Chapter 217: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 217 The Spectacular Jealousness (1)
“Oh, they are here helping us carry our shopping bags. You don’t have to worry about them.” Venus Mu said. Venus didn’t want to explain more, because there are so many things involved.

Xiran Xiao didn’t make a detailed inquiry. She herself also has bodyguards, but they are never allowed to follow her when she is shopping.

“How long will you be in Sky City? Where are you living?” Yan Chu took Xiran’s arm and asked eagerly. Yan was so enthusiastic that she almost invited Xiran to live in her home.

“It depends on how the negotiations go. If all goes well, I will stay here for at least three days. If things don’t go well, I will stay here for half a month. I live in the mountain villa arranged by the other party.” Xiran said. Xiran basically doesn’t lie, but her level of lying is very high. She doesn’t blush or blink eyes when she lies.

Yan was clearly happy to hear that. “Oh, that’s wonderful. Call me when you’re done with your work, and I’ll show you around. Actually, I’d like to invite you to live in Ye family, but…” Yan said.

“I’m glad you didn’t say that. I’m the least person who likes to live in other people’s home.” Xiran said.

“That’s OK anyway.” Venus said with a smile.

“By that way, where is the handsome guy in your house? How is he now?” Yan said.

“He woke up the day when the earthquake hit Sky City.” Xiran said frankly.

Venus opened her mouth wide in shock and said, “Oh my god? He woke up? Where is he? Can I see him?”

Xiran shook her head regrettably and said, “You can’t see him.”

“Why?” Venus asked.

“He went home. He said he would work hard to make money and then marry me.” Xiran said. Xiran couldn’t help smiling when she said that. She thought she’s not lying to Yan.

“How much money does he have to make to marry you?” Venus said dully.

Xiran took the lead to the elevator and turned to look at Yan, saying, “In fact, if he really loves me, I don’t mind how much money does he have. But since he wants to do that, I shouldn’t throw a wet blanket on him.”

Venus followed her and stood on the step below her. “That’s right. Men need to be aggressive. Besides, you have so much money that an average man would be ashamed of himself in front of you.” Venus said.

“Maybe. But..” Xiran smiled and said, “He is not just any man. He is very confident.”

“I’m getting more and more interested in him. I really want to see who is the one conquers your heart.” Venus said.

“We will treat you to dinner when he’s free.” Xiran said in a calm and collected way.

“OK.” Venus said.

Xiran’s taste is high and she only went into those big brand stores. As a designer, Venus has an eye for clothes. They two had a good time in shopping.

After more than two hours, there are many shopping bags on the hands of the two bodyguards.

Xiran didn’t swipe Tianye Mu’s card, because she is not used to use man’s money.

When they walked out of an international women’s clothing store and talked about the feeling of the dress just put on, Xiran saw from the corners of her eyes that two meters away there was a furtive man reaching his hand into a girl’s bag. The girl was looking intently at the clothes on the model in front of the shop.

The next second, the thief picked up a pink purse with his fingers. The wallet is thick and there should be a lot of cards and cash in it. The thief smirked and was about to leave. Then Xiran walked up to him quickly and kicked him on the back.

Because of Xiran’s great strength and the man’s inattention, the man fell to the ground heavily.

It happened right behind the girl, who screamed in horror and stared at the man dully. She didn’t know what’s going on.

Before the man got up from the ground, Xiran stepped on his back with her high heels. “Where is the purse? Take it out.” Xiran said.

After seeing Xiran is a woman, the thief shouted at her, “I don’t have purse. Let me go.”

“Do you think women are easy to bully?” Xiran said. The she took a swipe at him with her expensive bag. “Won’t you take it out? If you don’t take it out, I will teach you have to be a man today.”

The thief didn’t expect Xiran to be so fierce. He looked back and saw two big, burly men standing behind her. In panic, the thief said, “I will take it out immediately. Don’t fighting me.”

Then he took the purse he had just stolen from his pocket. The girl standing by took a look at the purse and found it’s hers.

Xiran raised her head and said to the girl, “Just take it. Look after your bag when you go shopping.”

The girl took the purse from the thief’s hand and said thanks to Xiran gratefully.

Xiran stepped on the thief’s spine mercilessly and the thief cried out of pain.

“Why can’t find you a decent job at such a young age but to be a thief? Don’t let me see you again. Get out of here.” Xiran said. Xiran kicked the thief again. Then the thief got up in a hurry from the ground and ran away without looking back.

There were a crowd of onlookers gathering around. Xiran took out a small mirror and retouched her makeup as if nothing had happened. Then she said to Venus, who was almost dumbfounded, “Let’s continue our shopping.”

Venus regained her senses from the shook and looked at Xiran adoringly, saying, “Xiran, you’re so good.”

“It’s a piece of cake. He is just a little thief.” Xiran said. She was chased by wild dogs during her expedition.

Venus became a crazy fan of Xiran and said, “There aren’t people as gallant as you. Everyone wants to avoid trouble whenever possible. They will turn a blind eyes even if they see a thief stealing.”

“I was robbed before. That’s why I am so angry.” Xiran said.

Venus was stunned for a moment and asked, “When that happened.”

“A few years ago I went hiking abroad with a few friends and we planned to camp at the top of the mountain. Unexpectedly, a group of men came at night. Armed with guns, they raided our camp. I was robbed out of my money, passport and everything. That’s really my worst experience. But luckily, my friends and I weren’t hurt.” Xiran said.

Xiran said that with a few words, but Venus was nervous and excited. “So what happened next?” Venus couldn’t help asking.

Xiran smiled and said, “It was about three o’clock in the morning. Some suggested that we should go downhill immediately, but most of them agreed that it would be a double loss when we were robbed out of everything and couldn’t see the fabulous sunrise. After a vote we decided to stay on the mountain. I remember the wind blowing so hard at the top of the mountain that we all huddled together to keep warm. We waited till the wee hours, trembling. We were very excited when the sun rose from a sea of clouds. We felt that the night had not been wasted. Since then, I have never seen such a beautiful sunrise.”

Venus was fascinated by what Xiran said. She also wanted to see the sunrise over a sea of clouds.

“How did you come back without your passport?” Venus asked.

“I went to the embassy to apply for a temporary one. It’s so troublesome and I was tired of doing that.” Xiran said.

It was already past 5 p.m. when they finished shopping. Xiran wanted to call Tianye to ask him to pick her up, but Yan insisted on treating her to dinner. Yan said it’s a rare opportunity for Xiran to come to Sky City and she must have dinner with her.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 217 The Spectacular Jealousness (2)
Xiran Xiao had to agree to have dinner with Venus Mu.

They went to a Chinese restaurant with local characteristics. After sitting down, Venus’s phone rang. Venus took a look at her phone and found it’s Kerry who’s calling.

“What’s up.” Venus said.

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up” Kerry said. Kerry didn’t seem to be in the office, because there’s some noise on the phone.

“No. My friend and I are going to have dinner. After that I will ask the driver to take me back.” Venus said.

“OK.” Kerry said and hung up the phone.

Venus was somewhat surprised. She thought Kerry was coming for dinner with them, but she didn’t expect him to hang up the phone so squarely.

But she got that wrong. Ten minutes later, she saw Kerry.

“What are you doing here?” Venus asked in surprise.

Kerry smiled and said, “I happen to be around the corner.” Then he looked at Xiran and reached out his hand to her, saying, “Hello, Miss Xiao. I’m Kerry. I’ve often heard Yan Chu talk about you. Would you mind I eating with you?”

Xiran reached out to shake his hand lightly and then let it go. “I don’t mind. Please sit down.” Xiran said with an indifferent facial expression.

Kerry sat down beside Venus with his hand resting on the back of Venus’s chair, showing Venus is his. Xiran pretended not to see that and focused on eating.

“What did you buy?” Kerry asked Venus in a low voice.

Venus was unsatisfied with his arrival, but it’s not appropriate for her to vent her anger to him as Xiran’s with them. “Just two clothes.” Venus said.

Kerry had a keen sense of her mood. But as he had come on impulse, it’s impossible for him to leave. He squeezed Venus’s hand under the table as a sign of asking her not to be angry.

Venus gave him a resentful look secretly and pulled out her hand from his.

After courting a rebuff, Kerry turned to look at Xiran and asked, “Miss Xiao, are you here for travel or work?”

“Work.” Xiran said.

“Oh, if you want to stroll about, I can recommend some places for you to visit. Yan is free and she can show you around.” Kerry said.

Xiran smiled and said, “Let me see if I can spare some time from my work.”

The atmosphere cooled down again. Kerry is not a man who is good at acting according to the real situation and he just makes himself happy.

After seeing Kerry’s reserved face, Xiran couldn’t help feel sorry for Yan and angry for Tianye Mu’s sister. “Mr. Ye, when are you going to marry Yan?” Xiran asked with a smile.

Kerry and Venus were both stunned for a while. They didn’t expect Xiran to ask this question face to face.

“Did I ask the wrong question?” Xiran said. Xiran was still smiling and they couldn’t see her through.

“No.” Kerry paused for a while and said punningly, “Six months later. I’ll take care of everything.”

“Six months later?” Xiran said in surprise. Plus the year when Venus disappeared, it’s only 18 months, which doesn’t meet the legal acquirement for automatic divorce. But Xiran thought Kerry could figure out a way to do that if he wants a unilateral divorce.

“Yes, Six months later.” Kerry said.

“What about your wife Venus? Will you divorce her?” Xiran said.

As soon as Xiran said that, Kerry and Venus’s facial expression changed suddenly. For a moment Kerry didn’t know how to answer Xiran’s question.

“Miss Xiao, you seem to know me well.” Kerry said.

Xiran sneered and didn’t care about Kerry’s feelings anymore. “Everyone in the business circle knows you. Even if I don’t want to know you, the grapevine keeps coming to me. I don’t know you well actually. I’m just worried that my silly friend will throw herself in for nothing and so I help her to ask you that question.” Xiran said.

After hearing what Xiran said, Venus was moved. She wanted to tell Xiran everything, but it’s not the right time yet. She had no choice but lie to Xiran. She would make amends to Xiran in the future.

After being silent for a while, Kerry said coldly, “Miss Xiao, just as what I said, I will settle everything in half a year. I’m sure it will turn out the way you want it to.”

Xiran didn’t want to ask more and shrugged, saying, “Well, I hope so. But I am just a friend of Yan and I shouldn’t have asked so many questions. I’m sorry for my impoliteness.”

“No, don’t say that. I know you’re doing it for my good.” Venus said.

Kerry hated to see Xiran behave so arrogantly and Venus play up to Xiran. “Miss Xiao, you seem to know your identity well.” Kerry said coldly.

Venus then turned her head to stare at Kerry. Xiran is not a pushover. Xiran put down her chopsticks and looked Kerry in the eyes, saying, “Of course I know my identity. I am different from you. You are a man whose heart is not content is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant. You treat women like playthings.”

After hearing that, Kerry was angry. “Who are you talking about?” Kerry said.

Xiran sneered and said, “Don’t you who I am taking about? I am talking about you. Kerry, if you want to live with your wife, don’t mess with Yan; if you want to be with Yan, divorce your wife first. With all due respect, you are a playboy as you leave your wife abroad and keep another woman be your side.”

Kerry had never been humiliated by a woman like that and he couldn’t tell Xiran the fact that Yan is Venus, so he was so angry that he wanted to hit someone. “Xiran Xiao, you a woman, and I don’t want to waste my time on you, otherwise…”

“Do you want to hit me? Ho, ho. You really open my eyes.” Xiran said.

Venus felt humiliated and embarrassed and her eyes became red immediately. She clenched her fists and shouted to Kerry, “Shut up.”

Kerry was very angry, but when he saw Venus’s tearful eyes, his anger disappeared immediately.

Xiran didn’t want to eat anymore and send a text message to Tianye to ask him to pick her up right away.

After a few seconds, Tianye replied, “OK. I am around the corner.”

“People say that the president of Yehuang Group is a very cultured man. I heard that you donated a primary school two days ago. I have the honor to see you today and I think you really live up to your reputation.” Xiran satirized. Then she said to Venus with a smile, “Well, I am not in the mood of eating. I’ll treat you some other time. I’m leaving.”

Venus stood up and followed her, saying apologetically, “Xiran, I’m sorry. That’s always the way with him.”

“Hum, does he think he is the emperor and everyone has to follow his will?” Xiran said. Xiran then took her clothes from the bodyguards. She said some swear words as she walked out, “Fuck, do you think you are really something as you are rich? You are spoiled by the silly women.”

After hearing what Xiran said, Venus kept her head down and mumbled, “You are also rich.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 217 The Spectacular Jealousness (3)
“I’m rich, but I am not a jerk like him. He trifles with women’s affections.” Xiran Xiao swore some more to vent her anger. After seeing Venus’s discouraged, Xiran lifted her chin and said, “How could you fall in love with a playboy with your beauty, good family and good personality. He has a wife. If his wife comes back, she might ruin your reputation.”

“I know.” Venus said. She dared not say much.

Xiran wanted to slap Venus to sober her, but she abandoned that idea after thinking for a while. After all, it’s her choice.

“Well, be careful.” Xiran said.

“Xiran, you’re not gonna not to talk to me anymore, are you?” Venus asked worriedly. Venus thought as Xiran maintains a stark sense of good and evil, she must turn her nose up at a mistress.

To Venus surprise, Xiran said, “You’re a good girl, but you are somewhat stubborn. Of course we are still friends, but don’t let me see Kerry again, or I’ll scold him every time I see him.”

“Ah?” Venus said.

Xiran saw the familiar car and freed one hand to hug Yan. After saying goodbye, Xiran ran to the car.

Xiran threw all the bags into the back seat and then opened the door to sit in the passenger seat.

“How’s your dinner?” Tianye Mu asked softly.

Xiran fastened her seat belt and said somewhat angrily, “Not very good. I had an argument with Kerry.”

“What? You had an argument with Kerry?” Tianye said surprisedly, “Why he is here?”

“We were having dinner when he came. Yan has told him that’s the dinner for two women. What does he mean by coming? Is he afraid that I will kidnap Yan?” Xiran was still angry and said.

“Is that why you argued?” Tianye asked.

“Of course not. I’m not that mean. I asked him when will he marry Yan and he said six months later. Then I asked him will he divorce Venus, and he also said he would six months later. He also insinuated that I am just a friend of Yan and I should behave myself.” Xiran said. Then she drank some water to moisten her throat and continued, “Of course I know who I am, but he has no right to say that to me. I said he shouldn’t have a foot in two camp and we started to argue.”

Tienye knows Xiran is forthright. He freed on hand to rub Xiran’s hair and comforted her, “All right, don’t bother about that kind of people. I’ll make him pay the price.”

Xiran then gulped another mouthful of water. Then she had a sudden enlightenment and asked Tianye, “Kerry’s answer to both question is six months later. Do you think six months later will be a critical timeline? Does this have anything to do with Venus?”

What Xiran said reminded Tianye and his train of thought went together with Xiran’s. “It’s quite possible. Venus is gone now. Even if he wants to divorce Venus, he has to wait two years. Otherwise, he will commit bigamy by marrying another woman within two years. Although Kerry always plays fast and loose with the law, he should not want to bear such a charge.”

“Then what does he mean by half a year? I hate people who beat around the bush the most.” Xiran said. When Xiran is angry, she behaves like a little girl. She wanted to kick the car.

Tianye smiled gently. Xiran is always more calm than him and he thinks she is much livelier and lovely when she is angry.

Xiran suddenly thought of something and turned to look at Tianye, asking, “Will you blame me for asking Kerry such a question?”

“Why should I blame you? You are helping me and I want to thank you.” Tianye said. Tianye is a sensible man and he doesn’t want Xiran to involve in such things. He is afraid that Xiran will get hurt, but he should accept her kindness.

Xiran smiled and said, “That’s good. I’m afraid that you will blame me for putting my finger in another’s pie. Let’s go and find another good restaurant for dinner.”

“Yes, her royal highness, what do you want to eat?” Tianye said.

“Well, I’d like to eat kebab. I haven’t eaten it for a long time. I really want to eat it, especially the roast lamb chops, which is tender with a crispy crust. It makes my mouth water.” Xiran said.

Tianye had just finished his work and his stomach was growling from hunger. He wanted to eat meat most. Looking around, Tianye remembered that there is a good barbecue restaurant nearby and he turned the steering wheel to drive toward it.

After Xiran’s car went out of the sight of Venus, Venus didn’t want to go back to the restaurant. She wanted to take a taxi and go home by herself, but her bag was still on the chair and she could only go back to the private room with a clouded face.

After pushing the door open, she saw Kerry folded his arms over his chest with a clouded face.

Venus picked up her bag and walked out. Seeing that, Kerry stepped forward quickly to stand in front of her.

“Get out of the way.” Venus tried hard to suppress her anger and said.

“Where are you going?” Kerry asked.

“It’s none of your business. I don’t want to see you now.” Venus said. Venus tried to push him away from the door, but he is as heavy as a mountain and she couldn’t push him away at all.

After seeing her angry face, Kerry said more softly, “Well, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have come unannounced.”

“Of course it’s your fault.” Venus craned her neck and shouted at him, “Besides, Xiran is my friend, why did you say that about her?”

“Just as you said, she is just a friend of you. What right does she have to ask so many questions?” Kerry said.

“What? You don’t allow others to say what you did? She asked that because she cares about me. Have you ever thought about my feelings when you asked her that? Who do you think she is? Do you think she is the one who you can humiliate at will?” Venus said.

Kerry knew he was too impulsive and he forgot Xiran’s identity. How could Xiran submit to humiliation? Compared with her vast assets, Kerry’s might just be half of the amount.

“It’s my fault. Don’t be angry with me.” Kerry pleaded Venus with tactful words.

But Venus din’t accept his apology and said, “Get out of the way.”

“No.” Kerry said. Kerry lingered at the door and didn’t want to get out of the way. Venus was so angry that she stepped on his feet with her high heels. Venus pushed him away when he was wincing in pain and walked out of the door.

But how could Kerry let her go home alone at night. He ran after her, regardless of pain.

“What are you waiting for? Stop her.” Kerry shouted at the two bodyguards.

When Kerry caught up with Venus, she was surrounded by the two bodyguards.

“Will you get into the car first? You can vent your anger on me in the car.” Kerry said in a low voice. There were a lot of people looking at them.

Venus stood still and finally Kerry took her into the back seat forcibly.

“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have come unannounced and said that to your friend. Will you stop being angry?” Kerry apologized humbly.

Venus’s anger was kindled like the firecracker. “Kerry, I’m just having dinner with my friend. Do you have to keep an eye on me? What are you worried about? There are two bodyguards with me.” Venus said.

Kerry defended himself immediately, “I’m not keeping an eye on you. I really happen to be nearby…”

“But I didn’t ask you to come over.” Venus said angrily, “I have no friend in Sky City. It’s not easy for me to make friends with her. I just want to have dinner with her. Why you came you disturb us?”

“I didn’t mean to disturb you, but what she said…” Kerry said.

“You just came to disturb us. I like Xiran very much, because she lives a free and wonderful life. I have cheated her, and I don’t want her to misunderstand me more.” Venus said.

Kerry was both surprised and amused. He sighed and said, “Fuck, Xiran is a woman fortunately.”

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