Chapter 210: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 210 You can wait for your death!

The glassed man hesitated. “He’s an assassin like me.”

Colin Ward rolled his eyes in disgust and asked,

“Where is your fellow apprentice?”

“I don’t know, either. He keeps moving.”

Colin Ward asked: “Can you get the antidote?”

“No, I can only get the monthly antidote. Not the real antidote.”

“Can you make an antidote?”


“Really?” Colin Ward raised an eyebrow and fiddled the dagger close to his thigh.

The glassed man’s leg trembled in fear, “I am telling the truth, this is not the aspect I am good at.”

Colin Ward stopped playing the dagger and asked seriously. “What else do you know?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know anything. I’ve told you everything I know.”

“Have you?” Colin Ward asked coldly, and without warning plunged the dagger into his leg once again.

The glassed man screamed once more, “I…I have…told…”

Colin Ward snorted coolly, “Who’s your boss?”

“I…I can’t say……”

The glassed man gritted his teeth.

Colin Ward narrowed his eyes and saw no point of keep pushing him given his resolute appearance, “In that case, I think you could die in peace.”

“What?” The glassed man looked up suddenly and begged . “No, no, you can’t kill me!”

He panicked; as fierce and ruthless as Colin Ward, he would not blink his eyes in killing him.

“If you kill me, and no one will give you the antidote!”

Colin Ward gave a cold grunt; and instead of doing it himself or bidding Gerd Ward to do it, he handed the dagger back to Gerd Ward and said slowly, “You can wait for your death here!”

With that, Colin Ward and Gerd Ward walked away.

It was an abandoned container in an abandoned warehouse, which meant no one will come here.

Strapped in a container with no one to come, no food, no water, and all his injuries, he would soon starved to death, died of thirst, or even died of infection from his wounds that were not treated in time.

Anyway, he was going to die even without Colin Ward getting his hands dirty.

The glassed man yelled at Colin Ward and Gerd Ward before they were completely gone: “Colin Ward! You don’t want the antidote? Colin Ward!”

“I’ll take you to my apprentice brother! I can help you find him!”

Colin Ward stopped when he heard the words.

The glassed man saw a glimmer of hope at this,”I can take you to find my fellow apprentice, he would give you the antidote, the real antidote!”

But what he really thought was, as long as Colin Ward to loosened his ties, he would took a flight, or he can take him to his fellow apprentice and with his help, he would pay all back to Colin Ward.

Colin Ward sneered without even turning back to him, “do you take me as a fool?”

The glassed man was a bit shocked and after a second of silence he added: “I mean what I said, I would take you to my fellow apprentice; he had the cure for you all!”

Colin Ward did not say another word but motion Gerd Ward to lock the door.

The glassed man was full of doubts in his heart.

How come?

Was he really not afraid of death?

Without an antidote, he’ll only get worse. Didn’t he care?

A fear of death swept over the glassed man as all the light was gone with the shutting of the door.

But, he was tightly tied; and the only dagger was taken away by Gerd Ward; the door was locked from outside. So he was doomed…

That was the moment the glassed man felt himself in a deep despair…

Back in the office, Colin Ward fell asleep in the sofa.

Nina White, who had come to report something, covered him with a thin quilt before sneaking out again.

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