Chapter 211: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 211 (1)The Mysterious Villa
The sea was serene in the morning, and seabirds flew up and down to hunt for food. As some of them hovered over, tourists in the yacht fed them with bread crumbs, and took photos with the help of companions.

The yacht landed some forty minutes later, then Kerry came ashore in a hat with his fellow- Nighthawk. They disguised themselves as common tourists in a scenic spot, and made sure that there was no spy on them during touring hour. After that, the two went into the central area of the island and sent pictures which they took in the island. However, Venus denied that she had even seen any scene of them.

“There, brother.” Whispered Nighthawk, whose eyes were fixed on a deep alameda. There were no passers-by along the it, if not any vendors. However, through the lush and tall trees, they could see a mysterious white European style architecture.

“Go and have a look there.” Said Kris, who then put on a pair of sunglasses and whispered, ”Man, can you speak Japanese?”

“A little bit.” Replied Nighthawk.

“Aright, do what I have told you.” Said Kris. Then he uttered naturally several daily sentences in Japanese. As a new hand in Japanese language, Nighthawk could only use some simple words for everyday use. Therefore, whatever Kerry said, he would gave his master the simplest answer like “Yes” or “No”.

When they came closer to the gate of the villa, Kerry cried in Japanese, “Come on, man, I’ll take a picture of you.”

Nighthawk came to understand what he said and stood in a stiff position toward the camera. After a picture, Kerry shook his head and said, “Step back, the light here is not good for a picture, you should step back more. “

Within a second, Kerry got dozens of pictures of the villa through his camera. All of a sudden, the big iron gate of the villa opened and two guys in army green shirt rushed out. Both of they were tanned and strong. Kerry, however, still seemed to engaged himself on taking pictures with his fellow.

“Go away, no sightseeing here!” cried one of them in Chinese, which immediately attracted the attention of Kerry and Nighthawk. Kerry gave the two guys a bow as an apology and said in Japanese, “Can you speak Japanese? I don’t know your language.”

The two seemed still confused and said in their poor English, “Guys, this is not a sightseeing area. We hope you can leave immediately.”

“Sorry to bother you, we are attracted by the beautiful scene here, we will go soon.” replied Kerry in English.

“Go now!” shouted one who pointed at the crossroad angrily.

“OK, OK.” said Kerry. Before he left, he cast again a bow to the two guys and said to Nighthawk, “let’s go somewhere else.”

When they got back the road, it was time for lunch and they found a seafood restaurant nearby. When they entered it, a sexy waitress greeted them and took them for a seat. Kerry took off his hat and sunglasses, then he ordered some local seafood and two cups of ice coconut juice.

When the waitress left, Kerry sent Venus all the picture he took today and turned to his fellow and said, “Man, what do you think about the villa?”

“It should be the residence of Xie.” Replied Nighthawk cautiously.

“If it is, I’ll go into it and have a look tonight.” Said Kerry.

“It’s too dangerous. As I observed in the daytime, there were many monitors installed around that road, let alone the inner area.”

“Don’t worry, man, I can handle it.” Said Kerry. At this point, Venus gave him a phone call and told him that the land they had been in looked really familiar to the place where she was confined. However, she needed more details to testify her speculation.

After the phone call, Kerry glanced at the beautiful waitress who was greeting other guests nearby, and whispered to Nighthawk, “Go getting some information from her.” This, of course, was a little case for Nighthawk. He then kept his stare at the sexy figure of the waitress and the waitress sent him a big smile. When she brought them their meal, he put the tip on the edge of the girl’s skirt in a frivolous way.

The waitress was surprised by the generous customer and said, “Thank you, handsome boy.”

“You are welcome, lady, we are tourists from Japan. Can you recommend us some interesting activities here?”

“Of course, I think you can enjoy a wonderful diving trip in the afternoon, and at night, we have lively skirt dance for tourists.”

“Thank you, lady, you know, we went to an Ocean Museum in the morning, that was a really beautiful place,” said Nighthawk, after a while of hesitation, he pointed to the alameda and asked. “but when I went there to take pictures, someone stopped me and threatened me away, can you tell me who they are?”

The girl looked at the direction he pointed, and the smile on her face disappeared immediately. She looked around vigilantly, then she bent down and whispered, “Don’t go there, that is Xie’s place, he doesn’t like strangers’ visit there.”

“Who is him? The governor here?” asked Nighthawk.

“No, he is more powerful than any governor. Don’t make trouble with him. ” said the waitress. Then she left as soon as possible, perhaps she was afraid to make trouble for herself by what she told them.

Kerry gave a cold glance to Nighthawk and enjoyed the meal with him quietly. When the night fell, they enjoyed the local dance in an open-air bar, and then went back to the hotel one after another.

Late at night, the island became quieter and the wind brought the flesh air of the sea. All of a sudden, a shadow came to the exterior wall of the villa and appeared within a blink in the outer area of the villa.

It was Kerry who sneaked into the villa for an investigation. He crouched behind a tree and carefully observed the house structure and the location where its guards stood. To reach the villa area, he had to pass through a flat grassland and took down four bodyguards with guns on patrol. It might bring him trouble to do so.

As he observed, there was a mysterious room a little far from him, which was the only one without any light. Then Kerry closed his purple eyes and flew into the room like a vapor. Though It was a small room, there were two beds in it. And two young girls were now in tight sleep on beds and their clothes were on the chair besides their beds.

Obviously, a remote location here was living place for the maids. According to the common sense of house structure, the central of the villa might be the dining room, the host’s room should be on the second and third floor of the building. To save his energy, Kerry moved closer to the second floor with his physical strength.

When he came in the living room, he was a little surprised by the delicate Chinese porcelains there, they were all invaluable ones with long history judging from their appearances. Except a big living room, there were only three other ones on the second floor. When Kerry approached one of a room, he gently unlocked the door and pushed it open. It was dark in the room, but Kerry could basically saw there were bed, sofa, wardrobe and bathroom available in it. Judging from the neat bed, the room must be a guest room.

To his disappointment, there was no person in the other two rooms, either. Then he left for the third floor. The third floor was much larger, but there was only one bed room in it. The rest area was occupied by a huge inside swimming pool, the roof on which was made of glass and one could clearly caught the beautiful sight of the starry night through the grass.

The bed room must be on the third floor. Kerry held his breath beside the door of the room, but he could heard any sound therein, even a light sound of breath. Would it a empty room again? After a deep breath, he stretched his hands and opened the door gently. There was no one on the bed, but the quilt was in a mess. All of a sudden, he realized the host must detect his secret visit here, now all he should do was to run away from this villa. However, at this point, the dark room was lit up and a beam of strong light shot at his eyes suddenly.

“A bold thief you are, don’t you know I am Master Xie!” a voice came and a man in pajamas stood still behind the strong light. He looked in his thirties with a strong figure and a handsome half-caste’s face.

“Don’t shoot, I think there is no big deal between us.” Said Kerry, who had to raise his hands to surrender before guns. Now he did regretted about his carelessness since he didn’t watch out to the monitors on the corners of stairs.

“Are you a Chinese? For the sake of your identity, I will give you a chance. Bring him down for me.” Said Master Xie.

Then two armed bodyguards pushed Kerry down to the living room at the second floor. Then Master Xie sent him a chilling stare and asked, ”Now tell me what the hell are you doing here?”

Kerry replied with a cunning smile, “Master Xie, I’ve heard that you got a treasure map, I want to borrow it from you.”

The Master Xie turned a surprising expression immediately, and then he asked in a seemingly confused tone, “A treasure map, I don’t know what the hell are you talking about.”
My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 211 The Mysterious Villa (2)
Kerry gazed at him and tried to find something beyond his appearance.

“Master Xie, stop putting a good face on the evil business you did. The secret that you just robbed a treasure map from Kerry Ye would be exposed today.” Said Kerry.

On hearing this, Master Xie looked more surprised and asked, “Kerry? Do you mean the young guy who owns a great fame in a Sky City?”

“Yes, it’s him,” said Kerry. Master Xie ’s unmoved expression confused him that whether the man around him was real boss for the treasure map or not.

“You mean someone took away a treasure map from Kerry?” asked the Master Xie.

“Yes, and I think it was you who did so.” Relied Kerry.

“Do you have any evidence about the judgment?”

“To be honest, I have been informed that the treasure map was sent to a small island in the Pacific Ocean. So I am sure that this real boss must be powerful in the local, and he should be a Chinese. That is why I take you as the one who took away the treasure map.

Master Xie cast him a sneer and said, “You are too arbitrary on that judgment. There are still many powerful Chinese in the numberless islands of the Pacific Ocean, I am just one of them, and I think you misread me with your insufficient evidence.”

“Are you serious?” asked Kerry, who began to trust what the Master Xie told him.

Master Xie kept the sneer and said, “If I were, I would have thrown you directly into the crocodile pool, then I could make sure that there was one less person in the world who knew the secret. “

On hearing this, a feeling of loss welled up in Kerry’s mind. Perhaps he misread the information he got.

Looking at Kerry’s disappointed expression, the Master Xie said with a mysterious smile, “Good boy, now you get another choice, you should tell me everything about the map, then perhaps I will consider to spare you.”

After hesitation for a moment, Kerry sighed and said in a helpless tone, “You know, I never expect someone would plan to unearth the deal of treasure. However, there was a guy who took away the map from Kerry and prepared to grab the treasure. Someone told me that Kerry’s parents were also the ones who devoted to the treasure searching trip and lost their life. These are why I hold it in my belief that the map can lead one to the treasure land.”

Master Xie continued, “Then do you have any information about the one who took away the map?”

Kerry shook his head and replied, ”No, I don’t have any detailed information about who he is, but I knew one of his fellows whose name is Heng Zhang. ”

“Heng Zhang? ” the Master Xie sank into a thought about the name, “do you know how to spell it in Chinese?”

“No, I don’t know that.” Said Kerry with a shrug. After that, the Master Xie sent him a chilling smile and asked, ”Now do you have anything more to tell me?”

“No, and what on earth will you do to me?” asked Kerry. In fact, he was aware that the Master Xie would never give him a easy go. As expected, the Master Xie called his men and said to him, “Now that you don’t have anything to share with me, I have no reason to keep you here, I think you can be a good meal for the pets I keep in the pool since they’ve been hungry for days.” Then he gave signals to his men to push Kerry into his crocodile pool.

Kerry looked pale about the order of Master Xie and cried, “You should keep you promise.”

“What a naïve guy! I didn’t promise you to spare your life, I promised that I would consider to do so, And you should be badly punished for your breaking into my house.” Said Master Xie with a shrug.

“You are break your promise! You should feel shame about it! ” cried Kerry.

“What are you waiting for, push him into the pool!” shouted Master Xie, who seemed to be enraged by Kerry’s scolds and then ordered his men to take Kerry away. When Kerry was in the fight with his men, Master Xie took a gun from one of them and gave him a shot. To his surprise, Kerry’s figure disappeared like a vapor while the gun burst out a crisp noise.

Master Xie was so surprised about what he saw just now that he pressed his eyes with hands to see if Kerry got away from the room. Then he came to the corner where they were fighting with him and asked, ”Where is him?”

“He was here just now, and now, he should be here, but …” murmured these fighters.

“Pa –” Master Xie gave one of them a heavy slap on the face and cried for the pain caused by the slap, “No way, it’s not a dream. He was just like a ghost.”

The crowd was scared a lot by his word since most of they held it tight that the sayings of God and ghost were the true story. Perhaps Kerry had something to with that.

“Search the whole island immediately and find him.” cried Master Xie.

“Yes, my master.”

At this point, Kerry was running for your life on the street. To hide his track, he went back hotel through the back gate and sneaked into his room.

Having been waiting for him for hours, Nighthawk went forward and asked when he caught the sight of Kerry, “My boss, how is the investigation trip?”

“I think Master Xie is not the one we are looking for.” said Kerry, who quickly took off his clothes in an anxious look.

Nighthawk froze for a while, he felt really sorry the information misled his boss.

Kerry then hided his clothes under the mattress, patted him on the shoulder as comforts for him and said, “It doesn’t matter, man, I never expect that we find him in such a simple way.”

“My apology, boss.” Said Nighthawk.

Kerry went into the bathroom and remove the disguised tools on his face. “It’s not your fault. Listen up, I’ve told the Master Xie the secret about treasure map, when he become crazy about the treasure and tried to grab it, we can take advantage of his force and found the one we are looking for.”

Nighthawk was cheered up by his word and said, “My boss, I will definitely complete the task this time.”

“Have some sleeps now. I think Master Xie will search every hotel after mid-night.”


As he lay on the bed, the purple energy in Kerry’s eyes completely disappeared and returned to the blue color. Though it was more than one o’clock in the night, he couldn’t fall into sleep for his failure this time. Perhaps he relied too much on the number from Venus, and the number might be a temporary one where there was no useful information in it. The real boss was so cunning to hide his track and identity.

It was four o’clock in the morning, noises came to him when he was about to fell asleep. Shouts and screams from women ruined the good sleeps of the whole customers in the hotel.

The door of the Nighthawk’ room was pushed open. Two minutes later, In his next door, Kerry could clearly heard that someone was coming to him. Bang! The door of his room was kicked open.

Two men broke in and turned on the light on the wall. “Who are you? Why did you break into my room? ” asked Kerry in English.

The two men took a good at his eyes for a moment. The one they were looking for was a boy with purple eyes, which was why they left Kerry’s room without a word.

A terrible night it was, indeed. The noisy traffics woke him up after two hours of sleep. When Nighthawk went to check out, he complained to the front desk about the poor public order here. When the waitress bowed to him for an apology, Kerry hurried across them with a hat.

Chapter 211 The Mysterious Villa (3)

After the efforts of a night, Master Xie still didn’t found any useful information about the boy who broke in his villa. He would definitely not let him a easy go, so he deployed his men in the harbor, which was the only way for tourists to come and go.

“You go first” said Kerry in a low voice.

“My boss, you go first, I will cover you if needed.” Replied Nighthawk.

“No, I can take care of myself.” Said Kerry, who pated on his shoulder and told him to go now. Then he turned back to a fruit stand and pretended to be customer there. He took a breath of relief when he saw Nighthawk left safely.

“Are you Chinese?” Asked a tall and thin girl who had gazed at him for seconds. The girl was a little tanned, with a big colorful straw hat and a backpack.

“No, I am a Japanese.” Replied Kerry in English.

“Really? I am a Japanese, too. It’s good here to meet you, my friend. Are you about to leave today?”

“Yes, I am waiting for my boat over there, how about you?” Said Kerry. Now he had a good idea to save himself.

“Me too, I hope we can leave here together.” Replied the girl in an ardent tone.

“It’s my pleasure!” said Kerry in a bow. Then he went to the harbor with the girl. From the talk with her, he got to knew the Japanese name of her was Hideko Yamaguchi and she lived in Hokkaido. When she asked him about his identity, Kerry kept his smile and replied, ”You can call me Sato, Tokyo is the place I stay.”

When they were enjoying the talks with each other, a man stopped him and asked in Chinese, “Freeze, now.” Kerry now had to pretend that he was a Japanese, so he turned a deaf ear to him and continued his conversation with the girl.

The man seemed a little annoyed and took out the gun and shouted, “Now freeze, got it?” Kerry seemed to be surprised by the rudeness of him and bowed as an apology and said in natural Japanese, ”Sorry, man, what can I do for you?”

The man looked a little confused about his Japanese tone. However, the guy was still skeptical about his identity since Kerry’s figure and appearance were too impressive and arose his special attention.

“Where did you stay last night?” asked the man.

“Sorry, I don’t know your language, can you speak in English?” asked Kerry in a confused tone, who then casted him again a bow for politeness. However, the girl stopped the man and said, “This is Mr. Sato, a Japanese gentleman, he doesn’t know Chinese, can you speak English to him?”

“Come here, guys, take a look at that boy.” Said the man. Then his colleague circled Kerry and took careful look at him. It seemed that there were similarity between Kerry and the boy the met last night. However, Kerry didn’t have purple eyes, which was the major feature of the boy they were looking for.

“We have worked a whole night in vain, Master Xie will be discontented about that. What can we do now?”

“That boy was like a ghost, he must run away from here. That is really a hard nut to crack for us find him. ”

When they was about to give up the searching job, one of them stared up Kerry and said, ”Why not take him back, then perhaps our master will spare us.”

“A good idea!”

The girl overheard their plot and warded Kerry off and said, “No way, we are Japanese people, I will accuse you in the Japanese Embassy.”

“Go away, little bitch, we don’t serve the order of the ambassador of Japan, Master Xie is our lord. ” shouted one guy of them.

“But you will break the international laws and ….” Cried the girl. Kerry, however, stopped her and said, ”Miss. Yamaguchi, let me handle it.” Then he took out a wad of dollars and gave them to one of them and said, “Sorry to bother you, I have an important conference in Tokyo, I hope you can let me go for it.”

Though these guys didn’t understand what he said, but they knew the money worked. All of them casted a hungry eye on the dollars and after a while of hesitation, they gave him a way and shouted, “Then go, rich bastard.”

Kerry smiled to them gratefully and left for the harbor. When he embarked on the yacht and was about to leave this island, a Rolls-Royce arrived at the harbor and Mater Xie showed up from the car. He cast a sceptical eye toward Kerry and asked, ”Who is the boy on the board?”

“He is only a Japanese man, though his features resembles that of the boy we met last night, there are still some differences between him and the boy, and he had blue eyes rather purple ones.”

After a while Kerry had left the board before Master Xie took a good look at him. Master Xie felt really confused since he had searched the whole island yet had no results. Would the boy be a ghost as said. No way! Master Xie turned a blind eye to that kind of saying.

“Go finding a man whose name is Heng Zhang for me, and he have been back China recently. Send signals to me as soon as you get any useful information.”

“Yes, my lord.”

At this point, Kerry was having a personal talk with his fellow: “Nighthawk, I think your face are familiar to your face, you should send other men here to get detailed information of the Master Xie.”

“Got it.” Said Nighthawk, who then turned away when Miss. Yamaguchi came near.

“They did scare me just now, but I am happy that you are out of trouble, Mr. Sato.” Said Miss. Yamaguchi.

“Thanks for your help, Miss. Yamaguchi.” Replied Kerry in a grateful tone.

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