Chapter 216: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 216 You Should Be Responsible to Me (1)
Undeniably, Xiran Xiao was moved by Tianye Mu’s words, but she still didn’t want to be his girlfriend so easily. “You are so good at speaking sugared words and having sex, I don’t believe you never had a girlfriend.” Xiran said.

“A lot of sugared words come to my mind when I see you. For years, I have been busy with territory claims, family business and the fighting with Kerry Ye. Even if I had a few girlfriends, I actually don’t like them. After all, I’m an adult and I have someone to meet my physical needs. But I swear, from now on, you are my only girlfriend.” Tianye explained.

Xiran is not a mean person. Besides, she had two or three boyfriends before. It’s a constant occurrence in human relationships and she won’t persist that unreasonably, but she worried…

“Tianye, are you confession a return for my favor?” Xiran said.

Tianye pinched her face helplessly and said, “Xiran, do you think this is ancient times? Do you think I want to marry you because of your help? If I want to repay you, I can give you money. Of course, you may not be short of money. But love is too precious for me to use it to pay a debt of gratitude.”

“But you are taking advantage from me if I agree to be your girlfriend so easily.” Xiran said.

Tianye held Xiran in his arms shamelessly and said, “Anyway, you’re my girlfriend and I am your boyfriend now. We must be responsible to each other.”

Seeing the beam of sunlight fall from the gap in the heavy curtain, Xiran smiled silently.

It is said that men will become children in front of their beloved ones. That’s true.


In the next few days, they two lost in the sweetness of love. After enjoying the deep affection for several days, Tianye decided to go back to Sky City.

“What are you going back for?” Xiran asked, lying on his chest.

“I’m going to make money, or what am I going to marry you with?” Tianye said. Tianye touched her smooth back and bent over to kiss her on the top of her hair.

Xiran smiled and said, “I’ m not with you for your money.”

“I know you have more money than I do, but that’s your money. Since I want to marry you, I must show my sincerity. Otherwise how can I have the nerve to see my mother-in-law in the future?” Tianye said.

“When will you be back?” Xiran asked.

“Won’t you go there with me?” Tianye asked in surprised.

“You want me to go to Sky City with you?” Xiran asked more surprisedly.

“Of course. Let’s go there together. Otherwise, I can’t fall asleep at night.” Tianye said. The last sentence of what Tianye said is very ambiguous.

With a resentful look, Xiran punched him in the chest and said, “You are always bullying me.”

“You can bully me, too.” Tianye said.

“No.” Xiran said.

After being Tianye’s girlfriend, Xiran became more and more gentle. Maybe this is the magic of move.

“When are we leaving?” Xiran asked.

“Tomorrow.” Tianye said.

Xiran looked and Tianye and said, “Are you going back for Kerry?”

“No, I’m not going back for him.” Tianye shook his head and said.

“Why?” Xiran asked.”

“Sometimes things will be easier for a disappeared man.” Tianye said.

Xiran thought for a while and said, “Then I can go out with Yan Chu. I haven’t seen her for a long time.”

“Baby, you can do whatever you want.” Tianye said.

Every time Tianye calls her “baby”, her heart skipped a beat. She knew Tianye didn’t want her to get involved in this matter. Xiran decided not to bother to take care of it so as not to ruin his plan.

The next day, they drove back to Sky City.

When Tianye saw the sigh of Sky City at the expressway intersection, he was very happy. “I’m back.” He said to himself.

They went to a small tow-story villa located in the eastern suburb of the city. The surrounding environment of the villa is quiet. There are coded locks on the gate and the front door. Tianye skillfully pressed a few numbers and the doors opened.

The layout of the villa is simple and modern. It’s clean because Tianye had asked Mike to ask housekeeper to clean it in advance, and the refrigerator is full of vegetables, meat and fruit.

“I will show you around.” Tianye said. Then Tianye took Xiran’s hand and went upstairs. He pushed open a door and said, “This is the bedroom. The bed is big enough and there is plenty of sunshine… There is the cloakroom, bathroom and restroom.”

After introducing the whole villa, Tianye said jokingly, “It’s very condescending of you to live here.”

“No. I think it’s nice here.” Xiran said, “I have lived in caves and woods. Here’s a nice place.”

“It suddenly strikes me that you can be satisfied easily.” Tianye said. Tianye was proud that he got such a perfect girl.

Xiran didn’t agree with what he said and said, “Don’t jump to the conclusion too early. You might find that I am troublesome someday.”

“I hope that day will come soon. You desire for nothing and I am always afraid that you’ll leave me.” Tianye said.

Xiran couldn’t believe that’s what Tianye said, but he looked serious. She is a hedonist who only wants to live in the moment. When she is in love with a man, she does everything she can to be with him. But if one day she doesn’t love the man anymore, she will leave without hesitation.

That’s her creed.

But when she looked at the man in front of her, she actually had the impulse to live with him for the rest of her life.”

“What are you thinking about? Why are you so deeply lost in your thought? Are you scared by what I just said?” Tianye said somewhat nervously.

“No. I don’t think you are the kind of people who doesn’t have confidence.” Xiran said.

Tianye hugged her and let her go, saying, “That’s because you are so good. Even if I am confidence, I am worried that others will covet you.”

“Before I met you, there were many people covet me, but they all failed.” Xiran said.

“That’s right.” Tianye took a look at his watch and said, “You can have a rest now. I asked some company executives to come here to talk about the work. I’ll take you to lunch when we’re done.”

“OK. Go on with what you are doing.” Xiran said.

Not long after Tianye said that, the doorbell rang. Tianye looked at the monitor and found it’s Mike and his team.

“Oh my god, Mu, I finally see you.” Mike said. Mike jumped on Tianye and gave him a big hug. “When they said you died, I cried for days and my eyes were swollen.” Mike said.

“But you haven’t forgotten to help me make money. Thank you, Mike.” Tianye patted him on the back and said.

“I am a man of my word.” Mike said.

After being let go of by Mike, Tianye hugged the others one by one.

“Mu, did you come back alone? Where is your angel?” Mike looked around and said.

Tianye grabbed Mike’s shoulder and took him to the living room. “The angel is resting now. You will see her when she wakes up.” Tianye said.

“Really? You came back with her? Ah, I must see this beautiful girl.” Mike said with shinning eyes.

“Well, let’s start the meeting.” Tianye said. “I read the financial statements for this year sent by Mike. You’ve done a very good job. Thank you for what you’ve down in the past year. Now let’s talk about the projects you are working on.”


Yehuang Group.

Venus Mu’s blueprint for the preliminary competition was submitted after being revised several times. The preliminary competition only requires the participants’ blueprint, but ready-made clothes are needed when it comes to semi-finals.

“In order to congratulate you to make it to the semi-finals beforehand, I’ll take you out to have lunch.” Kerry put his arms around her shoulder and said.

“It’s only 11 o’clock. Besides, I’ve eaten everything around here and I don’t think any of it tastes particularly delicious.” Venus said.

“I heard there’s a seafood and sashimi restaurant in the eastern suburbs. It’s great. It’s a long journey to get there so we should start early.” Kerry explained.

“Wow, are there any lobsters?” Venus asked with interest.

Kerry pulled open the door and embraced her out, saying, “I know you like lobsters and that’s why I want to go there. The food there tastes light and you should love it.”

“Ah, I finally can eat something different.” Venus said.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 216 You Should Be Responsible to Me (2)
Kerry Ye took a look at Venus Mu and said, “You talked like I’ve been starving you.”

Venus pouted and said, “You’re not starving me. But I’m tired of eating take-out and the food of the company.”

Talking, they two walked all the way into the elevator. As soon as the elevator closed, Venus’s phone rang. She got a message.

After seeing the message, Venus’s smile froze. Kerry noticed her abnormality and asked, “What’s wrong? Who’s that from?”

Venus gave her phone to Kerry. Kerry looked at the phone suspiciously. “Did you get the number?” It reads.

The sender is Xuan Chu.

Kerry’s face became clouded. Xuan was obviously anxious. Maybe Mr. Xie had found something.

“What should we do?” Venus asked.

Kerry thought for a while and said, “Tell him you’re working on it and you’ll send message to him before tomorrow.”

“Are you sure? What if they find there is no treasure map…” Venus said.

Kerry smiled evilly and said, “Who says there is no treasure map?”

Venus was suddenly enlightened. Kerry can forge one. No one has seen the real one anyway.

“By the way, do you think it’s easy to break into the vault?” Kerry said with a sneer. A trick was developing in him.

“What do you mean?” Venus knew there is an implication of his words and asked.

“You’ll see. If won’t be funny if I tell you about it now.” Kerry said.

Venus stared at him and said, “I hate it when you cast a mist before my eyes.”

“Well, I will tell you.” Kerry said. Then Kerry leaned over and whispered a few words in her ear, with what Venus’s facial expression kept changing.

When Kerry finished speaking, Venus asked somewhat worriedly, “Will they doubt it?”

“Don’t worry. Even if they will, they won’t suspect you.” Kerry said.

Venus was still worried.

Kerry pinched her face and said, “Well, I can assure it’s perfectly safe. Just wait and see. Maybe we can find out who is behind the scene.”

After seeing Kerry’s confidence, Venus didn’t bother to worry about that.

Venus sent to Xuan what Kerry asked her to send. Soon Xuan replied: I’m waiting for your good news.


In the villa of Tianye Mu.

It’s almost noon when Tianye finished talking work with Mike and his team, but Tianye had no intention of treating them for lunch. “Mu, in order to celebrate your return, I’ll treat you to lunch. Call the angel down at once.” Mike said.

“You mustn’t say a word to others about my return. I’m sorry I can’t go for lunch with you. I’m going to eat with my girlfriend today, so I won’t accompany you.” Tianye said.

“Oh, you can’t do this to me.” Mike said. Mike almost hugged Tianye, but fortunately Tianye moved quickly to avoid his hug. Mike made a look of sadness and said, “Mu, I miss you so much. I also got someone to help you clean the house. We will leave right away if you introduce your angel to us. How about that?”

Tianye was speechless. After seeing the others were also curious, Tianye had no choice but go to the second floor to find Xiran Xiao. But as soon as he walked out of the living room, Xiran came up to him with a smile.

Before Tianye said something, Mike said in English, “Oh my god, she is really an angel. God, she is so beautiful.”

Tianye shrugged at Xiran with a wry smile and said, “They want to see you.”

Xiran approached everyone handsomely and said in Chinese, “Hello, everyone. I’m Xiran Xiao.”

Mike was excited and wanted to shake hands with Xiran, but he was stopped by Tianye. “Mike, calm down.” Tianye said.

Mike smiled and bypassed Tianye, saying to Xiran, “Hello, I’m Mike. I am the general manager employed by Mu.”

“Hello.” Xiran said. Xiran then looked at others and said to them, “Hello.”

The others all greeted Xiran with envy in their eyes.

Tianye made a lot of efforts to get rid of Mike and his team. “Oh my god, these foreigners are so warm. Are you hungry? I will take you out for lunch.” Tianye said.

“There are so many ingredients in the fridge. Won’t you cook a lunch for me?” Xiran said.

Tianye was stunned for a while and then said, “I can’t cook.”

“You can’t cook? I think…What are the ingredients for?” Xiran said.

“They must be bought by Mike. He likes hot pot so much that he wants to buy every ingredient.” Tianye said. “Should I learn to cook?” Tianye thought to himself.

Should Xiran cook? No. Tianye was not willing to let Xiran cook.

She is a darling daughter of her family and she needn’t do any housework. Why does she have to be a cook when she’s with him? When Tianye was lost in thinking, Xiran said, “Actually, I can cook, but what I cook is not delicious. I am only good at barbecuing.”

Tianye took her hand and kissed it, saying, “I don’t want you to do housework. Let the little things like cooking to me.”

Xiran was moved by what he said. She tiptoed to give him a kiss on the lips and said, “Don’t spoil me. Or I will behave like a pernickety princess.”

Tianye looked at her and said affectionately, “Even if you are a princess, you are a unique princess. Now, her royal highness, can we go for lunch?”

“OK. Where are we going for lunch?” Xiran said.

They walked outside. “You can choose whichever you like.” Tianye said.

“You are so casual.” Xiran complained.

“What do you want to eat?” Tianye asked.

Xiran shrugged and said, “You call the shots.”

Tianye drove out of the villa district and went toward the downtown. Xiran looked out of the window and found a good Japanese restaurant. “Stop. Let’s go to this one.” Xiran said immediately.

Tianye pulled the car over slowly. After putting on the dark glasses, he got off the car with Xiran.

“Do you like Japanese food?” Tianye asked.

“I like cod. There should be the best cod. Let’s try it.” Xiran said.

Tianye had no objection, because he is not picky about food. He can both eat noodles with bean paste and sashimi.

The restaurant is exquisitely decorated with Japanese style. All the waiters and waitresses wear Japanese national costume. Judging by the furnishings, it must be a new one.

“Is there a private room?” Tianye asked the waiter.

“Yes, sir. Please follow me.” The waiter said.

The waiter led them to a private room. The door is push-pull and there is a table for four inside the private room.

Tianye gave the menu to Xiran, who sat opposite to him, and said, “Just order what you like.”

Xiran flipped through some pages of the menu and said several names of the dishes. “Please wait a moment. The dishes will be served in a minute.” The waiter bent over and said.

“The food in this restaurant should be good.” Xiran said with a smile.

“You know that before you eat?” Tianye said.

“Because the food here is expensive. If the food is not delicious and it’s expensive, it will go out of business in two days. But there are lots of luxurious cars outside here.” Xiran said

Tianye nodded and said, “You’re right.”

Soon, seafood dishes were served one after another. Some of them were soaked in ice with cold air.

“Let’s enjoy it.” Xiran said. Xiran’s mouth was watering and she picked up chopsticks and forks to eat.

Tianye likes Xiran’s unbuttoned style of behavior. She is not reserved, and perhaps she doesn’t need to be. Most women are reserved in front of men because they are afraid that men will think they are rude. But Xiran doesn’t need to be reserved in front of others.

She’s always been herself.

They were halfway through the meal when they heard the footsteps of several people outside the door. Then came the sound of opening the door. The private room opposite to theirs opened.

“Mr. Ye, please come in.”

Tianye stopped eating and turned to look at the door of the private room opposite to theirs.

Mr. Ye?

Which Mr. Ye?

Before Tianye figured it out, a familiar male voice came, “Your business is getting better and better.”

“Mr. Ye, we can’ t make that without your support.” That should be what said by the boss.

“I suggest you open a chain store in the downtown and I don’t have to drive so long to eat.”

Tianye was almost certain that the familiar voice is Kerry’s.

Xiran was eating with relish. After seeing Tianye look at the door of the private room with a cold face, she couldn’t help looking in that direction too. Does Tianye know the one who’s talking outside?

Then came the laughter of the boss. “The rent is too high downtown and my restaurant is new-blown.”

“Well, I’m just giving you an opinion.” Kerry said. Then the door of the private room opposite to theirs closed.

Xiran turned to look at Tianye and said, “Do you know them?”

“We are not just acquaintances.” Tianye said with a sneer.

Xiran was suddenly enlightened and said, “He is Kerry. What a coincidence.”

“Exactly. It takes more than an hour to get here from downtown, and he is willing to spend so long to eat a meal.” Tianye said.

Xiran knocked on the edge of the dish and pulled his thoughts back. “Just concentrate on eating and don’t think too much other things.” Xiran said.

What Xiran said is true, but Tianye couldn’t stop thinking about Kerry. His enemy was in the opposite private room, separating by two wooden doors. If Tianye didn’t want to punish him secretly and investigate the whereabouts of Venus, he would go to denounce Kerry publicly for his crimes.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 216 You Should Be Responsible to Me (3)
Seeing Tianye Mu’s face was still clouded, Xiran Xiao put a large lobster on his plate, saying, “You are dining with me now, and if you think about other men, I’m jealous.”

Tianye was amused by what Xiran said. After taking a deep breath, Tianye said, “I’m sorry. I’m too emotional.”

“Now that you’re back in Sky City, just take your time. There are plenty of opportunities to meet him later.” Xiran said to ease out his anxiety.

After being silent for a moment, Tianye said, “Xiran, you know the situation better than me.”

“That’s because the outsider sees the most of the game. If I were in your shoes, I’d be so excited to kick that bastard’s door open and stick this knife in his chest.” Xiran said. Although Xiran didn’t see Kerry Ye and she has nothing to do with Kerry in terms of interests, Xiran has drawn him into the realm of playboys through his attitude to Yan Chu.

Tianye felt a lot more relaxed. “Actually, that’s what I want to do.” Tianye said to Xiran with a smile.

“It’s human nature. I understand.” Xiran said. Xiran dipped a thin piece of cod in the sauce and tucked it into her mouth with a contented smile on her face.

It’s indeed the best cod and worthy of its price.

“What are you doing to do this afternoon?” Tianye asked.

“I will go to buy some clothes.” Xiran said. When she came to Sky City, she only brought her toiletries with her. She planned to buy clothes and others things here.

“I will go with you.” Tianye said volunteerly.

“No. It takes long time for women to buy clothes. You just do what you should do and don’t worry about me. Besides, I will go to meet my friend.” Xiran said.

After hearing that, Tianye was speechless. He did have some things to do in the afternoon, but he was a little sad after being rejected by Xiran so mercilessly.

Don’t women always like men to go shopping with them? Why she is an exception?

Tianye took out a black credit card from his wallet and pushed it to her, saying, “Use this card to buy clothes.”

Xiran took a look at it, but didn’t take it. “I have money.” Xiran said.

“I know. But I want you to spend my money, otherwise, I have no incentive to make money.” Tianye said.

Xiran shook her head with a smile and put the card away unavoidably. “Tianye, you don’t have to do this to me.” Xiran said.

Tianye froze with complicated looking in his eyes. After pausing for a while, Tianye said, “Xiran, I have no romantic relationship before and don’t know how to make women happy. I just instinctively want to be nice to you. If anything is wrong…”

Xiran burst out laughing. How cute Tianye is. Xiran crooked her finger for him to lean over and then bit him on the lips. “All you have to do is love me. You can do whatever you want.” Xiran said softly.

Looking at his face reflected in Xiran’s eyes, Tianye threw his arms around her neck and kissed her deeply.

“Bang”- A glass was accidentally squeezed off the table and hit the board. Then they stopped kissing reluctantly.

Tianye licked his lower lip and said ambiguously, “The cod tastes good.”

“The lobster also tastes good.” Xiran said.

They smiled at each other.

When two strangers go together, it is necessary for them to run in for a while and learn about each other’s hobbies, likes, dislikes and lifestyle. Only by truly accepting and accommodating each other can they go a long way.

In the private room a few meters away from Xiran and Tianye’s private room, Venus glutted herself with delicacies. Kerry, sitting opposite to her, likes to eat the same food as Venus after eating with her for a long time.

“I remember you don’t like light flavors.” Venus said in surprise.

“I just follow your suit. I don’t even eat spicy food anymore.” Kerry said. Kerry then put a piece of fresh shrimp into his mouth.

“Hum, it’s because you don’t stand firm on your own. It’s none of my business.” Venus said with disdain.

“All right, everything you say is right,” Kerry said flatteringly, “Now that you have submitted your blueprint for the preliminary competition, what are you going to do this afternoon?”

“I want to go shopping and find some inspiration.” Venus said.

“I will ask two bodyguards to accompany you.” Kerry said. After seeing Venus want to refuse, Kerry said, “You can’t say no. Do you forget what happened last time? Of course, although you did that yourself last time, you can’t rule out the possibility that other people have the same idea.”

“OK. I agree with that.” Venus said helplessly and accepted his arrangement.

When they were about to finish eating, Venus’s phone suddenly rang. She took a look at the phone and found it’s Xiran who’s calling. She was so happy and she was about to answer it, but the phone hung up suddenly.

“Eh? Why did she hang up?” Venus said to herself.

“Who is calling?” Kerry said.

“Xiran, my friend in S City.” Venus said.

Xiran was leaning over Tianye’s shoulder and laughing. What a coincidence! She just said she wanted to go shopping with Venus and it turned out that Venus was in the next door. She must have come with Kerry.

Tianye turned Xiran’s phone to silent immediately. Sure enough, half a minute later, Yan Chu called Xiran back.

Tianye put his arms around Xiran’s waist and whispered in her ear, “Don’t you answer it?”

“I will answer it later. Or it’s too abrupt that I hang up the phone.” Xiran said.

After the kissing, Tianye pulled Xiran from the opposite chair to his side. He felt much more comfortable sitting in this way. He could flirt with her while eating.

“Why isn’t she answering the phone? Did something bad happen to her?” Venus said worriedly. Venus has been framed so many times that she would think wild when there is a slightest sign of trouble.

“She may have run into something urgent. You friend is not an ordinary person. She is not so accident-prone.” Kerry said to comfort her.

Venus was suddenly in no mood for eating. “I hope so.” She said.

Ten minutes later, Xiran called Venus. Venus answered it immediately and said, “Hello, Xiran.”

“Yan, something just happened to me. I’ve got good news for you. I’m in Sky City now.” Xiran said.

Venus was immediately surprised and said, “Really? Where are you? I want to meet you.”

“I’ve been doing some business in Sky City recently. Maybe I’ll stay for a few days. Why don’t you accompany me to buy some clothes this afternoon?” Xiran said.

After hearing that, Venus was more excited. “OK. I also happen to be going to the mall this afternoon. Do you want me to pick you up?” Venus said.

“No. Let’s make an appointment. My driver will take me there.” Xiran said.

Venus thought for a while and said a fancy store downtown.

“OK. It’s one o’clock in the afternoon. Let’s meet over there at 2:30.” Xiran said.

“OK.” Venus said. After hanging up the phone, Venus was in high spirits and urged Kerry to eat quickly. “Come on, let’s hurry back after eating.” Venus said.

Kerry was somewhat jealous. He had never seen her so warm towards him. Fortunately, Yan is a woman. If the one who made an appointment with Venus is a man, Kerry would have chased him and hacked him with a knife.

“My dear driver, should we wait for them to come out?” Xiran asked Tianye mischievously outside the Japanese restaurant.

“Since we are so lucky to have eaten at the same restaurant, how can I not see him? Besides, I want to know what your sister looks like.” Tianye said.

“She is totally a beauty.” Xiran said.

Tianye turned to look at Xiran with tenderness in his eyes and said, “No one is more beautiful than you.”

“I like to hear that. Oh? They are coming out.” Xiran said.

Tianye looked to the door of the restaurant and clenched the steering wheel unconsciously. After seeing that, Xiran put her hand on the back of his hand for the fear that he would press the accelerator on impulse.

This’s the first time Xiran saw Kerry. In her opinion, Kerry is handsome, but he is too sullen, and there is an air of unexplainable melancholy about him. She doesn’t like this kind of man and she doesn’t know why Yan likes him.

But in Tianye’s eyes, Kerry hasn’t changed. Tianye thought Kerry is still full of conquettishness. When Tianye saw the woman next to Kerry…for a moment, Tianye almost took her for his sister. Her profile and figure are like his sister’s. But when Tianye saw the face of the woman, he was disappointed. Yeah, how could she be Venus.

Kerry walked to his black Cayenne with his arm around the woman’s waist. With a bow and a smile, Kerry showed his indulgence to that woman. But Tianye hated to see that.

Watching Kerry and Venus leave, Tianye leaned back in his chair. There was hatred in his eyes and heart.

Although he didn’t want Venus to be with Kerry, he hated to see that scene. He didn’t know where his sister is and whether she’s suffering hardship, but Kerry, the culprit, was having a good time with another woman.

How could he not hate Kerry?

Xiran seemed to feel his pain and entwined her fingers with his. “You sister will be fine.” Xiran said softly to comfort him.

After a long time, Tianye said, “I will make Kerry to pay the price one day.”

“The only thing I ask is that you should keep yourself from being injured.” Xiran said. Xiran is not a female deity and she naturally stands by Tianye.

Tianye clenched her hands and promised, “I hate to be hurt as you are in my side.”

Xiran breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “Excuse me, driver, can we go to downtown now?”

Tianye smiled and didn’t want to infect her with his bad emotions. “Sure, but the fare might be expensive.” Tianye said.

“How much money do you want? I’ll see if I have enough money in my purse.” Xiran said.

“You don’t need to check. I am sure you haven’t had enough money. But you can give the price difference to me in the evening.” Tianye said. Then Tianye started the car and drove to the downtown.

In case Xiran would feel bored, Tianye introduced the characteristics of Sky City to her while he was driving. More than an hour later, Xiran saw the building Yan said.

“It’s over there.” Xiran said. Xiran saw Yan was waiting for her at the door and there were two bodyguards beside her.

Tianye stopped the car steadily and said, “Call me when you are almost done. I’ll come and pick you up.”

“Maybe I will have dinner with her. Let’s play it by ear.” Xiran said. Xiran unbuckled the seat belt and was about to get off the car, but she was stopped by Tianye. Xiran then turned to look at Tianye and asked, “What’s up?”

“Are you leaving like that?” Tianye asked depressedly.

Xiran grinned and leaned over to kiss deeply on his lips for a while. When Tianye was about to hold her into his arms, Xiran moved away and patted his face, saying, “I’ll be with you tonight, honey.”

Tianye leaned over and licked her bright red lips. “That’s what you said. No begging for mercy at night.” Tianye said ambiguously.

Xiran got off and car and leaned over the window, saying, “It’s not known who will be begging for mercy. You’d better get going.” Xiran said.

Tianye smiled and shook his head helplessly. Then he pressed the accelerator and drove away. When passing Yan, he turned his head to take a look at her. Tianye thought she does look like his sister except for her face.

Xiran and Venus, who haven’t meet each other for a long time, were very delighted to meet again.

Venus has few friends and even fewer who are of a kind with her. And the one who she really admires from the bottom of her heart is Xiran, so she cherishes the friendship with her very much.

After larking about for a while, Xiran took a look at the two bodyguards and asked, “Who are they?”

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