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Chapter 213: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 213 I’ll Take Good Care of Her (1)
It was in an island in the Pacific.

A handsome man was sitting on a beautiful and luxurious couch. When a beautiful woman walked in, he was amusing a small child in a stroller.

“Boss, it seems not peaceful lately.”

The man asked with a smile and without looking up, “What’s going on?”

“Someone is investigating Heng Zhang.” The woman said indifferently.

“Who is it?”

“Master Xie.”

The man looked up then, with the smile on his face fading, “Master Xie? What’s he investigating Heng Zhang for?”

“He seems to know about the treasure map and wants to find you through Heng Zhang.”

The man’s face clouded and he said with a cold snort, “The news spread fast.” But who had leaked the news? Few people knew about this.

“What should we do, boss?”

“What are you afraid of? I’m not afraid of Master Xie, am I? Although he wants the treasure map, he may not be able to get it.” The man said and then looked at the child.

It seemed that he must rush Venus to finish the mission. It was best to get the treasure map before Master Xie came to find him. Although he wasn’t afraid of Master Xie, he didn’t want to be his enemy either.

It was in Sky City.

As soon as Venus had finished the shower, she heard the phone ring. She ran over and saw that it was the man with a silver mask.

After slightly calming down, Venus answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Miss Mu, when exactly are you going to finish your mission?” The man said with angry rarely. Usually, he spoke slowly and with a smile.

Remaining calm and collected, Venus asked, “Isn’t still two months away?”

“Okay, two months. If you dare to delay one day, you will never see your precious son again anymore.”

When he was about to hang up the phone, Venus immediately shouted, “Wait! I want to see my son.”

“Humph, if you want to see your son, get what I want quickly.” The man was in a bad mood, and of course he wouldn’t satisfy her plea. Without waiting for Venus’s reply, he just hung up the phone.

Venus stared at the phone and called it indignantly, but it was already off.

Bastard! Bastard!

Venus was trembling with anger and gritting her teeth as she came and opened the door of Kerry’s study.

“What’s wrong?” Kerry was shocked by her and then put down the papers in his hands.

Venus took a deep breath and said, “That bastard just called me with a very bad attitude. I demanded to see my baby, but he refused.”

Kerry reacted to who the “bastard” was, and got up to comfort her, “He probably knew that Master Xie was looking for him, so he was a bit anxious and angry.”

“Will he hurt my baby?” Venus frowned and was worried.

Kerry didn’t want to let her be more anxious and just said quietly, “Although he is sinister and vicious, the only merit of him is that he will keep his promise and won’t hurt the baby before the deadline.”

Only then did Venus feel relieved, then she said, “God bless him for keeping this merit.”

Kerry grabbed her shoulders and said, “I just know that some of my subordinates have joined the Xie Family to be undercover agents. So when Master Xie has found Heng Zhang, I’ll be informed and go to find him immediately.”

“That’s good.” Venus was much calmer. And only when she looked down did she realize that she was still in her pajamas and hadn’t dried her hair, running in with her slippers on. She was a bit embarrassed, “You go on. I’m going back.”

Kerry did not stop her, because he had a video conference later.

When Venus walked to the door, she suddenly remembered something. She stopped and asked, “Is that sapphire you always put in your machine?”

Kerry laughed suddenly and confessed, “Of course not. I put the treasure map at first, and I only changed it to the sapphire after Xuan Chu came in.”

“Then where did you put the treasure map afterwards?”

“I put it in the safe.”

“F**k.” Venus couldn’t help but burst out. She had searched all over the Ye House, but only didn’t go through the safe again. “Kerry, you’re too cunning.”

Kerry didn’t deny it and just smiled, “If not, you would have already run away with the treasure map. Where can I find you?”

Venus was speechless. She opened the door and went away.

She thought that Kerry was not only a wolf but also a fox. However, there’s no choice but to rely on him now. She hoped she could get her son back safely.


It was early in the morning.

Venus was leaning against the head of the bed, and was dazed for a long time.

When Kerry finished washing his face and brushing his teeth, he saw that Venus still kept the same position she had just been in and with her eyes glazed. He was a little worried, “What’s wrong with you? Did you have nightmares last night?”

Venus regained her consciousness, and said in a bit hoarse voice, “I dreamed about my mom and dad.”

She hadn’t dreamed about her parents for a long time. But last night she actually dreamed about many things from her childhood, such as her mom took her to dance class, and her dad bought her favorite Pooh doll. Every scene was real as if she was experiencing it all over again. But the strange thing was, she actually did not dream about her brother.

Was …… brother still alive?

As soon as she thought that, she couldn’t help but keep wondering if her brother was really alive or not. But if he was still alive, why didn’t he come back for her?

Kerry saw Venus’s change, but he didn’t know what she was thinking. He interrupted her and said, “It seems that you miss them. Why don’t we go to see them today?”

Kerry’s words really pulled back Venus from thoughts, she suddenly grabbed her phone to check the date. She said numbly, “Tomorrow is the anniversary of their death. I actually forgot it, no wonder I dreamed about them, no wonder ……”

Kerry sat on the edge of the bed and hugged her, “You don’t need to blame yourself. It’s because you’ve been so busy lately that you would forget the day.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 213 I’ll Take Good Care of Her (2)
Venus touched her face, “I don’t want to meet them with this face. I’m afraid they won’t recognize me.”

“I’ll go with you tomorrow. Just use your face, and no one will find out.” He had never been to see Venus’s parents since he married her. At first he didn’t care about it, but then he didn’t get the chance. Now it was time to see them.


In the next day, the sky was gloomy, and it seemed that it might rain at any moment. Venus woke up very early and wore a very plain dress and a pair of white flat shoes.

Looking at the uncovered face in the mirror, Venus was actually a little afraid. After wearing the mask for a long time, it seemed that she could hide all the emotions behind the mask.

Kerry knocked on the door, “Let’s go.”

Venus put on her sunglasses and a big hat, hiding her whole face in the shadows. That made her feel at ease and then she went downstairs.

Henry was driving them to the cemetery.

“We will go to the flower shop first to get the flowers. Everything else has been prepared in the boot of the car.” Kerry said.

“Hmm.” Venus replied quietly, and then turned to look out the window in a very low mood.

Kerry didn’t know what to say and tried to hold her hand, but Venus silently dodged.

In such a day, she might remind of Mr Mu. Kerry decided not to make her angry yet.

The car parked in front of the flower shop and Kerry went out of the car to pick up the flowers. When he came back, he was holding a large bouquet of carnations and a large bouquet of daisies.

He put the flowers on the passenger seat, and then Henry continued to drive towards the cemetery.

More than an hour later, they arrived at their destination.

When Kerry took a wooden box from the boot, Henry was going to reach for it, but Kerry rejected, “You just wait here.”

Venus walked forward step by step with carnations in her arms. The summer breeze was blowing her long hair, which was a poignant and sad scene.

When Venus arrived at her parents’ tombstone, she kneeled down and placed the carnations on her father’s stone, saying quietly, “Dad, I’m here to see you.”

Kerry knelt beside her and took the incense burner, incenses, white wax, and a small bottle of wine out of the wooden box.

He seriously lit the white wax, and then lit and inserted three incenses into the incense burner. And finally he twisted the lid and poured some wine on the ground, saying calmly, “I don’t know if you will recognize me as your son-in-law, but I want to say today, Dad, in the days to come, I will take good care of Venus. She will be protected from the pain of calamity and disease, please rest assured.” After saying that, he kowtowed.

Venus quietly watched this, feeling touched and also sad.

In fact, Kerry had no idea that one day he would do this. He was so aggrogant before but now so humble, in order to get Venus’s love.

After kowtowing, Kerry came back to Venus’s mother’s grave, and put down a bunch of daisies. He lit incenses, and took out several kinds of exquisite snacks from the wooden box.

“Mom, please allow me to call you like that. I don’t know what you like to eat, but Venus likes sweets, so I think you like that as well. I am sorry for all the wrong things I have done before, but from now on I will love Venus as much as you do and never let her suffer the slightest bit of grievance. I hope you could bless her safe and smooth in heaven.” After saying that, he also kowtowed. And Venus, who was in a heavy mood, actually felt much better at this time.

Kerry turned to look at Venus for a moment, got up and said to her, “You must have a lot of whispered words with your parents. I won’t bother you. I’ll wait for you on the side of the road.”

Venus nodded.

The wind grew stronger, rolling clouds in from the east. Kerry stood on the side of the road and lit a cigarette, looking at the thin figure kneeling in the distance.

He couldn’t hear what she was saying, but he saw her shoulders begin to shake violently, and her tears hit the ground ……

Taking a puff of smoke, his heart began to tighten.

If he knew that one day he would love this woman so much, he must have been good to her before.

Unfortunately, it is no use crying over spilt milk. He had to bear all the consequences himself of what he had done. So no matter how badly Venus treated him now, he would all accept without any complaint.

The sound of wind with the woman’s cry reached his ears, and Kerry felt his heart was about to break.

Dark clouds filled the sky in an instant, and the dust on the ground was swirled by the wind and was dancing in the air. In the next second, large drops of rain fell. Kerry saw Venus still kneeling and crying. When he was about to walk over, he heard Henry running over with an umbrella in his hand, “Master”.

Kerry took the umbrella and ran towards Venus. Only half a minute, it was pouring .

Venus was sobbing in her own world, seemingly not feeling the rain.

Kerry did not disturb her, but held the umbrella over her head, while half of his body was drenched in the rain.

The rain quickly doused the white wax, and Venus finally regained her consciousness from the grief.

“Mom, I’ll bring the baby to see you and dad next time. You’ll love him.” Venus said in a completely mute voice, “Bye, mommy.”

When she wiped the tears and tried to get up, she lost her consciousness of legs, because she had been kneeling for too long. But fortunately Kerry quickly came to pull her, or she would have fallen to the ground.

“Take the umbrella. I’ll carry you out.” Kerry said quietly.

But Venus refused, “No, you just hold me.”

She didn’t want her parents to feel that she had forgiven this man.

Kerry felt her stubborn, so he just circled her body into his arms and clasped one hand around her waist, “Walk slowly. If it’s hard, just say it.”

Venus’s legs were like over-electrified, numb and sore. She had stamped hard on the ground before she regained a little bit consciousness and then she slowly walked out with the support of Kerry.

They walked very slowly. The heavy rain with the wind continued striking Kerry, but he even moved the umbrella a few more to Venus.

He had just promised that he would prevent her from the disease, so he couldn’t break his promise.

Henry was sitting in the car and watching the direction of the road anxiously. A while later, he saw two shadows appeared in the rain. It seemed they were even tinged with a bit of cold by verdant pines and cypresses and eerie tombstones surrounded.

There were no more umbrellas in the car. So although Henry saw that Kerry was drenched by the rain, he had no way.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 213 I’ll Take Good Care of Her (3)
When they finally reached the car, Henry got out and opened the door for them. Kerry helped Venus sit in, and then collected the umbrella and got in as well.

“Master, Little Granny, please wipe it.” Henry handed over two clean towels.

Venus hasn’t heard this name in a long time, and in this stunned moment, Kerry covered her face with the towel and gently wiped away the rain drops on her face, “Is it cold? Do you want the air conditioning on?”

“No,” Venus took the towel from him, only at this time did her find that half of Kerry’s body was w*t. His black shirt clung to his skin, and water dripped down from the corners. But she was clean except for her shoes, calves and face, where the wind had brought a few drops of rainwater.

She guessed he had just held the whole umbrella over her.

“Wipe yourself.”

Kerry looked at himself and smiled, “The towels probably can’t help. It doesn’t matter. I’m strong.”

Venus didn’t like that, because in case he got sick, she couldn’t help but feel guilty and worry about him again.

“Do you think you are Iron Man? Dry your hair at least.” Venus said, throwing her own towel to him.

Kerry felt a little delighted, and he used the towel to wipe his hair haphazardly. He looked like a furry lion with his hair frizzing up. So Venus always wanted to rub on his head.

“Your eyes are all swollen. Don’t go to work today, and just rest at home.” Kerry said.

“All right.”

The sudden pouring rain in the morning caused many commuters to panic, and the entire Sky City was jammed. Kerry’s car was still as soon as he drove into the city center.

“Sometimes you hate this city, just like right now, when it was pouring, it will be jammed. But sometimes it’s very likeable.” Kerry said quietly looking out of the window, as if he was talking to himself.

Venus was born and raised here as well, and had no less feelings for Sky City than he did.

Suddenly, Venus saw a familiar Bentley parked beside them. She could just see the license plate and was surprised. Wasn’t this Xuan Chu’s car? It was that he came to Sky City and took her to buy it.

“It was Xuan’s car.” Venus turned to Kerry and said.

Kerry leaned in towards her and stretched his head to look at the license plate, “It’s his.”

“Has he seen me?” Venus asked nervously. It would make a big problem if she was seen by Xuan without the mask.

She was worried. When she wore the mask, Kerry would probably recognize her. But when she didn’t wear the mask, she would probably be recognized by Xuan.

“Don’t be afraid. He can’t recognize you behind the car window.”

After Kerry said that, the car was violently hit from behind. He subconsciously hugged Venus to prevent her from hitting the back of the seat in front.

The car from behind tailgated.

It was already jammed with cars driving like snails. However, a BMW actually managed to tailgate. And it should have hit heavily with this strength.

“Master, I’ll go out and take a look.” Henry said and then went out of the car.

“Well, settle it as soon as possible.” Kerry instructed. Once they took much time and were stiil here, Xuan would probably find out because he knew Henry.

The storm had just passed, and the rain was much lighter now.

When Henry came to check the condition, he found the car’s safety carry was fine, but the two taillights were completely destroyed, in addition to a large area of paint rubbed off.

This car was a Phaeton, low-key but luxurious, which was Kerry’s favorite.

Henry cupped hands on his chest, and looked at the woman in the BMW, hooking his finger to signal her to get out of the car.

The woman was obviously shocked, but when she saw the car that she had hit, she was relieved. She then got out of the car.

“Hey, how did you do that? Why did you brake so fast? It caused me to crash into it.” The woman questioned first.

Henry was really speechless. He said, “Lady, we are driving without emergency brakes. It was you who suddenly bumped into our car. Didn’t your instructor tell you that the you should maintain a proper distance from the front one?”

The woman was a bit unpleasant. Indeed she had just accidentally stepped on the brakes as the accelerator. But she just said disdainfully, “It’s just a Passat, isn’t it? I can afford to pay for it.” After saying that, she returned from her car to bring the wallet, and took five hundred yuan to Henry, “Here, it is enough for repairing the car.”

Henry was speechless for that the woman didn’t distinguish the expensive car from the cheap one. And she was so arrogant. He wanted to teach her a lesson, but Kerry asked him for a quick solution. When he was hesitant about taking the money or not, the young man in the next lane poked his head out and shouted, “Lady, open your eyes. This is a Phaeton. And the cars in this series are less than 2.8 million yuan. Five hundred yuan is even not enough for painting.”

The woman obviously did not believe it, “What are you talking? This is obviously a Passat. Do you think that I don’t know the logo?”

The young man laughed, “Lady, you’d better identify all the luxurious cars before you drive on the road. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone identifies a phaeton as a pasta!”

The woman was enraged by his words, and directly ran and kicked the door of the man’s car by her shoes, “Get out of the car now!”

The man was shocked by woman’s action. He got out of his car to check on the car in a hurry. There were some marks on it made by the woman’s shoes heels.

“Are you out of your mind? Why did you kick my car? You are really crazy!” The young man yelled at her.

“You’re the one who is crazy! Have I hit your car? Why are you here teaching me a lesson?”

“I just can’t stand it that you have identified a Phaeton as a Passata. And you just kick my car door after these words?”

It was a traffic jam, and many people were waiting here. Some of them noticed the argument.

Henry was worried and he quickly walked over, “Well, I’m in a hurry. Just give me the money and I’ll leave.”

The woman was completely arrogant. She threw five hundred yuan in the hands of Henry, and then said to the young man, “See, it must not be a Phaeton. Obviously it is a Passat.”

Henry took the money and turned to leave, but was pulled by the young man, “Dude, are you foolish? You can’t leave. No one can leave anyway for the jam. Let’s make this clear.”

Henry didn’t want to get involved in the trouble. So he threw off the man’s hand and said, “It’s yours. I have things to do. However, lady, my car is indeed a Phaeton. The compensation you should pay for is enough for your car.”

Henry’s indifferent tone shocked the woman. When Henry was just about to leave, the most feared thing still happened.

A familiar voice came over, “Henry, it really is you.”

Henry turned and pretended to be surprised, “Mr Chu, why are you here?”

Xuan came over and said, “I’m going to the company.”

Seeing that, in the car, Kerry and Venus looked at each other. After feeling Venus’s panic, Kerry whispered in her ear, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll go out to solve it. Just stay in the car and don’t make a sound.”

Venus nodded her head repeatedly.

Outside the car, Xuan took a look at the crashed place and then looked towards the back window, “Is Kerry in?”

Henry wanted to say “no”, but from this angle, it was easy to find someone in the back seat of the car.

At this time, the rear car door was opened, and Kerry came out from the car. He looked at Xuan and smiled, “What a coincidence. You are also here.”

“It’s quite a coincidence.” Xuan unconsciously took a look at the back window again, wondering if there was someone else, “Isn’t Yan with you?”

Kerry replied calmly, “No, it was raining heavily when we went out, so she didn’t want to go to work.”

“She is really capricious.”

The woman in the BMW recognized Xuan and suddenly felt hopeful, but once she saw Kerry, all the hope disappeared.

She was rich, and she knew a bit about the richest in Sky City. Kerry was one of the richest, and he never showed tender to women.

Thinking the maintenance costs, her face turned pale. She immediately changed her attitude, and went to to Kerry to apologize in a hurry, “Mr Ye, I’m really sorry. I drove carelessly and hit your car. I’m really sorry.”

Kerry glanced at her, “No need to apologize. What’s your phone numbers?”

The woman was stunned, “What?”

“Your phone numbers.”

The woman was frightened to be silly by Kerry’s cold gaze and unconsciously answered.

“Have you remembered it?” Kerry asked Henry.

“Yes, master.”

“Hand the lady all the bills for the maintenance later, not a penny less.”


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