Chapter 211 – 212: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 211: I want to drink it

Blood-producing and Stasis-dissolving Soup?

Isn’t that should be Blood-activating and Stasis-dissolving Soup? Although the difference lies in a single word, the effects of them differ a lot. The former is to produce blood while the latter is to activate blood.

And the name of Blood-producing Stasis-dissolving Soup is not right. It should be Blood-producing and Energy-strengthening Soup, which is especially for menstruating women.

Blood-activating and Stasis-dissolving Soup is a soup especially for the treatment of blood stasis. Martial persons are vulnerable to injury, and they will have stasis if the injuries are not treated promptly.

Blood-activating and Stasis-dissolving Soup can not only smooth the blood, but also treat some invisible wounds.

It’s not complicated to make Blood-activating and Stasis-dissolving Soup. The raw materials of it are the root of red-rooted salvia, red flower, peach kernel, Chinese angelica…But what Rou Wen took is codonopsis pilosula, not the root of red-rooted salvia.

As is known to all, codonopsis pilosula has the effects of strengthening the spleen, tonify lung, nourishing blood, and promoting the secretion of saliva.

But the effects of the root of red-rooted salvia are to invigorate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, cool blood, and remove the pain.

Suppose the materials of Blood-producing and Stasis-dissolving Soup are used to make Blood-activating and Stasis-dissolving Soup. In that case, it will cause blood stasis, cerebral infarction, and myocardial infarction.

That is to say, the soup made by Rou Wen was not to activate blood and dissolve stasis, but to produce blood and dissolve stasis.

If the one who has blood stasis drinks it, he might have more severe blood stasis. At the thought of that, Kris Chen shouted immediately, “Miss Wen, you’re wrong!”

Rou Wen looked at Kris in surprise and said, “Wrong? What’s wrong? Kris, what are you talking about?”

For an instant, everyone looked at Kris.

They wondered what Kris wanted to do.

What gimmicky does Kris want to play?

“Teacher, you used the wrong material,” Kris said.


Wrong material?

Rou Wen stunned for a moment and asked immediately, “Which material is wrong?”

“Teacher, you should use the root of red-rooted salvia rather than codonopsis pilosula.” Kris said.


The root of red-rooted salvia?

Isn’t that ridiculous?

Rou Wen has been reading medical books since she was a child and the books say it’s codonopsis pilosula instead of the root of red-rooted salvia.

Rou Wen talked about that in class.

Kris must not have listened carefully in class, and he misheard codonopsis pilosula into the root of red-rooted salvia.

At the thought of that, Rou Wen was a little unhappy.

“Kris, were you absent-minded during my class?” Rou Wen said.

“How could you be so careless? What did I say? Sometimes a pot of good medicine can turn into poison by adding the wrong material. How can you make a joke of that?” Rou Wen said seriously.

After hearing what Rou Wen said, Kris took a deep breath and said, “Teacher, I’m sure you should use the root of red-rooted salvia but not codonopsis pilosula. What you make is not Blood-producing and Stasis-dissolving Soup, but Blood-activating and Stasis-dissolving Soup. The soup you make will cause blood stasis and even cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.”

Kris’s expression was solemn. Thousand Golden Prescriptions records not only valuable prescriptions but also common prescriptions.

Although Blood-activating and Stasis-dissolving Soup is not a precious prescription, it’s a must.

So Kris concluded that there was something wrong with the soup Rou Wen made.

After hearing what Kris said, Rou Wen was very angry. She is gentle, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be angry. She was very unhappy when Kris questioned her authority in front of so many students.

At the thought of that, Rou Wen laid emphasis on what she said. Although her voice was still soft, everyone knew she was angry. “I have been studied medicine as a child, and I’ve mastered hundreds of prescriptions so far. Blood-producing and Stasis-dissolving Soup is a lower level of soup, how can I make a mistake? And that’s what it says in the medical book. I couldn’t have made a mistake.”

If it weren’t for teaching her students, she wouldn’t make such a lower level soup.

“Kris, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand. Are you more knowledgeable than Teacher?”

“Yes, don’t talk if you don’t know.”

At that moment, everyone in the class began to criticize Kris.

Pan Wang and Shou Yan also said, “Kris, if you don’t want to listen to the class, get out! Don’t disturb the class!”

“You’re looking for trouble all the time. You are such a rat shit!”

Just then, Jun Tong also came up. As everyone was scolding Kris, how could he miss such a good opportunity to shame Kris?

“Kris, you’ve gone too far. Miss Wen took the trouble to show us how to boil the soup. It’s ok that you don’t thank her, but why you make trouble? If you think you can try to please the public with claptrap, you’re wrong. You are not welcome. Please go out,” Jun Tong said. Others nodded, and the girls in the class looked at Kris with annoyance.

Fei Lin and Jiaojiao Lin, in particular, put on a disgusting face.

Fei Lin said to Tinaba Li next to her, “Cousin, Kris is out of all reason. He can do that in ordinary time. But we are in Miss Wen’s class, how could he question the Teacher? He is so mean!”

“Cousin, you’d better not keep company with such a man,” Jiaojiao Lin echoed.

Tinaba frowned but didn’t say anything. He knew Kris won’t shoot without aiming.

As Kris said, Miss Wen used the wrong material. Is it really not odonopsis pilosula?

Kris was speechless. Just as the saying goes, believing everything the books say is as mindless as believing in nothing. Is everything in the medical books right?

After seeing Kris still didn’t believe her, Rou Wen said, “Since you don’t believe me, I’ll set myself an example and drink it. I‘ll show you if there’s really a problem.”

Although Rou Wen is soft and weak, she is an iron fist in a velvet glove.

You can question anything but her medical skills. She is a medical nut.

“Teacher, that’s not what I mean!” Kris said.

“Kris, that’s enough. What do you mean if you don’t mean that? It’s nothing big that you make troubles, how can you corner Teacher? It’s a disgrace for me to be in the same class as someone like you.” Jun Tong said.

“Get out!”

“Get out of here. You’re not welcome!”

Kris was speechless. Kris reminded them kindly, but they scolded him. Those who didn’t know what’s going on would think Kris had done things offensive to God and reason.

“All right, don’t make so much noise. Since Kris questions me, I will show him with fact!” Rou Wen said.

“Be quiet! I will tell you the duration and degree of heating and some places you need to pay attention to,” Rou Wen added.

Although Jun Tong wanted to drive Kris out, he had to obey what Rou Wen said. Just let the Teacher show that Kris was wrong.

It has to be said that Rou Wen’s medical skills are very good. She said the duration and degree of heating in detail in particular.

20 minutes later, Halls Herbal was filled with a faint scent. After smelling such a scent, everyone braced themselves up.

Rou Wen turned off the fire, and the soup was done. She took a China bowl and filled it with soup, then she drank it without hesitation.

After drinking it, Rou Wen said, “Let’s wait two minutes to see what will happen.”

Before she finished what she wanted to speak, there was a warm breath came to form her belly, and then it spread to her limbs, which made her almost groaned out of comfort.

Rou Wen is fair, and the soup made her skin become white touched with red. The boys in the class couldn’t move away from their eyes from Rou Wen.


Many boys swallowed saliva. How beautiful she is!

Rou Wen allowed the soup to take its effect in her body. She only felt unspeakable comfort. A few minutes later, she said, “Kris, I feel my blood is flowing freely, so what you said is…”

Just as she was about to say that what Kris said was wrong, there was shadow in her eyes.

A streak of hot air rushed through her, and she was about to fall forward.

No! Kris ran over to hold Rou Wen quickly.

“Kris, what are you doing?” Rou Wen regained her composure when she was held by Kris. Her face blushed immediately.


Everyone was stunned at the moment when Kris held Rou Wen, and they shouted out involuntarily. “F*ck, son of bitch. Just let Teacher go!”

“You are wild and completely out of control. How dare you be frivolous to Teacher in front of us?”

At that moment, Kris became the public enemy of all boys, except Tianba of course. Tianba was also stunned.

The girls in the class showed disgust on their faces. “Kris, just let me go.” Rou Wen said angrily and shamefully. “Teacher, you almost fainted just now. If I don’t hold you, you will fell to the ground.” Kris explained.

“Nonsense, you are taking advantage of the teacher!” Pan Wang said to Kris. “Yes, you are a pervert. You do it on purpose.”

At that moment, Jun Tong said, “How could there be a problem with the soup made by the Teacher? I don’t believe it. In order to show my respect to the Teacher, I will drink it too!”

“So do I!” Pan Wang and Shou Yan also wanted to drink it.

“I want to drink it…” As soon as Jun Tong said that, other students in the class began to shout.

“Kris, I won’t let your scheme succeed. Just see how we reveal your ugly face,” Jun Tong said. Then he drank the soup in the bowl. Pan Wang followed him closely.

After drinking the soup, a streak of hot air rose from the belly, and they felt warm and comfortable.

“Oh, it’s cool!” Pan Wang and Shou Yan let out comfortable m*ans. Jun Tong was also indescribably comfortable. He let out a long sigh of satisfaction and walked triumphantly to Kris. “Kris, I am feeling good right now. As it turns out, you are…” Jun Tong said.

Plop! Before Jun Tong finished what he wanted to speak, he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Chapter 212: A secret

Bang! Pan Wang and Shou Yan followed closely after them and fell to Jun Tong’s body.


When the three fell to the ground, everyone couldn’t help taking two steps back to see what happened!

Everyone was dumbfounded, seeing the three men on the ground! Even Rou Wen was no exception. She quickly pushed Kris aside and went stumbling to the three men and checked the conditions of them.

“The body energy and blood are stagnant, and the air that running in the veins of the whole body is disordered.” Rou Wen said so as she diagnosed their pulses. “There are lots of intangible wounds in these three people’s bodies, with years abuse of wine and excessive eating, their body has decayed inside. If they don’t get immediate medical treatment, they might probably suffer from a cerebral infarction!”

As soon as the Rou Wen’s voice fell, all the students in the class were shocked, their eyes fixed on Kris with an incredible look!

How is this possible?! Why Kris knew all of this be forehand!

Kris ignored everyone’s gaze, he couldn’t help but sigh, and he walked to Rou Wen’s side and said, “Teacher, as for curing them, you can try to use Danshen(a kind of herbal medicine) together with Blood-producing Stasis-dissolving Soup, then feed them, they will get cured! “

Hearing Kris’s words, she blamed herself in the heart. She bit her l!ps and tried to stand up, but her head was dizzy. She shook her head and said, “I…I am feeling dizzy now…I can’t control the heat for boiling the herbal soup, you help me get it done, and I teach you the way…”

As soon as her voice fell, everyone present became even more confused.

Even Teacher Wen was hurt!

Kris agreed.

Soon Kris picked up the medicinal materials and added the medicinal materials to the pot as per the way Rou Wen told him.

Although Kris knew how to make pills, it was the first time he put what he knew into practice!

However, there was a correlation between Danshen and Blood -producing Stasis-dissolving Soup. Kris soon mastered the techniques. Twenty minutes later, the soup was made well, and Kris first poured a bowl for Rou Wen.

After taking the herbal soup, Rou felt that the air and blood in her body, which were originally thick and blocked, became clear.

In just a moment, her dizziness disappeared!

So effective!

Rou Wen hurriedly asked the other students to help Jun Tong, Pan Wang, and Shou Yan to take medicine.

A few minutes later, the three came to senses.

The people present were feeling relieved, like a big rock hanging in the tender heart instantly fell flat to the ground.

However, the class couldn’t go on. Rou Wen asked all the students to go back to the classroom for self-study, but Kris was the only one left. She still had some things to ask him.

Now there were e only two people in this huge place, Kris and Rou Wen. Thinking of Kris’s protection just now, gratitude and affection were rising in Rou’s heart.

“Kris, how did you know that the prescription is wrong?” asked Rou curiously.

Kris thought for a while and said, “I saw it in an ancient book.”

“What book is it?” Rou Wen asked quickly.

“The medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions” is Kris’s secret. He naturally wouldn’t tell Rou Wen. Thinking of this, he said nonchalantly: “It’s been a long time, I can’t remember it.”

“That’s it!” Rou Wen was a little disappointed, but she still said, “If you remember, you must tell me.”

A mistake in the prescription meant definitely a big deal. As she said, sometimes, if one ingredient is wrongly used, and it is very likely that the good combination will become a murderous poison.

Fortunately, it didn’t cause a big mistake this time, otherwise, Rou Wen will live in regret all the life.

Thinking of this, she looked at Kris tenderly and curiously: “Kris, I think you seem to be quite skilled in making medicine. Do you know how to make medicine?”

Herbal medicine is actually very difficult to make. Without a few years of foundation, it is impossible to refine good medicine.

The effect of boiled medicine will be greatly reduced when the fire is running short. She was stunned by Kris’s eloquent operation just now.

As the saying goes, layman pays attention to appearance, but experts focus on essences.

Clearly, Kris is not that simple.

Kris thought for a moment and said with a smile: “I am far from you, teacher because I was constantly frail and sick since I was a child, so I often use herbal medicine and have learned the way to make some medicine by myself.”

Kris’s words were only half true. He practiced Baji Palm(A type of kungfu using hands) since he was a child. He is in excellent good health. He rarely catches a cold.

But it is true that he often boils herbs and makes medicine, and is skilled in this business.

Nodded Rou Wen: “It’s no wonder that you boiled medicine so skillfully just now, that’s because you could control the heat so well. It must not be easy for you to attain such a skill at such a young age!”

Hearing this, Kris smiled bitterly in his heart, he did not know how to reply.

But as the lie had been said by him earlier, and he had no choice but to admit it.


“Actually, hundreds of years ago, our ancient doctors formed a school of their own. In the past, they didn’t boil herbs for medicine, but practiced alchemy! At that time, there was a school called Danzong! The world’s famous Schools were not Six Major Schools but Eight Major Schools. It’s a pity that the Danzong School had fierce fighting with Tianmo School, and finally, both of them disappeared since then.”

Tianmo School? This name sounds like a cult! Kris asked curiously: “Teacher, what is Tianmo School ?”

“Let me tell you this, Danzong used to be the good school’s leader, and Tianmo was the leader of bad cults. At that time, the Sun-Moon Holy Cult and Holy Dragon Cult were like the right and left arms of Tianmo School.” Rou Wen said: “This is a secret, but with so many years few people know about it”

Speaking of this, she paused for a little while then continued: “Now the alchemy techniques of Danzong School have been lost, and the pill-refining ways are also incomplete, so as a result, ancient medicine school was formed then! Like me, I have currently mastered a hundred ways of making medicines. But most of them are intermediate-level ones, like some high-level prescriptions, it’s more difficult to master with my current strength. The most important thing is that some high-level prescriptions have been lost!”

On hearing the Rou Wen’s words, Kris was shocked. It turned out that there was still such a big secret. Doesn’t it mean that he is the only one who can practice alchemy?

His secret book, “The medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions” not only records thousands of pill-refining prescriptions, but also thousands of herbal medicine prescriptions!

It can be said that it is a book that encompasses pills and herbal medicine!

Kris had already thoroughly studied the book after he obtained the book, and every way of refining pill and making prescription was deeply rooted in his mind.

However, Kris must not reveal this secret to others left he would get himself killed by others out of jealousy

His treating Xuan Song at Xiluo Bay the other day, that he refined a pill in front of so many people, Kris was scared as he thought of this!

And Lin Li also knew that he could do alchemy, so she must not disclose the secret to other people, absolutely not!

Rou Wen, on the side, didn’t notice Kris’s changes at all but resumed: “In fact, it’s not difficult to make medicine. As long as you have a good grasp of the order of putting ingredients, proportion, and heat of the medicine, you can make it successful. However, many prescriptions have been lost.”

“For example, God-lifting soup, which can help practitioners improve their stages, was lost hundreds of years ago!”

“It is said that hundreds of years ago, but those who had attained the Back-to-self stage were in great number. It is a pity that today’s so-called pill refined by the six major schools are all inferior products. The effect is greatly reduced.”

Speaking of this, Rou Wen showed an expression of regret.

Kris was speechless for a while,

He knows all of these two(pill refining and herbal medicine making) prescriptions, but making herbal medicine is much more troublesome than refining pills, and it is not easy to carry elsewhere!

Of course, Kris couldn’t say this. He was filled with thoughts about how to prevent his ways of alchemy from leaking out.

At this moment, she said to Kris, “Kris, I think you have a skilled way of making medicine. Would you like to learn to make medicine from me? I will teach you!”

Rou Wen was intended to accept Kris as her disciple. Kris has a good foundation, and he will definitely get twice the result with half the effort when he gets trained!

Learning making herbal medicine?

Kris was stunned, but he knew that was a good opportunity!

Learning herbal medicine refining from Rou Wen can cover up the fact that he can refine pills. Even if Lin Li nags him, he can still teach her refining medicine rather than pill alchemy.

Thinking of this, Kris nodded and said quickly: “Thank you, Teacher, I am willing to learn from you making medicine.”

“Okay!” Rou Wen was also very happy. This was the first time she accepted an apprentice. She thought about it and said: “Two days later, there is a pharmacist competition in Beihai City. Come and see it with me.”

Pharmacist competition?

“Competition?” Kris asked curiously.

Rou nodded and said, “Of course, practitioners have their martial arts competition, and ancient medicine naturally has pharmacist competition. But now the ancient medicine lineage has been integrated into the six major schools, so in order to promote the ancient medicine, every year, the six major schools shall organize a pharmacist competition.”

“Because the Danzong was destroyed and its lineage was broken accordingly, so top pharmacist is very rare, and each pharmacist is achieved by experimenting a huge amount of medicinal materials. Every pharmacist is the most valuable treasure of the school. And training a pharmacist is really expensive, and learning herbal medicine requires both talent and perseverance, which is more difficult than practicing martial arts. This is why pharmacists are rare.”

Kris was deeply impressed by what she said. He has been practicing alchemy for such a long time, and he knows the importance of medicinal materials. He has all the skills, but he can barely do anything because of lack of medicinal materials.

“Moreover, there are rewards for this competition. The more precious the decoction you make, the higher the ranking you will get. The top three pharmacists will be rewarded generously.”

Interestingly, there are rewards!

Kris suddenly became interested and asked: “Teacher, can I participate?”

Rou Wen nodded happily and said: “This time, I have participated in the pharmacist competition. As you are my apprentice, so you can help me then.”

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