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Chapter 215: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 215 Kidnapping!

“Hey! What are you talking about?” Vanessa Liu stared at Bailee Liu; “If it hadn’t been for your shamelessness, we would not have been targeted by these gansters. You are now trying to blame us?”

Bailee Liu did not see the point of pretending any longer; she looked back at her and argued: “So what? Suck it up for encountering me!”

“You!” Colin Ward stopped Vanessa Liu.

“Don’t waste your breath to squabble with her.”

Bailee Liu was not about to drop the argument yet, “What! Waste your breath? You are lame in arguing!”

Vanessa Liu refrained herself and bit her tongue at the thought that they were still locked up in a confined place. It would be wiser to preserve some strength.

Bailee Liu continued, “See, you losers!”


“Well, I’m just too good, as Bald Liu’s blood sister!”

Colin Ward was a little surprised.

Surprisingly, Bald Liu had a sister like this.

“We seem to be out of vinegar.” Eva Gray’s voice came from the kitchen. “Somebody go get a bottle of vinegar?”

Back in the living room, Baker Lee stood up. “I will go.”

“Leave it to me!” Flora Lewis volunteered to run the errand.

“OK,” said Baker Lee, “there was a supermarket right outside of the housing estate.”

Doris Lee stood up, tugging at Flora Lewis’s sleeve.” I want to go, too.”

Flora Lewis felt a bit awkward. Doris Lee was not suitable to go out like this.

Baker Lee did not seemed to be worried at all. “Take her with you! It’s boring to stay indoors all the time.”

At this, Flora Lewis held Doris Lee by her arm and took her out with her.

Within some villa in Lanbo Port.

Barr Martin sat on the sofa, squinting at Xiao Rongtao who was now talking on the phone, then gracefully picked up the wine and took a sip.

After a while, Xiao Rongtao hung up the phone and walked back in, “Mr. Martin, we have her. Bald Liu would agree our term.”

Barr Martin nodded. “Keep an eye on her. Do not make any mistake.”

He had heard that Bald Liu had a sister who treated him better than even his wife, and he was going to have to use Bald Liu to do something for him.

Bald Liu was not going to follow his order willingly without some bargain chip in his hand.

And Xiao Rongtao, after the fall of the Martins, had no one to cling to except for Barr Martin. But two days ago, the Marquis launched attack at his company suddenly, and he was forced to declaim bankruptcy as well.

Xiao Rongtao didn’t know at first why he was sanctioned by the Marquis. Later, he realized that it must be Colin Ward, who was getting back at him!

When Doris Lee fainted in the hospital, Xiao Rongtao did not pay attention to what happened later; but, after a second thought, he was now more than sure it was Colin Ward.

Wasn’t he the chairman of the Marquis? It was a piece of cake for him to get someone to screw his company!

Therefore, Xiao Rongtao’s grudge over Colin Ward grew.

Barr Martin glanced at Xiao Rongtao.”I will walk you out.”

The two appeared to be in a partnership, but Barr Martin was just taking the advantage of Xiao Rongtao, whom he didn’t like personally; they were not friends.

Xiao Rongtao had smiled obsequiously at Barr Martin and said, “You don’t need to , Mr. Martin, I would leave you alone.”

“By the way, Mr. Martin, they have also seize a seemingly rich guy and girl, who we could get some money out of.” Xiao Rongtao added.

Barr Martin frowned slightly.” Be careful with what you do.”

Out of the villa, Barr Martin was about to go back when he spotted Doris Lee and Flora Lewis walking in the distance.

Barr Martin was thrilled to see Doris Lee. It had been a while.

Xiao Rongtao saw her, too, and his face lit up.

Now that Doris Lee was fine, why the hell can’t Colin Ward leave his company alone?

Xiao Rongtao gritted his teeth. Damn Colin Ward!

Barr Martin didn’t notice Xiao Rongtao’s expression, “Keep me posted.”

When Xiao Rongtao left, Doris Lee and Flora Lewis were almost at the gate; Barr Martin walked right up to greet them.

“Doris, long time no see.” Barr Martin was smiling happily.

Flora Lewis had a sour face; she had learned from Doris Lee about Barr Martin and was disgusted by the dirty deeds of Barr Martin.

Doris Lee, looking at Martin suspiciously, said, “Sir, do I know you?”

Barr Martin’s smile froze on his face.”Sir?”

Flora Lewis could hardly refrain herself from laughing out; but she did not try to explain: “Doris did not want to talk with you, bye!”

Doris Lee did not say a word, but obediently followed Flora Lewis.

Barr Martin stepped forward and stopped them from leaving.

“Doris, it was my all fault before, you have to forgive me; I promise that I will never do that thing again.” Said Barr Martin eagerly.

Doris Lee blinked, and before she could speak, Flora Lewis said, “Stop! Doris will never forgive you!”

“It’s between me and Doris, what’s it got to do with you? Barr Martin gazed at Flora Lewis coldly.

“So what? You are not worthy for Doris!” Flora Lewis got in front of Doris Lee.

Sensing the intensity between them, Doris Lee hid behind Flora Lewis and peered at Barr Martin.

Barr Martin noticed that there was something wrong with Doris Lee. She was looking at him in an unfamiliar way, as if she didn’t know him at all. By rights, she should have been angry or cold.

But now Doris Lee was hiding behind Flora Lewis, looking frightened and curious, which should not have been her reaction.

Barr Martin’s face stiffened. “What’s wrong with Doris?”

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