Chapter 21: Dearly loved Person – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Everyone knew that Hai Su was Miss Su’s beloved one.

Hai Su said he would give a great gift to Miss Su long ago, which made all the people look forward to it.

Hai Su walked to the center of the hall with a box in his hand and bowed to Miss Su and said, “Grandma, I wish you bounty happiness and longevity of Methuselah.”

A plain congratulations without anything special. But in Miss Su’s opinion, that’s really pleasant, and even the creases were stretched out with a smile.

“Wow, look at the box, isn’t it a jade box?”

“It really is.” All the people exclaimed.

“The box was not so big but was bright and transparent like crystal, which must be burnished by high-end white marble.

That’s too luxurious. Even the box was burnished by marble, the contents in the box must be more precious.

All the attendants began to guess what was in the box.

Hai Su was satisfied with the reaction of all people, and that was what he was going for.

He snapped his fingers and said, “Turn off the light!”

Just then, the hall, which was lighted up brightly, suddenly became dark and people in the hall was in an uproar.

Come in, then we got some real magic.

And then he opened the marble box, a streak of light radiated from the box and illuminated the whole hall in a moment.

“My goodness, the …there is a Luminous Pearl in the box!”

“How much does it cost to get such a huge Luminous Pearl!”

“At least two million dollars!?”

“Well, my good grandson, I really didn’t indulge you in vain.” Miss Su was pleased. Such a vast Luminous Pearl was rare, even in the whole Westriver City.

Hai Su was really thoughtful. This Luminous Pearl was kind of an invaluable treasure in ancient times.

What people most like was the cliche that someone was kind to their children and parents. So Hai Su’s gift was much applauded by all.


And at that moment, Kris couldn’t help laughing, which was conspicuous in applause, and the crowd all looked at him, following the laughter.

“Kris, what are you laughing?” Hai Su pointed at Kris and said.

“Sorry, I can’t help it.” Kris tried hard to hold back his laughter, but he burst out next moment, “Sorry…Your Luminous Pearl is a fake…”

Living in the Chen Family, Kris had seen various antique treasures.

A Luminous Pearl about the size of a fist was embedded in the Chen Family Hall.

That Luminous Pearl cost Chen three million dollars. It was inexpensive but was got by asking many favors of people.

The lights radiated by inartificial Luminous Pearl was soft. Unlike this one, whose light was so dazzling.

This one must be synthetic. You will find some impurities and particles if you look carefully.

If I was quite right, that should be a concretionary adhesive.

“You are talking the greatest nonsense!”Hai Su snapped with his stringy neck.

He was panicked. He chose Luminous Pearl as a gift because he thought no one can identify it was genuine or fake. Ordinary people didn’t know the rare thing. But today, it saw through by Kris, making him anxious.

“Kris Chen, stop talking nonsense!” Mary walked to him and pulled his cloth stealthily.

In such a happy day, saying something wrong not only irritate Hai SU, but also make Miss Su unhappy. That would be bad.

“I tell you! I dropped a precious penny on it, and I don’t blame you, a son-in-law who rely on your wife’s family. Today is grandma’s birthday, and I don’t want to argue with you.” Hai Su sneered and said, “You said my gift was a fake, then show your gift!”

He was distracting others’ attention. Actually, he had seen the worn box in Kris before.

What good stuff can be out in such an old box? It must be junk.

Kris didn’t say a word, just stifle his laughter.

Jane was so angry that they are almost faint. This guy was too fool! Today is Miss Su’s seventieth birthday. How dare he talk nonsense on such an important day. He really wants to destroy his family?

She can’t stand anymore, walking to Kris and pointing at him, scolded, “If you are going to keep giggling, you get the hell out!”

The mother-in-law got angry, so it was not proper to keep laughing. It was disgraced to be rebuked in such a happy day.

Seeing that, Kris stopped. Hai Su felt pity for cannot make him go to hell. Time really flew, and an instant, half an hour passed.

Almost everyone presented their gifts. The average person cannot afford the gift that was presented later, although those were not so precious, and all were over 200,000.

Besides the Tianxing Li’s enamel porcelain and Hai Su’s Luminous Pearl, Yu Su’s pair of the emerald bracelet was also captivating.

That bracelet looked so pretty on Miss Su’s hands. She couldn’t be more in love with that and said, “I’ll not take it off anymore.”

Yu Su could barely contain her joy. As a granddaughter, she was so proud because grandma was so fond of her gift.

Miss Su held Yu Su’s hand and said to the crowd, “In this family, Yu is the eldest, the most sensible granddaughter. But what worries me is that she still doesn’t have a boyfriend. You all can bring up the proposal of marriage if you like her. As long as you own good moral quality and be suitable for my family, I will support you.

“Grandma…” Yu Su blushed.

Most attendants swallowed on looking at such a sublime beauty out of passion—what a pretty girl.

As the eldest granddaughter, Yu Su was definitely admirable in appearance and figure. But at that time, she sat beside Kris.

Yu Su couldn’t be at the same table as Kris in an ordinary banquet.

Thanks to this birthday feast, whose seats were arranged following family hierarchy, Kris can have Yu Su on his left hand and Mary on his right hand.

To be honest, it felt really good to sit between two beauties.

Looking at the bracelet on Miss Su’s hand, he nodded to himself, “This bracelet is not bad, but it turns out to be made of glasses.”

The material was good, actually, although it was not so pure.

Yu Su heard what Kris said, although he didn’t speak loudly.

Eh? How did this kept son-in-law know that the bracelet was made of glasses, making Yu Su curious?

Yu Su and Kris were completely different people.

She said no word with him for two years since he served as a son-in-law by adoption.

Hundreds of people present all didn’t descry the material of that bracelet, but he made the point, which made her surprise and asked, “How do you know that?”

“Oh, I happen to know something about jade, so I can see it at a glance,” Kris said honestly.

“Oh.” Yu Su nodded.

“Hum!” Kris asked, “How much did you spend on that bracelet?”

“700,000!” Yu Su replied.

Kris shook his head and said, “That’s too expensive. It is worth 400,000 at most.”

“You’re kidding me! I bought it from my girlfriend, and she said she didn’t make a dollar of the revenue!” Yu Su stared at Kris and wanted an answer.

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