Chapter 210: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 210 You Are the One I Love (1)
Kerry looked down at his chest and said indifferently, “I’m fine. I’ll go to a few of my factories and estimate the damage. I have no idea how much I’m going to lose because of this earthquake.”

Venus ate with her head down, thinking about those who lost their homes and loved ones in the earthquake.

“What are you thinking about?” Kerry saw that she was at a trance.

“I’m wondering if Xuan is okay. I left my cell phone at the office and I can’t reach him right now.” Venus said.

“My cell phone is in the office too. I’ll pick it up later and stop by MK’s office.” said Kerry.

Venus was going to tell Kerry that she wanted to go to Mk Group’s office, however after hearing Kerry say that, she didn’t say anything else.

“The city is quite chaotic these days. You just stay home and don’t go out lately.”

Venus rolled his eyes, “Even if I wanted to go out, I wouldn’t have anywhere to go.”

Kerry smiled faintly.

Kerry spent the day running between several construction sites and factories, and the amount of damage to the plant was within the limits of what Kerry could afford.

There were two more aftershocks during the day, but people weren’t as scared as they were before.

Kerry was about to go upstairs to get his mobile phone, but Henry stopped him. He saw that Kerry still had injuries to his knees and chest, so he offered to help him upstairs to get his phone.

“After you find my phone, go back to the design department and bring Yan’s phone down with you.”

“Yes, sir.” said Henry.

Ten minutes later, Henry came down and handed both phones to Kerry. He looked at Venus’s phone first. There were several missed calls on it, which were all from Xuan Chu. In addition, there was a text message. After a moment’s hesitation, Kerry checked the text message.

This text message was from Xuan and it read, “Call me back as soon as you receive it. I’m worried about you.”

Kerry’s eyes turned cold. He was tempted to delete the text message, but he thought for a few seconds and didn’t do so.

Turning Venus’s phone off, Kerry looked again at his own phone which also had several missed messages from Kevin and his friends.

Kerry looked out at the busy crowd, the traffic police, volunteers, and firefighters everywhere, and then he dialed the phone of Qidong Zhang, the mayor of Sky City.

The phone rang for a long time before Qidong Zhang answered the phone.

“Mr. Zhang, this is Kerry Ye,” Kerry said.

“I know it’s you. What can I do for you?” Qidong Zhang asked. His voice was a little hoarse.

“Is there anything I can do?” Kerry said bluntly.

Qidong was surprised. He breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you for your kindness. Now we’re just in trouble. The area around Qingzhou is full of mountains. Several of them have collapsed and blocked the roads. Excavators and bulldozers are clearing the roads overnight. I hear you have a private helicopter, so can you lend it to us?”

Kerry didn’t refuse his request. He didn’t need to use the helicopter now, so it can be lent to other people.

“Ok, no problem, but I don’t think one plane is enough. I know a lot of rich people in Sky City who have helicopters. You can give me an address later and I’ll contact a few more business men to lend you their helicopters.”

“Thank you so much.” Qidong said.

“No need to thank me. This is what I should do as a citizen. Do you need any more supplies?”

“There are plenty of supplies. A lot of them were transferred from the surrounding provinces last night.”

Kerry relaxed, “That’s good. If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know.”

Hanging up the phone, Kerry flipped out a number from his phone and dialed out.

“Mr. Li, it’s Kerry. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I fell yesterday and sprained my foot, but it’s nothing serious,” Mr. Li said cheerfully.

“I’m just calling to ask you whether you lend me your helicopter to me.” Kerry asked.

“What are you going to do with the helicopter?” asked Mr. Li.

“It’s not that I want to use it, it’s the mayor who needs a few helicopters to deliver supplies to the disaster area. The disaster in Qingzhou is severe and the roads are blocked.” Kerry said succinctly.

Mr. Li hesitated. If Kerry wanted to use it, of course he would lend it to him, but he didn’t want to use it for disaster relief because his helicopters were still new.

Mr. Li changed the subject and said, “Kerry, I remember that you rarely deal with the city government. Why are you crowdfunding for the government this time?”

Kerry heard his reluctance to lend him the helicopter. He laughed, “We businessmen need to get on good terms with the officials. I heard that the city construction department has been disapproving of one of your projects. If you help the mayor this time, your project will definitely get the government’s permission.”

Mr. Li suddenly realized that. That projects of his involved an investment of tens of millions. If he helped the government this time, maybe the government people would approve that project of his.

“Whenever you use the plane, call me directly. I fully support the disaster relief work.”

“Thank you, Mr. Li, I’ll call you later.”


In less than half an hour, Kerry had raised five helicopters. After he contacted Qidong Zhang, the five helicopters took off with supplies and search and rescue personnel and flew towards Qingzhou.

Kerry stayed busy until dark. On his way back to the villa, he asked the driver to take a detour to the last bakery, but the bakery was closed.

Back at the Ye villa, Venus was in the living room watching the news, which was full of updates on the relief effort. Seeing him enter, she froze. He held a large bouquet of bright roses in his hand.

The flowers were oddly packaged, each one individually wrapped in a cheap plastic bag.

“They’re for you.” Kerry smiled gently.

Venus frowned tightly, “Why are you giving me flowers?”

“When I came back, there was a boy on the side of the road selling flowers. His mother has broken her leg in the earthquake and needs medical attention. He just took the family’s flowers and sold them, so I bought them all.”

Venus didn’t believe him, “You’re so kind?”

Kerry held the flowers with a somewhat frustrated expression, “I guess I look bad to you.”

“Do you just know that?” Venus raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I know, but I don’t want to admit it.” said Kerry. “I just want to help that boy. If I were going to give you flowers, I’d buy something a hundred times prettier than these.”

Venus took the large bunch of flowers, looked around, and said, “Please bring those vases over here.” “

Kerry was willing to take her order. Walking over to the coffee table in the living room, he brought a couple of glazed vases over and placed them on the coffee table, and Venus began unpacking these flowers.

“There’s a lot more of this flower that’s all buds. It should be blooming for a long time.” Venus put the one flower into a vase and began to remove the second one.

The news was showing the worst-affected areas of the city. On the screen, helicopters kept flying over mountains, dropping batches of supplies into the affected areas.

“The reporter learned from the government that several entrepreneurs in Sky City contributed to the effort in order to get supplies and personnel to Qingzhou as quickly as possible, including Kerry, the president of Yehuang Group, and Shaobin Li, the general manager of Gaoli Properties. They all provided their own private helicopters. As entrepreneurs in Sky city, they shoulder their corporate social responsibility and lend a helping hand in times of crisis.” The host on TV reported.

Venus thought she’d misheard, “Kerry provided a helicopter?”

“Is that you on the news?” Venus was amazed.

“Is there another Yehuang Group in Sky City?” Kerry retorted.

Venus said, “I always thought you were a profit-minded businessman. Why are you still doing charity?”

Kerry sighed, “I went through downtown today and it was a mess. I was born and raised in Sky City just like you, and I am here to grow my company. Since I’m in a position to lend a helping hand, I’m certainly happy to do so.”

Venus was much more impressed with Kerry as she listened to him. She began to feel as if she didn’t really know Kerry well.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 210 You Are The One I Love (2)
“Ouch –” cried Venus, whose fingertip was wounded by the rose thorns.

“My Goddess!” exclaimed Kerry in a concerning tone. Then he took her hand over and kissed on the wound to lessen the pain on it.The heartbeat of her turned faster and at this point, she looked like no more than a young girl who was shy about the intimate act from her boy. She let out her finger and tried to dodge the affectionate stare of Kerry.

“Stay for a while, I’ll get the band aid for you.” said Kerry, who patted lightly on her head and left for the medicine room. Venus took a breath of relief when she found Kerry went away.She sweared that she wouldn’t be moved by him. Perhaps it was the sweltering weather that made her feel a unease. She turned a solemn look as usual when Kerry got a band aid for her and said, “Thanks, I can do it by myself.” Then she took the band aid from his hand, tore off the package and stuck it on the wound with another hand.

“Well, my lady, let me do the trimming job for you.” said Kerry. The job, of course, was the responsibility of his servants, but at this point, he could take it as an excuse to enjoy a good moment with Venus. When he engaged himself on the trimming job, Venus took a piece of newspaper and buried herself in it.

“By the way, the chamber of commerce will certainly call for donations in two days. How much do we donate?” said Kerry in a casual tone.

“It’s your own business.” replied Venus.

“You know, you are my wife, and half of my property belongs to you. So it is our business.”

“Shut up!” cried Venus, who stared at him with a helpless look for the marriage between Kerry and her did embarrass her.

Kerry turned a deaf ear to her and continued his topic, “Five million or eight million?”

Venus then showed him the news about the collapsed schools after earthquake and said,” Well, rich guy, now you can do some good things like building schools with your money.”

Kerry nodded and replied, “Alright. But you know, I have to ensure that my money can be well-spent, so perhaps I shall take the job of supervisor by my own rather than be a donor of the project.”

Venus was a little surprised that Kerry would accept her suggestion, then she said, “Guy, it is a big deal, I hope you can make the decision by your own.”

“I think you’re right. Let’s build a school.” said Kerry, who bowed his head and was about to finish the trimming job. He had made up his mind to build schools for the poor kids, or perhaps for the will of Venus.

“Young master, Miss Chu, It’s time for dinner. ” cried Mrs Qin.

“Here we go.” said Kerry. He put the two bunches of rose into the vase, and then took out the mobile phone for her and said, “Henry has brought your mobile phone back to you. You get piles of calls from Xuan. “

Venus was excited by the mobile phone in which the precious information of her son was stored. However, her face turned solemn and shouted, “Motherfucker, you must take a good look of my phone without my permission.”

“Sorry, I think it was my naughty hands which touched your phone without permission.” said Kerry jokingly, then he stretched out his hands in front of her and said, “Here they are, you can punish them, I am sure hands won’t fight back without my permission.”

A boring as the joke was, Venus was still amused by it. She held his hands and replied in joking tone, “Then you should take care of them next time.” Kerry, however, gave her a cunning smile as a reply since he knew his hands would definitely be naughty again next time.

“Hello? Brother, my mobile phone was left in the office and I got it back just now. ” said Venus in a dial to her brother.

“That’s good, and I am really concerning about your safety.” said Xuan, who seemed sincere in his manner.

“I am fine, how about you guys? “

“We’re OK, but some of my fellows are so scared by the earthquake, and they want to go back to Hong Kong for a while until the disaster is over. Their departure bothers me a lot.” said Xuan bitterly.

“Then just let them go.”said Venus, who now was in the dinning hall and took a seat for dinner.

“Yes, I will think about it, and how’s your deal?” replied Xuan. He seemed unwilling to share with her any secret about his company, and then after a while of silence, he lowered his voice and asked, “I mean the deal of treasure map, is there any clue for it?”

Venus gave a secret glance at the servant around her and whispered, “I got a clue, and I am trying my best on it.”

“Be aware that time is limited, you’d better be quick.”

“I know,” Before Xuan hanged the phone, Venus stopped him and asked,” Did he call you to push me on it?”

“Yes, perhaps there are too many uncertainties in this world. And he was also afraid that the map would be buried with Kerry after the earthquake.”

“Perhaps he can settle these uncertainties by asking me directly.” said Venus in an ambiguous manner. She had to get more information about the mysterious man from Xuan. But Xuan was so shrewd that he would keep himself as an oyster about the secret. So he replied, “No matter who he asked, the ultimate goal of us will not be changed. I hope you can take good care of yourself, now I have to go.”

At this point, Kerry caught the sight of her annoyed look and said, “Take time, my lady, you have to be more patient to fish for information from such a shrewd guy like Xuan. ”

Venus took a big drink from the water cup and said, “He is nothing but an asshole”

“Then how about the man in silver mask? Do you have his phone number? “

A Good idea!

“I have one, he told me to contact him with the number, and he would also call back with it.” said Venus. Then she showed the number to him. At an instant, Kerry sent the number to Nighthawk and said in the phone call, “Attention, Nighthawk, I need you to find out the subscriber of this number. Don’t act rashly and alert the enemy for my child is under his control. “

“Yes, Sir.”


On the third day after the earthquake, the aftershocks were gone and the employees of Yehuang Group were back for work. It was a mess in the its offices in the first day. After the renovation of the building, the group was back to its right track, and employees who contributed to the renovation work received rich bonuses from their leader,which were what they deserved, indeed.

After this disaster, the relation between the employees seems much closer. Venus also returned to work in the original position. However, the fact embarrassed her that Kerry visited her more frequently in a bold way. Therefore, Meiling He, the girl who was promoted as the vice president, showed a really strong interest in her.

At noon, when Venus went to Kerry ‘s office for lunch, she found him fixing his eyes at a design drawing.

“This is a blueprint for the reconstruction project of the school. What do you say?”

Venus was a little surprised and replied, “A quick job you do! “

“Of course, the project should be quickly completed for there are still thousands of kids out of school after the disaster.”

Kerry ‘s honesty moved Venus and she said, “I never expect that you are such a good guy.”

“Perhaps I was not, but now I try to be a good guy because of your warning.” said Kerry, who then folded up the blueprint.

“My warning?”

“Yeah, you have warned that doing bad things brings bad lucks for our child. So now I’d better do some good things to earn good lucks for our child. I hope God will bless him a good health and a happy life in the future.”said Kerry in a calm tone. However, tears came around Venus’s eye when she heard so.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 210 You Are the One I Love (3)
“Don’t cry, please. I don’t know what to do if you cry.” Kerry Ye reached out to wipe her tears, but Venus Mu slapped his hand away, “Leave me alone.”

“You’re my wife and I should take care of you.” Kerry wanted to please her.

Sure enough, Venus immediately glared at him, “Don’t push your luck. Please let me eat, OK?”

Kerry just loved to see her blow up, “You didn’t give me any chance, so how?”

“How cheeky.” Venus poked at the rice in the bowl, not wanting to talk to him.

Kerry was happy inside. These days, he didn’t touch her and he found he looked much better. Wasn’t it said that a woman would look better if a man really cared for her?

When he was thinking about it, the phone rang, with harsh ringing. Kerry somewhat annoyedly got up and walked to the office desk, but when he saw the name on the phone, his face instantly changed.

“Hello, boss.”

“Nighthawk, any news?” Kerry’s voice was with nervousness. When Venus heard this, she immediately put down her chopsticks and listened carefully.

Nighthawk spoke a little faster, “There is one thing. The phone number you gave to me belongs to the Micronesian region of the Pacific Ocean. After a detailed investigation, we have identified one of the islands, called Polynesia. This phone number can be bought and sold without registration and the owner of this number is a man named Alec. We also talked to him, but he is an indigenous resident and he is already very old. It doesn’t quite match the information you gave to us.”

Leaning on his desk, he frowned, “Is there any powerful Chinese around the island?”

“I’m about to say this. The people there told us that a very wealthy Chinese lives on a small island not far away. No one knows his name and everyone calls him Lord Xie. He has taken over dozens of nearby islands, and keeps a private army. I’m even told that he is more powerful than the government army. I was wondering if it was him.”

“Can you look into it?” Kerry asked.

Nighthawk said with some guilt, “I’m sorry young master. They never leak anything. Though I just asked something about Lord Xie, I was followed by several people for several blocks. It was hard to shake them off.”

“I see. You don’t need to do anything right now. Don’t draw their attention, I’ll be over in the next two days.” Kerry quickly made this decision. Nighthawk couldn’t get in, but he had an idea.

“Okay, boss.”

“Keep in touch.” Kerry finished the phone and looked at Venus with a deep gaze, “Have you heard all of it? What do you think?”

Venus didn’t dare to draw a conclusion, but there was one thing she agreed with, “I did see a lot of armed soldiers when I was taken to that villa. I don’t know if they were the private soldiers your men were talking about. I’m not sure.”

“I won’t give up any chance. I’ll arrange my work and go over there at once.”

“Let me go with you. I know that place.” Venus said anxiously.

Kerry, however, couldn’t let her take the risk, “No, you can’t go, it’s too dangerous. I have superpowers and I can escape at any time. I know how you feel and I’ll send you pictures then, so that you can give me some suggestions.”

Venus bit her lower lip and nodded. She knew she couldn’t hold him back when she couldn’t help.

“Alright, eat first. I’ll handle this. Don’t worry.”

Five days later, an international flight flew across the Pacific and stopped at the airport on one of the islands.

Hot and salty air came to him and once he got out of the airport, he dressed on local colorful clothes, with a hat and sunglasses. His skin was a healthy wheat color, so from a distance, he looked like a local, but too handsome and strong.

Leaving the airport, he got on a ferry, then a yacht, and then changed to a small boat, and finally reach Polynesia before it got dark.

Nighthawk waited at the dock that he had told Kerry before. Seeing a strong person coming out, he was hesitating. How could a bearded man with flip-flops and ugly clothes be his boss?

“Don’t you know me?” Kerry stood in front of him, smiling amiably.

“Boss, how do you…” Nighthawk asked in surprise.

“Let’s go first.”

Arriving at the residence, Kerry threw off his hat and sunglasses and got into the bathroom to take a shower. It was too hot here and even a few walks could make him sweaty all over.

He looked a lot fresher, but the beard…

“Originally, I was going to come two days ago, but I delayed just to let the beard grow a little more. Seeing your reaction, I know it’s definitely good.” Kerry explained.

It dawned on Nighthawk. Right, Lord Xie must know Kerry’s appearance very well and it’s possible that his men also have a photo of Kerry. Doing some disguise could be a little safer.

“Lord Xie you mentioned last time, which island does he live on? About how long will it take to get there from here?” Kerry wiped his hair with a towel, changing into a short t-shirt, and asked Nighthawk.

“It’s in the southwest of this island, an hour at most if you take a boat over.”

“Good, let’s have a rest tonight and we’ll go there tomorrow morning. We just pretend to be traveling and sightseeing here. There are many Chinese here, so we shouldn’t attract their attention.”

“Got it. have a good night, boss.” Nighthawk walked to the door and stopped again, “Boss, do you need something to eat?”

Kerry was about to say that he wasn’t hungry, but he was eager to know what Venus had been eating for five or six months during her stay, so he said, “Local specialties, please.”

“Okay, it will be delivered right away.”

Lying on his bed, he extended his limbs that had been curled up all day. After staring at the ceiling for a while, he took out his phone, which had no personal messages on it except for a few business messages.

He hesitated for a moment and started texting, “I’ve got here.”

According to the past experience, he knew that Venus would just ignore this message, so Kerry did not have hope. But unexpectedly, the phone rang two minutes later and it was from Venus.


Though there was only one simple word, Kerry was out of joy, replying, “It’s hot here. Have you eaten dinner?”

He sent it and began to wait for her reply again.


Her attitude was perfunctory, but Kerry didn’t mind. “I’m going to that island tomorrow and I’ll send you photos. Then check it.”

“Better through WeChat.”

Kerry immediately download WeChat in the App Store. He was not out-of-date, but he just didn’t feel it’s necessary. A phone call could solve everything, so why was any need to send voice message? Also, he didn’t have any moment to share.

After the download, he entered Venus’s phone number and found her WeChat, whose nickname was simple, Venus. Thinking for a while, he entered his—Loving Venus.

Anyway, she was his only WeChat friend. And others wouldn’t see it.

As soon as she accepted his friend request, she immediately sent him voice message, “Kerry, change your nickname.

Kerry was lying on the bed like a child, laughing with pleasure.


“You bastard.” She was really angry.

Kerry, however, was even more smug and said deliberately, “What are you going to do then?”

Venus snorted, “When this is done, I’ll just blackmail you.”

Anyway, he could change the name later, “I think it’s quite good. It suits our relationship these days.”

When they were chatting, Nighthawk brought back some food. Kerry said, “I’m going to eat something. Have a good night, bye.”

She didn’t reply then. How cruel she was.

The food was good with a very strong taste of curry. Kerry tried the fried rice, but then he didn’t want any more. However, the lobster and scallops were not bad.

Before sleeping, Kerry kept thinking of Venus far away. Now it’s already late at night in Sky City, so he did not want to disturb her sleep. He said inwardly, “Good night, Venus.”

There were about over 20 thousand islands on the Pacific Ocean, but half of them were occupied with people. Nighthawk and Kerry, dressed as tourists, headed to Lord Xie’ s place.

On the yacht, Nighthawk couldn’t help but look at Kerry, who looked funny. Kerry’s face was with a bushy beard and the thick and black eyebrows he drew in the morning. The beard might still give him some man’s charm, but with these eyebrows, Nighthawk thought they ruined the whole face.

“Is that so funny?” Kerry was very dissatisfied and asked him.

Nighthawk turned his back to him to hold back his laugh and said, “Brother, it’s a nice day, isn’t it?”

Kerry glanced at him, and in order not to be focused, Nighthawk now called him “brother.”

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