Chuck Cannon frowned and Yvette Jordan was also angry. She could be wronged but she didn’t want Chuck Cannon to be wronged.
“What did you say?” Yvette Jordan stared at the two of them.
She didn’t know where Chuck Cannon’s money came to buy a house but since Chuck Cannon came in, he certainly didn’t come in to play. He really came in to buy a house because he didn’t buy it for her own reasons.

“Pretend? It’s not enough for your husband to act?” The manager sneered. “I said, you come to sell a house. How could your husband have the money to buy a house here? Very simple words can explain, that is to force! “
“Yes! Just pretend to be!” The female salesman who received Chuck Cannon also ridiculed, making her happy just now, bitch!
“Shut up, my husband has the money to buy a house because I did not buy it.” Yvette Jordan was angry.

“Then you let your husband buy it. If you don’t buy it, you just pretend.” The manager said.
“Talk about who won’t say, the key is to give money, you say he can afford it, then cash or credit card?” The saleswoman smiled with sarcasm.
Chuck Cannon glanced at both of them, “I said not to buy.”
“Huh, huh, huh!”
The saleswoman mocked, “If you don’t have money, you won’t have any money. What else do you say you don’t buy? Is it necessary? What pretends to force you?”
Chuck Cannon frowned.
“Yvette Jordan, don’t think if your husband is here, it’s okay. I want you to apologize to your boss in front of your husband!” The manager was cold and had no money, and she would not give Chuck Cannon any face.

The man came over and smiled, “Boy, let me go, your woman will apologize to me!”
Yvette Jordan was anxious, “Husband, he just made me…”
Chuck Cannon understood that this man’s eyes were lascivious, and he must have taken a fancy to Yvette Jordan’s figure. He wanted Yvette Jordan to sleep with him and then buy a house.
“Hurry up!” the manager scolded!
“Come on, or I will find someone to interrupt your husband’s leg!” The man said, staring at Chuck Cannon disdainfully, a person who can’t afford a suite, he could kill you with just one finger!

“Of course, if you obediently take me to the house, then I will let your husband go, or I will ask you to set five suites, what do you think…” The man laughed, so you can still refuse?
Yvette Jordan stared at him.
But before the man finished speaking, hey screamed, his fat body fell to the ground, and he screamed while covering his stomach.
The manager and other salespeople were dumbfounded.
Chuck Cannon grabbed a chair next to him and walked over, his eyes very cold.
“You fucking dare to hit me…” The man got up and was extremely angry!

But how could Chuck Cannon give him a chance? The chair was so smashed, how could the man carry it, and soon passed out, the manager and others were shocked, “What are you doing? You hit someone? The door is closed, you are over!”
The manager panicked, this is the big boss and was actually beaten like this? This is stupid. Don’t know that the boss can kill you in one sentence?
Chuck Cannon put down his chair and walked to the manager, slap!
Chuck Cannon slapped her, the manager fell to the ground, and Chuck Cannon was too lazy to take care of them and left with a stunned Yvette Jordan. Chuck Cannon had to figure out what was happening to Yvette Jordan. How did he come here to work part-time?

“You hit someone and still want to go? Fuck!” The manager got up, let Chuck Cannon go, she was really miserable.
She came to pull Chuck Cannon. Chuck Cannon kicked her back and practiced boxing several times. This kind of woman, Chuck Cannon played casually.
“Ouch!” the manager screamed and rolled on the ground. “Come here, don’t stop them!”

How dare other salesmen come up, after looking around, Chuck Cannon already took Yvette Jordan to the door.
The door opened and a cold-looking woman walked in. After seeing her, Chuck Cannon frowned, what was she doing here? Buy a house?
That’s right, Kristen actually came here. Chuck Cannon was so surprised. Is she also looking at the house here for investment?
“I will buy all the remaining houses!” Kristen took out a card.

The salesperson in the sales department is dumbfounded. Why are you here today?
“Did you hear it? Swipe!” Kristen’s voice was particularly cold.
The manager climbed up with her stomach covered. She hurried over to receive. As she walked over, she stared at Yvette Jordan and Chuck Cannon. A pair of people would wait for her to settle the bills. She squeezed out her smile, Chuck Cannon will be beaten just now. Slap, it makes her smile particularly ugly, Kristen frowned, “Change someone else!”
“I’m the manager here.” She said embarrassedly. She could see that Kristen had noble clothes worth hundreds of thousands, especially her bag, which was one million in a limited edition. It must be bought. She had to be careful to receive all the remaining houses!
What is Yvette Jordan and Chuck Cannon? Poor ratio!

“What about the manager? Substitute!” Kristen said.
The manager’s face was suffocated with redness. She had no choice but to let other people come to receive it. Someone soon calculated all the money. Kristen just gave a credit card. Someone took the card and swiped the money.
It was finished soon, the manager was shocked, so rich? Hundreds of millions!
The other salespersons were dumbfounded. Such a local woman is rare.
Yvette Jordan was particularly surprised. She knew that there were more than forty remaining rooms, all of which were bought. How much is this?

Chuck Cannon is too lazy to ignore, this woman is a lunatic, how can one buy so many houses at once?
Chuck Cannon was going to take Yvette Jordan away, but the manager came over, “Stop! Don’t you want to go today!”
Just kidding, beat the boss and want to leave?
“Blindly, throw him out,” Kristen said.
The assistants she brought immediately nodded and lifted the man who had passed out, and the manager was dumbfounded. “Boss, he is…”
Kristen didn’t even look at her. She came to Chuck Cannon and she stared at Chuck Cannon!
That’s right!

The assistant said that the person who saved herself was Chuck Cannon. She didn’t believe it, so when the assistant said it, she immediately asked several new assistants to beat him, but he still said so.
Kristen felt bad, how could it be him? She thought that when she woke up, she was sitting in a thirty-dollar hotel and was still sitting in a cold water basin. If it wasn’t Chuck Cannon, how could someone else not pity on herself?

Kristen felt sicker the more she thought she was saved by someone he hated? And also touched?
Her instant thought was to confront Chuck Cannon. But she hesitated, she was disgusted. Chuck Cannon also saved her!
If you just beat him like that, wouldn’t it be an act of revenge?
She was particularly entangled and after thinking twice she decided to return this favor.
Yvette Jordan’s eyes are dull, she doesn’t know this woman, but why is she staring at Chuck Cannon like this?

“Is it you?” Kristen asked Chuck Cannon staring, she was nervous, it was disgusting, if it was Chuck Cannon, she would really feel sick, because when she dreamed in the past few days, the dream was lingering with the person who saved herself, then didn’t she dream of Chuck Cannon?

“What are you?” Chuck Cannon didn’t want Yvette Jordan to misunderstand. If it was said, let Yvette Jordan know that Chuck Cannon rescued her, Yvette Jordan would doubt if she was drugged. What happened at that time, really wouldn’t she? Chuck Cannon did nothing at the time.

“I found that assistant, he said you saved me,” Kristen said.
“Sick, I don’t know what you’re talking about, do you think I’ll save you?” Chuck Cannon shook his head, he couldn’t admit it anymore. He regretted it more. What did he do softly at that time? Let her be insulted!
Kristen is like ice cubes, she also doubts, how could Chuck Cannon save herself?

But Kristen saw that Chuck Cannon was too calm, then it should be him. Kristen was disgusted and entangled in her heart, she was really saved by him!
“I don’t owe any favours. You came to buy a house. Well, I bought all the remaining houses. You can pick 20 of them!” Kristen said this on her purpose.
Yvette Jordan froze.
The other salespeople were also stunned, and their jaws would fall to the ground. Twenty sets? Is this more than 60 million? ?
The manager’s heart is shaking, is Chuck Cannon so powerful? Let a woman give 20 suites willingly?

Chuck Cannon frowned, how could he want her house? He shook his head, “You are mistaken, I am not the one to save you, you should go find someone else! … Wife, let’s go.”
Chuck Cannon took Yvette Jordan out, and Kristen stared at him, “Stop, it’s definitely you, one yard to one yard, I won’t owe you any favours, saying, what do you want?”
Don’t want a house, no matter how good, money, I can always give you money!!

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