Chapter 216: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 216 Scarred man!

Flora Lewis was shocked by the sharp eyes of Barr Martin; she replied coolly; , “Doris is fine. You don’t need to worry about her!”

Suddenly, Doris Lee blurted out: “Bad guy! Sister, let’s call the police!”

There was no more secret now.

In fact, as a child, Doris Lee did not fear Barr Martin. It was probably the impression Barr Martin had left her and the drugging incident that made her wary of Barr Martin.

It was not hard for Barr Martin to make a conjecture; he felt sore in heart; how can Doris Lee become like this?

Flora Lewis rolled her eyes, dragged Doris Lee and ran, yelling at the guards.

They were not far from the gate; the guard heard the noise and came out with his stick.

Flora Lewis had run up to the guard with Doris Lee, pointing at Barr Martin and saying, “He’s harassing us!”

The security guard stood forward and took Flora Lewis and Doris Lee behind him, saying with puzzlement, “What’s going on?”

The guards in the villa area of Lanbo Port knew that anyone that showed up in this neighborhood was not for them to mess up with.

What harassment could it be? Most likely they were simply playing.

“None your business,” Barr Martin said faintly.

Flora Lewis didn’t expect the guards to do anything, either, as long as Barr Martin left them alone.

“You can do as you please! We are leaving.” Flora Lewis held the arm of Doris Lee and walked away without hesitation.

Barr Martin had no choice but to watch Doris Lee leave; but it didn’t matter. He could check it out and find out what had happened to Doris Lee by himself.

In the dingy locked room, Colin Ward and the two girls were getting bored waiting idly.

“Well, what did you think they are up to? Have they forgotten about us?”

Bailee Liu asked with curiosity.

Colin Ward and Vanessa Liu curled their lips and seemed not interested in discussing with her at all. It was as if Bailee Liu had already forgotten about things earlier.

Bailee Liu puckered her lips and rolled her eyes, saying, ” Are you dumb or something, talk to me!”

“Who do you think you are talking to?”

Vanessa Liu turned her head to stare at Bailee Liu.

Just as Colin Ward was about to stop them, the door opened.

They looked to the door.

Several young men, dressed in black suits, walked quickly in and lined in both sides to make way for someone.

Soon enough, a middle-aged man with a scar on his face, a tattoo on his arm and a cigarette dangling from his mouth trod in slowly.

The scarred man seated himself on on a stool opposite them, propped his feet on the table, threw his lighter down on the table, puffed on the cigarette, and blew out a ring of white smoke.

“I am Da Song, in charge of the South District.”

Colin Ward thought for a second and said coolly. “Sorry, haven’t heard of the name.”

Da Song snorted, “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t known of it before. Now you have heard of it, and in the future you will always hear my name, because in the future, the ‘underground’ market in Tianbei City will be mine.”

Colin Ward frowned He didn’t know much about the underground market in Tianbei City; as far as he knew, the current north district was under the control of Bald Liu.

Was it too arrogant of this man to say that all the underground markets in Tianbei City will be his in the future?

Da Song said slowly, “But before that, I need your help.”

“My help?” Wonders Colin Ward. “It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with me,”

Da Song shook his head. “Bald Liu is in charge of the north, Jiang in the east, Black Carp in the west, and me in the south.”

“I’ve got Bald Liu’s sister, which means I have gained the control of the north; Jiang is nothing to me; as for the west district, with some cash, I could take care of the Black Carp.”

Now Colin Ward got it. He was after his money.

“Well? You pay the price while I do the job; when I get hands on the whole underground market, you are my friend. And everyone would have to respect you like they do to me.”

“Sounds good.” Colin Ward replied. “How much do you need?”

Colin Ward was buying time for Gerd Ward.

Da Song blurted out, “No much for someone like you. 30 million yuan.”

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