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Chapter 218: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 218 An Assistant to Deliver the Money

That’s right. He could make a phone call to his superior!

When Da Song thought of his superiors, he calmed down a lot. He made a phone call to Xiao Rongtao. Then he told him about them kidnapping the chairman of Marquis.

“The person you kidnapped is Colin Ward?”

“Huh?” Da Song didn’t know Colin’s name, as he only knew the chairman of Marquis.

Xiao Rongtao asked again, “Did you kidnap the chairman of Marquis?”


Xiao Rongtao was happened to be with Barr. When Barr heard his question, he frowned.

He still couldn’t offend Colin now. Moreover, they couldn’t expose their hidden plan. If Colin found out they were the ones who kidnapped him, he would definitely find out with the clues!

“Ask them to release him immediately!” Barr said to Xiao Rongtao, “They also may not talk about the money anymore!”

But Xiao Rongtao became hesitant. He said to Da Song on the phone, “Wait for a moment.”

After Xiao Rongtao spoke, he hung up the phone, and said to Barr, “Barr, Colin, this dog, he first harmed the Martin Group, then he messed with my company and now he happened to be in our hands. Why not use this opportunity to teach him a lesson?”

Barr was a bit tempted after hearing that. As long as Da Song didn’t speak and they didn’t show up, Colin wouldn’t know that he was behind it. So, it would be a good idea to teach Colin a lesson.

Xiao Rongtao said again, “Barr, as for the money, he is the chairman of Marquis after all. He also wouldn’t know about us. We should ask for more money for our compensation.”

Barr squinted and spoke after pondering for a while, “No. Colin isn’t as simple as you think. Let’s just ask them to let him go.”

He was tempted in the first place. But he suddenly thought of Gerd. That man, Gerd was too abnormal. If they did something, Gerd might’ve found out about it. He couldn’t risk it.

Xiao Rongtao was still puzzled, “Barr, Colin has been in our hands now. No matter how great he is, he won’t be able to get out of the chaos. Besides, we are just teaching him a lesson and only deceive his money.”

Barr glanced at Xiao Rongtao with his cold gaze, as his voice became serious, “I said, let him go!”

Xiao Rongtao had no choice but to take out his phone again and dialed Da Song’s phone.

When the phone was connected, Barr spoke again, “Wait, don’t let him go yet. Pay attention to him and let him go after I instruct so!”

Xiao Rongtao was dumbfounded for a while. Da Song’s voice came from the phone before he quickly said, “Pay attention to the chairman of Marquis. You can’t talk about money.”

Da Song spoke in a small voice, “But he already promised that he’ll give us thirty million. Don’t you want it for free?”

“Don’t you fucking hear me? Don’t talk to him about the money. You just need to pay attention to him.” Xiao Rongtao yelled angrily.

Then, he hung up the phone.

“Damn it!” Da Song spat.

One of his men asked, “Big Brother, what did that bastard say?”

“He forbids us to ask for thirty million!” Da Song said fiercely.

“We have to give up thirty million? it’s thirty million!”

Da Song nodded, “Right? These rich people don’t know the value of money to us indeed. Fuck!”

If it weren’t for his worry since Barr is his superior, would such a big boss of Southern district like him obey such nobody like Xiao Rongtao? He should be grateful since they didn’t beat him up to a pulp!

One of his other men was worried, “Is it because they can’t offend Marquis, so they’re afraid to be found out?”

Da Song snorted, “We have so many people. Should we be afraid to be found out? Isn’t it just a piece of cake, since the superior is asking us to pay attention to that man?”

“Right, you’re right, brother.” One of his men nodded in agreement, “If they dare to come, they won’t definitely be able to return!”

“Haha….” Everyone laughed.

Since Da Song had been in jail for a few years before, his underground influence was different from the past. Otherwise, how would these people get arrogant?

Luckily, his earlier influence and intimation were still there and he could gather his people soon enough and put the Southern District under his territory. But his ambition wasn’t only in the Southern District but the whole of Tianbei City.

After Da Song laughed, he said, “After all, someone has been notified to send the money. Let’s not let it be in vain!”

“You’re great, Brother!” One of his men said with flattery.

“Knock knock…”

There was a knock on the door and one of the men went to open the door. But when he opened the door, he was completely dumbfounded.

They were located in a luxurious entertainment club. There were also several subordinates guarding the door.

They thought that one of the subordinates knocked on the door just now to report something. Who knows that he would see such a scene as soon as he opened the door.

He saw all the subordinates that guarded the door were scattered everywhere while lying on the ground. There were no movements. It was unknown either they were dead or unconscious.

The man that opened the door stepped back slowly and said with a shaky voice, “Big…big brother….”

At the door, Gerd’s shadow was approaching step by step as he walked inside.

A group of people stood in a row and watched in alert as Gerd walked in. They had seen the rest of the men lying at the door and gulped unconsciously.

Gerd is 1.9 m tall with great muscles, looking like a steel towel that couldn’t be shaken. Moreover, seeing the subordinates that were knocked down made them imagine how powerful this man is.

Da Song still looked calm, “Who are you? What are you doing here? I don’t remember ever meeting you!”

Gerd glanced at the crowd, and replied lightly, “I am an assistant. I’m here to deliver the money.”

Da Song breathed out a sigh of relief as soon as he heard it then suddenly became nervous. Because this so-called-assistant didn’t bring any money at all!

“What do you want?” Da Song sensed something wrong. He was secretly on guard as he thought that since there were a dozen people here, it wouldn’t be a problem to beat up a man.

Gerd said, “Where’s the chairman?”

Da Song looked around upon hearing this, “He is in another room. I’ll take you there.”

Gerd nodded and turned around as he was about to leave.

At this time, Da Song gave a hint and his men understood. Everyone clenched their fists and charged towards Gerd’s back.

Da Song said arrogantly, “Take you to hell!”

However, just when everyone was about to hit Gerd, he turned around, punched them one by one, kicked a few of them within 20 seconds.

A dozen of his subordinates were all beaten up and they were scattered in the room.

Da Song widened his eyes and his mouth was agape in surprise.


He was speechless.

Gerd approached him step by step as Da Song slowly stepped back in fear and finally, he reached the sofa. There’s no place to retreat anymore.

“Big Brother, Big Brother. Let’s discuss this, let’s discuss this….”

Da Song no longer looked like a boss, but a coward.

Gerd stared at him coldly, “Where is the chairman?”

“Go out from the door, turn left. He’s in the second room.”

Gerd had the location of his phone, but his phone was with Da Song. That’s why Gerd directly found Da Song. So, he didn’t know Colin’s location.

After getting the answer, Gerd threw a dagger at Da Song and caused him to faint.

Before Da Song fainted, there was only one sentence in his mind: Assistants nowadays is strong! Not only they have to deal with office tasks, but also they have to be a fighter! And even he could also make the gangsters fainted?


One hour later, Da Song was awake, then noticed that he was tied up.

When he looked again, wasn’t he inside the room where he locked Colin up?

Colin and Vanessa were sitting in front of the previous table and chair. Gerd and Bailee stood behind them on each side.

Da Song gulped as he sucked up, “Mr. Ward, I was wrong. I was really wrong….”

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