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Chapter 218: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 218 A Smart Liar (1)
“Kerry, don’t try to make me sidetracked.” Said Venus in a rage. Kerry dared not to go against her and replied, ”OK, I won’t show up when you have a personal meeting with your friend, I promise.”

“No, you can’t show up with me at any time without my permission.”

“But you are not allowed to have a personal meeting with any other men.”

“I agree on your bullshit. since I don’t have any other male intimate.”

“Yeah, but I mean, I am your husband, I hope you can take care to any man who tries to be close to you. “

Venus was angry about the trivial attitude of Kerry and shouted, ” I don’t know why you are so particular about my personal affairs, it’s no big deal for me to have a meeting with other men. ” The answer, however, didn’t make any sense to Kerry since he knew most of men hunt for girls just for fun.

“Jesus!” cried Venus turned against to him and continued, “Now shut up, old man, I don’t want to talk to you. Don’t bother me. “

Kerry held her shoulders and asked solemnly, “What are you talking about? I am just caring about you. All in all, my apology to you if I did bother you.”

“I don’t want your apology.” Said Venus with a disgruntled voice , then she held back his hands and turned her head to the outside through the window. In fact, Kerry’s trivial requirement was not the only thing that bothered her, it was the limited personal space that made her suffered everyday. All she could stayed were Ye’ s house and Yehuang Group, and she was really bored about the restrained life now.

Kerry now felt helpless for his argument with Venus. He loved her and wanted to delighted his wife with all he had. Since he got to know that Venus seemed really cheered up after a personal meeting with Xiran Xiao, he resolved to figure out the secret in it and sent men to got her address. This, however, provoked the anger of Venus.

At sight of their arguing host and hostess, the two fellows held their breathe in the front for fear that Venus would turn her anger toward them.


Back to Ye’s house, Venus went upstairs in anger and ignored the greets from John the Butler. When Kerry followed up across him, he knew it was Kerry who bothered the hostess again. John the Butler thought aloud with a sigh, “God bless you, my young master!”

“So what do you want now, my lady?” whispered Kerry and knocked the door patiently.

All of a sudden, Venus slammed the door open said with a cold look, “I want you to make an apology to Xiran now for what you did!”

“No way.” Kerry rejected her without hesitation. The girl he cared about was Venus only, so he would never make an apology to other one for a trivial reason.

“Then go away now!” Said Venus. When she was about to close the door, Kerry blocked her hands and said with a patient smile, “I mean what else do you want, my lady?”

“Nothing else except an apology to her.” Said Venus.

“She gave me a terrible scold, that’s why I had a quarrel with her. ” replied Kerry. He was confused that why his wife would stood against him for a stranger girl.

Venus, however, went in a rage and said, ” But all this was your fault since you had a bad tone against her friend, that was why she gave scolds on you. “

“My lady, are you crazy? I am your husband, how can you turn against me for a stranger! “

Venus said with a sneer, “Man, have you ever be qualified husband of mine?” Her word did hurt Kerry at this point. However, he would not let his wife down for such a little dispute and said after a while hesitation, ”Alright, give me your phone and I will do as asked.”

Venus was taken back by the sincere tone of her and gave him her mobile phone. Kerry then dialed the number of Xiran.

It was Xiran and she said, “Hey, Yan, what’s up!” Her voice seemed really glad about the call from her friend, though the place she stayed was unpleasant noisy.

“I am Kerry.” Said Kerry in a cold tone. Xiran hesitated for a while and replied ironically, ”Big one, so what do you want this time?”

“My apology for what I said to you just now.”

“I have to say, big one, your apology sucks.” Said Xiran.

Kerry, however, hanged the phone before she finished the ironic word and turned to Venus and said, ”She was a good girl and she accepts my apology.”

“Really.” Asked Venus who casted a doubtful glance to him.

“Of course she did, or you can check that by yourself.” Said Kerry and gave back the phone to her. Venus, however, took away the mobile phone and was about to close the door.

“Wait, lady, let me in, I have done as what you told me.” Said Kerry and stopped her hands.

“Alright, man, I just want to stay alone now!” replied Venus. Her attitude him seemed much better now.

“Do you mean you will let me in tomorrow?” said Kerry in a cunning smile.


Kerry gave her a big smile and loosed her hands and said, “Then see you tomorrow morning!” Venus shut the door as a reply to him. Perhaps he should take time about their relationship and gave respect to her right for personal space.

Next day morning Kerry gave Venus a warm smile as a greet and said, ”Honey, how was the night yesterday?”

Venus took a sip of milk and replied in an unemotional tone, “A better night than ever!” Perhaps she forgave him for his apology to Xiran. Then Kerry continued, “When Xuan come , tell him that the map was kept in the NO. 108 Safe Deposit Box in C District of the vault.”

“Do you get everything well prepared?” asked Venus in a serious look.

“Of course.” Then he took out a golden key and continued, ”This is the key, the box can’t be open without it.”

“But if they open the box by themselves and get the map, what can we do?”

“Don’t worry, that is a tough job which will definitely cost them hours, and even if they open it, the map therein is a fake one.”

“Alright, we will make it this time.” Said Venus. After that, Kerry drove her to the mk Group building for convenience. When Xuan came to her, he cried with a surprise and said, ”Wow, how did you get the key?”

“I think it was a really coincidence that Kerry hided it in the black box that we had ignored in his study.” Replied Venus in a calm tone.

After a while of hesitation, Xuan said excitedly, “Yeah, I can still remember it, but I can’t believe Kerry would hide the precious key in such a conspicuous place.”

“But he did hide it in the box. Last night he sank into a tight sleep by my knockout drops, then I unlocked the black box where there were a key and a contract about the safe deposit box. I though the key would be useful for us and then got it out.”

“Of course, it would be useful.” Said Xuan excitedly. Venus then pretended to be anxious and said, ”Then when would you kick off a searching task? There are only a month or so for me, I don’t have much time and I miss my son so much, I hope both of us can get freedom. ”

“You should wait until I make sure the timing is proper. ” said Xuan, who engaged himself in checking the key and turned a blind eye to Venus’s question.

“Then you’d better find someone to grind another key for you, I must send it back to the box, otherwise Kerry will kill me if he know what I did.”

“No way, the material of the key is so special that I can’t grind another one, and as I know, there is only this one that can open the vault.”

“Then what can we do?”

“All we can do is to take this one to open the vault.” Said Xuan with a cruel smile, ”I know Kerry falls in love with you, perhaps he will spares you even if you steal his precious key. ”

Venus cried in a angry voice,“ You the motherfucker! You know why Kerry kept a romantic relation with me was because my appearance resembled that of her wife. If he gets to know the secret and find my stealing of his precious key, he will definitely send me to the hell. Men worked only for their desires alike. ”

Xuan was stunned by her sudden anger, he guessed Kerry would kill her with no doubt because no one could tolerate his lover’s betrayal.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 218 A Smart Liar (2)
“I should tell you I won’t endure the risk for you. You have two days to find the treasure, after that, you must return the key to me to ensure my safety.” Said Venus.

Xuan was tired off Venus’s requirement and said, “Alright, shut up, be aware all you need to do is to hide the secret as long as you can, and make sure that he won’t go to check the safe deposit box.”

“And you should be aware of what I asked from you.” Replied Venus and left the office immediately,. She was really indignant about Xuan’s indifferent attitude toward her and her safety.

Jindun Group owned the safest vault and most professional service for deposit in Sky City. Since its establishment, the Group had never failed in the deposit task for its customers. That was why it enjoyed a good name among its counterparts.

It was about shift time at Seven o’clock in the evening.

“It is said that something terrible happened in the city these two days. When your group is on night shift, you should keep up your spirits.” Said the security manager to a team leader.

“Yes, I will, manager.” replied the team leader. After that, the team leader took out his gun and guarded at the first entrance to the vault.

At about ten o’clock, the deputy manager of Jindun Group suddenly came to the basement. The team leader put away his gun and asked, “Manager Feng , what are you going to do here?”

“I were told that there was something wrong with the vents in area C. I’ll check it out.” With that, Manager Feng tried to get in, but the team leader stopped him and said, “Manager Feng, according to our regulations, you can’t go in alone, it is not your working hour.”

“Poor man, I am the deputy manager of you, how dare you to stop me with the excuse of regulations?” said Manager Feng, who seemed annoyed by the team leader.

The team leader kept still and replied, “Sorry, deputy manager, I think both of us should obey the regulations.”

Manager Feng stared at him coldly for a while, then suddenly said with a cruel smile, “Your name is Gong, you have a son who was born recently, and your father has suffered diseases all year round, am I right?”

The team leader looked at him warily and said, “This is my private affair.”

Manager Feng went closer to him and said in a cunning expression, “Mr. Gong, you know C District is in my charge, I have to make sure everything is OK therein, otherwise our boss may blame on both of us if something terrible happens, I hope you can let me in. “

The team leader shook his head and continued, “All I know I is the fact that we should obey the regulations.”

“Gong, I know you are hardworking always in your position. Do you know your department manager are going to retire at the end of the year. The new security manager will be you or the other two team leaders. If you let me in, I will help you at that time, OK?” said Feng. He was about to run out of his patience when he saw the team leader was still in hesitation. Then he took out a sharp dagger from his sleeve and gave the team leader a chilling stare.

“Well, Manager Feng, you can go in now, but you have to come out as soon as possible.” Said the team leader in helpless tone.

Manager Feng put aside the dagger and said with a big smile, “I will come out soon as promised.” After a complex process, he went into the vault of the C District. Obviously, he was very familiar with this place and minutes after he entered the district, he found No. 108 safe deposit box. Then he took out two keys and unlocked it with his trembling hands. When an old map came to his sight, however, a sharp alarm suddenly sounded.

Manager Feng now knew his location was revealed. Then he put the map into his pocket and ran out. But how could he escape easily in such a complex basement? Before he went out of the district, a pistol was put upon his head. At the same time, the boss of Jindun Group appeared with the general manager.

The boss said pitifully,” Manager Feng, you did let me down this night.”

Manager Feng took out his dagger and charged toward his boss. Without hesitation, the boss shot him at his foot. Guards went ahead and searched him carefully. All they got was a treasure map and his delicate tools to break into the complex basement.

“Good, now you deserve it.” Said the boss, and then he turned to the general manage and continued, ”send men to wash the blood on the ground.”

“Yes, my boss.”


When Kerry was about to enjoy a good night with his lady, a phone call came to him and he seemed excited after it.

“The man of Xuan has just been caught. I’ll go there.” Said him.

Venus seemed also a little excited and said,” Thank Goddess, Xuan started his plan finally, I have expected he will give up this action since he sent back the key to three days ago “

Kerry dressed himself up and said, “Though they are cautious in their action, they can’t avoid mistakes since they are too crazy about the treasure, now I have to go.”

“Alright, man, take care of yourself.” Said Venus. A simple tone as it was, the word did move Kerry deeply. Perhaps it was the first time that Venus showed she cared about him as his wife.

“Thank you, honey, I will.” Replied Kerry with a affectionate stare and then went of the house.

Minutes later when she recalled what she said to Kerry just now, her face blushed and cried, ”No way, I don’t mean that, I don’t … ”

Late at night, there was little traffics on the road. Henry drove as fast as he could and they arrived at the Jindun Group in half an hour. The boss greeted Kerry at the gate of the company. After a brief talk, Kerry hurriedly followed him into the company. However, none of them paid attention to a car hiding in the street corner. A screen light flashed and quickly went down, and a shadow therein was sending signals with his mobile phone.

When he got into the elevator, Kerry shook hand with the boss and said with a smile, “Thank you so much to tell me so on time.”

“You are welcome, my friend. Perhaps I should thank you for helping me find out the betrayer of my company. But for your warning, the reputation of the company might have been ruined totally.”

“I think we’d better go to interrogate the guy as soon as possible.”

When they went to the office of the vault, they caught the sight of Manager Feng, who sat still on a stool. His gunshot wound was tied with gauze and the blood was stopped temporarily. Though he was not restrained, he couldn’t still run away because of his terribly wounded leg.

“Ask him what you want now, my friend.” Said the boss and went off the room. Though he knew there was an attractive secret between Kerry and Manager Feng, he had to avoid to involve in since secret would bring him disaster.

After the boss and his men went out, Kerry took a glance at the things on the table and asked in a cold expression, “Who sent you here?”

Manger Feng gave him a sneer and said nothing.

“And How did you get my key?” continued Kerry. Manager Feng was still as close as an oyster. Kerry, however, sent him a chilling stare and said, “You know, I’m just curious that how did a poor white-collar worker like you get acquainted with Xuan, a rich boy in Hong Kong.”

Manager Feng’s look changed a little as soon as Xuan was mentioned.

“I don’t know what are you talking about? ” said Manager Feng with a stiff expression.

“Poor guy, let me tell you, no one can spare your life tonight, if you speak out the truth, I will show you my mercy and give you a bullet, or give you a good torment before death.” Said Kerry. At this point, he looked more insidious than ever before. Manager Feng looked scared by the threatening tone, he knew Kerry was the man who would do what he said.

Kerry stared at him and continued, “Let me ask you again, what is your relationship with Xuan?”

When Manager Feng was still in a suffering of hesitation, Kerry ran out of his patience and smashed toward him with the metal chair in the room.

A sharp scream went of Manager Feng’s throat and he was overturned on the ground by a great force from the chair. His shoulder was bleeding and got his thin clothes w*t immediately. Bloods gushed out of his mouth and came out along his l**s.

“What about now?” said Kerry, who took the vase at the table and cast him a cruel smile. Manager Feng covered his head and cried,” Sorry, please show your mercy, I will tell everything you want from me. ” He was scared that Kerry might beat him to death, indeed.

Kerry put down the vase and continued with a smile, “Good boy, then go ahead. “

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 218 A Smart Liar (3)
Grimacing, Jianxing Feng spat out bloodied saliva, struggled up from the floor. Then he sat on the stool he had just sat on, and gasped, “Xuan Chu and I do know each other, we met when we were studying abroad. After returning to work in China, we’ve lost contact. I did not expect him to suddenly contact me a few days ago, saying that he asked me to help him with this matter. I was stunned at that time. Embezzlement is a big taboo, after being discovered it is not just as simple as firing, so I refused him without hesitation.”

At this point Jianxing stopped.

Kerry Ye took a glance at him and asked, “Then why did you say yes again later?”

Jianxing paused for a moment, biting his l*p and said, “I got infected with marijuana when I was abroad and never quit, and when I returned to China, I occasionally had some pills, and used all my savings and salary to buy ecstasy, and I still have debt. Xuan blackmailed me with this, saying that if I don’t help him, he will let me be ruined.”

Kerry smiled bitterly, “Just for this benefit?”

“He also promised that if I helped him get what he wanted, he would pay off my three million dollar high interest debt for me and provide me with ten kilograms of drugs for free.”

“Ha hah …… ten kilograms? Is it worth for you to do that?”

Jianxing was too remorseful to regret, knelt down and begged Kerry, “President Ye, I’ve said everything, just let me go, I’ll definitely roll far away and never appear in Sky City, please, please.”

Kerry suddenly remembered something and asked him, “Are you familiar with Xuan?”

Jianxing shook his head, “No, just studied abroad in the same class, after so many years, this is the first contact.”

“Then do you know if he had any particularly good friends when he studying abroad,” Kerry paused and added a sentence at the end, “well-connected male friends.”

Jianxing seriously recalled, “He was very popular at that time, he had a lot of good male friends, but the particularly good friend……maybe not .”

“Did you know that he liked men?” Kerry asked directly.

“Huh?” Jianxing was astonished, “Xuan? Likes …… men? I, I don’t know.”

“Then think again, did he ever have a girlfriend while he was in school?”

Jianxing’s brain at this point felt like it had been struck by lightning and he was still immersed in the words Xuan liked men, but he still tried to recall, “It seems like I’ve never heard of him having a girlfriend, so that’s what happened.”

Kerry stared at him speechlessly, not a single clue from him. Kerry really want to shoot him in the head.

More than an hour later, two brawny men dragged the dead and bloodied Jianxing out and threw him into Kerry trunk.

Kerry)shook hands with the big boss to say goodbye, got into the car and drove to the suburbs.

When the car left the city center, Henry Zhang said to Kerry, “Kerry, that car has been following without lights on.”

Kerry said with a cold smile, “If they like to follow, just follow, if they don’t come who are we acting for?”

The car traveled east to the beach and stopped at a lower sea rock. Kerry directed Henry to drag the man out of the trunk and threw him right down.

The waves were rough and Jianxing disappeared instantly.

“Go back, I’m exhausted.” Kerry said.


After leaving from the beach, a black car came to the place and down came a man looking into the sea, nothing but moonlit waves.


At Yan Chu’s apartment in Sky City.

There were a floor of broken glass shards and water stains, a few ruined potted plants, and dying fish.

The vandal sat on the sofa and gasped, failing, failing again, he had planned it all so carefully, specifically looking for someone to hack the Golden Shield’s surveillance system tonight and looking for someone to steal a manager’s fingerprints, but it still failed.

Where the hell did it go wrong?

Looking at the reaction of Kerry and Venus Mu, it didn’t look like collusion, otherwise Kerry wouldn’t have given the key, because he’s not that stupid. In case he succeeded he would miss a large amount of treasure.

Could it be that Jianxing was found?

Now he was most worried about Jianxing, would Jianxing give him up?

Just as he thought about it, the phone rang.

Quickly grabbing it and answering, “Hello?”

“Boss, Jianxing is dead.”

Xuan was startled, “Dead? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I watched Kerry drag Jianxing into the car, and came to the beach and threw him off, and when he left I came over to take a look, he was already gone. And when they dragged Jianxing into the car, he was covered in blood, I don’t know if he died then.”

Xuan was stunned for a long time before he said, “I know.”

Hanging up the phone, Xian found himself weak, and he rarely killed anyone, but a man had just died because of him, or a former classmate.

Were his hands going to be stained with blood just like those people?

After suffering for a while, Xuan recalled the question just now, whether Jianxing had said anything to Kerry or not.

He wanted to call Venus to ask, but counting the time, Kerry was still on his way back, and she didn’t know even if he asked her.

Now he had to wait for dawn.

And then this side.

Kerry returned to the Ye family and it was already more than four o’clock in the morning. He did not want to bring this smell of blood to the bed, so he went into the bathroom to take a shower before going to the bed.

She was waiting for Kerry, but she fell asleep while waiting.

Circling her into his arms, Kerry soon entered into dream as well.

In the morning, Venus turned over, felt the hand on her waist, suddenly recalled yesterday’s events, and didn’t care if Kerry was sleeping or not, shaking him awake, “How was last night?”

Kerry opened his eyes in a daze and muttered, “I came back at four last night, let me sleep.”

Venus was tempted to pursue the matter, but seeing his reddened eyes, she was a little intolerant, quietly getting up and washing up. Kerry was on the bed with a spoiled smile on his l**s.

She, it seemed to care for him more and more.

Today was a weekend without work, after eating breakfast she watched TV and waited for Kerry to wake up. Although she wanted to shake him awake, she resisted.

She wanted to be an educated person.

After a few minutes of watching a detective movie on TV, starring Venus’s favorite actor, she forgot about Kerry upstairs.

Suddenly, the ringing of her phone pulled her out of the exciting drama and she flipped out her phone to see that it was Xuan.

She turned down the sound of the TV and took a deep breath to answer the call.

“Hello?” The voice was soft and low.

“The mission failed, did Kerry say anything?” Xuan’s voice sounded very low.

Venus said, “Wait a minute,” and got up to come outdoors, pretending to sound impatient and asking, “How did it fail? I thought you said it was no problem.”

Xuan was also angry, “Where the f**k did I go wrong? Where’s Kerry?”

“Still sleeping, he didn’t be back until almost dawn.” Venus said truthfully.

“Well, keep an eye on his attitude, maybe he already knows that I’m behind this.”

Venus sounded surprised and asked, “Why is that? Wouldn’t that expose me too?”

“The man who went to get the treasure map last night was caught and ……” Xuan stopped for a moment, “he’s dead. I don’t know if he recruited me.”

Venus’s brain “buzzed” as if a stone had been pressed against her chest, and she asked with difficulty, “You said, he’s dead?”

“Yes, it was Kerry who killed him and threw him into the sea.”

Venus’s breathing quickened, a dead man? Someone died in this plan? Didn’t Kerry promise her that he would never kill again? Why? Why did he kill again?

Xuan heard no sound on this side, and seemed to feel Venus’s fear and panic.

“Yan, you have to be steady, no matter what Kerry asks you, just say you don’t know. He has no evidence now, the only witness is also dead, so he can’t do anything to us …… Yan? Yan?”

Venus gasped greatly, as if waking up from a nightmare, and whispered, “I know.”

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