Chapter 217: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 217 The Chairman of Marquis Group!

“Are you sure? Thirty million is not a small amount after all. If you can afford it, I, Da Song, will cover your back!”

Colin nodded, “No problem”

So, Da Song asked his brother to bring Colin’s phone, “Make a phone call. Ask someone to send the money here! I advise you to be honest. Don’t report to the police, otherwise, you’ll die miserably!”

Colin shook his head, “I don’t want to die. You can make the phone call. I’ll talk.”

Da Song sneered. Every rich man is afraid of death. This saying is true indeed!

“How to unlock the phone?” Da Song took the phone and asked.

“You don’t need to unlock it. Just use the speed dial. Press 1 and you’ll be connected directly.”

Da Song suspiciously looked at Colin, “Speed dial? It can’t be the speed dial for police, right? Or a call for help?”

“No, it’s my assistant’s phone. You also know that as a boss, I need my assistant anywhere and anytime.” Colin explained.

Da Song thought it was reasonable, so he pressed 1. Soon, the phone was connected, but the person over there remained silent.

Da Song looked at Colin and Colin immediately spoke, “Assistant Ward, what’s wrong with you today? You don’t say anything after answering my phone call. Do you catch a cold? Well, go to the Finance Department and get thirty million. I’m in a hurry to use it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other side hung up.

Da Song stared at Colin and asked, “Wasn’t your assistant quite a bad-tempered?”

Colin replied with a smile, “As the only assistant who stays by my side, my assistant becomes fearless!”

Da Song raised his brows. His smile was a bit wretched, added with the scar on his face causing him to look very hideous, “Isn’t this assistant also in charge of serving the boss?”

“My assistant is a man,” Colin replied.

Da Song paused, then looked at him with a peculiar gaze, “So, these rich people have such a delicate preference!”

“Haha….” Vanessa couldn’t help it since it was funny.

Colin glared at Vanessa irritatingly, couldn’t she behave a little bit well? Why did she have to expose herself?!

Da Song noticed Vanessa because of this laugh and his eyes lit up suddenly, “Brother, is this woman yours?”

Colin subconsciously replied upon seeing this, “Yes”

Vanessa was taken aback then smiled, “Right, I’m his girlfriend.”

Da Song clicked his tongue upon hearing that, feeling slightly disappointed. But as he thought about it, something seemed off, “Don’t you and your assistant….”

Colin was in disbelief. How could he become a boss with such a brain?

“He is only my assistant. She’s my girlfriend.”

When Da Song heard this, he became more disappointed. He would be very satisfied if he could sleep with her once. It’s such a pity, she already has a boyfriend. Moreover, her boyfriend is a big boss.

After that, Da Song shifted his gaze towards Bailee, “She’s also good.”

Colin was disgusted. He was horny as soon as he saw women. Although both of them were dominant, they didn’t have to be so greedy, right?

“Are you sure, Big Bro?” Colin spoke, “Isn’t she Bald Liu’s younger sister? If he finds out, it will be bad.”

Bailee was slightly frightened as she nodded, “Right. if my brother finds out about it, don’t think of living well!”

Da Song was helpless then he spat, “Damn it! Let’s go!”

Soon, Da Song and his several men left.

Colin breathed a sigh of relief but Vanessa smiled, “You’ve admitted that I’m your girlfriend.”

“I was helping you out, Sis,” Colin explained.

Vanessa didn’t care, “You’ve said that I’m your girlfriend anyway.”

Bailee, who was beside them couldn’t help but asked, “So, are you a couple?”

“It was quite urgent just now and I have to say it. Don’t take it seriously. I already have a wife.”

“Hey! It’s breaking my heart!” Vanessa lowered her head and sighed.

Outside the room, Da Song was sitting on the sofa and lit another cigarette.

“After we received thirty million, Black Carp’s side will also be solved. Then, the other districts will be integrated. Tianbei City will be our territory!”

“Congrats in advance, Big Brother!”

At the same time, one of his men suddenly spoke, “Brother, I suddenly remembered. I seemed to have met with that boss earlier somewhere.”

“Have you ever met him? Where was it?”

His man thought about it and suddenly widened his eyes and swallowed his saliva, “Big Brother, we seem to have offended an important person!”

“What do you mean? Speak clearly!” Da Song suddenly became agitated and had a bad premonition.

That man was someone who often watched the news, so after he thought for a while, he immediately recalled where he had seen Colin. Wasn’t he the one in the hot cheating scandal that caused such a mess?

“Big Brother, that person seems to be the chairman of Marquis Group!” His man’s gaze looked blank.

As he spoke, everyone became silent.

Then one of his men said, “Are you joking? How could the chairman of Marquis be easily kidnapped by us?”

“That’s right! Do you remember wrong?”

The chairman of Marquis is someone who can’t be offended in Tianbei City. Because his status under the law is absolute, which also meant that he can’t be rashly offended in the underworld.

Otherwise, how could he become the leader of Tianbei City? Didn’t he have a little influence behind his back?

Da Song felt a flip in his heart, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure!” His man nodded as he hurriedly took out his phone and found that past news, then he handed it over to Da Song.

Da Song read it from the beginning until the end and his heart gradually grew colder.

He is really the fucking chairman of Marquis!

Da Song was in a daze. His mind was in chaos, then it turned into a sentence: What should he do?

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