Chapter 215: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 215 It’s Easy to Fall in Love with Her (1)
When Xiran Xiao sensed the physical reaction of Tianye Mu, she moved away her lips from his in time. At that moment, Tianye’s eyes were full of desires.

Xiran licked her lips and let go of her legs around Tianye’s waist. “You are a good kisser.” Xiran praised with a smile.

Tianye knew he shouldn’t act in haste. “You are also a good kisser.” Tianye said with a husky voice.

Xiran leaned against the pool, allowing Tianye to look her up and down. “Thank you for your compliment. But I have a principle. I never touch a man who has girlfriend or wife.” Xiran said.

At that moment, the sun broke the last of the hedges and shone into the pool.

Tianye leaned against the pool like Xiran and said, “I am not married, and I don’t have a girlfriend.” Then Tianye turned to look at Xiran and said, “You are the first and the only one I like.”

Xiran smiled and also turned to look and Tianye, saying, “Do you know what you mean by that remark?”

“Yes.” Tianye said seriously. Tianye took Xiran for his sweetheart the first time he saw her.

“But I may not like you.” Xiran said.

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll make you like me.” Tianye said. With his hands on the edge of the pool, Tianye sprang to his feet and stood on the bank. Then he turned and held out his hand to Xiran and said, “Come on.”

Without hesitation, Xiran took Tianye’s hand and let him pull her ashore.

Tianye walked to the table and gave her the lemonade, saying, “Why don’t you ask me about my personal information these days?”

Xiran took a sip from the glass and said, “You will say it when you want to. Why should I ask?”

Tianye then threw the towel to Xiran and said, “Come on. It’s a nice day and I’m dying to talk.”

“I wonder if you used to be cruel.” Xiran said. Xiran gave the remaining half lemonade to Tianye and then wrapped her white body in the towel. Tianye didn’t mind that it’s the lemonade Xiran had drunk, and drank it up. “Would you be scared?” Tianye said jokingly.

Xiran snorted and walked away from pool. “Fear is not a word in my dictionary, and if it is, it is the shock of nature.” Xiran said.

Tianye walked beside Xiran while he was getting dressed. With a ruffian look on his face, he said, “Oh, it seems I have a good eye.”

Xiran squinted at Tianye and said, “Tianye Mu, don’t praise me. I’ll be proud.”

“You deserve any praise.” Tianye said without hesitation.

After hearing that, Xiran’s ears were burning. Then she changed the subject and said, “How did you get in here? Few people can walk in alone. An arrogant man once came to my house and insisted on taking me to dinner. I told him I would if only he could get out of the maze. Guess what happened in the end.”

“He certainly didn’t get out of the maze.” Tianye spoke out the obvious answer.

“Not only didn’t he get out, but he cried out of fear.” Xiran said with a smile as bright as the sunshine.

Tianye was surprised by the that. “Really? What did you do to that man?” Tianye said.

“He was in there for a whole day and almost went crazy. After dark, I sent Beibei and Doudou to find him, but he thought Beibei and Doudou were going to bite him, so he screamed in fright. Finally, Uncle Zhou had no choice but went into the maze to take him out. After that, the man ran away from me when he saw me.” Xiran said.

“Who are Beibei and Doudou…”Tianye said.

“They are my golden retrievers.” Xiran laughed and said. “How about you? How did you get in?” Xiran then asked Tianye.

With pride in his eyes and a light smile on his face, Tianye said, “It’s because after I walked a few steps, I found that the basic shape of the maze is a giant sunflower and the swimming pool is the center of the sunflower. I got it right and I found you.”

Xiran began to see Tianye differently. He is the first to see the shape of the maze in such a short time.

“Let’s eat breakfast first, and then I’ll listen to your story.” Xiran said. Xiran took Tianye out from the shortest path. “Only God knows how many stories I’ve told you these days.” She muttered as she walked to her room.

Tianye didn’t hear the last words she said and asked, “What did you say?”

“Nothing.” Xiran said.

Tianye also walked to his room. Ever since he could get out of bed and walk, Uncle Zhou has let him stay in the guest room.


As the sun rose, the temperature got higher.

There is a small bar on the second floor of the villa, and Xiran sat on a high stool to listen to Tianye’s story. Xiran was a little surprised when she heard Tianye say “Kerry”.

Tianye found the change of Xiran’s facial expression and asked, “Do you know Kerry?”

Xiran shook her head and said, “No. A friend of mine mentioned him before. Go on.”

After they drank a bottle of wine, Tianye finished his story. He talked about the death of his parents, his feud with Kerry and his sister Venus Mu.

“You’re better than I thought.” Xiran said with a relaxed smile.

“What do you imagine me to be?” Tianye asked.

Xiran shrugged and said, “I always think you are the guy who is hunted down by gangsters. I had no idea that you are the president of Mu’s Group.”

“The only thing I’m worried about right now is my sister. I wonder how she is doing.” Tianye said.

“I would venture to guess that your sister is not with Kerry at the moment.” Xiran said.

Tianye looked at her in surprise and said, “How do you know that?”

With her hand rested on her chin, Xiran thought for a moment with a frown and said, “I went to Sky City once and heard that there is a famous doctor there. I wanted to ask him to give you medical treatment and I ran into a younger sister. She is very beautiful. She is the beloved daughter of Chu family and the boss of mk. She seems to have a good relationship with Kerry. She also helped me to find that doctor. When she came to S City with Kerry to talk business last time, she came to my house and she saw you.”

Tianye’s face clouded and said, “Did Kerry abandon Venus?” “If that’s the case, it’s not bad. I’m afraid something bad would happen to Venus.” He added after a pause.

Xiran gave him her phone and said, “Why are you so obsessed? Call her and you will find out.”

“I called. Her number is out of service.” Tianye said worriedly.

After seeing the anxiety on his face, Xiran was also worried. “I have a good relationship with Yan Chu, but I haven’t heard her say anything about your sister.” Xiran said.

“Yan Chu?” Tianye said confusedly. The name is alien to him.

“She is the younger sister I met in Sky City.” Xiran explained, “Well, I will ask her if she knows anything about Venus. So you can make a judgment.”

“I don’t want to trouble you.” Tianye said somewhat irresolutely.

Xiran laughed in disdain and said, “What’s the trouble with that? What matters is to find her. Besides, there was an earthquake in Sky City a few days ago. You have to know whether she is safe.”

What Xiran said is just after Tianye’s own heart. According to the news, the earthquake in Sky City is very serious. He couldn’t get in touch with Venus. He didn’t know if Venus had left Kerry long ago, or that he couldn’t get through to her after the earthquake. If it’s the latter…He daren’t even think about it.

“Thank you.” Tianye said.

While looking for Yan’s phone number, Xiran said casually, “It’s a piece of cake. Don’t take it to heart… Hello, Yan. I saw the news that there was an earthquake in Sky City. Are you OK? I haven’t been able to get through to you these days.”

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Yan said.

“That’s good.” Xiran said. Xiran then looked at Tianye, who pretended to be calm, and continued to ask Yan, “Yan, I don’t know if I can ask you something.”

“Of course you can. Go ahead. I will tell you everything I know.” Yan said.

“Are you Kerry’s girlfriend?” Xiran asked directly.

Yan was silent for two seconds and then said, “Yes, I’m his girlfriend.”

“Yan, I heard someone said the other day that Kerry is married. You…”Xiran stopped and didn’t say the following. Some things should only be said to convey the meaning, and not to be said explicitly.

Sure enough, Yan was completely silent. Tianye, on the other hand, was very nervous.

After being silent for half a minute, Yan said, “Xiran, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you about it. It comes down to Kerry’s privacy, and I can’t tell you. Kerry said to the public that his wife went to Europe to study half a year ago. If one day Venus comes back, I will disappear completely.”

Xiran felt sorry for Yan suddenly. What a stupid girl she is. She is excellent and she can definitely find a good man. Why she just wants to be with Kerry?

But Xiran is just a friend of Yan and she couldn’t say that to Yan. “Yan, this is your choice. I just hope you won’t get hurt.” Xiran said.

“OK. I will take care of myself.” Yan said.

“Call me if you need anything.” Xiran said.

“OK.” Yan said.

After hanging up the phone, Xiran said to Tianye, “Venus went to study in Europe six months ago. But there is something else in Yan’s tone.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 215 It’s Easy to Fall in Love with Her (2)
Tianye Mu shook his head and said, “Kerry Ye tried his best to keep Venus Mu stay with him. How could he be so generous to let her go abroad to study? Besides, Venus was pregnant at that time, and it’s impossible for Kerry to let her leave.”

“Pregnant?” Xiran Xiao said in surprise, “So something must have happened. But now it’s certain that Venus disappeared before the earthquake.”

Tianye nodded. With a deepen frown, Tianye said, “Venus is very stubborn. I am afraid that she would have thought about suicide when she saw me fall into the sea with her own eyes.”

“It’s impossible.” Xiran denied what Tianye said directly and said, “If your sister really committed suicide, Kerry can say to the public that she died from illness. Why did Kerry say she went to study abroad?”

“You are right. That must be so.” Tianye said with some hope in his eyes.

Xiran paused for a moment and asked, “Do you want to go back to Sky City?”

Tianye raised his eyebrows and gave a her a look, saying, “You’re kicking me out?”

“As you wish. My house is big enough anyway.” Xiran said with a smile.

“I won’t go back for the moment. I will wait until I make the things clear.” Tianye said. It’s been over a year. He needs to know where his men are and whether the company had changes the owner. If he goes back rashly, he will die.

Xiran knew that she couldn’t get involved in that too much. She believed that Tianye could solve all the problems. After drinking the last drop of the wine, Xiran said, “Let me know if you need my help.”

“I happen to have something to ask for your favor.” Tianye said.

“Go ahead.” Xiran said.

“Can I use your computer?” Tianye asked.

Xiran almost spit out the wine in her mouth. She thought he was going to ask her for a loan or something, but she had no idea that he would ask to use her computer.

“No problem. Just use it. There is no password.” Xiran said.

“Thank you.” Tianye said. Then he put the wine glass on the bar and got up to leave.

“Tianye Mu,” Xiran stopped him and said seriously, “I don’t care what’s the grudge between you and Kerry, but don’t hurt my friend, Yan Chu.”

“I will never hurt her.” Tianye pledged seriously.

“OK. The computer is in my room. I will take you there.” Xiran said.

Xiran is straightforward and somewhat vixenish. Tianye was stunned when he saw her pink laptop.

Xiran stretched out her hand to press the button and said, “Can’t I be girlish?”

“This is out of my expectation.” Tianye said with a smile.

“Hum!” Xiran said and turned to walk out of the room. “Do you need some coffee?” Xiran asked.

“No, thanks.” Tianye said.

Tianye opened the official website of a foreign bank and logged in his account. When he saw the amount of money on the account, he smiled with relief. Then he logged out and logged into a couple of other accounts, and they’re all the same.

He seemed to have chosen the right men.

When he was ready to fight to the death with Kerry, he arranged everything. In addition to the company’s normal operating expenses, all surplus must be paid into these accounts on time. These accounts are opened with Venus’s identity information. Tianye did that because he wanted there would be enough money for Venus to live in case he died.

He just didn’t expect that the professional team he employed from abroad would make so much money.

Opening the mailbox he had not used for a long time, Tianye sent an E-mail to Mike, a foreign handsome guy. It reads: I’m back.

Two minutes later, Tianye received a reply that made him both amused and annoyed. It reads: You are liar. I’ll not fall for it.

Oh my god, what happened to this handsome foreign guy?

Tianye laughed and wrote back to him in English: Mike, your favorite girl in college is a Frenchwoman. Your favorite food is hot pot. You biggest hobby is playing online games after work.

He sent it as soon as he finished writing. This time he had a much shorter wait. Hardly had he sent it when he received the reply. There are a string of exclamation points and swear words, like damn it, fuck and the like.

After a while, a more normal email came.

“Mu, is it really you? Oh my god, I can’t believe it. You are still alive! Where are you? I’ll go to see you.”

Tianye replied: Give me your cell phone number. Let’s talk on the phone.

Soon, Mike sent his phone number to Tianye.

Tianye memorized the number after looking it at once. Then he turned off the computer and went out to find Xiran.

Xiran was feeding small fish at the miniature museum. After seeing Tianye come, Xiran asked, “Are you done with your business?”

“Where is your phone? I want to make a phone call.” Tianye said directly.

“It’s in my pocket. Get it yourself.” Xiran said. With two hands occupied, Xiran couldn’t take the phone out for him.

Tianye walked up to her and took out the phone from her trouser pocket. Being so close, the fragrance of Xiran came into his nose and he felt a numb in his heart.

Her body temperature was still on the phone. Tianye opened the phone and dialed the numbers he had just remembered.

It only rang once before Mike got it through.

Tianye communicated with him in English the whole time. “Mike, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” Tianye said.

“Oh my god, it’s really you. I thought I was dreaming.” Mike said. Mike screamed repeatedly and Tianye couldn’t help but take the phone away from his ear.

When Mike calmed down, Tianye asked, “How’s the company?”

“Everything is all right. Mu, where have you been all this year? They say you fell into the sea and died.” Mike said.

Tianye looked at Xiran, who was concentrating on feeding the fish, and said with a smile, “A beautiful angel saved me.”

After hearing that, Xiran stopped feeding the fish for a second and there was a smile on her face.

“Angel? God must have sent her to save you.” Mike said. Mike is a devout Christian who expressed his love to God when something good happens. “Mu, when will you come back? Or shall I come to you?” Mike added.

“I’m not going back now. It’s not the right time.” Tianye said.

“Oh my god, why do you Chinese always talk about timing? I don’t understand.” Mike said.

“Mike, where are my former employees?” Tianye said with a helpless smile.

“Since you disappeared, they’ve gone. I don’t know where they went.” Mike said.

It’s within Tianye’s expectation and he was not disappointed. Besides, it’s human nature. Tianye can’t keep them loyal to him after his death. It’s ridiculous.

“Mike, I want you to look into something.” Tianye said.

“What’s that?” Mike asked.

Tianye’s said with a clouded face, “Go and check what happened to my sister.”

“OK. I’ll do it right now. How can I contact you? Do you want me to call this number?” Mike said.

“Wait a minute. I’ll ask the angel if I can use this phone number.” Tianye said. Tianye pressed the phone on his shoulder and asked Xiran, “Can my friend call you to contact me?”

Xiran make a gesture of “OK.”

Tianye told that to Mike and Mike cried out in surprise. “Oh my god, the angel is with you? Is her beautiful?” Mike said.

“She is very beautiful.” Tianye said.

“Mu, you are so lucky.” Mike said.

Tianye stopped joked with him and said, “Mike, please send all the important statements of the company over the past six months to my mailbox.”

“No problem. I’ll do it right now.” Mike said.

After chatting a little longer, Tianye hung up the phone. He put the phone back in Xiran’s trouser pocket and looked at the different kinds of fish with her. “They are beautiful.” Tianye said softly.

“Of course. I brought them from all over the world.” Xiran said somewhat proudly.

Tianye turned to look at Xiran’s delicate face near at hand. He really wanted to take a bite.

“Stop looking at me in that way.” Xiran said calmly. But her heart beat fast and she felt her face was burning.

“You are also very beautiful.” Tianye said.

“I know.” Xiran said. Since childhood, Xiran has been praised to be beautiful and she always accepts that readily.

Tianye bowed his head and smiled, turning his head to continue to look at the fish in the fish tank.


My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 215 It’s Easy to Fall in Love with Her (3)
The news from Mike soon came. Tianye Mu was even more worried. He really wanted to kill Hao Nangong immediately.

“Who kidnapped Venus? What is their purpose?” he was puzzled.

After Xiran Xiao learned the news, she finally understood what Yan Chu meant by “privacy”. This kind of truth cannot be made public, not to mention that he was Kerry Ye, the famous person in Sky City.

Tianye’s exercise was getting more and more every day. In just a week’s time, he had regained the size and strength he once had. But today, Xiran noticed that he was in a depressed mood.

In the evening, Xiran came to the lawn with a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. Seeing that he looked depressed, she poured two glasses of wine and then sat down in another chair.

“Why are you in a bad mood today?” Xiran handed him one of the cups of wine and asked.

“Today is the anniversary of my parents’ death.” Tianye said in a sad tone.

Xiran was stunned. She wasn’t a person who was good at comforting others. She was even less sure what to say at this point.

“My parents loved each other very much. They had known each other since they were kids. My father has never said cruel words to my mother.” said Tianye. Then he remembered something and smiled, “That year I got into a fight with someone at school. When my dad found out, I begged him not to tell mom, and he agreed because he thought boys need be good at fighting. I didn’t expect my mom to find out it later and she punished me and my dad for washing the dishes for a week.”

“Why were you punished for washing the dishes?” Xiran was a bit confused.

Tianye took a sip of red wine and smiled, “Because my dad hated washing dishes. From then on, my dad wouldn’t help me lie to mom. Other family’s boys were beaten by their dad, but I was beaten by my mom. Not only that, my dad also handed my mom the stick he used to beat me with.”

“Your family is so sweet,” Xiran said. She didn’t experience this in her family.

“Yeah, it’s so sweet.” Tianye said. “But they passed away.”

“What happened to them?” Xiran couldn’t help but ask.

“They had a car accident.” Tianye sighed long. “Maybe they are not alone in heaven now.”

He just didn’t expect that with their departure, the family would instantly fall apart. Even today, the anniversary of their death, he couldn’t go to visit their graves.

“Now I can’t go to visit their graves.” Tianye said sadly.

“As long as you remember them, they won’t blame you for not visiting their graves.” Xiran said after thinking for a long time.

“But I’m still sad.” Tianye said. “They asked me to take care of my sister, but I didn’t protect her well. I feel like I’m too useless.”

Xiran stared at him. She didn’t expect him to have a soft heart, which made her like him a little more.

“Venus will be fine.” Xiran said. “It’s not your fault.”

After finishing a glass of red wine, Tianye picked up the bottle and filled it up again for himself. “Why do you come back to China?” asked he.

“I’m freer here. I can do whatever I want. If I’m around my parents, they’ll keep an eye on me, introduce me to all kinds of men, and push me to get married.” Xiran got a headache when she just thought about this.

Then Tianye smiled and gave her a meaningful glance.

“I’m not interested in business at all. I like to go exploring and see the various mysteries hidden in nature. But my parents always say it’s too dangerous. I know they’re worried about my safety. And they are afraid that no one will inherit our family’s property. I once asked my mom to have another baby, but she didn’t want it.” Xiran said with a sigh.

After a bottle of wine was finished, Xiran asked Mr. Zhou to bring another two bottles of whiskey.

They talked from their respective interests to their previous experiences. The things that Xiran had experienced were much richer and more exciting than ordinary people, which made Tianye surprised at her rich experience.

After drinking two bottles of whiskey, Tianye, who had never been drunk before, was slightly drunk. And Xiran was completely drunk. At this time she was humming a tune while dancing barefoot on the lawn. She had a beautiful body and could dance ballet, which completely captivated Tianye.

After the dance, Xiran walked over to the table. She still had to pour herself a drink while her legs suddenly became weak. Before she fell to the ground Tianye pulled her into his arms and let her sat on his laps.

“Why are you so nice to me?” Tianye stared at her.

Xiran picked up his chin with her hand and blew on his lips. “You’re my man. Of course I have to treat you well.”

“When am I your man?” Tianye was surprised.

Xiran tilted her head back. “When I saved you from the sea, I thought the man was quite handsome, and then I declared you mine.” said she.

Then Xiran put her hand on his face and smiled. “How about the idea of making you my boyfriend?”

“I think you make the right choice.” Tianye pretended to be serious and said. “And so do I.”

Xiran stared at him, not knowing whether she was attracted Tianye’s eyes or she was too drunk. Her head lowered and then she kissed him on the lips suddenly.

It was as if Tianye had been waiting for this moment. As soon as she kissed him, he immediately met her kiss.

Tianye was completely immersed in her passion and tenderness. He tried to calm himself down while he could still control himself, then picked her up and prepared to take her back to her bedroom.

“Where are you going?” Xiran tugged on his arm and asked.

Tianye fondled her face. “You’re drunk. I’ll send you back to your room.”

Xiran wrapped her two slender arms around his neck. “Can you sleep with me?” she asked softly.

“Do you know what you’re talking about?” Tianye asked breathlessly.

Xiran gently nibbled on his ear, “Of course I know. You are my man, so you can’t go anywhere.”

Hearing her say so, Tianye didn’t hesitate anymore and kissed her directly. He wanted to take the initiative in sex, yet he was pressed down by Xiran from time to time.

That night they had sex until the early morning before they hugged and slept.

Only in the afternoon did Xiran sleepily open her eyes. Tianye was silently watching her.

Her brain quickly replayed the moments of last night. She did not scream because she had sex with Tianye when she was drank. She was quite calm.

“What time is it?” she asked him with a smile

“It’s afternoon now.”” Tianye said. Then he reached out and pressed her to his chest and said softly, “listen to my heartbeat.””

Xiran laughed, “Why is your heart beating so fast?”

Tianye looked into her eyes and smiled, “You said I was your man. I’m afraid that you won’t admit that when you wake up.”

Xiran’s face was a little red, not daring to look into his eyes.

“Then you will be my girlfriend, right?” Tianye pursued her.

Xiran glanced over his face and didn’t say anything. She didn’t expect her to say such words due to too much drinking yesterday.

“Do you love me?” Tianye kept asking her.

Xiran just laughed.

“Xiran, I want you to tell me that you love me,” Tianye said.

“I…..” Xiran was at a loss for words. Then she nodded. Although she was really good in bed, she could only admit defeat when she ran into Tianye.

They were both a little drunk yesterday, and she didn’t remember very clearly what she had said yesterday.

“Xiran, I fall in love with you.” he emotionally confessed.

Xiran was startled. She could see his admiration in his eyes, but she hadn’t expected him to tell her so frankly.

Xiran smiled happily, “Tianye, you know that your confessions after having sex are very insincere.”

“No, I think it’s more sincere. You can fully know me and avoid the worries.”

“What worries?” Xiran was puzzled.

“You don’t have to worry that I can’t satisfy you.” Tianye said proudly.

Xiran felt a little awkward, and then glared at him.

“But you’ve only known me for a few days. You’re so quick to want me to be your girlfriend?” asked she.

“Some people have known each other for over decades without falling in love, and some people only look at each other and know that they are their true love. That’s how I feel about you. The first time I woke up that day and saw you, I felt like I’d seen you somewhere before. In the past few days I’ve thought about it seriously. Maybe we’ve met in our last life. Don’t you think so?” Tianye said with deep affection. His deep eyes were all love.

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