Chapter 217 – 218: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 217: I Love Kris!

Kris Chen was sure that it was a misjudge.

Rou walked up to him and said: “It’s okay, Kris, I still appreciated it.”

As disappointed as Rou Wen, since they lost the match, Kris tried his best.

It was a relief to Kris that Rou Wen didn’t blame him.

What a considerate person Rou Wen is!

Kris smiled, but he felt a chilling sensation from his back before he got to say something to Rou Wen.

After Kris reached the acquired stage, his perceptivity had been greatly augmented.

He turned around and saw Qingyuan, the master of Emei School, stood up from the judges’ seats.

Her eyes were fixed on Kris as she was surrounded by murderous rage.

She had already made up her mind before that she would kill Kris by herself after the competition, for she was sure that Kris was nothing but an obscene pervert.

He defiled his own sister-in-law and deceived Lan Yu, and he, after all, that he even dared show up in the alchemist competition. And it just got worse: Kris, who’s only an apprentice of another alchemist numbered eighty-eight, took that alchemist’s place and continued the match.

That alchemist was also a gorgeous and beautiful lady, she must have been deceived by Kris as well, otherwise, she would never let Kris took her place in the match.

Qingyuan saw no reason of letting him live any longer. Who knows how many more girls he would keep defiling? But Kris had no idea of how Qingyuan had pictured him.

He was confused. Why was she staring at him like he killed her parents? He barely even knew her.

“You scum!”

Qingyuan leaped upward from the judges’ seats as a long white sword appeared in her hand. She fixed her eyes on Kris angrily and said:” Kris Chen! How dare you show up here in the alchemist competition after defiling your sister-in-law and Lan Yu, out elder sister in Emei, and now you’re having an affair with your alchemist! Justice shall be served to wipe out your existence, and I shall execute it!”

What? What was all this about? When did he ever, to quote Qingyuan, defile his sister-in-law and Lan Yu? And, since when did he start having an affair with Rou Wen?

“Master, as held in high esteem as you are in Emei School, I don’t think you can just label people like this.” Said Kris, a bit pissed as well.

What the heck is wrong with her? She’s beautiful, which can’t be denied, but labeling people? And Lan Yu, who’s in the spectator’s seats, was shocked as well. As for Bao Cao sitting near her, he was, well, thunderstruck.

His face turned from white to red, then to almost black. He grabbed Lan Yu by her shoulders as the veins on his neck nearly burst and shouted at her: “You…You bitch! I love you so much, and you slept with that scum behind me?!”

He was mad, completely insane.

To be met with such a scandal that his fiance was in an affair with a live-in son-in-law right in front of so many people just couldn’t get more humiliating, there went his reputation.

Shen Chu and other people around were surprised, too.

Lan Yu and Kris? Seriously?

People’s attention was all caught on Bao. Though some people’s eyes were filled with sympathy, others were just gloating over this drama, like watching a comedy show.

“Bao, it hurts!” Lan Yu tried to get Bao off her, but he’s gone insane.

“Bitch…no, slut! That’s why you never said yes whenever I propose to you! You two have already messed around with each other! Damn you bitch, and that scum…”


“Shut it!” Shouted Lan Yu as she slapped Bao on his face.

She was incensed as well, for she would never see it coming that Qingyuan would say anything like this. What else could it be but defamation?

Defiled by Kris? When? How come that she, Lan Yu, herself didn’t even know that?

Not to mention stupid Bao, who’s mad at the moment, whatever she tried to say in her defense would only be treated as lies.

“Hell, no!” It exasperated Bao’s anger even further,” That’s why you’ve been so damn partial to him! What happened to me not figuring this out earlier?”

“What… what did you say?” Said Lan Yu, shaking in anger as tears swelled up her eyes.

“You know it better than I do!” Sneered Bao,” How many times have you kissed that douche-bag right in front of me? How many times, you slut!? ”

Bao thought he had fathomed all this after reminiscing what had happened recently and found himself way too stupid to notice the affair between them.


Tears were running down her cheeks, she couldn’t bear with it anymore. And Bao was dead to her at that moment.

She wiped the tears away and said to Bao, coldly: “You’re right, I, I love Kris!”

Then she gets rid of him and walked toward Kris. And Rou Wen as also confused.

What was going on? An affair with Kris? How come she was part of it as well?

“It’s… it’s not what you think it is? He’s just my student, that’s it!” But the harder she tried to explain, the more subtle how people look at her got.

“Kris Chen…” Exclaimed Lan Yu as she walked up the stage. Kris turned around and saw Lan Yu walking to him.

Really? Wouldn’t it just confirm what other people were thinking? Kris sighed and smiled bitterly.

Suddenly there came a shout of master Qingyuan: “Now die, you scumbag!”

Qingyuan dashed toward Kris, with a sword aiming at his heart.

Shit, Kris thought to himself.

He felt locked by a formidable force that he couldn’t get rid of, desperately.

What? It shocked everyone that Qingyuan really meant it.

“No, master Qingyuan!” Exclaimed Lan Yu immediately. But she was too angry to listen to anyone and got near Kris in no time.

“Kill this bastard!”

“Yes! Do it!” Shouted Quan Chen and his wife excitingly, wishing Kris’s death would free them of all the trouble the future may hold.

“No, master! Let me do it!” Exclaimed Lei Chen in the backstage hurriedly. The sword was drawing near Kris’ heart.

Suddenly, Wantong showed up in front of Kris, sticking out one of her fingers to the sword.

Ding! Her finger met the sword, and there came a jangle.

Really? Finger versus a sword?

It drove the people nervous, how much power does it need to do such things? Even the judges’ attention was caught.

Qingyuan is a master of Emei school, a grand practitioner who had fulfilled the innate-power stage, not to mention how much power she infused in her attack.

But it was stopped by just one finger.

Wantong, the Ancient Medical Association leader, must have reached the early period of the back-to-self stage to be able to fend off Qingyuan’s attack, for no one could gather enough energy in their body to fight with armed people with bare hands.

Frowned, Qingyuan exerted her strength harder, but Wanyong remained still and didn’t even budge.

“Master Qingyuan, I don’t think you’ve shown me enough respect trying to kill someone in the alchemist competition. If there’s any grudge you two hold against each other, settle it privately, then it would be none of my business.”

Under the scrutiny of the Ancient Medical Association leader, no one can kill anyone in the alchemist competition. Otherwise, none would ever dare participate anymore.

Wantong was pissed as well. Why would the six major schools send such a wayward person to be the judge?

Then Wantong flicked her finger on the sword. TIng!

Qingyuan felt an overwhelming power incoming and dropped the sword.

“Wow, it’s the Divine Finger-Flick!”

Master Shikong took a deep breath and wondered: What’s her connection to Zhu’s family.

“You got it all wrong, Wantong! Don’t be deceived by this fraud, he’s a pervert!” Said Qingyuan, angrily,” He was expelled from his own family for defiling his sister-in-law, and then it was Lan Yu, our sister in Emei school. Why are you still protecting him?

“And wasn’t it clear enough that he took his alchemist’s place in the competition?” Continued Qingyuan, ”They are having an affair for damn sure! He shouldn’t even be here in our sacred competition!”

The noise rose from the crowd again. Wasn’t Kris a live-in son-in-law? A married man messing around with other women, even his alchemist tutor? How could anyone do such things?

Lan Yu couldn’t do anything but biting her lips nervously.

Even though she’s older than most people, it doesn’t mean she could just makeup stories and defame other people. But as innocent as she knows she was, talking back to Qingyuan would only make things worse.

“No! It’s not like that! Nothing is going on between Kris and me!” Said Rou Wen. She looked pale, but still, no one listened to her.

Actually, even if people knew it was just some misunderstandings, they would still just stay there and enjoy the drama.

As for Kris, anger drove his face pale as well. It was ridiculous. Shall justice be served? In what way was it justice since Qingyuan didn’t even know the truth?

It was playing evil in the name of an angle.

Kris turned stern and said: “Master Qingyuan, I, Kris Chen, swear to god: I didn’t do any of what you asserted to have happened!”

Chapter 218: The Truth

Is he still denying?

Master Qingyuan was trembling in anger, it was Chen’s families told her all those things, no way she could be mistaken.

Even Lei Chen had proved it to her, and Kris was still lying. He must have been used to such things, which gave Qingyuan a better reason for killing Kris, who she reckoned as the evilest pervert.

“I stand my ground, master Qingyuan, you should keep your hands off him until the competition is over,” Said Wantong, smiled, “And I think you know the reason for it clearly.”

Qingyuan squinted. Seemed something just came into her mind. After leaving an angry stare on Kris, she left.

She was met with Quan and his wife, who acted nervously and asked: “Why didn’t you kill that bastard, master?”

QIngyuan seemed a bit embarrassed and replied: “This is not a good place for that, we’ll figure out another way when we get back. But, I’ll never let go of Kris!”

Chen’s family business was that Kris defiles his sister-in-law. Qingyuan had no rights interfering as much as she was disgusted by it. But when it comes to Lan Yu, it was definitely Emei school’s business, therefore hers.

Then Qingyuan left the competition.

Quan and Jie were so eager to see Kris dead, but there wasn’t much they could do but following Qingyuan’s idea.

Standing in the backstage, Lei Chen said as anger crawled into his eyes: “You will pay for the shame and disgrace you brought down on me, Kris, sooner or later.”

Wantong took Kris to the backstage after Qingyuan left.

Though Kris was a bit upset about Wantong’s misjudge, she just saved her life. As a man who clearly tells kindness from hatred, he said to Wantong sincerely: “My thanks and appreciation, miss Qin.”

She smiled, which made Kris’ mind drift a bit.

Kris didn’t really notice until then that Wantong was also extraordinarily gorgeous.

Of all the ladies he had met, only Quan Mu, the wife of the sun-moon holy cult leader, could compete with her beauty.

“Good, you’re cultured well, “Smiled Wantong,” I could quit my position as the leader of the Ancient Medical Association if she killed you under my scrutiny.”

There came her aggressiveness from her words, which told her domineering persona. And Kris captured that as well.

Lazily lay her eyes on Kris, Wantong asked, as if seducing: “Would you like to join us, the association?”

It struck Kris slightly, an invitation to join the Ancient Medical Association?

“Frowned, he shook his head and replied:” My apology, I’m not interested.

As much as he was grateful that Wantong saved her life, she failed to tell the quality and authenticity of the marrow-clearing soup he made following the recipe in the Thousand Gold Prescription, skeptical about the point of joining an association led by her.

Not interested?

Wantong was confused.

Kris seemed odd to Wantong, given her prestige and fame. Other people would definitely thrill over an invitation from her for days, and there had never been a shortage of people trying to join the association. But now, Kris seemed even…a bit upset?

That was interesting? “And the reason is?” Asked Wantong, out of curiosity.

Kris shrugged and said: “Simple. Your leadership.”

“Leadership?” That was a surprise to Wantong.

Then she smiled and pointed at herself: “Me?”

Kris smiled, too, then stay silent.

“Wow, this is quite interesting, my young little friend,” Said Wantong, and laughed,” Are you holding a grudge against me for that soup? Wouldn’t it be too petty for a man?”

“You’re not that old, don’t call me like that.” Curling his lips, Kris replied,” And I’m not petty. My soup was perfect, no matter what your judgment is!”

“But why are you so sure about it?” Wantong’s laugh continued,” That’s quite of an audacity you got, boy.”

Kris smiled and didn’t say a word. The soup was identical to the one recorded in the Thousand Gold Prescription. There’s no way that anything went wrong.

Instead of giving more questions, she smiled and said: “Well. Here’s the thing, young boy: No one ever dared turn me down ever since I become the leader of this association. You’re the first one who refuses my invitation.”

No one dares?

Well, guess that’s how ladies who are both beautiful and competent do things, and it reminded Kris of Lan Xia, who also possess prestige and capability.

Wantong shook her head and continued laughing, seeing Kris remained silent: “Okay, I’ll cut the crap. Your soup was a huge success.”


So it was really what he thought it was. Kris withheld his anger, knowing he couldn’t compete with Wantong: “Then why did you do that?” Wouldn’t it be fooling people around?

“Oh, you pissed?” Wantong took a glance at him, “Anger clouds the truth, young man. Have you ever thought of why I called it a failure? And why am I telling you the truth now?”


Wantong’s words brought ration back into Kris’ mind.

Were there any secrets she tried to hide from other people?

“Get to the point!” Said Kris. He always kept things simple and straight, which made him Tianba’s good friend.

“Childish!” Said Wantong, sighed and shook her head,” It’s so damn true that you-re still a new-in-town, do you have any idea of the soup you made in the competition? Every normal people is innocent until he or she gets a diamond in the pocket, you understand that? The marrow-clearing soup was from Shaolin school. Who do you think master Shikong is? You think he’s too old to tell what that soup is? Do you know how many prestigious families are here in the competition and why the hell do they come? Just to watch the competition, is it?”

That drove Kris into a sweat. Wantong’s words revealed everything.

That was why she showed up when master Shikong said that the soup he made had some problems. She wasn’t flattering Shikong, she was protecting him, Kris!

What can the soup do? It made ordinary people qualified to take up a practitioner; it clear practitioners retarded in talents of their shortcomings and enhanced their talents.

What if the fact that he could make the soup was exposed to the public?

Then he would be hunted down, his life would be at risk since all the people would try to get the recipe from him.

He took a look a Wantong as all those thoughts rushed through is mind.

So her invitation was not just asking him to join in, but also to offer him protection, straight from Wantong herself.

All Kris’ anger was gone and replaced by gratitude.

“So, you understand now?”

Kris nodded his head and replied, a bit shy: “Yes, yes.”

“So, are you in or not?” Said Wantong, subtly.

“Of course! It will fail you and master Shikong’s help if I turn you down!” It would be defiant if he said no.

Wantong nodded: “You’re a bit rusted in your brain, but still teachable anyway.”

In fact, Wantong was aware of how gifted Kris was that he could transform medicine into sound. He could achieve so many things! His power could be enhanced so much that it would be possible for him to become a master in the field of medicine within a few years.

Everyone likes a talented student. Wantong made an offer: “It’s amazing that you master the technique of the transformation at such a young age. Would you like to be my apprentice? You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from me after three years.”

Well, not interested.

Why would Kris need a mentor when he’s already got the Thousand Gold Prescription?

He shook his head and refused it without a second thought: “Sorry, miss Qin, I already have a mentor. It hurt her feelings if I do so.”

“That gorgeous alchemist, right?” Asked Wantong, looking skeptical. Was it true that he was having an affair with his teacher?

“Yes.” Kris nodded, “Once she is my teacher for one day, she would be my teacher for the rest of my life. You have my appreciation for your kindness and generosity.”

“Well, you’re quite a playboy!” Smiled Wantong, without further demands. Before she left, she gave Kris her number so Kris could join the association at any time of his convenience.

Kris nodded and left backstage.

After the competition, Kris called Wen Rou and found she had already taken a taxi home. Before Kris got to apologize, she hanged up.

And Lan Yu, her number was busy all the time.

Damn this day!

Kris was quite upset about what happened.

He should not have participated in the alchemist competition, which only brought him tons of trouble and nearly killed him. Especially the rumors Qingyuan spread, his fame would be gone for sure after it.

He was okay with it, but what about Lan Yu and Ro Wen?

It bothered Kris hard.

Well, gotta find a chance to explain all those things to them, then.

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