“What are you talking about?” Kristen narrowed her eyes and stared at the assistant with red cheeks.
“You want to know so? I’m afraid that you like the person who saved you!”
The assistant laughed, he heard Kristen asking him this way, he really felt too stunned.

You know that he has been with Kristen for so long and knows Kristen’s habits. Anyway, during the time he knows, Kristen has been single. It is estimated that she has been lonely for too long. She wants to find someone to comfort her.
After all, being saved by heroes, it is women who will spring their hearts.

The more he thinks about it, the more funny the assistant was.
If you knew that the person who saved you was annoying one who peek at you before, how would you react to the person who looked under your skirt?
But how can he say that? Kristen wanted to know, then let him go and give him money, he said.

Kristen raised her hand and gave a slap. The eyes were like ice cubes. “You’d better say it honestly.”
The assistant laughed and thought he was right. Kristen was so anxious to find the person who rescued her. Did she really like this person?
Sure, Kristen has such a hot body, and she was also unconscious. It is estimated that Chuck Cannon has already gotten into her, so Kristen will never forget it.
“I don’t tell you this rescuer. You can never think of it. Money, give me five million on the card, I will tell you, otherwise you will kill me, I will not say!” Assistant sneered.
Kristen stared at him, “You better be honest!”
“Transfer five million to his card!” Kristen ordered.
Kristen’s new assistant immediately did it. Soon, she showed the transfer record to the old assistant.

After the assistant saw it, he laughed more obviously, “Kristen, you spent five million to find this person, so you just want to know him?”
Kristen was very cold and honest, she was a little nervous in her heart. Who would this rescuer be?
She wondered too much.
Souls dream!
The hotel aunt said handsome, young, Kristen was actually very embarrassed. When she was dreaming these days, she dreamed of the person who saved herself, she could not see his face and there’s nothing else.
Both of them are lingering, crazy, and yes, she has been dreaming of spring these days, all because of this person…

“Let me go,” the assistant said.
Kristen frowned, “Let him go first.”
Her new assistant nodded and did so.

The assistant let him go, and he stood up and moved his body. He felt so cool. He felt that Chuck Cannon rescued Kristen. It was quite right. He actually made himself 5 million, and he still has the video in his hands!
“Okay, I will say but you answer me a question first.” The assistant’s eyes glanced at her. He thought that Kristen was given by Chuck Cannon. He was still upset. Such a superb woman should have been her own that day…

“Were you very happy that night…”
Kristen ‘ threw a slap, “Do you want to die?”
The assistant sneered with his hand on his cheek. “It seems so if you want to find him like that, you were in pajamas? Haha… well, since I took the money, I tell you, this person is…”

Kristen was not angry anymore, she was tense and holding her breath, she finally wanted to know who this rescuer was…

Yvette Jordan was in the car, she always had a group in her mobile phone, that is, she had a part-time group before she started a company. Many part-time jobs can be done. She just thought about it for so long, how to make 600,000 this month. What about the money she had to return to “local tyrant”?

She wanted to go and decided to take part-time jobs like sales of real estate, so if the commission is high, she can make a lot of money in one day but it depends on her luck, she just looked for morning work, the job is okay, but the average is simple at work, based on her academic qualifications and abilities, she can easily find a monthly salary of 20,000 to 30,000, but Yvette Jordan is helpless. This money is simply not enough for her to pay back the “local tyrant” in a month.

So she intends to do this, selling real estate, the money to make real estate comes faster, she is now in a newly opened real estate, she has already contacted, also she has previous experience so she can go directly to work in the afternoon, get off work at five in the evening, then she can go back buy food and cook for Chuck Cannon.

She hurriedly ate the pancakes she had just bought, and now she had no money in her hand. She had to save some flowers. After eating, she got off the car. Twenty minutes later, Yvette Jordan put on a sales uniform and started the sales work.

When she was in college, she did this part-time job. At that time, she remembered very clearly. At most, she earned more than 70,000 in a month.
She hope to make more money this month, she can definitely return the money of the “local tyrant” in a month.
Yvette Jordan is confident that this new property is in the center of the city and it is very popular. If a suite is down, it will be millions. If she can sell a few sets in a month, the salary will be a lot.
She was very beautiful in uniform, and when she came out, she envied other salespeople.

“What kind of building do you sell for this figure? Go sell it. Tens of thousands of dollars a night!”
“Yeah, what job do you want to grab with us?”
“Don’t you know? People can sleep with their customers and sell their flats.”
Several female salesmen murmured, Yvette Jordan was very angry when she heard these words, but what could he do? She sighed and stepped aside and began to familiarize herself with everything in this set of properties, so it would be convenient for her to sell the house.
Work hard and everything will be fine!

Yvette Jordan was confident. At this time, a man with a big belly came over and his eyes were shining. He came to buy a house, but when he saw such a superb woman, he had an idea in his mind.
Other salespeople saw this person walking towards Yvette Jordan, they were more envious of jealousy!

“Sir, is it right you are here to buy a house?” Yvette Jordan smiled.
“Yes, I’m going to buy a suite. Please introduce it to me!” The man’s eyes were on Yvette Jordan, his blood was boiling, her figure was really good!

Yvette Jordan immediately introduced with a smile. She was already familiar with the advantages of this real estate. After listening to this man, she waved her hand. He had already paid attention to this real estate. “Beauty, you said it well, so I plan to buy it even I will buy a few sets specifically, you have to sell it.”

“How many sets do you want to buy?” Yvette Jordan was surprised, after all, she hadn’t finished introducing.
“Good…” The man smiled. He had money. He often bought a house and then slept for sale. He slept more than a dozen times before and after. They were all superb, but no one could compare with Yvette Jordan.
So five sets, he is willing to spend money on five sets to sleep with Yvette Jordan.

“Then you want a few sets, I will help you register.” Yvette Jordan was nervous.
“Don’t worry.” The man took Yvette Jordan’s hand. “Beauty, I want to buy a house, but you should take me to see it alone. Five sets, as long as you take me to see.”
The man gave Yvette Jordan an expression she knows.
The smile on Yvette Jordan’s face disappeared instantly. When she was caught by the man, she withdrew her hand and she backed away.

“Please take your own weight!”
The man’s face can’t be hung anymore, what pretend that can’t sleep in five sets? His brow furrowed, “Beauty, are you still abandoning the less? Five sets are more than 20 million, close to 30 million, you can mention more than one hundred thousand, is it less?”
Yvette Jordan stared back at him, “Please find someone else to introduce you!”

Yvette Jordan turned and left, the man was upset, this method was unsuccessful, today he failed, “Beauty, your service attitude is not good, I want to complain to your manager,”. “Manager!”
The man yelled, everyone in the sales department came to see it, and the other female salespeople were watching the excitement.
What is it pure?

Yvette Jordan frowned. At this time, the manager came over. She asked Yvette Jordan to come to work part-time. That was because she took a fancy to Yvette Jordan’s appearance and let her sell the building with her body. The manager was angry and disappointed.

“Sir, I am the manager of the sales department. What can I do for you?” The manager is polite. He knows that this man is very rich in starting a company. He Can’t offend.
“What’s the matter with you? Actually, you invite someone like this to come to work? I think as a manager you don’t want to do it?” The man sneered, he was very angry.
“You calm down, I will let her apologize to you.” The manager smiled and said coldly to Yvette Jordan, “Yvette Jordan, you apologize to the boss!”

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