Chapter 214: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 214 Tianye Mu Woke Up From His Coma (1)
Henry returned the five hundred to the female driver of the BMW. If she hadn’t rushed over to argue with the driver in the next lane, she wouldn’t have had to give Kerry more than 200,000 for the repairs.

“Mr. Ye, Why are your clothes so wet?” Xuan looked at Kerry’s wet clothes, puzzled.

The Kerry’s shirt and pants were still wet, though they weren’t dripping. Naturally, he couldn’t tell the facts, so he made up an excuse. “I was just passing by the flower shop, so I went in to buy a bouquet for Yan. When I came out it happened to be raining, and I was far from where I parked,”

“Just let Henry go and order a bouquet of flowers. No need to bother you to buy it for Yan.” Xuan joked.

“The flowers are for Yan, I’d rather buy them on my own.” Kerry smiled.

At this time, the cars on the road began to move slowly. Kerry didn’t want to stay any longer and was about to say goodbye to Xuan, but Xuan said first, “I was going to meet you in the morning to discuss the work. Since we ran into each other, I’ll take your car to your office.”

Kerry couldn’t let him get in the car, so he moved forward to block Xuan’s steps.” “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to talk to me about work earlier? Yesterday the mayor informed me that I was to attend an important meeting ceremony today at 9:30. So I’m not available right now.”

“I’ll meet you at your office after the meeting, okay?”

“The city government is over there, why do you go in the opposite direction?” asked Yan.

Kerry laughed bitterly, “How am I supposed to meet city leaders in these clothes? I’m going to go to the office to change and pick up some files on the way. I guess I’m late for a meeting.” said he. Then he also looked down at the watch on his wrist.

“I’ll see you this afternoon then.” said Xuan.

“Okay, see you later.” said Kerry. “I’ll call you this afternoon.”

As he passed by Kerry’s car, Xuan unconsciously looked in it. He always thought there was someone else in the car.

After Xuan walked toward his car, Kerry walked toward the back door of his car.

Venus was now crouched on the ground and whispered, “Is he gone?”

Kerry sat in, smiling, “He’s gone. You can stand up now.”

“Wait a few minutes.” Venus hugged her knees, still crouched on the ground.

As Henry restarted the car, he saw through his rearview mirror that the female BMW driver was arguing with the guy again, and behind them came a barrage of honking voices urging them to hurry up.

Kerry watched as Xuan’s car turned the corner, and then he said to Venus, “Okay, you can stand up now. He’s already turned the corner.”

Venus relaxed and then sat on the seat. She looked a little pained.

“Are your legs numb?” Kerry asked with concern.

Venus nodded.

Kerry put one of her legs up on his. The move startled Venus and she asked with a raised eyebrow, “What are you doing?”

“I’ll help you rub your leg. Maybe you’ll feel better.”

“Thank you,” Venus said, “but can you rub it gently?”

“Actually, I rub it very gently. You’ll feel better soon.”

Venus was slightly touched by the way he rubbed her legs. “You just immediately made up an excuse to lie to Xuan, and he believed it. You’re good at lying.” Venus teased.

Kerry lowered his eyebrows and gave her a quick glance, “Are you referring to the meeting at City Hall?”

Venus nodded.

“That’s true. I am supposed to go to a meeting at City Hall at nine thirty this morning.” Kerry said casually.

“It’s almost nine o’clock. You might be late.” said Venus.

“Yesterday, I was going to let the vice president to attend the meeting on my behalf, but I promised I’d go with you to your parents’ graves. I’m dropping by for this meeting.”

When she felt her legs weren’t numb anymore, she said, “My legs are much better.”

Then Kerry put her legs down and looked at her, smiling.


Ever since Venus had been to Xiran Xiao’s villa in S City, Tianye Mu had suddenly had consciousness. His body got better slowly, but he never woke up.

Xiran was excited for the first few days, thinking that he was going to wake up. She went over to visit him when she had time, but slowly she lost her patience.

This morning, after the private doctor came to give him a routine checkup, he said to Xian, “The patient’s vital signs are normal.”

“You always say he’s normal, so why won’t he wake up?” Xiran asked angrily.

“There are many reasons, but the most important one is that his brain is damaged. Maybe he can’t feel the external stimuli, so he can’t wake up.” The doctor calmly said.

“Then what else can I do?”

The doctor didn’t have a good idea what to do, but suggested, “You put him in a wheelchair and let him out in the sun.”

“Would that help?” Xiran doubted.

“There’s no better way now. It’s good for his health to get more sunlight.” said the doctor.

“Alright, I’ll try it then.”

After the doctor left, she had someone go buy a wheelchair and then put Tianye into it. She strapped his upper body and arms to each of the wheelchairs. Then she pushed Tianye out of the room where he stayed for a year.

She just introduced her home to him. “Look at the maze. It has a story. When my family built this villa back then, my mom said that this piece of land was good for a maze, but my dad didn’t want it and wanted to build a swimming pool. They fought and argued about it for days. Finally, the designer suggested that both could be built. So now the maze has a swimming pool in it. When my dad waned to do swimming, he had to walk through the maze. But he was always getting lost. Isn’t that funny?”

“That big windmill over there is my favorite. It will spin when the wind blows. Today the wind was so light that the windmill doesn’t turn.”

Just like that for days on end, Xiran had said almost everything she could about the villa, even the miniature botanical garden that Venus had visited. But Tianye just didn’t wake up.

At night, Xiran sat on the swing, with a sky full of stars above her. Looking across the wheelchair at Tianye, she sighed helplessly, “When the hell are you going to wake up? If you don’t wake up, I’m going to throw you back into the sea again. It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled.”

Then Xiran got up and pushed him to the room.

Xiran felt that she could be elected S City’s kindest person of the year for her kindness to this strange man. Fortunately, she was wealthy. Otherwise she would have gone bankrupt from treating Tianye.

The day an earthquake hit the city, she was fishing by the lake, accompanied by the still unconscious Tianye.

When the earthquake hit, a fish was biting her hook. The ground beneath her feet suddenly shook, and she thought it was an illusion, so she didn’t pay attention to it. But when she saw the locked wheelchair moving towards the lake, she threw down her fishing rod and ran to grab it.

“There was an earthquake?” Xiran said to herself.

Then she pulled the wheelchair to a safe zone. The calm lake surface was now rippling with a layer of waves.

Compared to other people’s panic, Xiran was unusually calm. She had encountered many more serious disasters during her travels, such as blizzards, sandstorms, avalanches. She had survived every time. And this she was now outdoors in an empty space, so she had nothing to worry about at all.

Four bodyguards standing at a distance hurriedly ran over, and one of them asked, “Boss, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Xiran calmly said.

She didn’t like to be called “Miss Xiao” because it was very uncharacteristic of her. Since she hired them as bodyguards, she still liked to be called boss.

“Boss, are we going back?”

“There is an earthquake, so everyone should stay outdoors. Why go back?” Xiran said.

The bodyguard looked embarrassed.

Then she waved her hand at them, “I’m fine. You guys do your own things.”

A few bodyguards knew that she had always been brave. She had more courage than a man sometimes, so when they heard her say that, they went back to their posts.

Most animals are far more sensitive to nature than humans. By now, the fish in the lake were getting restless. Even though the aftershocks stopped, the lake was no longer calm. There were constantly large fish leaping out of the water and plunging back in.

“It would be nice to have fishing net now. Then I can catch a lot of fish.” Xiran smiled and then turned her head. She patted Tianye’s shoulder and said, “You stay here. I’ll go pack the fishing rods.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 214 Tianye Mu Woke Up From His Coma (2)
Seeing the three fishes in the bucket swimming restlessly, Xiran Xiao thought for a while. Then she picked up the bucket and put the three fish back into the lake.

“I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll put you back in the lake. Remember don’t take the bait next time.” Xiran said to the fish.

She was supposed to fish for fun. This lake was filled with all kinds of carp that she raised. If she wanted to eat fish, she would choose cod.

Xiran picked up the rod, and the fish that was hooked just now had already run away.

While reeling in the rod, Xiran said to herself. “Where is the epicenter of the earthquake?”

As soon as she finished, the aftershocks came again. They were so strong that Xiran almost fell into the lake.

She forgot to lock the wheelchair behind her. The ground shook and the wheelchair slid quietly down the slope, but it didn’t slide far before the wheel was blocked by a rock.

Xiran quickly loaded the fishing rod, suddenly heard a bang behind her. She turned around and saw the wheelchair fall to the ground, and so did Tianye Mu. His head just hit a rock.

Xiran ran over in stride and shouted at her bodyguards, “Chen, come and help.”

The two bodyguards worked together to help the wheelchair up, and only then did Xiran realize that Tianye’s head was knocked. The blood was flowing from the top of his head to his neck.

“Chen, call the doctor now. You two send him back to his room quickly.” Xiran urgently commanded. She was worried. His brain was already injured, and now he had hit his head on a rock. “Will he never wake up?” she thought.

Tianye returned to his bed. The nurse who stayed at Xiran’s house cleaned his wounds and waited for the doctor.

“Why isn’t the doctor coming yet?” Xiran anxiously asked Chen.

“There was an earthquake just now and the road might be quite congested.” Chen explained.

Xiran forced herself to calm down, “Where is the epicenter?”

“Sky city.”

“Sky city is so far away from us, but the tremors are so strong. The magnitude of this quake must be up to eight.” Xiran said, puzzled.

Xiran suddenly remembered that Yan Chu was in Sky city. She pulled out her phone immediately and called her, but she couldn’t get through at all.

While Xiran was waiting anxiously for the doctor, the doctor’s car finally arrived.

“What’s going on?” The doctor asked her as soon as he got out of the car.

Xiran remained calm and said, “He hit his head on a rock and is bleeding.”

The doctor frowned. After a detailed examination of his head injury, he checked his vitals again. Fortunately, he was okay.

“I suggest it’s best to go to the hospital immediately for a brain ct. now his vitals are normal, but I don’t know how much brain damage he’s suffered.”

“Okay, we’ll go to the hospital now.” Xiran said.

As everyone was busy preparing to carry Tianye to the car, the eyeballs under his eyelids turned. Suddenly the heart rate detector rang. The doctor turned back sharply, and the number on it went straight up from 90 to 110.

“What’s wrong?” Xiran became nervous again.

The doctor stared at that number and was about to give him another blood pressure check when Tianye opened his eyes suddenly.

Someone saw him wake up and screamed, “He opens his eyes.”

“He wakes up? He’s been in bed for over a year and wakes up today after he was hit by the head?” Xiran was excited, but she also was confused.

The doctor was also so excited. He walked up to him, shaking his hand in front of Tianye’s eyes and asked, “Can you see my hand?”

Tianye’s gaze fell on the doctor’s face, and he tried to open his mouth, finding that he couldn’t get his voice to work at all.

“You just woke up and your vocal cords haven’t recovered yet, so you probably can’t make a sound yet. If you can see my hand, blink your eyes.”

Tianye blinked.

“Oh, god, this is a miracle,” the doctor, who was usually used to seeing life and death, couldn’t help but cry.

Then Tianye’s sight fell on Xiran. She had a beautiful face and her eyes were filled with tears.

At this time, she was also looking straight at him, her eyes full of surprise.

“I might’ve seen this girl somewhere before.” Tianye thought in his heart.

This was the first time Xiran saw his eyes. She found his eyes so deep, like a pool of deep water.

“Doctor, do we still have to take him to the hospital?” Xiran asked excitedly.

The doctor was much calmer. He suggested, “You’d better give him a thorough examination. If all goes well, he should receive rehabilitation training. He’s been lying there for so long. He also needs to recover his physical functions.”

“Ok, we’ll take him to the hospital right away.” said Xiran. She commanded her bodyguards. “You guys carry him to the car, be careful.”

Tianye had just awakened, so he could not speak or move. He could only be carried around.

Xiran got into the car and sat on the chair next to him. She looked at Tianye and smiled, “You fell into the sea and became a vegetable. I didn’t expect you to wake up. You’re really lucky.”

As he listened to her words, Tianye suddenly recalled the day he and Kerry fought on the beach.

He and Kerry dueled that day, and then he fell into the sea. He didn’t know anything about it when the seawater flooded into his mouth and nose.

“She saved me.” he thought.

Xiran was probably very happy and kept talking to Tianye.”I can go to travel when you wake up. My friends have been asking me out for a year. I didn’t go anywhere for you. Do you know that you slept for over a year?”

Mutino was shocked by the timing. “I have slept for over a year? What about Venus? Did she leave Kerry?

Xiran let out a long sigh, “I suddenly feel so happy. You’re finally awake.”

Tianye looked at her for a long time.

Actually, Xiran was very interested in this man. But she was a very proud person and would never force anyone to stay by her side. Even if she saved his life, he wouldn’t use that to demand him to stay by her side. She wanted him to fall in love with her so that he would be willing to stay. She didn’t want him to stay with her because he wanted to repay her.

At the hospital, several of the doctors who had treated Tianye ran over to see him when they heard that he had woken up.

“I always thought he wouldn’t wake up, but it seems there are still miracles in this world.” One doctor watched as Tianye entered the CT room.

“That’s what I thought too. He’s so lucky.” another doctor said.

A doctor saw Xiran, and then said, “Miss Xiao, you are truly a dedicated person. In this world, it’s also rare for someone to treat her boyfriend so well.”

Xiran just smiled and didn’t reply. They actually mistook Tianye for her boyfriend.

The doctor began to check on Tianye‘s body. Probably he had just woken up, so he was still physically exhausted and he fell asleep halfway through the check.

In the evening, he was finally carried back to the car.

“The patient is recovering well. The blood clots that had been pressing on his brain nerves actually dissolved. His other aspects are also normal.” The doctor said to Xiran, “I’ve given him some medicine. When he’s able to stand up, he’s going to do some proper exercises, which will be good for a quick recovery.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Xiran said sincerely.

“I should thank you as well. Thanks to your efforts and patience, I have a chance to see a vegetable revive with my eyes in my lifetime. It’s inseparable from your careful care.” The doctor said with emotion.

Xiran smiled, and then said goodbye to the doctor.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 214 Tianye Mu Woke Up From His Coma (3)
Back at the villa, Tianye Mu was already asleep. Xiran ordered someone to carry him to the bed, and then she left.

Tonight, even if there was an aftershock or a downpour, she would sleep soundly.

She had a dream. In her dream, she went to Iceland to see the aurora borealis. Tianye held her in his arms. He went with her on every trip since then.

When she woke up the next day, Xiran looked at the ceiling and stared for a while before getting up. She wanted to go see Tianye quickly.

After a quick freshen up, Xiran ran to his room. He was looking out the window at the sky. Hearing her footsteps, he turned back to look at her silently.

Xiran smiled and said, “You can have some liquid food now. Someone will bring your food over later.” Then she left his room.

Tianye suddenly wanted to call out to her, but he couldn’t make a sound now. He felt that she was a very cute girl.

For the past few days, Tianye had been actively working with the recovery training. Even if his leg muscles were hurting, he endured it. When he stood up for the third time to prepare for another lap, Xiran stood up from the rattan chair. She brought the coffee to him, “You just woke up, so you better rest more. The intensity of your exercise is not conducive to your recovery.”

Tianye held out a finger, indicating that he would have to walk another lap.

“Alright, you’ll be allowed to walk one more lap, or I’ll just knock you out.” Xiran smiled lightly, but she was serious.

Tianye turned his head to look at her slender back and thought in his heart, “I must amaze this woman.”

After a slow walk around the lawn, Tianye sweated profusely and sat across from Xiran, panting slightly.

“Do you want some water?” asked Xiran, and then she gave him a cup of water.

Tianye took the water and tilted his head back and drank it all.

Clearing his throat, he tried to make a sound, “Thank you.”

This was the first thing he had said since he had awakened. His voice was hoarse as if he had been filled with the hottest sand. Xiran wasn’t very surprised that he could suddenly vocalize. Tianye’s perseverance and endurance had shocked her too much these past few days. She was used to his unusual behavior.

Then Xiran pointed at herself and said, “My name is Xiran Xiao.”

Tianye stared deeply into her eyes and said word for word in that broken voice, “Xiran Xiao.” It was as if he wanted to carve her name into his heart.

Xiran had heard countless people call her name. Only when he said her name, she had a special feeling.

She dipped in her coffee cup and then wrote her name on the table.

Tianye Mu watched carefully, and when she finished writing, he said, “I remember it.”

“What’s your name?” Xiran smiled and asked.

Tianye reached out and dipped his hand into the coffee as well, then wrote his name under her name.

“Your name is Tianye Mu?”

He nodded.

“I remember that too.” She looked into his eyes and smiled. Many men she’d seen before were either too concerned with appearances, or they had a scholarly air, or they were very arrogant. Tianye, on the other hand, seemed physically frail, but wild. She liked this kind of hormonal man. As for who pushed him into the sea, it was none of her business and she didn’t care either.

After two more days, Tianye was already able to run three large laps around the villa. His muscle strength was growing rapidly, and he could talk fluently.

From the gossip of the other people at the villa, Tianno knew that Xiran had done a lot to take care of him and save his life. Although she only said that he had delayed her travel plans for a year, but Tianye knew that she had spent a lot of energy and money in rescuing him without any remuneration. He would always remember her kindness.

The thing that attracted him most about Xiran was her temperament. It was as if she was interested in everything, but she looked at everything as if it was boring.

He had heard of Xiran before. He originally thought she was just an ignorant girl from a rich family, but he didn’t expect that she was such an interesting girl. Tianye didn’t have a woman he liked, and yet he wanted to be near her.

After doing the last set of rehabilitation training, Tianye was drenched.

“Mr. Zhou, where is Xiran?” Tianye asked. He felt so familiar with her that he never called her Miss Xiao.

“She went swimming. It’s her habit.” said Mr. Zhou, the butler.

Tianye was a bit confused. “I didn’t see a swimming pool here.”

Mr. Zhou pointed to a maze not far away and smiled, “The swimming pool is inside the maze. If you get out of the labyrinth, you’ll find her.”

After observing the maze for a long time, Tianye found the two-meter high maze with a very mysterious design. He suddenly found it very interesting.

“Please wait a moment.” Mr. Zhou called out to Tianye who took two steps and then gave him a cup of fresh lemon honey water. “She likes this.”

“Thank you.” said Tianye.

Mr. Zhou’s thoughts were simple. Xiran was interested in Tianye, so he tried his best to help Tianye win Xiran’s affection for him. After spending a few days with Tianye, he admired Tianye’s ability to endure hardship.

Tianye entered the maze without the slightest hesitation. At first his path was blocked for every fifty meters he advanced. Slowly he was in less of a hurry and drew a diagram of the places he walked through in his mind. The more times he was blocked, the clearer the pattern in his mind became. After ten minutes, Tianye smiled calmly and closed his eyes to follow the feeling in his heart to move forward. The closer he got to the center, the clearer he heard the sound of waterfalls

When he realized that his sight was wide open and heard the sound of water stop, he opened his eyes.

In the pool, Xiran was floating on the water in a bathing suit, looking at him intently.

“Good morning.” he said.

Xiran looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “Why do you come here?”

“I bring you lemonade.”

“If you catch up to me, I’ll drink it.” Xiran said.

Tianye placed the lemonade on the table next to him and stripped straight into the water.

“How do we compete?” he asked.

Xiran took a glance at the perfect muscular lines of his body, and then said, “We’ll start here, then we’ll swim back.”


The two of them each occupied a swimming lane. Tianye waited for her to get ready and shouted, “One, two, three, go.”

As soon as the words came out, the two people were like two big fish leaping out quickly.

Xiran had won the national championship in collegiate swimming. Nevertheless, on the return, Tianye left her behind.

He was the first to reach the finish line, and Xiran was only a second or two behind because of her late exertion.

Leaping out of the water, Xiran touched a handful of water droplets on her face and said quite excitedly, “You’ve just recovered your strength, but you swam faster than me.”

Tianye looked at her unmade up face and said modestly, “You have swam several laps just now and expended a lot of energy on it, that’s why I won.”

Xiran thought about it and then said. “Then we’ll compete again tomorrow. I’ll definitely beat you.”

“Ok, it’s my honor.”

Xiran was ready to go ashore when suddenly she was hugged around the waist. Before she could react, Tianye kissed her on the lips. Tianye’s kiss was as hot as a volcano erupting, making her impossible to refuse him.

She was just stunned for two seconds, and then she hugged his head and kissed with him. She loved the taste of him so much.

Tianye clasped her slender waist and pressed tightly into himself, while Xiran used her two long legs wrapped around his waist.

The first time they kissed, their passion almost brought the pool of water to a boil.

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