Chapter 213 – 214: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 213: Why is he here?

Two days later, Kris Chen was awakened early by the phone call of Rou Wen. Kris took a look at the time and found it’s only five o’clock. It’s not yet light outside.

“Kris, Alchemist Competition of Beihai City, begins today. I’m waiting for you at The Academy of Six Major Schools,” Rou Wen said. Then she hung up the phone.

It takes about two hours to drive from Westriver City to Beihai City. “Oh my god, I have to get up now,” Kris thought.

Kris jumped out of bed hastily.


Half an hour later, Kris drove to the gate of The Academy of Six Major Schools, and Rou Wen was waiting for him.

Kris got out of the car and went over, saying, “Miss Wen, let’s go.”

Rou Wen smiled gently and got in Kris’s car.

“By the way, Miss Wen, what’s the exact position of the competition?” Kris asked and opened the navigation.

“It’s held in Tengwang Pavilion of Beihai City,” Rou Wen said.

The Tengwang Pavilion of Beihai City is very famous and is a landmark building in Beihai City.

When Kris and Rou Wen arrived at Tengwang Pavilion, the square in front of the Tengwang Pavilion was already crowded.

In the center of the square are 108 tables. There is a three-legged tripod to refine medicine on each table. In front of the table is a dazzling array of medicinal herbs.

There are tens of thousands of Chinese medical herbs altogether. Kris even saw Moluo Fruit and Tianshan Snow Lotus.

Oh my god!

It’s too much of an exaggeration that there are so many medicinal materials.

Six Major Schools are really wealthy and mighty. Small schools lag far behind them.

Form those medicinal materials, Kris knew Six Major Schools were very attentive to the competition. This competition could be said to be a feast of alchemists.

Every alchemist here is a distinguished guest of other families and schools. There were not only people from Jiangnan province but people from other parts of the country. They came here, for one thing, that’s to make friends with alchemists. Then they could ask for medicine.
As time went on, there were more and more people in the square of Tengwang Pavilion.

Seen from afar, it’s full of heads. Kris saw many familiar figures among the crowd. Bao Cao, Lan Yu, Shen Chu, Fei Yu and so on. It could be said there were people of every influential family of Westriver City.

After all, there were so many alchemists. An acquaintance of one or two alchemists would be a great advantage to the family.

Suppose they can invite an alchemist to provide medicine for their family. In that case, the family will prosper in the near future.

At the same time, Kris followed Rou Wen to the backstage of the competition.

There were 16 competitors of each school of Six Major Schools. Every alchemist has an apprentice alchemist.

Rou Wen was No. 88, an auspicious number.

At 9:20 a.m., a beautiful woman with a microphone walked quickly to the ring. “Good morning, everyone. I’m the host of the Alchemist Competition of Beihai City. The competition is about to start. Before the competition starts, let me tell you the rules of the game.” The host said with a smile.

“There are 108 alchemists altogether. The competition adopts the specialist’s evaluation system, with a full score of 70 points.”

The host paused for a while when she spoke that. “Now, let’s welcome the seven judges.” The host added.

As soon as she said that, Six Major Schools’ six judges went to the stage successively.

They are, namely, Master Shikong of Shaolin School, Taoist priest Qinglian of Wudang School, Master Qingyuan of Emei School, Presbyter Liuzhi Wu of Gaibang School, Presbyter Jian Yi of Wuliangjian School Presbyter Buping He of Huashan School.

The last one that came to the stage is Wantong Qin, the Ancient Medical Association president.

Oh my god, even the president of the Ancient Medical Association was there.

Everyone was looking forward to seeing the president of the Ancient Medical Association.

It’s said the president of Ancient Medical Association is a very beautiful woman, who is known as a medical concubine!

Just when everyone craned their necks to look, a beautiful woman came to the stage slowly.

What attracted people most were her slender legs, which look like ivory chopsticks, and her tight buttock, enchanting figure, and plump bosom.

She has an oval face, slanted eyes, a prominent nose, smallmouth, and arched eyebrows. Her hair hung long in the back. Her beauty is beyond description.

She is Wantong Qin, the president of the Ancient Medical Association.


The men present couldn’t help but swallow saliva.

Oh my god, she is so beautiful!

She is as pretty as a fairy.


The rich audience looked at Wantong without blinking their eyes. The female companions they brought are not as half as Wantong.

After Wantong seated, the beautiful host took a look at the time and said loudly, “It’s time for the competition. Now let’s welcome the alchemists to the ring.”

As soon the host said that the alchemists and their apprentice alchemists walked out of the backstage successively.

Kris and Rou Wen were the 88th to come on the stage.

Almost all the alchemists are male, and only a few female alchemists are all beautiful.

As soon as Kris and Rou Wen came to the stage, there were whistles.

“Oh my god, what a beautiful alchemist!”

“Wow, I didn’t expect Miss Wen is here. She is also a competitor!”

Among the spectators who came to see the competition was quite a few students in her class. As soon as Rou Wen came on the stage, there was loud applause.

“Oh my god, why Kris stands next to Miss Wen?”

At that moment, someone in the crowd shouted.

Then everyone looked over. When they saw Kris was standing beside Rou Wen, they were stunned.

“Fuck, why the live-in son-in-law is here?”

“He must be the apprentice of Miss Wen.” Bao Cao said to Shen Chu, Fei Yu, and others next to him and couldn’t help laughing. Lan Yu frowned and said, “Can you be civilized?”

Lan Yu didn’t come with Bao Cao. She asked for a leave to come here as she knew Master Qingyuan was here. On her way here, Bao Cao pestered her. She had broken up with Bao Cao in her heart.

She didn’t know what Bao Cao and his men were thinking. Do they think it’s humiliating to be apprentice alchemists? Alchemists are honorable, and it’s a great privilege to be apprenticed to alchemists.

If they are able to finish their apprenticeship, they will be alchemists. Even the new alchemists are distinguished guests of all families.

At that time, Lan Yu’s phone rang suddenly. Master Qingyuan texted her and asked her to go to the judges’ bench to find her.

Why Master Qingyuan found her at that time? Lan Yu felt a little strange. But she must go as the presbyter called her to go.

“Lan Yu, where are you going?” Bao Cao asked immediately when he saw Lan Yu stand up. “I’ve got something to do,” Lan Yu said coldly and left.

After Lan Yu came to the judges’ bench, Master Qingyuan held Lan Yu’s hand and introduced Lan Yu to other judges with a smile.

Master Qingyuan was very happy when she knew Lan Yu was in the innate-power stage.

At that moment, the competition has not yet officially started, and the alchemists were choosing medicinal materials. Master Qingyuan took Lan Yu aside and asked her, “Lan Yu, who is the Kris you said last time? Is he here?”

It had been on Master Qingyuan’s mind these days. She’s been stuck in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage for four or five years. If she could get an Obstacle Breaking Pill, she might enter the return-to-nature stage before Yi Fang.

“Uh…” Lan Yu said. Lan Yu has somewhat hesitated. She was surprised that Yi Fang didn’t come this time, and she didn’t expect that Master Qingyuan was here.

Although Yi Fang and Master Qingyuan both are presbyters, Lan Yu has a more close relationship with Yi Fang.

Lan Yu didn’t expect that Yi Fang had told Master Qingyuan that Kris has Obstacle Breaking Pill. “Is he not here?” Master Qingyuan said disappointedly.

Lan Yu bit her lips and pointed not far away, saying, “No, he is here! The No. 88 apprentice alchemist is Kris.”

Master Qingyuan looked at the direction Lan Yu pointed to, and she was overjoyed. She hastened to find Quan Chen and others who came with her.

After Chen’s family’s people knew Master Qingyuan was invited to the competition, the old man of the Chen family asked Master Qingyuan to bring Quan Chen and several men to the competition.

The reason why the old man did that was simple. He just wanted the alchemists of the competition to accept Chen’s family’s invitation to provide medicines for the Chen family for the sake of Master Qingyuan.

Master Qingyuan knew what the old man meant. She gladly accepted what the old man asked in order to return Chen’s family’s kindness. Master Qingyuan didn’t bring Emei School disciples with her because all the disciples were guarding The Academy of Six Major Schools, which is their duty.

Those who came with Master Qingyuan were Quan Chen and his wife and Lei Chen and the other two disciples of the Chen family.

Quan Chen went up to Master Qingyuan and arched his hands with a smile. “Master Qingyuan, what can I do for you?” Quan Chen said.

“Mr. Chen is very kind. I hate to ask this, but would you please invite the distinguished guests of table 88 to me after the competition?” Master Qingyuan swept her Fly Whisk and said.

“The distinguished guests of table 88? No problem.” Quan Chen nodded and said after being stunned for a moment.

After hearing what Quan Chen said, Master Qingyuan smiled and said, “Thank you, Mr. Chen.”

“Don’t mention it. I thought it would be a difficult task. It’s just a piece of cake to invite him over,” Quan Chen waved his hand and said.

Quan Chen was curious about the No. 88 alchemists, who were invited by Master Qingyuan.

After thinking for a while, Quan Chen began to search for the whole ring. He couldn’t move his eyes away when he saw Rou Wen with the No. 88 card.

Oh my god, what a beautiful woman! But he was stunned the next second when he saw Kris was standing beside the beauty. He shouted out subconsciously, “Oh my god, why Kris is here?”

Chapter 214: Are you questioning me?

“Mr. Chen, do you know him?” Master Qingyuan said, looking at Quan Chen with amazement.

Quan Chen’s facial expression changed suddenly, and said, “Master, do you want to invite him over?”

Master Qingyuan nodded and said, “He is the Kris Chen I’m looking for! After hearing the reply of Master Qingyuan, Quan Chen’s face clouded. “No, absolutely no,” Quan Chen said.

At that moment, Jie Liang walked out of from the side, followed by Lei Chen. “Yes, Master Qingyuan, absolutely no!” Jie Liang said.

“Master, you can invite anyone but that beast!” Jie Liang said angrily.

“Why?” Master Qingyuan frowned and asked.

“Because such a beast dishonored my sister-in-law. Master, the Kris you are looking for, was the eldest master of the Chen family, but he dishonored his sister-in-law on the wedding day of his younger brother, so he had been expelled from the house. Master, you should pay attention to such a man worse than a beast.” Jie Liang pointed to Kris and said.

After hearing what Jie Liang said, Master Qingyuan was surprised. “You haven’t got the wrong person, have you?” Master Qingyuan said.

“No, I know him even if he turns to ashes. It is this beast that has dishonored my wife, and I hate that I can’t kill him.” Lei Chen said through gritted teeth. There was a murderous look in his eyes.

Then Master Qingyuan didn’t say anything more. Since the sufferer has said that, it should be true.

Something like that is absolutely a scandal for Chen family, a top family. At the thought of that, Master Qingyuan suddenly felt that her expectations of these days were shattered.

How could such a beast have the precious Obstacle Breaking Pill? It’s probably he coveted Lan Yu’s beauty and cheated her.

Lan Yu was in disbelief.

“How could it possible? How could Kris do such a thing?” Lan Yu thought.

Lan Yu felt her brain was in a muddle. “Why…no…it’s not true. He couldn’t have done such a thing!” Master Qingyuan was sad when she saw the expressions of Lan Yu. “Has Lan Yu been dishonored by him?” Master Qingyuan thought.

The disciples of Emei Schools are all the one-man kind of women. It’s apparent than Lan Yu suffered a great blow when she knew what Kris did.

How could such a beast be a competitor of the Alchemist Competition? That’s an absolute disgrace of the Alchemist Competition.

Just when Master Qingyuan wanted to say something to comfort Lan Yu, the competition began! Master Qingyuan suppressed her anger and went back to the judges’ bench. If she hasn’t been a judge, she would have killed the beast.

Everyone in the world knows the disciples of Emei School are loyal. The beast not only dishonored his sister-in-law but also cheated the senior sister of Emei School. Such an unkind and unjust person should never be spared!

It wouldn’t be late to kill the beast when the competition was over. At the thought of that, Master Qingyuan took a deep breath and suppressed her desire to kill. But the way she looked at Kris was full of disgust.

At that moment, 108 alchemists have already chosen their medicinal materials and went to their tables.

“Distinguished alchemists, now you have chosen the medicinal materials. The competition lasts for an hour, those who can’t finish within an hour will be eliminated directly, without giving any scores.” The host said.

“The winner with the highest score will have a mystery reward. The second and third can get rich medicinal materials as not only reward but also the good advice of the Ancient Medical Association president,” the host added.


That’s a big reward. The advice of Wantong Qin alone was able to make all the alchemists try their best.

“Well, the competition begins,” The host said.

When the host announced the start of the competition, the 108 alchemists got busy. They lit the fire and dispensed medicinal materials. Everything went smoothly.

The competition was in full play, and it’s a visual feast for audiences. There were people videotaped the whole process, hoping to learn from the alchemists when the competition was over.

It’s a good chance to steal the knowledge of alchemists. If they were lucky to get a prescription of alchemists, they’d be rich.

Rou Wen was sure that she would get a good place in the competition. “A moonflower, 3-gram Codonopsis Pilosula, 6-gram semen cassia, 1.5-gram wild ginseng, which is ten years old… add water and seal the tripod, then refine it with medium fire…” Rou Wen said.

Rou Wen asked Kris to prepare the medicinal materials and said the order of refining it. Kris weighed the medicinal materials and placed them in order in front of Rou Wen.

Rou Wen put the medicinal materials into the bronze tripod and then added water and sealed it. When all these steps were completed, Kris asked, “Miss Wen, are you making Energy-empowering Soup?”

Energy-empowering Soup is a mid-level soup, which is only useful for practitioners in the acquire stage.

After taking it, the practitioners in the acquire stage can raise their level a little, but the soup should not be taken more than once.

The foundation of one’s martial art might be damaged if he takes it twice. Energy-empowering Soup will do harm to a person by being over-enthusiastic about him. But for some practitioners with mediocre talents, Energy-empowering Soup is a good choice.

“You know Energy-empowering Soup?” Rou Wen asked in surprise. Although Energy-empowering Soup is a mid-level soup, it’s the highest level soup Rou Wen knows.

More advanced soup is too complicated, and it’s absolutely impossible to make it in one hour.

In this era, when the inheritance of alchemists has been faulted, Energy-empowering Soup is a relatively advanced soup.

The most important thing is that the time needed to refine Energy-empowering Soup is not long. Compared with other soups which need three or four hours, Energy-empowering Soup is very suitable for the competition.

Kris smiled and said, “I came across it in a medical book!”

From the number of medicinal materials, Energy-empowering Soup seems to be a mid-level prescription. However, because it’s a one-time prescription, the author of Thousand Golden Prescriptions (An ancient medicine book) classifies it as a lower-level prescription.

Kris could felt the disgust of the author of Thousand Golden Prescriptions to Energy-empowering Soup.

Nevertheless, to make Energy-empowering Soup, 15 medicinal materials are needed. To be successful in refining, all the properties of these 15 medicinal materials must be melted together.

General lower-level soups only need several medicinal materials. Still, Energy-empowering Soup needs 15 medicinal materials, which is a test of the skills of alchemists.

At that moment, Kris knew Rou Wen just became a mid-level alchemist. According to Thousand Golden Prescriptions, only mid-level alchemists can melt the properties of 15 medicinal materials.

In fact, Kris is also curious about the author of Thousand Golden Prescriptions. Rou Wen said after the death of Danzong, all the techniques of alchemy were lost. But there are thousands of prescriptions of soup and pill recorded in Thousand Golden Prescriptions. There must be a big secret behind it.

Rou Wen nodded, without doubting what Kris said. She turned her attention to the tripod.

Rou Wen just made the Energy-empowering Soup successfully some time ago, and she was not sure she could make it successful this time. But as she was here for the competition, she must get a good place!

Meanwhile, a young man in a plain blue robe, who had been closing his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes.

This young man is Suqing Zhang, a disciple of Wudang School. He is 24 years old. He is the youngest and most gifted alchemist of Wudang School.

He quickly grabbed the medicinal materials in front of him and skillfully put them into the tripod. He weighed medicinal materials by his hands. He could accurately sense the weight of medicinal materials just by feeling.

Oh my god, how awesome he is!

Just as the saying goes, “Dilettante watches the scene of bustle, adept the contents.” Suqing is powerful.

Moreover, according to the medicinal materials Suqing put in, Kris instantly knew what kind of soup Suqing was going to make.

Wudao Soup!

Wudao Soup is relatively rare in the mid-level prescriptions.

Wudao Soup needs 24 medicinal materials. It’s difficult to melt the properties of these 24 medicinal materials.

“It seemed that I can’t look down upon others,” Kris said to himself. At that moment, the fishy smell of medicine came out.

Kris looked at the tripod suddenly and said, “Miss Wen, put more water in it. There isn’t enough water.”

Kris has a keen sense of smell. He knew the water in the tripod was not enough when he smelt it. The control of fire and water are two indispensable factors of refining medicine.

In a way, it’s more difficult to control water than fire.

Too little water will scorch the medicine, and too much water will dilute the medicine so that the properties of medicinal materials can’t be melted.

The properties of medicinal materials can come into full play when water is neither more nor less.

Rou Wen smiled and said, “No. I know what I’m doing. More water will dilute the properties of medicinal materials.”

After hearing what Rou Wen said, Kris put on a forced smile. “Miss Wen, I am not deceiving you. Just add some water,” Kris said. The medicinal materials smelt fishy, which showed the water wasn’t enough.

Unfortunately, the tripod was sealed, and it couldn’t be opened. If it was opened, Rou Wen could see that the water inside it was almost dry.

Rou Wen frowned and said, “Kris, are you questioning me?”


Kris sighed. Others say Rou Wen is gentle, but when you contact her, you will know she is an iron fist in a velvet glove. And she is very opinionated, especially in refining medicines.

“Forget it, I said what I should say. I can do nothing if she won’t listen to what I said,” Kris thought.

Soon half an hour passed, and at least half of the alchemists had been eliminated. In order to win the top three, most of them refined the soup that they are incapable of. The result was obvious. They all failed.

The whole ring was filled with all kinds of nasty smells. In the middle of the competition, Rou Wen suddenly increased the fire and tried to mix the properties of medicinal materials together with a high flame.

One minute, two minutes, ten minutes… Thirty minutes!


At that moment, the tripod in front of Rou Wen gave out the voice of “Sizzle”. Anyone who has ever boiled water knows that’s what happens when a kettle runs dry!

At the same time, a smell of burning came out of the tripod. Rou Wen changed her facial expressions suddenly and opened the tripod immediately.

She was stunned when she opened the lid.

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