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Chapter 213: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 213 Tie her up!

The little girl shift her attitude immediately and smiled at Colin Ward, : “You sound more reasonable than she was.”

Then, without waiting for Colin Ward to answer, she continued,” I don’t want to complicate the situation. You just give me this number as compensation.”

The little girl held out two of her finger.

Colin Ward and Vanessa Liu opened their mouths in amazement; they thought she was asking for two hundred thousand.

“Greedy girl! Why don’t you go robbing banks?”asked Vanessa Liu,.

Colin Ward frowned. “Indeed, we’ve hit you, but you don’t look wounded. That’s too much you are demanding.”

“That’s too much?” The little girl stared at them with her eyes wide opened; although they dressed ordinary and had come to such a place for dinner, the car they drove did not look a cheap one to her.

Did they just spend all their money on that car? Was that why they were so broke to dine at a place like this?

That made much sense; but what she asked for was just two thousand!

“Well, to drive a car like this, how broke could you be? You brought up the compensation yourself!” The little girl said incredulously.

“Compensation, right? Come on, we’ll take you to the hospital now, and find out how much it’ll cost!”

When Vanessa Liu said about the hospitable she was a bit panic; after all, the plan of her tonight was simply to get some quick money out of them. Honestly speaking, she had barely touched car before she sat on the ground.

“Hospital? I think you try to get away with it, that’s all!” The little girl shouted, “Look at yourselves, look at the BMW, you cannot even spare a coin, penny pincher.”

Vanessa Liu laughed angrily. “I have seen a lot of shameless people like you; I guess you are doing it on purpose, right? You don’t even dare to go to the hospital! I don’t think you are hit by our car in the first place!”

The crowd was abuzz.

“That sounds reasonable!”

“Yes, I don’t see it clearly either, she has been sitting on the ground when I got here.”

“She is not really a racketeer, is she?


The little girl’s face looked awkward at the speculation of the people; then she pretended to be extremely aggrieved: “I’m not a fool, why would I do that. If I get knocked down and killed, what will my parents do? Who could take care of my little brother?”

“They’re all living off me, I am not so stupid to hit a car voluntarily! How can you think of me like that?”

Then she began to cry.

Colin Ward did not know what to do.

Vanessa Liu snorted and did not sympathize with her after firmly believing that she was a racketeer.

The on-lookers, yet, was moved by her words.

“Poor girl!”

“What a misery!”

“Give her some money and end this!”

Colin Ward shrugged his shoulders and said: “200 thousand is really too much, how about we go to the hospital for a full body check before I give you the compensation?”

“What?” The little girl was stunned.

Two hundred thousand?

The people around were surprised as well.

What the little girl demanded was two hundred thousand? Instead of two thousand, or twenty thousand?

Vanessa Liu snorted. “Why the hypocrisy? Why didn’t you look so surprised when you asked for it greedily?”

“You are not even scratched! How shameless of you to demand two hundred thousand! Do you take us as idiots?”

Colin Ward nodded. “Yep, two hundred thousand is a lot.”

Two hundred thousand was enough for a major operation.

The little girl realized that the money they were thinking was two hundred thousand rather than two thousand. They were the real riches!

If they weren’t rich, how could they think that she was asking for two hundred thousand?

She remained unsurprised on the appearance, “I am not talking about two hundred thousand, my wound is not worth two hundred thousand.”

“Do you want two million?” Vanessa Liu mocked.” I am telling you, no way!”

The little girl swallowed her saliva.

“I was talking about twenty thousand.” The girl replied, “I’m not a racketeer, why do I need so much money?”

Colin Ward thought for a second and said: “Wait a moment.”

He remembered that there was some spare cash in the car. It seemed to be a hundred thousand, so he could just get twenty thousand for her right away.

Everyone looked at the cash eagerly?

Colin Ward loaded the money in a black plastic bag and threw it in front of the girl, “twenty thousand, take it and go for a check at the hospital.”

The little girl was thrilled as she saw the money in the bag.

“Thank you, you’re a good man!”

The little girl took the bag, got up, ran away quickly, disappearing into the crowd.

At this time, she did not look like a wounded girl at all!

“Colin Ward, I think we’ve been tricked.”

Colin Ward looked at Vanessa Liu and gave her a wry smile. “Forget about it, it is not a lot of money anyway.”

Vanessa Liu curled her lip. “Not a lot of money? That’s twenty thousand! Well, as rich as you are, it may not be a lot, but not for the others!”

“How about I give you twenty thousand?”

Vanessa Liu rolled her eyes at Colin Ward: “Save it, I’m not here to blackmail you!”

But at the thought of what just happened, Vanessa Liu felt angered. Her reputation as a shrewd woman had been ruined.

Unbeknownst to them both, someone in the crowd was already eyeing them.

The night market is a place of people from different walks of life; rich people would not usually come to a place like this; even if they did, they won’t show others how rich they were.

But Colin Ward gave money to the little girl. Everyone saw it, so did some evil people.

The little girl knew this well, too; that was why she got the money and ran away without further stay.

But even so, the little girl was hunted down.

Down in a dark alley, the little girl ran as hard as she could, holding the bag in her arms, into a shadowy place, only to stop suddenly and step backwards.

When she turned around, intending escape, her retreat was blocked as well.

“Well, brothers, what do you want? The money? You could have it?”

There was no way a little girl like her could deal with so many men by herself.

The man stood in the front spat out. “Give me the money.”

“Here you are, all of them.” The little girl was bowing and scraping.

A slim young man came forward and snatched the bag from the little girl’s hand, “Sir.”

The elder man nodded. “Tie her up.”

The girl was angered by what he said, “What else do you want? I gave you all my money! I have not a penny left!”

“Tie her up!” The elder man repeated.

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