Yvette Jordan sighed and took off the work card from her chest. “Manager, I won’t do it.”
She turned away and asked her to sell her property? That was absolutely impossible. She couldn’t do something that was sorry for Chuck Cannon. The five buildings are attractive to her, but she won’t want it.

“What kind of outfit do you pretend? When you came, you said you had sales experience. This is your experience?” The manager couldn’t hold her face either, she scolded.
“I didn’t pretend.” Yvette Jordan shook her head and sighed in her heart.
“Are you fucking, what kind of garbage sales department do you have? This kind of forbearance is recruited? I don’t think your manager really wants to do it!”

The man was even more upset. She originally wanted the manager to force Yvette Jordan to apologize to him, but Yvette Jordan didn’t do it. Who would she want to vent?
He still wants to go with Yvette Jordan!
The manager was a little flustered. This boss has money and may know her boss. It is estimated that she can’t do it in one sentence. She was anxious and immediately stopped Yvette Jordan, “Yvette Jordan, if you say nothing, No, what do you think is here?”
“Sorry.” Yvette Jordan shook her head, and she didn’t want to stay in this place for a moment.

As a manager, is it really good to be so partial to customers?
“Sorry? You don’t apologize to the boss today, don’t leave today!” The manager sneered, her job must be kept.
Men sneer and fight with themselves, why do you? Just wait in bed!
The other female salespersons are looking hilarious, okay, get rid of this roar!
Yvette Jordan frowned and continued walking without paying attention.
The manager was anxious, “Yvette Jordan, your mother is a cheap one! You stop for the old lady!”
Yvette Jordan stopped and she was angry. She came here to sell flats, not to be insulted, not to mention that she did nothing wrong this time because the man was wrong.

“Please speak politely.” Yvette Jordan stared at her.
“Are you welcomed? You’re paralyzed, your mother is poor, and you will be been selling a house for a lifetime. The old man asked you to come to work. Your mother fucked me out? What do you mean? Pretend?” The manager sneered, “Look at you like this, pretend to be pure, don’t you know how many people got caught, and pretend?”

“Shut up!” Yvette Jordan’s eyes cooled.
“Shut up? Shut your palsy, hurry and come over and apologize to the boss, otherwise, you are finished today!” The manager snorted, really a slut who does not see the coffin and does not cry!
“I will not apologize, nor will end it!” Yvette Jordan shook her head.
“Pretend? Look at your poor and sour look, you can’t afford a house in a lifetime, do you still want to fight this boss? Your mother will die of you!” The manager sneered.

Yvette Jordan had a fire in her heart, and she wanted to go over to fight with this manager. It was no big deal, just hit it, but how did she find other jobs in the past few days?
It is estimated that she will be put in the police station, which is even worse.
Helpless, Yvette Jordan’s temper was reduced, forget it, forget it, she was going to leave here.

“Don’t roll over yet?” the manager scolded.
At this moment……
With a ding, the automatic glass door opened and a person walked in. The other salesperson looked at it and was a young man, but he looked good in clothes, but they didn’t know if it was fake.
Of course, it was Chuck Cannon who came in. When he went to the square in the morning, he was ready to come here. Of course, he had to come over and look at the new properties here. This is an investment that will not lose money.

He walked to a place where he was by introduced a model of the real estate. He thinks it is good, mainly because of the good location. If he buy it this year, it will definitely appreciate it quickly. This is a good investment.
Chuck Cannon was so focused that he didn’t even notice Yvette Jordan in the corner.
“Sir, is it right to buy a house?” A salesperson came and introduced that although Chuck Cannon didn’t have much money, he had to receive it.
“How much is the house price?” Chuck Cannon determined. When he came, he knew that the house price was 30,000.
“Hello, thirty thousand.” The salesperson said.
“Thirty thousand? How much is the deposit?” Chuck Cannon asked after considering it.
“Thirty percent of the house price! About one million.” The saleswoman said.
“Well, I’ll order two sets.” Chuck Cannon nodded. He didn’t ask his mother to ask for money. There is some money to be mobilized on the side of the square. Although it is not much, it is not a problem to buy two houses. More than two million is still acceptable, and the follow-up still has to take the money to pay for the rest of the house.

“Okay, please on your side.” The saleswoman was surprised, so fast!
Can’t see it, a little money.
“Old, husband…” Yvette Jordan saw Chuck Cannon, she was stunned, thinking she was wrong, what did Chuck Cannon come to do? Buy a house? Eh, it seems so. Yvette Jordan saw Chuck Cannon and the salesman saying a few words, he would be taken to the place where the salesman paid the money.

“Is your mother sick?” The manager disdained, “I figured it out now? Too late, this customer was received by someone else.”
How is it possible for her? She just heard that Chuck Cannon wanted to make two suites. This deposit is two million yuan. You have come to sell a house. Your husband may have so much money?

It turned out that when she saw the young one, she figured it out!
The manager despised, the other salesmen also disdain, who is it, you come here to work, the husband will not know? Just call her husband by yourself, do you want to be shameless?
The man just now was even angrier! Bitch!
“Husband!” Yvette Jordan was anxious and her voice became louder. At this time, Chuck Cannon heard it. He turned back in doubt and immediately froze.

“Sir, the deposit is here.” The saleswoman said with a smile, glaring at Yvette Jordan at the same time, bitch, robbing customers?
Chuck Cannon shook his head and ignored her. He walked in front of Yvette Jordan and was surprised. Why would Yvette Jordan wear the uniform here? what happened? She said something in the morning, just come here?

Seeing Chuck Cannon’s skeptical look, Yvette Jordan also felt bad. She saw Chuck Cannon just now, and she called Chuck Cannon, but she didn’t consider that she was still wearing a uniform. How should this be explained to Chuck Cannon?
Is it true that your company has gone? Yvette Jordan felt uneasy in his heart and said that Chuck Cannon would definitely be particularly disappointed with himself.

“Wife, why are you here?” Chuck Cannon was surprised.
Manager, the other salesperson was stunned, what? Really her husband?
The female salesperson who received Chuck Cannon just now sneered. It turned out that there was no money, and he pretended to make two sets!
“I…” Yvette Jordan lowered her head.
“What’s the matter? Why don’t you say something? Why did you come here?” Chuck Cannon was anxious. Yvette Jordan was short of money, so she came here to work part-time?
Chuck Cannon understood, and certainly yes, alas, Chuck Cannon sighed that Yvette Jordan was too independent, so why not ask for it?
“Your wife came to make money, don’t you know?” the manager sneered.
Chuck Cannon glanced at her, ignored her, and said directly to Yvette Jordan, “Wife, you go to work first, let’s go back and talk,”
Since Yvette Jordan is here, can’t he take her directly? How bad is that?
“I…” Yvette Jordan sighed in her heart.
How do you get on?
“Wife, I’m looking for you to buy a house. I want to order two sets.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Her husband, you…” Yvette Jordan covered her mouth, what? Chuck Cannon wants to book two suites? The deposit must be at least two million. Where did Chuck Cannon get so much money? With the seven-series BMW and nearly five million sports cars, Yvette Jordan was really ignorant.

“Sir, your wife is not an employee here anymore, she doesn’t do it herself.” Receiving the sales of Chuck Cannon’s woman, she must not let this business be snatched by Yvette Jordan!
“Sir, the deposit is over there!” the saleswoman said.
Chuck Cannon ignored, surprised, “wife you…”
Yvette Jordan’s work ability is very strong, how could he not do it, what happened?
“Her husband, I won’t do it.” Yvette Jordan shook her head, her voice was very quiet, she had no confidence.

Chuck Cannon understood that it must be that Yvette Jordan had been bullied just now, so she stopped, and Chuck Cannon nodded, “Well, my wife, if you don’t, then I won’t buy a house here,”
Anyway, there are other places, go buy the same in other places.
“Her husband.” Yvette Jordan was moved, but if Chuck Cannon really had the money to buy a house here, then if he didn’t buy it, then it would really be a loss.
Yvette Jordan was ready to let Chuck Cannon continue to buy.
However, the saleswoman who received Chuck Cannon was not happy and disdainfully mocked, “Originally, I was forced to play, did you cooperate with your wife?”
“Huh, it’s disgusting, what do we do with us here?” The manager was also angry, who! Is this pair of wonderful flowers?

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