Chapter 21 – 22: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 21: Don’t you ever think of him

The answer is “No”, of course. However, she had no choice but to marry him, though she doesn’t love him at all.

Even if she loves him, who cares? The man she loves deeply-Zihang Lu still sold her virgin body to Mr.Nangong, didn’t he?

“Just forget it. We have been married.” Venus Mu smiled and tried to change the subject. But Xinyou Qiao was annoyed, she asked loudly, “If you don’t love Mr.Ye, why did you marry him? The man you love is Zihang, am I right? Why did you abandon him? Why don’t you make efforts to be with him? Why did you have to marry Mr.Ye?”

“Why did you take my beloved man away?” Xinyou bit the tongue instead of saying it out.

Venus froze for a while, the one and a half year she spent together with Zihang just came up. He is the man she thought to spend the whole life with, she did love him, but…

Venus thought, if she didn’t know Zihang had sold her virgin body, if she didn’t know Zihang cheated on her and slept with Yiyao Mu, she wouldn’t have promised to marry Kerry Ye. She would have struggled for Zihang, but…

Venus’s lips curled upward in a smile, “Xinyou, I have told you and you should know I did this for the sake of Mu’s Group and my brother. If Mu’s Group went bankrupt, I may never get the chance to see him again. My brother has always been nice to me, I would never abandon him. No matter what, I need to find him.”

Venus didn’t tell Xinyou that her virgin body had been sold out by Zihang. She was too shamed to bring that up.

“What about Zihang? Don’t you feel guilty? Do you know he’s been looking for you these days? He almost went crazy when he heard that you’re married to Mr.Ye, but he couldn’t get in touch with you!”

Venus froze, is Zihang looking for her? Huh, he is the one who sold her out.

“Whatever. We have broke up.” Venus said. She didn’t want to discuss this, so she just found some excuse and hung up the phone.

Feeling somewhat depressed, Venus curled up on the sofa and buried her head into the kneels.

However, no sooner had she bent her head than a man walked to her quickly and pulled her away from the sofa.

“Purrrr…” Venus was sobbing, then she looked up to the man. Sure enough, he is Kerry Ye.

“Purrr…What are you doing?” Venus swallowed the pain of her throat being pinched, she scolded the man in an undertone.

This man is such a psycho, how did he get in? Didn’t she close the door? Why didn’t she hear any voice?

Kerry’s expression was serious and his eyes were cold, “ Who are you talking to? Don’t fool me, I have heard it.”

“It hurts…” Venus said lightly and frowned in pain. Kerry subconsciously loosened his hold a little, but was still pinching her throat.

“Ahem…” Finally got the chance to breathe, Venus looked up and glared at Kerry, “I was just talking to Xinyou over the phone!”

“Why did you mention Zihang?” Kerry asked.

“It’s Xinyou asked me about him. So I just told her we’re over, I have told you!” Venus defensed for herself but felt kind of depressed. “Could you let me go? It hurts!”

“No!” Kerry refused and didn’t let her go. “Don’t you ever think of him. Do you understand?”

This man is really bossy!

Chapter 22: Kerry’s Hatred of Tianye Mu

“I am not thinking of Zihang Lu!”

“Then why are you crying? Do you feel aggrieved to marry me instead of him?”

“Even if I hadn’t married you, I wouldn’t have married him!” Venus said, then she bit her lip. The problem between Zihang and her had nothing to do with Kerry.

“Well…” Kerry nodded. He seemed to be very satisfied with her answer, and let go of his hand that was squeezing Venus’s neck. Then he suddenly thought of something, stared at her and asked, “Where is your brother, Tianye Mu?”

“I don’t know!” Venus saw that while mentioning her brother, Kerry’s tone suddenly changed and his expression turned cold and stern. She also found the deep hatred in his eyes.

“Where has he been hiding?”

Venus kept her doubts in her heart and shook her head, “I don’t know!”

Even if she knew, she wouldn’t tell him. Venus could sense that Kerry must have some kind of grudge against her brother, and Kerry hated him so much.

“I’ll find him sooner or later!” Kerry sneered, then left the room.

Venus took a deep breath, Kerry’s anger was so strong that her breathing got impacted. But…what happened between her brother and Kerry. Venus was curious.

Last time Kerry said that he married her only because of her brother. What did he mean? Why did he say so?

Anyway, Venus believed that her brother was a great and honest person who would never hurt others. Maybe she would be able to sort out the grudge between them when her brother came back.

Thinking this, Venus felt released. It was time for dinner, she was about to go downstairs. Suddenly her phone rang.

It turned out to be Xinyou Qiao again.

Thinking about how Xinyou pressed her for a answer last time, Venus didn’t want to answer her call.

After a second, she still picked up.

“Hello! Xinyou, what’s wrong?”

“Hi, Venus, I forgot to tell you something. Do you remember the day we were drawing the designs together in the cafe? I couldn’t draw one on my own, ha ha… so I copied your design concept. Can you draw another one?”

“What?” Venus was astonished, “You used my design concept?”

“Yes!” Xinyou nodded, she sounded like she was the victim, “Today, the tutor came over and asked us to submit our design drawings. I hadn’t finished mine, so I just copied the design you drew the other day and handed it in. Haven’t you ask for leave? You won’t come to class until Monday, you still have time to construct another design drawing!”

Venus suddenly remembered that day in the cafe, Xinyou and she were drawing the designs together, but Xinyou said she had no inspiration. When Venus finished her drawing, Xinyou hadn’t started her work. Then Venus received a text message from Zihang Lu and went to the CK International Hotel.

“Xinyou, how can you… “Venus was angry and didn’t know what to say.

Xinyou immediately said in a soft tone, “Venus, just help me this time. I was forced to copy your work, the tutor suddenly came over today, I had to hand in. Everyone had finished his homework, I had no choice but to use yours. I didn’t mean to copy your design concept. But since I’ve already given it to our tutor, if you hand in another one which is similar to mine, you might be criticized for plagiarizing. That’s not good for both of us!”

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