Chapter 215 – 216: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 215: The competition

The medicine… all went burnt!

It’s done, it failed! But how was this possible!

Rou Wen’s face instantly turned pale. How could this be?!

This was not the first time her refining Energy-empowering soup. From the medicinal materials to the heat and volume of water addition, the proportion was evenly handled. This was a result of all her valuable experience based on the previous refining.

Was she wrong? Did it need more water?

At this time, Rou Wen cherished lots of regrets. If she knew such a bad outcome would happen, she would have listened to Kris and added more water.


Kris sighed, walking to her, saying: “Teacher, take it easy!”

Rou raised her head suddenly and said to Kris with red eyes: “Kris, I’m sorry, I…I should have listened to you!”

At this time, the other alchemists who were eliminated from the game all gloated over Rou Wen.

“Teacher, it’s OK!” Kris said,” There is still half an hour to go, I will select more medicinal materials, and then I will help you refine the medicine!”

“What, he wanted to help me refine medicine?”

What kind of medicinal soup could be made in half an hour?

Was it Blood-activating and Stasis-dissolving Soup he made two days ago?

Thinking of this, Rou Wen suddenly became anxious. If she made this kind of low-level decoction in the Pharmacist Competition, she would definitely be a laughing stock.

“Kris, forget it, I give up!”

It’s better to surrender to failure than being ridiculed by others. Anyway, the Pharmacist Competition will be held every year, and she could participate in next year.

Besides, she is a pharmacist. If her apprentice helped her win the competition, others would think of her as useless.

“Teacher, trust me!” Kris turned to look at Rou Wen, reassuring her.


Rou wanted to say something, but when her eyes met Kris’s gaze, she nodded and subconsciously said, “Good, you go ahead!”

After getting Rou Wen’s approval, Kris quickly walked to the stage and began selecting medicinal materials!


At this time, the judges on the bench for this competition couldn’t help but exclaim.

What was Rou thinking about? They just could not figure it out. Did she want to restart refining new medicine?

Oh… how could this be possible! Not only the judges, but the pharmacists who were eliminated were also looking at Kris in disbelief.

“Damn it, Rou Wen asked her apprentice to choose the medicine materials, was she going to refine the medicine again!”

Everyone thought Rou Wen wanted to try the second time, not Kris, because this little apprentice was not qualified to refine medicine.

So everyone subconsciously thought that it was Rou’s idea to try again!

There was still half an hour before the end of the competition, and it was obviously too late for her. Wantong Qin, who was sitting on the first row of the bench, wore a look of regret mixed with some admiration.

This spirit of not admitting defeat until the last minute was still worth praising. And those alchemists who lost the competition with depression were not worth mentioning in Wantong’s eyes.

Suppose an alchemist does not have the perseverance and not to admit defeat. In that case, it is impossible to climb up to a higher level.

As Wantong was giving praise to Rou Wen in heart, the next scene stunned her!

She saw that after Kris had chosen the medicinal materials, he walked straight to table No. 88. He placed the medicinal materials on the table in order, then lit the fire, added some water, and put the medicinal materials into the medicine pot in order!


Kris’s action caused an uproar in the audience!

So crazy, pharmacist No. 88 was crazy, she even asked her apprentice to refine medicine… wasn’t this a joke?

A little apprentice would have taken the place of a great pharmacist to refine medicine, which was something that has never happened in previous competitions.

At this time, the audience was confused, and everyone’s eyes were fixed on Kris!

“Fuck, this guy should have taken Ms. Wen’s place to make medicine.”

“This boy is crazy? What does Teacher Wen think?”

“It’s ridiculous!”

Many people took the video and posted it online, and then Kris became popular again!

The forum of the Six Major Schools was filled with comments mocking Kris.

“Kris, get out of here!”

“It’s a shameful thing, he is merely a little apprentice, how can he replace Teacher Wen to make medicine!”

At this time, other competitors on the stage also looked at Kris, their eyes full of mockery.

They thought No. 88 pharmacist was a piece of trash, and she even asked apprentice to refine medicine, totally ridiculous!

“Dingdong, time is up.”

At this time, No. 8 pharmacist rang a bell to at her side to signal that her soup medicine was successfully refined!

Contestant No. 8 was a female disciple of the Emei school.

Step by step, she took the soup to the judges’ bench and put the soup medicine on the table.

The beautiful hostess handed her the microphone quickly: “Hello everyone, I am Yao Guo from the Emei school. This is Jiuyang Soup! This decoction is the secret medicine of Emei school, after taking it, it will help strengthen the practitioner’s inner energy!”


Increase internal energy?

On the spot, many practitioners looked at Jiuyang Soup with longing eyes.

For practitioners who are of the same practice stage, apart from the exercises and martial arts, what counts most is the internal power(energy/strength).

If two practitioners of the same level fight, it would definitely be the one with strong internal strength, which wins.

“Not bad!” Master Qingyuan smiled and nodded, and looked at Yao Guo with admiration: “This Jiuyang Soup is Emei School’s secret medicine. I didn’t expect that you could have successfully refined it. You did a wonderful job.”

Several other judges also nodded. This Jiuyang Decoction is good, combining the power of fourteen medicinal materials.

Although this decoction is only effective for practitioners in the acquired stage, the medicinal effect is also very great! Lifting the tripod’s cover, there was a burst of heat, and the people around felt a wave of heat coming out!

“Okay, wonderful, I didn’t expect that your medicine refining technology has reached such a higher level! The power of medicine converting into inner energy, this Jiuyang Decoction, has seventy percent of its medicinal power.” At this time, the Shaolin School Master Shikong praised her.

Seventy percent of medicinal power means that 70% of the medicinal power of the 14 medicinal materials is combined in Jiuyang Decoction.

The higher percent of combination, the stronger the medical effect. “Next, please give scores!” After the judges finished their comments, the beautiful hostess said.

“Seven points!”

“Seven points!”

“Seven points!”

“Nine points…”

“Six points!”


The seven judges soon gave their rate. The highest score of nine points was naturally given by Master Qingyuan, and the lowest points were scored by Wantong.

In the end, Yao Guo’s score was 42 points.


Just when the hostess finished reporting the scores, another pharmacist finished the refining.

“Oh my God, that guy is flying!”

At this time, an exclamation suddenly came from the crowd.

In the next second, everyone was looking up to the sky!

One person was rising into the air and was flying directly from below to the judges’ bench.

This person was no one else. He was Alchemist No. 6, Suqing of Wudang School!

And his flying technique was from Wudang School’s unique Kungfu, the namely vertical ladder!


The audience was in an uproar! What they saw was someone breaking free from earth gravity and flying up!

At this moment, everyone was staring at Suqing, and they were all shocked and speechless.

And the following thing stunned everyone!

“This is Wudang disciple Suqing, my work is Enlightenment Soup! The practitioner can have instant enlightenment with this soup!”


Instant enlightenment!

This… this was magic medicine!

After taking this enlightenment soup, the practitioners could fall into an awakening state of mind. The longer it takes, the greater enlightenment the practitioner gains!

It is said that some people were taking the Enlightenment Soup and directly reach the return-to-nature stage from the acquired stage.

Although its efficacy was a little bit exaggerated, people cannot deny this enlightenment soup’s magic power.

At the same time, every judge sitting on the bench was shocked.

The happiest one was the Taoist practitioner Qinglian of Wudang School.

Suqing is the representative of young disciples of Wudang School, he has not only super talent in martial arts but also a great talent for refining medicine.

At such a young age, he can already integrate the medical power of twenty-four herbs.

The wudang school has such a disciple, no wonder it has been thriving these years!


When everyone was shocked by Suqing, he opened the lid of the tripod, and immediately a fragrant fragrance emitted from the tripod.

“Wow, it smells so good!”

The scent was strong and made people feel refreshed!

In the next second, under the gaze of countless people, smoke rising from the refining cauldron turned into dozens of lotus flowers.

“What, medicinal power transforms into shapes of flowers!”

Taoist Qinglian of Wudang School stood up excitedly!

Several other judges were also excited about seeing the scene! Even Wantong, president of the Ancient Medicine Association, was shocked!

“Yes, it is indeed a form of medicinal power. It seems that the medicinal power has been integrated into 80%,” said Liuzhi Wu, the Nine-bag elder of the Gaibang School.

“No, the combined power should be eighty-five percent!” At this time, a senior elder of the Wuliangjian School thus spoken.

“A Wizard!”

Although the audience below did not understand what the eighty-five percent of the medicinal power meant, dozens of lotus flowers formed by the medicinal power were real and wonderful.

Not to mention the audience, even the pharmacists who came to the competition also admired his ability. The power of the medicine was transformed into shapes of lotus. His ability was so strong!

They can’t even transform medicine’s power into energy, let alone transforming the power of medicine into forms.

Yao Guo of the Emei School also admired her. Only Rou Wen was at an unspeakable loss.

It seemed that this competition was hopeless for her! After the comments, the seven judges began to give a score. Without exception, several people gave very high scores. Except for Wantong’s lowest eight points and the Taoist Qinglian’s ten points, all other judges gave nine points!

The total score was sixty-three points! Seeing this score, other alchemists felt desperate!

After Wudang school’s disciple, Suqing came onto the stage, although the decoctions made by other pharmacists were also very good, but there were far from his.

Five minutes before the end of the competition, all pharmacists went down the stage except Kris was still there, refining his medicine.

“There are only three minutes to go! There is only No. 88 Alchemist still refining his medicine!” The beautiful hostess picked up the microphone and shouted aloud.

At this moment, the eyes of everyone focused on Kris!

Chapter 216: Medication transformed into sound

“What a laugh, a little apprentice dares to learn how to refine medicine like a pharmacist, get down, don’t embarrass yourself! Everyone else is done refining, and you’re still up there, pretending to be something you’re not! You are not here to be funny, are you!” Bao Cao shouted at Kris Chen on the stage.

“Oh my god, he’s too funny, I see, this brat is just here to clamor for attention!” At this time, Shen Chu also shouted, “Get down quickly, don’t embarrass Teacher Wen!”

“Get your ass down there!”

“Get down…”

Some people who knew Kris shouted.

“Bao Cao, will you shut up?” Lan Yu was in a very bad mood at this moment, especially when the Chen family’s words were still hovering above her head. She couldn’t believe that it was true no matter what.

“Lan, why do you keep standing up for this live-in son-in-law? Who the hell is your boyfriend!” Bao Cao was furious, Lan Yu was still speaking for Kris under such circumstances.

“We already broke …”

“Time’s up!”

Lan Yu was about to say “we’ve broken up” when the beautiful host’s voice interrupted her.

Everyone looked towards No. 88 at the same time.


The moment the host shouted that time was up, Kris put off the fire and rang the bell.

Perfect timing!

At this moment, there was dead silence in the room! FXck, this kid rang the bell, did he really refine it? Rou Wen’s heart trembled violently with surprise and worry, had Kris really refined it? She had been hopeless when Kris had picked more than thirty kinds of herbs. She had only been able to integrate fifteen kinds of herbs. Wouldn’t that a stupid dream to refine the medical power of more than 30 kinds of herbs?

However, Kris’s confident appearance made her believe again. Kris gave Rou Wen a look to make her relax, then he walked step by step to the judges’ table with his medicine cauldron (an ancient Chinese vessel for cooking).

At this time, the beautiful host handed over the microphone hastily. Kris took the microphone and said, “Greetings judges, I am Kris Chen, pharmacist apprentice No.88, I made the Marrow-washing Scripture!”

“What? Marrow-washing Scripture!”

“Get off, what are you talking about!” At this time, the presbyter from Huashan School Buping He stood up and reproached, “Do you know what level of Marrow-washing Scripture is, a small apprentice as you can refine it?”

“Of course, I know!” Kris smiled and said, “Thirty-six precious herbs are needed to refine the Marrow-washing Scripture!”

“I’ll tell you what, you’d better see it yourselves!” Saying that Kris lifted the lid of the cauldron.


The moment the lid of the cauldron was opened, a sound was emitted from Kris’s medicine cauldron!

A fragrance that much thicker than that of Wudao Soup spread throughout the air, making people feel much more energetic when they smelled it.

“You guys, look, what is that!” There was a shout from the crowd suddenly, and the next moment everyone looked up towards the judges’ table.

Wow! With that look, people all stunned!

At this time, there was a statue of Buddha in the sky, and the most amazing thing was that the Buddha was holding a bead in his hand and talking something.

In a trance, everyone seemed to hear the sound of the Buddha. “This… How is this possible!”

“No, that’s not possible!”

“Oh my god, this is actually medication transformed into sound!”

At this moment, Rou Wen, under the stage, suddenly opened her eyes wide, and she covered her mouth with her hands so hard.

How could this possible!

Meditation transformed into sound, this is actually meditation transformed into sound!

She had been surprised enough after learning that Kris was refining the Marrow-washing Scripture, but now she actually saw the meditation transformed into sound, and that was the stage she has been dreamed of!

At this time, Suqing Zhang and Yao Guo, who was standing beside also felt unbelievable, this… This kid is too powerful.

The meditation transformed into sound, which meant the medicinal power was at least reached the ninth level!

The most critical was that the Marrow-washing Scripture was a high-grade soup, and refining it required thirty-six kinds of herbs. To integrate the medicinal power of thirty-six herbs together until the ninth layer, this was simply astounding!

Moreover, the greatest effect of the Marrow-washing Scripture was to cleanse the marrow and fracture the tendons, giving ordinary people cultivate talent who without any talent!

It was a bit of a shock that even a few of the judges were dumbfounded!

Just now, they were mocking Kris, yet in the next second, a big reversal came, what else could it be rather than a punch in their faces.

Especially Buping He, who felt his face was burned at this moment. “No, how could it possible, how could this kid be able to refine pills?” Bao Cao said in disbelief. Not only Bao Cao, Shen Chu, and the others on the side also shocked.

Lan Yu felt even more complicated, it was Kris who saved Xuan Song by refining pills in Xiluo Bay before. Still, she only took it as a coincidence at that time.

What about this time? It couldn’t be a coincidence, could it?

She was the Emei School’s senior female apprentice, so she knew very clear about the difficulty of pill-refining.

At the moment she’s in the struggle, she thought in her heart, Kris, have you really defiled your sister-in-law or not?

At the same time, the audience under the stage began to clamor. Although they didn’t know how powerful this Marrow-washing Scripture was! But they could tell that the soup medicine Kris had refined was definitely not ordinary.

Shit, how could he be an apprentice? He must be a master pharmacist!

The young man who could fly had only shown dozens of lotus flowers, but Kris was so amazing that he directly invited the Buddha to come out. And this Buddha even made a sound, which was beyond their knowledge!

So they decided that this Kris must be the champion. However, something that no one expected happened at this moment.

It was seen that the Shaolin School’s Master Shikong suddenly stood up from his seat and walked in front of Kris.


In a split second, everyone’s attention was gathered on him.

What was going on?

What would the Shaolin School’s Master Shikong go to do?

Master Shikong looked at Kris and didn’t say anything, but he turned his head to examine the Marrow-washing Scripture carefully.

Soon, Master Shikong raised his head and said to Kris, “This Marrow-washing Scripture of yours is not right, there is something wrong with it, the color of Marrow-washing Scripture should be gold according to the Shaolin Records, but yours is red, it’s wrong!”

“Amitabha.” Master Shikong said, “You must not be comfortable when I say this, but I tell you that this Marrow-washing Scripture is created by the founder of our Shaolin school, so I have the right to speak! If this soup of yours is taken by someone, it couldn’t cleanse the marrow and clarify the tendons, but it will clog the veins, so here, I have to tell the truth, in case you harm others!”

Master Shikong’s voice was not loud, but everyone present could hear it clearly!

As the words were spoken, several judges, including Lanlian Master and Jianyi, all nodded their heads in agreement.

In fact, the moment Kris lifted the lid of the cauldron before, it shocked them. Meditation transformed into sound. He’s definitely a high-level pharmacist! But after hearing the words of Master Shikong, they all believed what Master Shikong said.

Master Shikong was highly respected, and there was no way he would risk the long-standing reputation of the Shaolin School, not to mention that this Marrow-washing Scripture was created by the founder of Shaolin School, so everyone believed what he said.

At this time, Wantong Qin, who had not been speaking beside, suddenly stood up and walked up to Kris and said, “Master Shikong is right, this Marrow-washing Scripture should be golden in color, so your soup is ineffective, also poisonous! Master Shikong is a highly respected senior, and you should be grateful that he pointed out your problem, remember not to hold a grudge!”

As the president of the Ancient Medical Association, Wantong Qin’s words naturally meant a lot.

One sentence completely called the final judgment and marked Kris’s soup medicine as useless.

Especially the last sentence she said, showing support to Master Shikong, but a warning to Kris at the same time.

Kris frowned and did not speak.

On the medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions, it was clearly recorded that this was how the Marrow-washing Scripture was refined, and every step of the process was fine.

How could it possible that he failed to refine it!

Hearing Wantong Qin’s words, Suqing Zhang was relieved, he had just thought that he was going to give the champion that so close to him away, but now it seemed that he must be the top!

The most disappointed should be Rou Wen, she had thought that Kris had really refined the Marrow-washing Scripture, who would have thought that what came out was actually a useless medicine.

The feeling was like all of a sudden, he fell from the top of a mountain to the bottom of a valley, it was unbearable.

At this time, the audience below also let out laughter!

Oh my god, that’s hilarious!

After making such an extravaganza, he had failed in refining.

First was the Buddha and then the sound of the Buddha’s voice, scaring them into thinking that the Buddha had descended into the world.

Bao Cao and the others were relieved, he said to Lan Yu immediately, “Lan look, I told you so, how could this live-in son-in-law know how to refine pills? It’s clearly just claptrap.”

Damn it, I was really scared to death just now, I really thought he was capable of refining some divine pills.

At this time, Wantong Qin returned to her position and slowly sat down after she made her command. According to the flow of the competition, now it should be time to announce the competition results.

The beautiful host beside spoke with an excited face, “The exciting moment has come! With a round of applause, let’s invite the president of the Ancient Medical Association, President Wantong Qin, to announce the results of the Pharmacist Competition.”


In the next second, the applause thundered.

Amidst the enthusiastic applause, Wantong walked to the center of the stage with a microphone in hand.

After looking around the arena, she spoke gently, “I now announce that the winner of today’s Pharmacist Competition is Suqing Zhang of the Wudang School.”


There was thunderous applause, resounding through the air!

The applause remained for three to four minutes before it stopped. At this time, Wantong announced again, “The runner-up, is Yao Guo of the Emei School.”


Second place went to a beautiful woman, and the applause got even louder!

“The third place is young master Yuan Wen from the Shaolin School!”

Damn, what this little monk called Yuan Wen has refined was nothing more than a low-grade Rejuvenation Soup with no more than ten kinds of herbs, not even reached the lowest level of medicinal power transformed into energy.

With an ability like that, Yuan Wen could actually win the third place, Kris was speechless.

He didn’t believe that he had failed in refining. After all, meditation transformed into sound, a failed refining process would not be able to present this kind of miraculous phenomenon.

Since it couldn’t be, he had failed in refining, there was only one possibility that Master Shikong and Wantong had misjudged him.

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