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Chapter 21 – 22: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 21: Is he the chairman?

At this time, everyone was waiting for the chairman of the Marquis group. Colin’s movements attracted the attention of them immediately.

At the same time, they were shocked but were more confused!

Wasn’t this Lee family’s garbage?

At the critical moment, did he come here to make trouble?

But they looked around and found that there was no one but Colin!

It can’t be true! Was he the chairman of the Marquis group?

Fox and Barr were at a loss.

Doris couldn’t believe it and covered her red lips.

But in the end, Colin didn’t go to the stage but went to Nina.

People were relieved but startled soon.

Colin was talking with Nina. They must have a good relationship.

Fox and Barr were also curious. What was the relationship between Colin and Nina?

Nina was the chairman’s assistant to the Marquis group!

Doris looked at Colin dully, moved her legs, and walked over subconsciously. She asked, “Colin, who is she?”

Colin smiled: “she is my classmate.”

Before Colin had ordered Nina, so Nina nodded very naturally, “yes, he and I are classmates. My name is Nina White. I work in the Marquis group.”

Nina looked at Doris, and she was attracted.

Doris was pure and kind like the white lotus, while Nina was sex.

Looking at the chairman’s attitude towards her, Nina knew that their relationship was special!

Doris also looked at Nina, who was very sexy and was more charming in the dress.

Seeing that Colin and Nina were so close, Doris was jealous.

She thought of the contract before. Colin said that he had a classmate in the Marquis group. It must be Nina!

Although Nina had helped her so much and got 100 million dollars of financing, she should say thanks to Nina,

She was more and more jealous.

Colin didn’t notice those interactions between them but winked at Nina.

He told Nina that he would not reveal his identity for the time being, so Nina was responsible for the previous arrangements.

Over there, the old Mr. Lee said again, “let’s welcome the Marquis group’s chairman to give a speech.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Does the chairman think that Lee fruit company is too small so that he doesn’t come at all?”

“I think it is possible. The chairman of Marquis group can’t be invited easily by everyone.”

The old Mr. Lee was embarrassed when he heard people’s comments.

Nina looked at Colin and then turned to the stage.

“Hello everyone, I’m Nina, assistant to the chairman of Marquis group. Today, the chairman is busy working. I have full power to speak for the chairman and announce several things.”

Much high-level personnel had met Nina, so they were relieved to see her.

Fox and Barr were relieved. Colin was not the chairman of the Marquis group, but Nina’s classmate.

Fox did not forget to sneer, “You are good at flattering your classmate who works as an assistant! “

The old Mr. Lee finally laughed. Fortunately, the assistant was on the stage, or he would lose face. It also showed that the chairman attached great importance to them. At least he let the personal assistant come.

But Nina’s next words stopped the old Mr. Lee’s laughter. Fox and Barr were also very shocked.

“This time, the chairman decided to cooperate with Lee fruit company, not because of the investment value but also because of one person. We used 100 million dollars to get 10% shares of Lee fruit company. The chairman decided to give Doris the shares. “


People were stunned.

The contract of 100 million dollars was only to get 10% shares of Lee fruit company?

The shares were given to Doris!

But people knew that Doris married a poor guy!

Did the chairman like this married woman? No way!?

The old Mr. Lee’s hands were shaking.

Since this 10% of the shares were given to Doris, she was one of Lee’s fruit company shareholders now.

The old Mr. Lee regretted when he thought of the previous betrayals. If he knew the things went on like this, he would let Doris take charge of the project and invite them. But he didn’t invite Doris’ family at all!

No wonder Doris made it before. No wonder Fox didn’t even see the manager, and they only wanted Doris!

Thinking of Fox, the old Mr. Lee glared at Fox and Webb fiercely. It was all because of the son and grandson!

Fox’s face was even paler.

Doris was humiliated by him before, but now she would be a shareholder of Lee fruit company in the future, not a small employee!

Then the identity of the project leader that he tried to get was a fart!

Barr trembled.

He had been pursuing Doris, thinking that Doris would find he was her best choice one day. Because he was the successor of Martin’s group, and the Martin group can support her.

But today he knew how stupid he was!

The chairman of the Marquis group owned the whole Marquis group! Martin’s group was nothing for it. It was just a slap on his face!

What was more, how dare he rob a woman from the chairman of the Marquis group? Was he crazy?

All of a sudden, Fox and Barr looked at Colin, with sympathy and pity.

Even a dog was better than Colin, a pile of rubbish. How dare he rob Doris from the chairman of Marquis group. His end must be very miserable!

Doris was too shocked to speak.

Eva and Baker were also stunned.

Before they could react, Nina went on to say, “today is Miss Doris’s birthday. The father of the chairman sent a birthday gift to Lee’s family a few days ago.”

“And my birthday present is just what you saw… The night pearl!”


Everyone here startled.

Did they hear wrong?

But wasn’t that night pearl a birthday gift from Martin group to the old Mr. Lee?

Did it become Doris’s birthday gift, which was sent by the chairman’s father of the Marquis group?

What was wrong?

At the moment, the old Mr. Lee finally understood that the night pearl was actually given to Doris!

He wanted to find a place to hide. Just now, he took it out and showed off. He said that it was given to him by others. It was a shame!

But if it were not for Barr’s admission, he would not think so. The old Mr. Lee glared at Barr immediately.

Barr was also surprised.

How could he have thought of such a result?

That was actually sent by the chairman’s father of Marquis group to Doris?

But he has already admitted that it was sent by Martin group!

Barr was sweating and was embarrassed.

Everyone looked over.

“What’s going on?”

“Isn’t it from Martin’s group?”

“Marquis group said they sent it! Should the Marquis group not be mistaken? “

These words made Barr want to turn around and leave immediately. However, he had to laugh and say, “the night pearl is not very difficult to buy, so our family also sent one.”

“Well…” people seemed to understand and thought it was reasonable.

However, Colin suddenly asked, “How much of your gift? Where did you buy it? “

Barr was so stunned. How could he know?

But those people looked over, and he had to reply: “Several million dollars. I’m not very clear about it. It’s my father who bought it.”

After saying this, Nina immediately said, “the master said that this night pearl, worth 80 million dollars, was sold in foreign auction houses.”

Barr was stunned.

This 80 million dollars ‘night pearl!?

People’s eyes become disdainful, which let Barr say subconsciously: “I really don’t know the specific price. It’s my father to choose.”

Barr was embarrassed and had nothing to say.

Colin felt that it was not enough. “As far as I know, Lee’s family only received one pearl. Where is the night pearl that Mr. Martin said? Would you like to take it out and appreciate it with others? “

“I…” Barr wanted to kill Colin.

Seeing this, the old Mr. Lee was very guilty and did not dare to say anything.

Suddenly, the whole hall was quiet, and the atmosphere was extremely embarrassing.

At this time, Nina, on the stage, said timely, “there is one last thing. The chairman will celebrate Miss Doris’ birthday.”

The old Mr. Lee was stunned. Nina asked: “the old Mr. Lee, no problem?”

“No…” how dare the old Mr. Lee refuse? That was to find death.

But the problem was, “Doris, she…”

He didn’t invite Doris and her family at all. What can he do now?

Nina didn’t pay attention to the old Mr. Lee, but said, “next, let’s welcome today’s protagonist, Miss Doris.”

At this time, people began to talk.

“Where is Doris?”

“Doris must be thrilled!”

“How envious!”

Doris was in a daze, and she looked at Colin subconsciously.

Colin nodded to her with a smile, “go ahead!”

Doris had a little courage and suddenly thought of Colin’s words, “I’m going to give you a special birthday party today.”

Her heart was pounding. She walked on the stage.

When Doris came to the stage, people were applauding.

“Pa pa pa pa…”

Doris was in a trance, looking at a scene. She was looked down upon since childhood. She was only a small staff and was humiliated when she grew up. She was a little proud now.

But she stood here alone and didn’t know what to say. She looked at Colin under the stage immediately.

Colin saw Doris so dependent on himself. He was happy in the heart, then walked up, took Doris’s hand, and said to the microphone: “Doris, happy birthday!”

“Happy Birthday!”


People followed and cried out.

Doris was excited to hear that.

She has been ignored and looked down upon. Now, everyone said happy birthday to her, and they all wanted to flatter her immediately!

This reversal was coming too fast!

It was a commercial party originally, but now it was Doris’ birthday party!

It was a long time that the applause and congratulations could stop.

Chapter 22: Two gifts

Colin took the microphone, looked around, and said in a deep voice, “I am Doris’ husband, Colin! Today, I am here to warn those who covet my wife that she is not something you can covet! Otherwise, I will make you regret coming to this world! “

The domineering words let Doris be stupefied.

The people under the stage were also in a daze.

Colin was staring at Barr. The warning in his eyes was very strong.

Barr wanted to find a crack to drill in.

What happened just now has made him very embarrassed. Now people looked over, and he became the focus of the public again.

Damn it! If his father knew he was chasing a married woman, he would definitely be scolded!

After a daze, some people reacted.

“Isn’t the chairman of Marquis group interested in Doris? How could Colin be so arrogant?”

“But what if it is because Colin has something to do with the chairman of Marquis group, so the chairman takes care of Doris like this? “

“It makes sense.”

At the same time, someone asked his boss, “is this gift still given?”


“But It is a birthday. It’s …” it was a woman. The gift was not suitable.

The manager immediately took out a card, “change one now! It should be more expensive! “


This situation was not only one. Many bosses let people buy new gifts quietly.

On one side, Fox wanted to crush the wine cup in his hand when he saw the situation!

In the past, he looked down on Doris. Doris was just a dispensable person in their family!

But now?

Everyone flattered her!

After tomorrow, Doris was one of Lee’s group shareholders. He was nothing in front of Doris!

Of course, some people were happy. Naturally, it was Doris’s mother, Eva.

Eva was thrilled to see such an attitude of the chairman of the Marquis group!

The chairman of the Marquis group!

Barr can’t compare with him!

Her idea of getting them together was a total mistake! She should let Doris contact the chairman of the Marquis group more!

Doris may be the chairman’s wife, and she would be the mother of the chairman’s wife!

At this time, Colin took out two keys from his bag.

“Doris, today is your birthday. I want to give you two birthday presents.”

Colin gave the first key to Doris, who was still confused. “This is the first one, a Maserati car.”

“Maserati?” Doris opened her eyes in surprise.

Colin smiled, “well, your car is too old. It’s time for a new one.”

Doris was moved deeply. He was so careful that he always paid attention to her.

The people under the stage were shocked.

“Don’t you say he’s a poor guy? Can he afford a Maserati car? “

Fox and Barr stared at Colin. Where the money comes from?

Colin handed Doris the second key on the stage, “the second gift is the villa of Lanbo port.”


Villa in Lanbo port!

Everyone doubted that they were mishearing!

Eva pinched herself and hissed immediately, “really?”

Flora was stunned. Wasn’t it just a Maserati car? When did he buy a villa in Lanbo port?

No, this was not the core. The most important was that how can Colin afford a villa in Lanbo port?

A Maserati car and a villa in Lanbo port!

Doris trembled a little, and her voice became a little shaky, “this… Did you buy these?”

Colin smiled gently, “well, do you like?”

Doris blinked foolishly and was utterly stunned.

Today, the surprises were one after another, which made her dizzy, like being on top of the cloud, feeling unrealistic.

People under the stage were more excited!

“I don’t mishear? He bought a villa in Lanbo port?”

“A villa in Lanbo port is worth millions of dollars, isn’t it?”

“He’s a poor country boy who can afford a Maserati car and a villa in Lanbo port ?”


Eva was excited and surprised, “can this useless son-in-law afford a villa? Didn’t he lie to us? “

Bake felt a little complicated.

Barr’s face was black, and he ground, “this damned rubbish! Where on earth did he get the money to buy a villa? “

At this time, Fox suddenly stood up and said: “don’t be cheated by Colin. He is windy! Everyone knows the situation of his family. Let alone a villa; he can’t even afford an ordinary house! In the beginning, he borrowed 300000 dollars from me for his sister’s operation. He could not afford to buy a Maserati car and a villa. The keys are fake!”

People who knew something nodded.

“I think so! Is he bragging? “

“Yes! How can Colin afford these? “

“Well, I’m in a big loss. The gift was bought just now, and it costs more than 100000 dollars.”


For a moment, people’s faces changed.

Eva looked at Colin and wanted to slap him.

Barr’s face was much better. Colin was a poor boy. Where did he get the money to buy a car and a villa? It was impossible.

Colin smiled indifferently,” idiot!”

Fox was scolded as an “idiot”, which made him furious immediately, “Colin! You want to cheat everyone using your little trick. Look at yourself. Let alone the villa in Lanbo port and a Maserati car, you can’t even afford a Volkswagen car, and you can’t even get a common down payment. Do you dare to talk big? “

“Everyone here is from the upper class! Do you think that if you talk big and take out two fake keys, people will believe it?”

When Fox despised Colin, he praised all the people present at the same time. And then people nodded.

At this time, Nina stepped onto the stage and said to people, “sorry to interrupt Mr. Fox. As an assistant of the Marquis group, I can tell whether the key is true or not. I can tell you solemnly that these are true!”

The words fell, and the people were dumbfounded.


These were true!

Fox roared: “if they are true, you take out the real estate certificate!”

Colin looked at Fox contemptuously. He really refused to give up until all hope was gone!

In front of everyone, Colin took out the house property certificate from his bag and handed it to Doris, “Doris, it’s yours.”

Doris took it coldly and opened it, “it’s true!”

There was the seal of the Lanbo port Group, which can not be forged.

Doris’s voice was not loud. But in a quiet situation, people also heard it clearly.

Nina also said, “isn’t what I said true?”

Everyone knew that she was the assistant to the chairman of the Marquis group, and what she said must be true!

People were completely shocked, and also completely dumbfounded now.

It was really true!

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