Chapter 212: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 212 I will get our son back (1)
“You’re welcome. It’s just a thing of lifting my finger.” Yamaguchi Eiko’ s eyes glittered with admiration. She wanted to avoid the silence between them, so she said, “I happen to be going on a trip to Tokyo when I return home, how about taking you out for dinner then?”

Kerry smiled, “I’m afraid I can’t.”

“Why?” Yamaguchi was a little surprised.

Kerry answered with some tenderness, “My wife doesn’t allow me to eat alone with another woman.”

she froze and asked with shock, “You’ve married?”

“Yes, and my child is almost a year old.” Although he hadn’t met him yet.

Almost instantly, as if deflated, Yamaguchi lost all her enthusiasm, whose tone was with disappoint, “Your son must be cute. Excuse me, I’m going to the restroom.”

Kerry politely made a gesture of letting her go. After she left, he turned into a poker face again.

Nighthawk couldn’t help but admire inside as he watched beside him. His boss was still awesome, making her quit so easily. If it was him, he wouldn’t know what to do at all, but he felt that it was because he had too little practical experience.

Sky City

During the days when Kerry was not here, Venus lived a very quiet life. Sometimes at noon she called Xuan Chu to eat together.

“I heard that Kerry has gone abroad?” He asked casually.

“Well, America, for business. But I don’t know what it is, for he didn’t say and I didn’t ask.” Venus said without changing her face. They had talked about their strategies before Kerry left.

Xuan Chu glanced at her, “Are you sure he put the rest of the map in that Jindun company?”

“That’s right.” Venus was positively sure.

Xuan Chu considered for a moment and said, “It’s definitely unrealistic to ask Kerry to take us there to get it, so find a way to ask for the number and we’ll find someone to go in.”

Venus was surprised that it could be this easy.

“Who do you want to do that? I’ve heard the security system at the vault is pretty tight. Will this work?”

Xuan Chu smiled, “At least we need to have a try.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll ask for the number of his case as soon as I can.” Venus pretended to exclaim, “I’ve never thought a vault could be so vulnerable. Is he your men or his?”

Xuan Chu sipped his lemon tea and said, “I’m a businessman, of course he’s the one who uses such tricks.”

“By the way, you have a good relationship with that guy.” Venus teased.

Xuan Chu laughed and didn’t say anything.

Venus continued to ask, “I’m really curious, you, the young master of Hong Kong’s Chu family, have everything you want, so why do you get involved in this crap?”

Seeing she was so naïve, he sighed, “What’s so hard to figure out about this? Don’t you know that people’s desire for money is endless? Everyone loves money.”

Venus really wanted to scold him, “In order to get what you want, you kidnap my son?” But she didn’t say it.

“You really help him a lot, so aren’t you afraid that guy will end up taking all the treasure and not giving you a penny?”

“Impossible.” Xuan Chu directly denied.

Venus was carefully asking, “Impossible? As you just said, man’s lust for money is endless.”

“I believe him.” Xuan Chu said firmly.

Venus was surprised that he actually trusted someone so much, and suddenly she thought of something in her mind, looking at him with a strange gaze, “Xuan Chu, you and him are more than just friends, right?”

Xuan Chu looked up at her without saying anything.

“Really? Really?” Venus got excited.

Xuan Chu was a little annoyed for his secret being spotted. He picked up Mapo Tofu with his chopstick, coldly answering, “You speak too much today.”

This really aroused her curiosity, so she did not pay attention to the tofu and directly put into her mouth. The spicy instantly assaulted her taste bud, making her suddenly back to consciousness.

“Ah, hot, hot.” Venus screamed and drank a large mouthful of water. Until she couldn’t feel it, she blamed Xuan Chu, “Why so annoying? It almost kills me.”

Xuan Chu laughed in amusement, “Mind your own business and no more questions.”

Venus rolled her eyes, “I won’t discriminating against you guys.”

“You still want to say?” Xuan Chu’s face turned sullen, “If you say one more word, I’ll stuff this whole plate of tofu into your mouth.”

Venus immediately shut up, zipping her mouth.

This gossip that she accidentally got today was too shocking. She wanted to share it with Kerry.

After saying goodbye to Xuan Chu, Venus walked towards Yehuang Group. It’s not very far away, so she took it as a way to digest.

Then she took out the phone and sent a message to Kerry.

“Are you busy? Big news!”

However, this message hadn’t been replied as if it had sunk into the sea. Venus thought that he might be busy, but he didn’t know that at this time Kerry had already gotten on a plane and was flying across the Pacific Ocean.

It was already late at night when they landed at the Sky City’ s airport.

Originally, he wanted to stay in a hotel near the airport and ask someone to pick him up tomorrow, but as soon as he saw that message from Venus, he could not wait any longer. Then he directly took a taxi outside the airport.

All the way home, Kerry was wondering what clues she might found that were significant enough to send him a message.

As soon as the taxi driver heard where he was going, he carefully identified him from the rearview mirror. Probably he wanted to chat, so he asked him, “You are Mr. Ye, right?”

Kerry glanced at the driver, and replied with “Yes”.

The driver said excitedly, “It’s you! unbelievable.”

“Do you know me?” Bored anyway, Kerry began to chat with him.

“The earthquake happened a few days ago and the news reported that you donated helicopters to deliver supplies to the disaster areas. That’s why I know you. Nowadays, there are really not many rich people so kind as you.” Apparently, the driver enjoyed chatting. Before Kerry answered, he then kept saying some details about this earthquake, such as the most stricken areas, and the place where the most buildings collapsed. He seemed to know everything.

Kerry didn’t stop him. If he told him that helicopters were for more projects and money, the driver might throw him out.

He didn’t stop all the way. When they arrived at the gate, the driver even didn’t want to take money from him.

Kerry, of course, didn’t care to take this advantage. Seeing the meter was shown 239 yuan, he took out three 100 yuan cashes from the wallet and said, “Thank you for driving me home at night. Keep the change.”

The driver immediately smiled with joy, taking the money and said, “Thank you so much,”

The person on duty at the gate saw it was Kerry, he was surprised for a few seconds, and then quickly opened the gate.

“Young master, welcome back.”

Kerry nodded and strode inside.

Ye’ s house was silent at night, with countless insects using the lawn as a stage to play a grand symphony.

Walking down the road to the villa tonight was extraordinarily different, because there was a sweetheart waiting for him.

Returning to his room, Kerry took a shower to wash off his sweat and dust and then he came to Venus’ s room.

The door had been locked.

But could this door stop Kerry?

The bed was huge, but Venus only slept at the corner. She was on her side with her legs slightly bending, like a fetus. Kerry took off his clothes and slept on her side, placing his hand carefully on her waist. The two looked like two spoons attached together.

Kerry felt comfortable smelling her scent and he soon fell asleep.

In the morning

Venus slept until she woke up naturally. Turning over, she felt her hand on something hot, and sat up in shock from the bed.

Wasn’t that Kerry? When did this guy get back?

Kerry was a light sleeper, so as soon as Venus moved, he woke up. He opened his eyes to see Venus staring at him, who was a little short of breath, with incredulity in her eyes. He grinned and said, “Good morning.”

“When did you get back?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 212 I will get our son back (2)
Kerry Ye stretched and said, “I didn’t wake you up last night because you were sleeping soundly then.”

Venus Mu recalled the purpose of his trip and hastened to ask him, “Have you found our son?”

He lay flat on the bed and shook his head in disappointment, “No, we got the wrong information.”

She was also in a low spirit the second she heard that, “It is not an easy task, I know.”

“But you don’t need to be too anxious about it, Mr. Xie will give us a hand.”

“How so?” Wondered Venus.

Kerry related what happened on the island to her and added, “Don’t worry, we have split up to search that bastard and will definitely find him out!”

“What if we couldn’t find him out?”

“It’s the worst possible outcome.” Said Kerry, “Then you should take the treasure map to exchange for our son when the time comes and I will follow you, getting our child back at an appropriate time. This is the riskiest method.”

“But don’t you say that there doesn’t exist such a treasure map at all?”

Kerry raised his hand to squeeze her smooth face while Venus was still sluggish for her lingering sleepiness and said gently, “My silly little goose, they don’t know it, so I just need to draw a new one for them offhand.”

Venus widened her eyes in surprise. Well, she admitted that that should be a good idea.

Kerry’s gaze alighted on her shoulder.

Feeling a surge of desire induced by the bootylicious woman before his eyes, Kerry put on an unserious smile and said, “I have a secret, do you want to hear it?”

“What’s that?”

He hooked his finger and said in a little hoarse voice, “Come closer, and I’ll whisper to you.”

Noticing the passion burning in his eyes, Venus understood that the man must be planning something else, she got up and refused him, “Well then, keep it for yourself.”

But Kerry took a quicker action, he grabbed her waist and pressed her down on the bed before she could get off the bed.


Certainly, Kerry was unable to control himself as they hadn’t had sex for a few days…

After a good while……

“Still feeling painful?”

Venus turned her head away, pressing her lower lip hard to keep her tongue behind her teeth.

Kerry put her face back, staring at her eyes, and said in a hoarse voice, “Look at me, do you see how much I love you?”

Venus had a glint in her black eyes on that reddish face, making Kerry feel like to drown in them.

“S…Stop!” She snapped at him, but it sounded more fragile in her gasps.

With shivers sent down to his spine, Kerry moved much more violently and teased her, “Why? If I keep silent, how could I know whether you are feeling good or not?”

Venus couldn’t bear to hear it and reached out to cover his mouth……

John the Butler and Mrs. Qin were talking downstairs.

“What? Did you say there is a noise in our Young Lady’s room? Impossible! She’s definitely not that kind of person!” John looked at her with a doubtful face.

Mrs. Qin said with certainty, “It’s true. Think about it, Young Lady should have gone to work at this time, but now she’s still on her bed!”

As she went upstairs to ask Venus to go up for breakfast, Mrs. Qin was abashed by the sounds from inside, and then she quickly ran down to tell him about it,

John was dubious about what she said and thinking about what to do, but found that the car that had just been sent out to pick up the Young Master came back.

“Along, why are you back?”

He went off and said, “The security guard said Young Master had come back last night.”

“Young Master was back? Oh, yes, Young Master was back.” John turned around to look at Mrs. Qin in delight and smiled at each other. Well, no one dared to barge into the Young Lady’s room, wasn’t it?

After the screw was done, the couple caught their breath drenched on the bed, but none of them would like to make a move.

“You texted yesterday that you got some big news, what was that?” Kerry was trying to turn around to hug Venus but only got a slap.

“Don’t touch me, you’re drenched.” Said Venus, “Yesterday I invited Xuan Chu for lunch……”

After telling him their whole talk, Venus asked in high spirits, “Do you think they have an unusual relationship?”

Kerry didn’t realize what she implied, “What’s unusual about that?”

“I figure that Xuan might have a crush on the man with a silver mask. Think about it, how could a powerful and rich man like him come to Sky City and spare no effort to help a friend? It’s quite unreasonable.” Venus deduced, “And as soon as I talked about it, his face immediately darkened, but he didn’t reject and just told me we shall stop talking about it.”

At these words, Kerry, a dull straight man, looked at her with a confused face. He felt that Xuan was obviously interested in Venus, was it because he was too sensitive about it?

“Why do you look at me with that face? You don’t believe me?”

Kerry hesitated, “Do you have any evidence?”

“No.” Replied Venus.

“Is it a bit too arbitrary for you to come to that conclusion merely based on his reaction?” Kerry tried to put with mild words to the greatest extent.

Venus, however, frowned and stared at him, “No evidence is needed for woman’s institution.”

Kerry was speechless. Fine, you’re right.

However, he could trace it accordingly and might get a windfall.


The car was running toward Ling County seventy miles away from the center of Sky City.

Venus was curious, “Where are we going?”

Kerry stopped leaving her in suspense and said frankly, “I’m going to show you a primary school in Ling County we funded that will start construction at 10 a.m. today.”

“So fast? Is it the building depicted on the design you showed me last time?” Asked Venus.

“Yes. It was changed a bit later.”

To be honest, she didn’t expect that Kerry really built a school because she thought that he was just saying.

More than an hour late, they arrived at the remotest school in Ling County.

Venus saw many students in red scarfs, villagers as well as some government officials lined the street to welcome them before they reached the school. Besides, there were a few reporters with cameras and microphones.

Upon their arrival, an official came up and reached out his hand to give self-introduction, “I’m Zhao, the Chief of Ling County. Thanks for coming, Mr. Ye.”

“Nice to meet you.” Kerry gave him a handshake.

Seeing Kerry didn’t introduce Venus, the County Chief didn’t ask about her and directly went to the men beside him, “This is our Village Secretary Ma.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Mr. Ye, we owe you a lot. Thank you very much for funding this school for our children.” Secretary Ma was a simple and honest farmer who wasn’t good at any empty rhetoric, but his trembling hands revealed his excitement.

“You’re welcome.” Answered Kerry concisely.

Venus walked into the school with Kerry. Though wearing simple clothes, the children lining the street had innocent eyes. They looking curiously at the strangers, especially her.

They had never seen such a beauty in delicate wearing in this remote country.

Her gentle smile abashed the children, they dropped their red faces, switching gazes with each other, and raised their heads to look at her as she went by.

There had been five classrooms, an office for a teacher as well as a staff canteen, but all these dilapidated buildings were in ruins after the earthquake.

Fortunately, all students had left the school at that time, otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 212 I will get our son back (3)
Now, the school had gone so that people built a shed to take it as a temporary Education Bureau in the spacious village council. It’s fine in the morning, not too hot, but after noon, inside it was really stuffy and hot.

After a few days of renovation, the collapsed school buildings were all leveled and wired up, just waiting for the announcement of starting work.

At 9:40, the county mayor led the speech, first talking about the disaster brought by the earthquake, and then talking about Kerry. He expressed his sincere gratitude, which was quite harsh to Venus.

In the end, he invited Kerry to speak, who then received a round of applause.

“Good morning, I’m Kerry Ye. I’m very pleased to see you all today. To be honest, I didn’t consider aiding the construction of the school when I made the donation. It was a friend who reminded me. She told me that instead of giving the money to, I’d better do something practical. When I saw the news, I was very sad. You are the future of our nation and your family. If you don’t have access to study, how can you contribute to the country? So, I decided to give you a stable environment, which is my social responsibility as an entrepreneur.”

There was another round of applause.

When Venus heard “contribute to the country”, she couldn’t help but laugh. She was sure that it was because the reporters were present that Kerry said this.

“I believe you have already seen the design paper at the entrance, which tells you what the school will look like by the end of the year. A three-story teaching building, a two-story teacher office building and dormitory, and a large and bright cafeteria. Don’t worry, this construction team I’ve found is one I know very well, and I’ve been working with them for many years, so I can absolutely guarantee the quality and quantity. In the end, I have a wish, I wonder if you can satisfy me.”

“Say it…” Many people said.

Kerry gestured them to be quiet, “I want to change the name of the school, called Chenvi Eementary School.”

After saying that, Kerry looked at Venus. This name meant something.

Venus was stunned for a few seconds, he actually… She was a little touched in his heart again.

After the village secretary asked the villagers for opinion, he said, “Mr. Ye, thanks for building such a good school for our village. And you don’t charge us a penny, of course you can name it. It’s our pleasure.”

“Yes! Thank you, Mr. Ye.” The villagers echoed.

Kerry bent over to thank, “Thank you all.” Then he stepped down from the stage and walked over to Venus, holding her hand and whispering, “Do you like this gift?”

Venus didn’t want to him to find that she was moved, so she said casually, “Well, not bad.”

Kerry still found the happiness from her eyebrows, so he was satisfied.

Mayor Zhao then announced with excitement, “Now, I announce that the construction of Chenwei Primary School officially begins.”

The firecrackers crackled, and Kerry moved the first piece of soil with the shovel, showing the start.

Then, accompanied by Mayor Zhao and the village secretary and others, Kerry and Venus came to visit some simple classrooms. It was already noon and as soon as they entered the classroom, a wave of heat came to them.

“The children here are really having a hard time.” Venus lamented in a small voice. Compared to them, she was really too lucky as a child.

Kerry held her hand, “They’ll be able to have a new school by the end of the year.”

“I forgot to ask you. How much do we need to build this school?”

Kerry said, “About five million. I don’t know the exact number. I’ll let them build first, and then calculate when everything is done.”

Venus ridiculed him, “Rich man. You really don’t care about the money, do you?”

Kerry laughed, “What I spent is our joint property. You are praising yourself.”


Leaving the classroom, Kerry was blocked by several reporters.

“Mr. Ye, can we do a brief interview?” A pretty female reporter asked him.

“I’ve just said everything I want to say and there’s nothing more.” Kerry was still uncomfortable facing the camera.

The female reporter didn’t care if he agreed or not and asked directly, “Mr. Ye, we’d like to know why this elementary school was named as Chenwei School?”

Kerry was quite willing to answer this question, “Because my wife’s name is Venus.”

Reporters were nimble and instantly thought of the reason and praised, “Mr. Ye, your wife is really lucky.”

Kerry smiled, “If you want to know more information about the school, you can ask the construction company. They know better than me.”

A reporter boldly asked, “Mr. Ye, may I ask if the person beside you is Miss Yan who was rumored with you last time? Why do you take her to such an occasion?”

Kerry was about to walk away, but stopped when he heard the question. He looked at the reporter who asked the question with a smile, “Everyone else is concerned about post-disaster reconstruction, but you’re only concerned about my gossip. You’re really a good reporter.”

The reporter who asked the question tensed up, but still looked him straight in the eye and calmly said, “Why not answer my question?”

Kerry easily spread his hands, “Of course I can. Miss Chu Yan is one of the directors of Hong Kong MK Company and an important partner of mine. We have a very good relationship, and the reason that I take her with me today is she, as a Hong Kong compatriot, wants to know more about the mainland. If she is touched, she might also donate the construction, won’t that be a good thing for the children?”

The reporter was disgruntled and dumbfounded, no longer asking.

When the reporters went to interview others, Venus was relieved, “You really don’t flush when you’re talking nonsense. I was so afraid that they’d asked me to answer the question. I really don’t know what to say.”

“It’s all my fault, I should have given you the chance, so that I can see you in panic.” Kerry teased her.

Venus glared at him, “Then call them back.”

“Well.” Kerry whispered, “I’m afraid that you won’t allow me to sleep tonight.”

Venus blushed. She stepped on his feet and watched him frown in pain before she turned away with a triumphant smile.

At noon, Kerry wanted to go back, but was invited by the village secretary to a dinner. Venus had never eaten the dish cooked by villagers, so she was looking forward to it.

Kerry accepted his invitation, as he saw she was radiant with joy.

This was the most remote place in Ling County, with inconvenient traffic. Its economy was mainly based on rice, so the air quality was very good and it’s very peaceful compared to Sky City.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 212 I will get our son back (4)
Mayor Zhao of course needed to accompany Kerry all the way. If he could persuade Kerry to invest here, that would be a big achievement.

Secretary Ma’s home was not far away. The courtyard was paved with bricks and the corner was planted with vegetable. In order to meet the guests, it had been cleaned up.

They went into the living room and the table had been placed on a few dishes, local ones, seeming very delicious.

Secretary Ma warmly greeted everyone and after everyone settled, he rubbed his big hand and said, “I hope you’ll like it. The vegetables are produced by ourselves, with no pesticides. They are very fresh and health. I hope you won’t mind.”

Venus could see that he was a little nervous and said with a smile, “I like it. Thank you for inviting us.”

Secretary Ma didn’t expect Venus to be so soft and grinned, “That’ s good. I’ll go to the kitchen and ask them to be quicker. Excuse me.”

Venus drank the water she brought with her and asked Kerry with her eyes, “Can we eat now?”

Kerry said with a smile, “Well, let’s eat.”

Mayor Zhao and several other officials echoed, “Sure.”

Venus tried some beans, which was sweet and sour, plus its freshness, so it was really delicious.

Then Mayor Zhao brought a bottle of wine, but was directly refused by Kerry, “Sorry, I cannot drink.”

“Well…” He was a little embarrassed.

Kerry explained, “If you have anything to say, just tell me. I do not drink during the day, so as not to influence my work. This is my principle.”

“Oh.” He then put the wine on the floor and said with a smile, “Mr. Ye, perhaps you also know that our economy is not very developed, but the environment is very beautiful, and our government’s policy in attracting investment is very good. If you have time, we welcome you to visit our county.”

As soon as it was about work, Kerry became serious, “OK. I’ll have a professional evaluation team come in a few days. If it’s suitable for investment, I’ll consider it.”

“Ah, that’s really great. Thank you so much. I’ll toast to Mr. Ye with tea instead of wine.” Mayor Zhao said excitedly.

Kerry clinked his glass.

Venus, however, just focused on eating. She tried every dish on the table, which were with fewer oil and salt, tasting good.

When she was eating, a one-year-old child staggered in, with a floral dress and twin tails. She was very cute, blinking her eyes, whose face was ruddy.

She looked at the table for a moment and then came over to Venus, stretching out her hand and babbling as if she wanted her to hug her.

Venus was occupied by her big eyes and bent down to pick her up on her lap, asking softly, “What are you talking about, little princess?”

“Food…” The little girl pointed to the food on the table.

“You wanna eat?” Venus asked patiently.

The little girl clumsily nodded her head.

Venus put a piece of tofu in her little mouth, whose cheeks immediately bulged up, eating happily.

The people at the table were quite surprised, because Miss Chu from Hong Kong basically didn’t speak today, who looked indifferent, so they didn’t expect her to be so amicable.

Only Kerry was feeling a bit sad, maybe she was thinking of her son.

“Niuniu, why are you here? Come on.” Secretary Ma walked towards her and said.

The little girl smiled, and put her hands around Venus’s neck and refused to go.

Smelling the scent unique to babies, she instantly overflowed with mother love, patting her back lightly.

Secretary Ma was apologizing, “I’m really sorry. This is my little granddaughter. Her parents have gone to work in the city and today I’m so busy that I haven’t kept an eye on her. I’m sorry to disturb you.”

Venus smiled and said, “It’s okay. I think this little girl is very cute. I like her, so just let me hold her.”

“Oh, it’s very kind of you. Thank you, Miss Chu.”

Kerry spoke up, “Secretary Ma, don’t worry. She always likes children. Please just let her hold her.”

Only then did Secretary Ma felt it was nothing, “Niuniu is not usually like this. She must be sticking to you because you’re beautiful.”

The little girl let go of Venus’s neck, babbling, “You…are…pretty.”

As expected, people at the table laughed.

“Be good, OK?” Secretary Ma told his granddaughter.

“OK, grandfather.” Niuniu said adorably.

It was a pleasant meal. Venus was focused on helping Niuniu wat, while Kerry was afraid that Venus would be hungry later for not eating too much. He added food to her bowl while chatting with Mayor Zhao and others about the current news of post-disaster reconstruction.

The guests and hosts all enjoyed themselves.

When they were about to leave, Niuniu kept holding Venus’s hand tightly and sent her to the car. Venus was also a little reluctant to leave, so she kissed her on her forehead, “Niuniu, goodbye.”

Niuniu waved goodbye to her with tears in eyes.

Kerry found there was something wrong with Venus, so he held her arms and supported her into the car. As soon as the car started, Venus cried out.

Kerry held her into his arms, comforting in a low voice, “Well, don’t be sad. I’ll get our son back.”

The more he said, the sadder she was, whose tears moistened his shirt, directly flowing into his heart, making it sore and painful.

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