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Chapter 214: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 214 What a coincidence!

The little girl cursed loudly, “You bunch of shameless little gangsters, how dare you tie me? Do you know who I am! I’m Bailee Liu, Bald Liu’s blood sister!”

“If my brother knows about it, you are all done!”

The elder man paused for one second. He knew about Bald Liu; but he was bid to do so;

“Tie her up!”

“What are you doing?” The girl panicked. “Oh, my God! How dare you tie me? Aren’t you afraid my brother will chop you up?”

“You are so full of crap, shut her up!”

Elder man gave order.


Bailee Liu was gagged with a cloth while her limbs had been firmly tied.

Colin Ward went into a small supermarket nearby where he could buy cotton candy for Doris Lee.

Vanessa Liu sat in the car and waited.

Moments later, a figure appeared at the window and knocked.

Vanessa Liu didn’t think twice before rolling down the window, only to see a knife reach inside and be held against her neck. “Don’t yell or I’ll kill you!”

Vanessa Liu was too scared to speak.

While Colin Ward walked out of the market and saw the man in his tall figure, he walked up and asked, “you……”

Before Colin Ward finished speaking, he saw Vanessa Liu in the car being held up to her neck by a fruit knife. At the same time, the other hand of the man was also holding the fruit knife against Colin Ward’s stomach.

“What do you want, mate.”

“Cut the crap and get in that van.”

Both of them had to do as told.

As soon as he got in, a large bag was placed over his head as someone from behind tied his feet and hands up; in the dark, he could only feel the engine start of the car.

Baker Lee and Eva Gray had been busy in taking in old Mr. Lee back to his villa in Lanbo Port.

The old man walked into the villa, very excited.

Lanbo Port Villa was the dream place for the whole Tianbei City!

The Lee family was no exception; they had been hoping the success in business would move their whole family in here?

But it was finally achieved by his most disliked and despised son.

“Dad, this is also your home from now on.” Eva Gray Laughed.” Your room would be on the first floor, given your difficulty in walking!”

They had cleared up the guest room on the first floor.

The old man’s eyes were welled with tears; he nodded, “Good, good, thank you……”

“It’s also you home.” Eva Gray smiled and led Mr. Lee to his bedroom.

Flora Lewis realized that it was her time to leave as well. “Uncle, it’s getting late. I’m going home and I will come see Doris tomorrow.”

Baker Lee nodded in approval while Doris Lee grabbed Flora Lewis and wouldn’t let her go.

“Uncle will be back soon. He will be with you later.”

“But uncle hasn’t come back yet.” Doris Lee said ruefully, meaning Flora Lewis would have to wait until Colin Ward came back before she could leave.

Colin Ward and Vanessa Liu were taken to a room with their heads covered; someone threw them in a room before shutting the door.

After a long silence, Colin Ward was getting a bit worried and shouted, “Vanessa Liu?”

“Yes!” Vanessa Liu replied.

Colin Ward waited for some extra minutes before taking off the cover on his head.

So did Vanessa Liu.

They looked at each other, then around.

It was an empty room; there was nothing except for a table and several chairs not far from them.

The light bulb overhead was old and dim;

“Are they going to just leave us here?”

Colin Ward looked at her curiously. “Aren’t you afraid?”

Vanessa Liu rolled her eyes at him, then motioned him to untie her. Colin Ward started untying her bit by bit, clumsily as his own hands were also tightly tie.

When they were both free, Vanessa Liu said playfully: “This is the second time.”

It was only after she said this that Colin Ward remembered that it was not the first time that Vanessa Liu had been tied up.

Vanessa Liu asked Colin Ward.” Why aren’t you afraid?”

This was a kidnapping! And he was a rich guy with no strength to protect himself. He should be panic.

“Because I know we’ll be safe.” Colin Ward had given Gerd Ward his GPS information; and as long as he disappeared, Gerd Ward would find him. So he wasn’t scared at all.

In fact, even if there were no Gerd Ward, he would not be afraid; after all, this was not the first time he was on the edge of life and death.

Vanessa Liu wondered, “How do you know?”

“We’ll see.”

Suddenly the door was opened and a woman with her hands tied and also a black bag over her head was thrown in.

She was still cursing.

“I told you I’m Bald Liu’s blood sister, are you deaf?”

“My brother knows I’ve been kidnapped, you are all doomed!”

“Set me free. I would show you some mercy and spare your lives.”

“Easy, what’s wrong with you?

Colin Ward and Vanessa Liu looked at each other in amazement; they had recognized the voice; it was the girl who had cheated them out of the twenty thousand.

Unlike the little poor girl she had acted to be earlier, she was now more like a spoiled kid.

After Bailee Liu was thrown in and the door was shut again.

Bailee Liu shouted through the door: “Hello! Someone untie me! What is it about locking me up?”

For a long time, no one responded.

Bailee Liu mumbled a few more words before removing the cover from her head and seeing the faces she least wanted to see.

Bailee Liu laughed obsequiously, “What a coincidence…”

“Yup, coincidence!” Vanessa Liu replied.

Bailee Liu laughed again and rolled her eyes. “Are they after your money? Then why do they tie me up as well? I have no money! All my money is from you! Just tie you!”

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