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“Her husband, I let them go on vacation and relax,” Yvette said hurriedly. She was nervous and felt guilty, so she lied to him.
“Well, it’s better to relax.” Chuck feels good. The employees of his square can actually organize a batch to take a break so that they will work harder.

“Well, husband, I have something to go out now, and I will come back at night.”
Yvette was very tired. She didn’t sleep well in recent days. Even though she slept with Chuck at night and laid on his heart, she usually wakes up in the middle of the night.
There was a lot of pressure on her as she owes 600,000 of”local tyrant”.
She didn’t dare to tell Chuck, she didn’t dare at all, if she said, Chuck would definitely hate her.

“En.” Chuck nodded.
“Husband, am I useless?”
Yvette suddenly felt that she had no confidence, her company was gone and she had only more than 10,000 on her body. Immediately, she had to pay the rent for the place where she rented her own house and she also has to pay the money she owed 600,000 to others.

Yvette looked at the company she closed, and she wanted to cry, but she couldn’t.
“How could it be? What happened to you?” Chuck was surprised, why was Yvette so depressed?
“It’s okay, my husband, I’m out. I will come home to cook at night and we will be ready to eat at home.” Yvette shook her head and walked into the elevator.
Chuck smiled. Since Yvette started the company, she has been very busy. In addition, the relationship between the two was not good, so Chuck hasn’t eaten Yvette’s dinner for a long time. How to say Yvette’s cooking skills are still very good.

Yvette left by elevator. Chuck went to the office of Yolanda. After a brief inquiry, Chuck was ready to go to another place. He got the news that recently there was a new building for sale in the city centre. So, Chuck was ready to take a look.

If he can buy a few sets, then it is also a big investment.
His mother is so powerful, how to be a son is not too bad!
Chuck’s first goal is to be the richest man in China. See when this goal can be achieved. There should be a chance if he works hard.
When he arrived at Yolanda’s office, Chuck frowned because Kristen came again. She was wearing tight jeans. The line was so perfect that the hip line was round like a grinding disc, making it impossible for him to remove his eyes.
When Chuck thought of saving her that night when holding her away, Chuck did not forget that this woman hated him, but the figure was really nothing to say, very good.
Kristen instantly felt sick, her eyes were sick! very disgusting! !
She just stared at Chuck! nausea! It’s all disgusting men! Except for the one who saved her, he would not take advantage of others…
Chuck regrets, what did he do to save her that night? Let you be taken care of by the assistant, he should be watching by the side, to see that you are insulted.

“Where do you see?” Kristen’s voice was cold.
Chuck was too lazy to take care of her. Isn’t this for men?
“No, how many times do you want me to say?” Chuck came over.
Yolanda also explained, but Kristen gave an acquisition plan. She said that if he didn’t sell it, she would buy a place nearby and build a bigger square.

Kristen has her own construction team. She knows how much it costs. She bought the land, which is enough for 780 million yuan.
Chuck heard this and was annoyed at her, staring at her, “Just whatever you want, you can build what you want to build. Anyway, I won’t sell it. I want to sell it to myself.”

“You will sell it to me!” Kristen said as she went out, Chuck smiled, “Is it so fast?”
Kristen stopped and she turned to stare at Chuck, “Wh at do you mean?”
Why does he ask that?
Chuck wanted to tell her that he saved her that day, but when she saw him like this, she would certainly not believe it or she wouldn’t find it interesting.

“Ass…you fell heavily that day.” Chuck smiled.
Yolanda accidentally saw them arguing, what’s the matter with these two?
“Shameless!” Kristen turned angrily and went out. Why are there so many disgusting people in this world??
Kristen felt disappointed with all the men. Isn’t the one who saved herself is a good man?

Kristen really wanted to know who saved her at this moment.
Chuck was too lazy to look at her, and he really regrets saving her. If time could go back, Chuck would definitely not save her, and definitely take the opportunity to kick her.
Yolanda wondered whether to tell Chuck that Yvette’s company has gone?
“Something?” Chuck looked at Yolanda with a lot of thoughts.
“No,” Yolanda felt helpless in her heart. She promised Yvette, how could she say that?

Let Yvette tell Chuck herself.
“Then I will go out,” Chuck said as he walked outside. He saw that the crew outside was still filming. He asked about it yesterday. They will go to another place for filming after two days in the square.
Chuck looked at it yesterday and felt that Zabrina’s acting skills are still very good. This drama should be profitable. At least for Zabrina’s days, the square has a lot of people. Chuck believes that his square will get better and better, but seeing the beauty of the leaves in the filming, Chuck sees Wilbur waiting next to him, his eyes… Chuck was curious. It’s been a week, have you succeeded in getting beautiful leaves?
Chuck shook his head downstairs.

“Cut!” the director Erica Yannes called out.
Because Zabrina had just played the movie when she was acting just now, she saw Chuck upstairs in the corner of her eye, Zabrina had subconsciously watched a few more times as she played.
Zabrina was silent. She walked to the director and said she wanted to take a break. The director was surprised.
“No.” Zabrina shook her head, and Zabrina looked at the place where Chuck left just now…

Kristen got into her car and suddenly the phone rang. She looked at her new assistant’s phone. She did not find a man this time, but a woman, so that incident like this would not happen again.

“Boss, we have found him!” The new assistant’s voice was on the phone.
Kristen’s eyes flashed, “Where? … Well, I’ll come over immediately!”
She put down the phone, Kristen’s eyes have cooled down, “I will give you medicine!”.
Kristen drove to this place.
A piece of ruin.

The assistant was beaten by several people. He opened a room and stayed in a hotel himself. When he was bored, he called a woman, but the woman didn’t come, but a group of people came whom he did not know, but the assistant knew a person among them. These are Kristen’s men!
The assistant just felt terrified, but he felt relieved that he had taken the video which he put in a place, as long as he is not dead, then this video, he will definitely send it to anyone who Kristen knows.
The roar of the engine sounded outside, a car drove quickly, the car stopped, the door opened, and a long leg came out first, it was Kristen.

The assistant sneered, he will surely meet her leg.
Kristen came over with a cold face and flicked him out with a slap,
The assistant blushed, but did not scream, just sneered, “You are here in a kind of mood of killing me!”
Kristen slapped it out again. She really wanted to kill this person. How could he treat herself so much? If it wasn’t him, wasn’t she played by him?

“No more? I tell you, I took your video. You blushed voluptuously. I took it out last night to appreciate it. It’s so beautiful. I took it last night…” The assistant smiled, Kristen didn’t dare to beat him, she also knew she was filmed.

Kristen raised her hand and slammed it out. The assistant bleeds and stared at Kristen angrily. “Let you, give me 50 million, otherwise I will send your video to everyone you know and let them see Your ugliness!”
Kristen stared at him. She remembered being photographed like this when she was drugged, she seemed to have leaked in front of him. Her face was ugly. If these were seen by others, she would really collapse.

“Grab his mobile phone!” Kristen ordered.
“Do you think I will put the phone on my body?” The assistant disdain.
Kristen’s eyes narrowed and the cold light shot out, “The phone is not on your body? I won’t say this first, I will ask you now, who saved me that day!”

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