Chapter 211: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 211 The road side old man!

Baker Lee, Eva Gray and Flora Lewis took Doris Lee to the hospital to give her a full check-up.

Niu Wang did the inspection himself, and when the result came out, there appeared to be nothing wrong, so they could just take Doris Lee back home.

In the car, Flora Lewis sat in the back seat holding Doris Lee by her arm. “Doris, you want any toys?”

Doris Lee blinked. “Toys?”

Eva Gray turned to glare at Flora Lewis. “Doris has now only the intelligence of a five or six, but she is not a toddler! Who plays toy!”

“Who knows, isn’t it normal of kids of this age to play with toys?” Flora Lewis shrugged her shoulders. “Auntie, what if Doris wants to play?”

“Doris didn’t play with toys when she was a kid, and she certainly will not play with ones now.”

Eva Gray was convinced.

Baker Lee just smiled in response.

“It’s all Colin Ward’s fault,” complained Eva Gray. “If not for him, Doris wouldn’t be like this!”

Flora Lewis was a bit awkward. Doris Lee blinked her eyes and wondered why her mother always said bad things about her uncle?

Baker Lee was frustrated. “He has done a good job, and he also has his own problems to take care of.”

Eva Gray snorted, unapologetically, “He has problems? What kind of man was he who cannot even protect his own wife?”

“Since the first day our Doris married to him, it’s been two years; she has never had a peaceful day; and now he is enjoying his luxurious life as the chairman of Marquis while our Doris is suffering.”

Baker Lee smiled wryly.” But after all, he has saved the life of Doris and was her husband.”

“Hum!” Eva Gray grunted coolly, but didn’t mention anything more about Doris Lee and Colin Ward divorcing.

Eva Gray stopped talking as well. There was a moment of silence in the car.

Suddenly Eva Gray’e eyes lit up as she looked out of the window and yelled, “Hey, is that Dad?”

Baker Lee looked out of the window where there was a long line waiting at the gate of the State Grid. At the end of the line was his father.

Doris Lee was curious. “Daddy’s dad, that’s her grandfather?”

Mr. Lee stood at the back of the line, looking just like any old man in their seventies, with his gray hair, hunchback and old face.

Baker Lee put his foot on the brake and the car stopped abruptly.

Eva Gray glared at Baker Lee and tried to say something, but the sullen expression of Baker Lee made she shut her mouth.

Baker Lee’s grip tightened on the steering wheel as he looked at the hunched figure.

Their relationship had not been very good over the past decades, but such scene triggered his emotion and hit the soft part in his heart.

Over the decades, Mr. Lee’s favoritism to those people, and then his indifference to him and his family, and now his sorehead appearance filled mixed feelings in heart of Baker Lee…

After a while of pause, Baker Lee was about to drive away when Eva Gray suddenly opened the car door.

Baker Lee was stunned for a moment, “you……”

Ignoring him completely, Eva Gray had already got out of the car, and Baker Lee had no choice but to follow her out of the car. Before he got out, he spoke to the backseat, “Wait here, you two, we’ll be right back.

Eva Gray had walked up to him. “Dad, are you here to pay the electricity bill?”

At the sound, Mr. Lee turned his head, mumbling something.

Eva Gray took the bill from the old man hand and read it. “Dad, go home and I’ll pay the electricity bill for you.”

Baker Lee was there, supporting Mr. Lee and calling out, “Dad.

Mr. Lee’s body trembled slightly.

The son he had looked down upon, the son he had tried to distance was now calling him “Dad” like a real son.

“What are you doing here?”

“We are passing by.”

“Dad,” Baker Lee replied, “why don’t you get back in the car with me and leave it to Eva.”


Mr. Lee responded and followed Baker Lee toward the car. “Baker, Eva is a good woman.”

Baker Lee said, “I know, by the way, Dad, how come you have to pay the bill yourself? Where is everyone else?”

“They’re busy.” The old man replied.

Busy, how busy could they to not even have the time to pay the bill?

How was that possible?

It was but when a man was in a low position, what he said was of little effect and no one cared about him even if he was the once most respected father.

Back in the car, Baker Lee put Mr. Lee in the passenger seat.

Looking at the backseat where seated Doris Lee, Mr. Lee was a little confused; although some unhappy things happened before, why Doris Lee looked at him as if he was some strange guy?

Instead, Flora Lewis greeted him, “Mr. Lee.”

“Doris had some accidents,” Baker Lee explained. “She’s a five – or six-year-old kid now. She doesn’t remember anything.”

“What?” Mr. Lee trembled slightly. “How did that happen?”

Baker Lee looked at Doris Lee and gave him a brief account of the accident.

The old man shook his head and sighed repeatedly, “Poor girl…”

Doris Lee blinked and asked, “Are you my grandfather?”

Mr. Lee looked into Doris Lee’s clear and innocent eyes and nodded. “Yes, I’m your grandfather.”

Such scene could never have happened before, but now the old man was full of regret and remorse; all he hoped was the forgiveness from them.

After the accident of him blacking out, Webb Lee thought he would die or, at least, stay in the ill bed for the rest of his life; but except for looking more older and less talkative, there seemed not to be any difference.

Soon, Eva Gray returned after paying the electricity bill and sat in the back seat, next to Doris Lee.

“By the way, here is the money,” said Mr. Lee.

“It is okay.” Baker Lee started the car.

Mr. Lee did not insist.

He is now the chairman of two great groups; money like the electricity bill meant nothing to him.

Baker Lee looked at Mr. Lee and asked. “Dad, are you going back home? I’ll drive you there.”

Mr. Lee nodded. “Thanks.”

“No worries, as your son, it is my obligation!”

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