“You, shameless!” Kristen was angry, her beautiful eyes shot out of anger!
“What’s the matter, President Kristen? It doesn’t count, isn’t it what you just promised? I mentioned it now, and you disagree, then what did you just pretend to be?” Chuck Cannon said politely.
Such a woman would be so upset with her.
“You!” Kristen raised her hand and slammed it out.
What did you do by yourself, One after another, being humiliated by so many young men?

But how could Chuck Cannon let a woman beat him? He reached out and grabbed her wrist effortlessly.
“Release!” Kristen scolded!
“Don’t pretend to do it!” Chuck Cannon shook his head.
“Are you shameless? I agree with everything I said so to solve with money! The house, the car, the money!” Kristen was annoyed, her wrist was gripped so hard by Chuck Cannon, it was terribly painful, she struggled so much, but didn’t get off with her hand, Chuck Cannon grasped it like this.

“It’s your shamelessness, you agree with everything I say, and now you don’t admit it anymore, what scope do you say, do you want a face? I let you sleep with me once and you don’t want it anymore?” Chuck Cannon satirized.
“You bastard!” Kristen said loudly.
Chuck Cannon frowned, such a loud voice would be heard by Yvette Jordan. He grabbed Kristen to the corner of the stairwell. Kristen struggled hard, but it was useless at all, so she was dragged in, her high heels all lost.

“What do you want to do?” Kristen stared at Chuck Cannon.
“Fuck!” Chuck Cannon said.
Kristen’s eyes closed, she took a deep breath, took a deep breath, calmed her angry heart and opened her beautiful eyes again, restoring her previous calmness, “let me go!”
“No one here, just right, exciting! Just say you disagree!” Chuck Cannon asked.
“You are really disgusting!”
“Now I disgust you. Why didn’t you say I was sick when I saved you?”
“You confess?” Kristen narrowed her eyes.
“Yes, admit it, are you going to accompany me once to repay me?” Chuck Cannon looked at her and asked, “Don’t pretend to be forced, agree, or disagree! Straight!”
Kristen took a deep breath, “If you want to move me, you would have moved that night, would you have waited until today?”
Kristen was calm, she didn’t see a little man’s desire from Chuck Cannon’s move, so she calmed down.
“How do you know I didn’t move you?” Chuck Cannon’s mouth curled up a strange arc.
“I don’t feel it. I would have certainly felt it. Of course, if you don’t like it, then I can’t feel it.” Kristen said lightly.

She asked all the details of the assistant. Chuck Cannon rescued her time and arrived at the hotel. She also went to the hotel and asked for the time. The interval was only six or seven minutes, and it was this time when the place walked to the hotel, and Still holding a person, so halfway through, Chuck Cannon could not have time to do anything to her.
What’s more, the hotel’s aunt also said that Chuck Cannon took her in and went out. It was even less likely to do anything to herself in this process.

Chuck Cannon was speechless and was actually taken in by this woman. He was now exercising and it is absolutely impossible to use it!
“You really don’t like it?” Kristen mocked because she didn’t speak to Chuck Cannon.
Chuck Cannon was annoyed. She’s fucking, He was sure that he would never touch a woman, let alone Zelda helped earlier was normal that time!
“Do you want to try it right?” Chuck Cannon stared at her and saw her.
Kristen frowned, “Go far away from me!”
Chuck Cannon grasped her wrist and exerted pain, and Kristen’s face showed pain, “Let me go!”
“I only ask you, you want to repay me, then do you let me sleep now?” Chuck Cannon asked.
“Shameless idea! Let me go!” Kristen was angry again, how could there be such a disgusting person?
Chuck Cannon smiled, and laughed very kinky, Kristen frowned deeper.

“Then what do you pretend to be!” Chuck Cannon let go of her and was too lazy to take care of her. Its too long, Yvette Jordan will come out of the room to find him now. In case Yvette Jordan found it, it was unclear.
Kristen moved his wrist, so painful that she was caught, her eyes were spitting fire.
“Don’t come over to me, you just saved a woman who didn’t count and talked to me that day. When it came to repaying, I made simple demands, and if you didn’t agree, you loved to act.” Chuck Cannon thought If you are happy, you should control her like this, scold her, she still can’t speak.

Kristen’s heart was full of anger, “You are really disgusting!”
She wore high heels, but this squat movement, so perfect long legs are exposed.
Chuck Cannon just caught it, and he smiled, and Kristen found out in an instant, she was shy and angry, and she was wearing a skirt today, so she was again… “Are you rogues reborn?”
“My hooligan is better than you pretend to be.” Chuck Cannon sneered her politely.
But having said that, her figure is really good, especially the parts that the assistant said to spend money on maintenance every month.

“Husband, are you outside?” At this time, Yvette Jordan’s voice came.
Chuck Cannon was taken aback. This was about to be seen by Yvette Jordan. It was really unclear. He approached Kristen and covered Kristen’s mouth. Then he said, “I will call and come back immediately.”
The corridor is quiet, so Chuck Cannon thought of that night, Queenie helped him in front of Yvette Jordan, almost the same as now!
Tension, and with a little stimulation!

Chuck Cannon looked at Kristen, this woman’s skin is so good? Like Zelda, it is super maintained and compact, it is estimated that there is usually a high intensity of exercise.
Thinking of this, Chuck Cannon’s eyes turned and Kristen stared even bigger!
Forget this, such a woman, Chuck Cannon really has no intention to touch, mainly because he has a wife like Yvette Jordan, Chuck Cannon certainly won’t touch Kristen!

Chuck Cannon screamed suddenly, because Kristen’s hand was grabbing his leg and his nails were all going in. Are you practicing bone claws?
“Husband, what’s wrong with you?” Yvette Jordan’s footsteps heard.
“It’s okay, I called this person and he made me angry, dumb people,” Chuck Cannon said.
Kristen breathed fire.

“Well, don’t be angry, her husband hit slowly.” Yvette Jordan said, she finished washing the dishes, but she didn’t see Chuck Cannon in the room, she came out and asked because she wanted to sleep and wanted to hug and sleep with Chuck Cannon.
Chuck Cannon let out a sigh of relief and Kristen’s spitting eyes stared at him like this, Chuck Cannon’s fists clenched, because Chuck Cannon covered Kristen’s mouth, but she bit herself, the pain!

“Are you the mother of a dog? Fuck!” Chuck Cannon let go of her and looked at his hand. His flesh was almost bitten and bleeding and she still scratched his leg!
“Don’t let your mother come to me, this time even if you repay me.” Chuck Cannon said and patted her behind.
Kristen’s eyes widened, and her eyes spewed out more anger, “You’re sick, you…”
Chuck Cannon covered her mouth again, so loudly, she wanted Yvette Jordan to come over?
“What are you staring at me for? I didn’t touch it that day. Now, I touched you and you paid for it. After all, I let you accompany me, and you pretend not to agree. You can only do this. You can leave with peace of mind. “Chuck said and he let go of her hand and didn’t bother to walk towards the stairs.

“So, did you touch me on that day?” Kristen’s eyes were cold, and the original feeling was that day.
“Yes, why don’t you say that you still kissed me that day? It’s you who is disgusting, how old are you and still kissed me? Are you disgust or disgusted?” Chuck Cannon countered.
Kristen shivered with anger, she was old? Didn’t he also find Zelda, who is the same age as her?
“However, you kissed me but it was quite fragrant, what toothpaste you use for brushing your teeth? It’s so fragrant, forget it, don’t ask you, we’re clear! I’m going to accompany my wife.” Chuck Cannon shook his head and went out.
Kristen was alone on the stairs, and the fire in her heart didn’t know how long it came before she disappeared. She went out and took the elevator downstairs. She sat in the car and stared at Chuck Cannon’s floor until she rang her phone. Pulling from the fascination, she answered.

“Well, I know, the twenty suites will remain! Yes, let me see how much it will cost to buy this district?” Kristen stared at the district where Chuck Cannon stopped, and she suddenly had an idea.
The phone hung up and Kristen continued to stare. At this time, Chuck Cannon opened the curtain and saw Kristen’. She was sitting in the car, and the two looked at each other…

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