vanessa Liu was clean, lively and smart. Just thinking about her made him erect high.

Sudden, a burst of bang interrupted his good mood.

Both the door of the room and the venthole on the ceiling was broken open.

Behind the door came Gerd Ward, while Xu Lang jumped from above.

Gerd Ward was so surprised to see that Xu Lang would show up too.

But two seemed to have a silent tacit understanding, without saying other things, they shot out their punches.

Pushing away the women, the glassed man sprung up to his feet out of the tub.

Two women were screaming in horror.

Xu Lang’s punch was close enough to the nose of the glassed man,

While the glassed dodged in a swift move, and lowered his body in an attempt to sweep kick Xu Lang to buy himself some time to escape.

Xu Lang grabbed his arm firmly and jumped high in avoiding the kick; with the help of gravity, he threw himself whole weight down upon the glassed man. The glassed was pined down on the slippery floor.

Gerd Ward also jumped upon him and kicked the glassed so heavily in the belly that the impact almost smashed his stomach.

Xu Lang took out cutlass at the moment and plunged it in the direction of his belly.

The glassed put up a stubborn fight out of instinct sensing the life-threatening danger and struggled free their grabs. The cutlass missed the fatal part of his body and sliced open a big cut upon his arm.

Blood ran down and dripped onto the white tiles.

Gerd Ward and Xu Lang pressed attacks again.

Glassed man’s energy drained out soon as the blood loss brought him physical and mental fatigue; he soon dropped onto the floor, panting; bruise, wound and blood covered him.

They finally stopped, as Xu Lang asked: “Alive or dead?”

“Dead,” replied Gerd Ward.

Xu Lang was ready to attack, but Gerd Ward stopped him.


“Maybe,” replied Gerd Ward, “he would be more useful to be alive.”

Xu Lang said no more, “He is all yours.”

Then he kicked him on the thigh once again.

Gerd Ward looked at thoughtfully; Xu Lang explained indifferently: “Well, he deserves it! I don’t like him very much; he despised me and robbed my business!”

It was true. Without the glassed man, Colin Ward was his, his alone, with a higher commission.

This glassed man did despise him and maybe spoke ill of him in front of the boss; that’s why he was sent here; as the No.1 assassin of Jing City, the humiliation was too much for him to swallow.

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