Chapter 219 – 220: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 219: A coward

After returning to Westriver City, Kris rushed to the hospital non-stop. After today, Mary could be discharged. After knowing that she was going to be discharged from the hospital, Mary couldn’t sleep in excitement. She and Kris chatted and slept together until two o’clock in the morning.

The next morning, when Kris was enjoying the sound sleep, he felt his nose itchy. He rubbed his nose and arched towards the person in his arms. The next second, the beauty in his arms let out a laugh. “Honey, get up, we are going home today!” The soft lips of the lady in his arms were touching on his face.

After “being dead” once, Mary completely said goodbye to her past. She finally understood that Kris was the only one she wanted in this life. At this time, Kris opened his eyes and pulled Mary into his arms. His beard was like stubble scrubbing on his wife’s tender face, causing Mary to itch.

“Honey, stop it, pack your things, and go home!” Hearing his wife’s tender anger, Kris felt some part of his body erected.

Yes, It was a normal physiological response! Looking at Mary’s flushed face, Kris smiled. Knowing that Mary was shy about this, Kris smiled and put on clothes, and got out of bed.

After the two had packed their things, Kris went to Xi Lan’s office to express his thanks. Seeing Mary holding Kris’s arm, Xi Lan couldn’t help sighing, feeling a little lost in her heart. After sending Mary home, Kris refused to say anything and left: “Darling, go home and bring everything home.”

“Good!” Kris responded without even thinking about it. These days, Mary had become more and more dependent on him. This feeling was very good. Kris did not want to be separated from her.

Kris finally moved back home. Although his mother-in-law, Jane, was a little bit unhappy to see him, unexpectedly, she did not drive him outside the door.

This made Mary quite relieved in the heart.

On this day, the two of them were stuck together. Of course, the only thing that remained unchanged was that the task of cooking was left to Kris. But Kris was excited about cooking. After dinner, Mary took Kris’s hand and walked by the lake in Tianmeng Garden.

The two clasped their fingers together in an indescribable sweet manner. It was autumn, and the wind was blowing across the lake, bringing senses of coolness, and Mary couldn’t help leaning against Kris’s body.

“Honey, it’s cold, should we go shopping?” Mary asked.

“Okay,” Kris nodded: “The clothes I bought for you last time were all for summer use. It’s time to change into autumn clothes this time.”

Mary looked happy, and she quickly pulled Kris back to change clothes. After choosing the clothes, Mary put on the “Venus Blessing” that Kris gave to herself. Then she looked at the necklace “Heavenly City” that Kris gave her. She put it down again and chose one Cartier necklace.

But Kris asked me strangely: “Dear, why did you pick up the Heavenly City and then put it down?”

Mary shook his head and said, “I don’t know who sent this necklace, so I don’t wear it. Take it for auction in two days and donate the money to the poor.”

With that, Mary smiled sweetly, and said coquettishly: “Why don’t you buy me another necklace during shopping time? From now on, I will only wear the necklace you bought for me!”

To be honest, after such a long time, Mary didn’t know who gave her the famous necklace “Heavenly City”.

She is actually a very traditional person. Since she is Kris’s wife, if she goes shopping with her husband wearing jewelry given by another man, it is not good! Especially the last time the old lady of the Su family came to ask herself for money, she even wanted to take this necklace for auction to get more cash.

“Haha, you silly girl, it was I who gave you this Heavenly City,” Kris couldn’t help laughing. “It’s been so long time, and I don’t even know who gave it to me. Yes, I am so silly, except you who else would give me such an expensive gift!”

At this moment, the mystery that is hovering over her heart was finally solved! But, she had been using Mingdong to fool him before, and she felt very guilty for her wrongdoing. Thinking of the grievances Kris had suffered those days, Mary felt distressed.

She stepped forward and hugged Kris, and said softly: “My husband, I’m sorry, I misunderstood you.”

“Okay, my wife, the past is gone, isn’t the misunderstanding now solved,” Kris smiled and hugged Mary. Clearly, he really didn’t care about those things.

“My husband, you are so kind!” Mary was very moved and immediately sent Kris a sweet kiss!


At eight o’clock in the evening, Binjiang Pedestrian Street.

Since today was the weekend, there was a lot of people shopping, and it was very lively in the street. Mary held Kris’s hand tightly this time, and the two of them were eating delicious food while shopping, with unspeakable happiness.

The two of them went shopping for half an hour but didn’t buy a single clothing piece. They tried to eat various delicious food.

“Honey, this takoyaki is delicious, do you want it?” Mary held the ice cream in one hand and takoyaki in the other and enjoyed eating both of them.

Kris smiled and shook his head, then took out a tissue and gently wiped the oil stains off her mouth.

“Thank you!” Mary smiled sweetly. This time was the happiest time for her.

This is exactly how it feels to be with the one you love. And such a feeling is really good.

“Honey, what do you think of this men’s clothing store? Is it suitable for you?” Mary said, pointing to a men’s clothing store nearby.

Kris smiled and shook his head and said, “I’ll buy it for you first!” As Kris finished speaking, he led Mary into the mall. As soon as he walked into the mall, Mary was fascinated by the jewelry store inside. Mary took Kris’s hand and said, “Honey, let’s buy clothes later, let’s go and see the jewelry first.”

“Let’s go!” Kris took Mary into a Gold shop. As soon as he entered, Mary’s eyes were attracted by a sapphire bracelet placed in the shop’s center.

This bracelet is very delicate in workmanship, and it matches well with “Heavenly City” and “Venus’s Blessing”!

As soon as they entered the store, the beautiful clerk greeted them enthusiastically: “Good evening, what can I do for you?”

Mary pointed to the sapphire bracelet and said, “I want to see this bracelet!”

The beautiful shop clerk smiled and said: “This lady is really good-looking. This bracelet is the treasure of our shop. It also has a nice name called “Hold Your Hand.”

Hold your hand?

This name sounds great! On seeing this bracelet, Mary was moved by it!

Seeing that Mary couldn’t move her eyes, Kris smiled and said to the clerk: “Thank you, please take this bracelet out and let my wife try it!”

At this moment, a woman came up from the side and told the clerk: “Take this bracelet out, and I will try it!”

This woman was very pretty, and behind her stood a man in the suit, who looked terribly wretched.

The couple squeezed indirectly from the side, squeezing Mary aside.

“What!” Because Mary was wearing high-heeled shoes, she did not pay more attention to the squeeze, so she nearly fell on the ground. Fortunately, Kris moved quickly and held her by the arm.

However, Mary still twisted her ankle! “Honey, it hurts… my ankle hurts!” Mary felt extreme pain in the ankle.

“Sweetheart, wait, I will help you sit down and do massage on your feet!” With that, Kris helped his wife to sit on a stool aside.

At this moment, the man and the woman heard Mary’s scream, turning their heads and looking at them, and then the two people shouted in unison: “Mary?”

This man named Yongfei is Mary’s University alum, and he is a rich guy, while this woman is named Ping Wang, Mary’s classmate, and the two were in love since college time!

Mary was stunned and excited, seeing them: “Hi, long time no see, you are here too!”

Ping Wang smiled and walked to Mary: “Why, can’t we come here shopping?”

To be honest, Ping Wang dislikes Mary very much. Because Mary is beautiful and has a good family background, so she is jealous.

What made Ping Wang most uncomfortable was that her husband had wooed Mary once, like a dog waiting for Mary’s favor and love, which has always been a thorn in her heart.

Mary frowned and did not speak. Kris squatted down and took off her shoes and found that the right ankle was swollen.

“I will rub your feet, it will be well soon, you have to tolerate some pain!” Kris said, pressing down on the swollen ankle.


Mary gave out some cold air in pain, but the pain soon disappeared. It was Kris who used the Genuine Energy to help Mary invigorate blood and remove blood stasis.

At this time, Ping Wang took another look at Kris: “Oh, Mary, is this your husband? I heard that your husband is a poor guy. But you were the flower of our grade back in school time, a great number of pretty boys circled around you. Why did you pick him up as your husband?” Hearing this, Kris’s expression instantly turned darkened.

Damn it! What’s going on here? Didn’t this woman brush her teeth before going out? Kris thought it was Mary’s good friend, but he didn’t expect every word uttered from her mouth was so nasty. What grudge was she bearing against Mary?

Moreover, Mary sprained her ankle just now because of her. She didn’t even apologize to Mary. Clearly, she was an ill-bred woman

At this time, Yongfei, on the side, also walked over and looked at Mary up and down, only to feel that Mary was more charming than in college.

“Mary, it’s been a long time, how are you doing?”

Without waiting for Mary’s answer, Yongfei continued: “Look at you, I feel sad for you, you are so sexy and pretty, how did you find this guy be your husb and? What a pity!”

On hearing his words, Kris frowned, he didn’t want to look at him but concentrated on massaging Mary’s feet.

Seeing that Kris didn’t even dare to say a word, Yongfei was even more proud: “Look, he has no temper at all. He is simply a coward. A man like this can give you happiness? And had you agreed to take me as your boyfriend, you would be a thousand times happier than now!”

Chapter 220: Forever Love

Hearing his words, shop assistants beside him couldn’t help but laugh, glancing at Kris, who was squatting on the ground and rubbing Mary’s feet. They all gave a scornful look.

No wonder he was so obedient. He was a live-in son-in-law. Clearly, he was a totally poor man.

As the saying goes, a poor gentleman is worthless.

Mary was also angry, but her good family upbringing made her unable to argue with anyone in public because it was humiliating.

Seeing that Mary couldn’t say anything, Yongfei Wu became more arrogant. He was like a sucker for her in the past, and she didn’t even look at him.

Now she must have regretted, for marrying to such man. That’s her punishment. Kris gave out more Genuine Energy, so soon, Mary’s ankle began to recover.

Helping Mary put on her shoes, Kris said with a smile, “Honey, take some steps and see if your feet still hurt!”

Mary nodded. After taking a few steps, she surprisedly found that her feet didn’t hurt anymore! “Honey, you’re awesome!” Saying so, Mary embraced Kris thankfully.

How many men would rub a woman’s feet in public, but Kris did it, which made her sweet.

Seeing the sweetness, Yongfei pissed off. Even though he was now married, it was a pity that his goddess chose another man, which still made him feel very unhappy.

“Can’t you pay attention to your image? What a shame in public.” At this time, Ping Wang accused.

“Mary, I think what you are doing isn’t quite right. Behave yourself in public.” Yongfei frowned, with an unhappy face.

Kris didn’t want to take a look at them, turning his head towards the shop assistant and said, “I’ll take this ‘Forever Love’. Wrap it up for me…” Before Kris could finish his words, Yongfei interrupted him and said, “I’ll take this. Hurry up, wrap it up for me…”

The assistant was stunned and said hospitably, “Okay, Sir. Two of you, please take a seat in the VIP room. I’ll wrap it up for you!”

“Hey, we come here first!”

“Kris, forget it… Let’s go.” Mary held Kris’s hand and said softly.

“It’s fine.” Kris smiled and patted Mary’s hand, walking up to the assistant and said, “Sorry, I’m afraid this is not the rules, right? We come first, and I said first that I wanted it.”

“Oh, can you afford it?” The shopkeeper curled her lips. A poor guy like you, whose clothes were no more than two hundred dollars. How to pay for this?

After hearing the words, Kris’s face was sullen, and said with a sneer, “Is this the way you treat your customers? Why do you care so much about whether I can’t afford it or not? Don’t you know the first has the priority?”

“You…” The beautiful shop assistant was speechless by Kris’s words.

“What’s wrong with you?” At that moment, Yongfei came up, “Why do you embarrass a lady?”

“What’s going on?”

Hearing the noise, the store manager came over and asked the shop assistant, “What happened?”

“Manager, there’s a disturbance!” The shop assistant pointed at Kris and said.



The beautiful manager looked at Kris and frowned, “Sir, what can I do for you?”

Kris laughed, pointing at ‘Forever Love’ and said, “I want this bracelet, please wrap it up for me.”

“No way. I’ll take this bracelet. You can’t sell it to him!” Yongfei said overbearingly.

“Honey, I really like this.” Ping held Yongfei’ s hand and said coquettishly.

At this time, the manager knew what’s going on—the two people were both interested in this bracelet at the same time.

“What a coincidence!” The manager asked at the assistant, “Have you told them the price?”

“No!” The shop assistant shook her head. Hearing Yongfei want this bracelet, she was too excited all of a sudden and forgot to tell him.

After glaring at her, the manager smiled and introduced, “Gentlemen, let me reintroduce this bracelet to you two!”

She then said with a smile, “This bracelet is designed by Serena, the last apprentice of the famous French designer Allen. I believe Master Allen is known to you two, one of the world’s most famous designers. The series of necklaces ‘City in the Sky’, is his design. Unfortunately, Master Allen has now retired. This ‘Forever Love’ is designed by his favorite apprentice, Serena, who is under his guidance, so it is very expensive.”

Saying so, the manager looked at Mary and Ping, which made her dumbfounded.

God! She looked dumbfoundedly at Mary and Ping, “Ladies, you… The necklaces you’re wearing are both ‘City in the sky’?”

As soon as she said so, people in the jewelry store looked over.

No way, that’s too rich!

This was the most expensive necklace in the world, which could cost over a hundred million dollars! And they’re both wearings?!

Weren’t they afraid of being robbed?

Kris subconsciously looked towards Ping. To be honest, there seemed to be something wrong with the necklace that she was wearing. Although they were not wearing the same style, but as they were designed by one designer, there must be some similarities.

What Mary wore was called ‘Blue Love’, while what Ping wore was called ‘Aurora Love’. The former one was sapphire, and the latter one was ruby.

“Really? Mary, where did you get this?” Ping said with a sneer.

“This is a gift from my husband.” Mary held Kris’s hand, and love was filled with her eyes.


From your husband?

Ha, ha! What a joke! As soon as Mary finished speaking, Yongfei and Ping laughed out.

What a joke. A live-in son-in-law could afford this? How could this be possible?

The assistant couldn’t help but cover their mouths to laugh. They couldn’t believe a man like Kris could afford this.

Ping sneered, “Mary, you bought this necklace from Tmall, didn’t you? How can your husband afford this? Stop fooling us, OK?”

“Mary, you could be poor, but you should have your dignity. There’s nothing to be ashamed of wearing a fake. No one would laugh at you, even if you tell the truth!” Yongfei smiled and said, “Well, it’s not easy to meet each other. Besides this bracelet, what other jewelry do you fancy? Tell me, and I’ll buy it for you. You and Ping were good friends in college, and thank you for taking care of Ping during her college life.”

Hearing this, Mary was so angry that she suddenly lost the mood to keep shopping. She held Kris’s hand and said, “Honey, I’m a bit tired. Let’s go back early.”

Kris nodded. Mary had just recovered, and it was indeed not suitable to walk around too much.

Saying so, the two were about to leave. At this time, Yongfei shouted at Mary, “Wait. Why are you leaving? You haven’t picked up any jewelry yet. Are you afraid that I can’t afford it? Don’t worry, I’m rich. I can afford anything.”

What a good man. How couldn’t those assistants meet such a man? “Honey, how handsome you’re when you buy things for me. I love you!” Saying so, Ping kissed him.

And the assistants who served Yongfei was also excited. How rich he was, and if she sold this bracelet out, she didn’t have to worry for a year.

Thinking of this, she enthusiastically said to Yongfei, “Sir, thirty-eight million. I’ll wrap it up for you!”


Thirty-eight million?

What the fuck? So expensive?

Yongfei was shocked. Actually, he had prepared himself when the manager told him the price.

He thought it wouldn’t go over a few hundred thousand, but he didn’t think it was so expensive. Thirty-eight million could buy a top villa in Westriver City.

Fuck. His family was indeed rich, but it was only a few billions. How could he afford such a bracelet?

Thinking of this, Yongfei searched for his pocket hastily, but he said awkwardly to the assistant, “Oh, I’m really sorry. I forgot my bank card today. How about this? I’ll come a couple of days later.”

What the fuck.

Hearing his words, people around him couldn’t help but laugh out. In the end, he couldn’t afford this bracelet!

At this time, the saddest one should be the assistant. Holding the POS, she was embarrassed. Damn it. The assistant thought he was a rich man, but it turned out that he was not.

At this time, Kris, who was about to leave, stopped and looked at Mary and said, “Honey, I’ll buy it for you.”

To be honest, Mary quite liked that bracelet, but she didn’t want to buy the price. Mary bit her lips, “Forget it, Honey. It’s too expensive, I don’t…”

Kris patted her hand and said, “Wait for me outside for a while and I’ll be right back.” Saying so, he walked away quickly.

A woman always didn’t directly tell what they thought. She obviously liked it, but she didn’t say so. As a husband, how could Kris let her down?

He had promised her that he would never let her down.

Walking up to the assistant, Kris pointed to the bracelet and said to her, “Wrap it up for me.”

Those shopkeepers looked at each other, but they didn’t move, even the manager.

Why did he return again? And he said he’d buy the bracelet.

What a joke. This bracelet is over thirty million. How could a live-in son-in-law afford it?

At this time, Ping sneered, “Don’t sell it to him. My husband forgot to bring his bank card, and this bracelet is mine. Wait until tomorrow when my husband brings his bank card to pay!”

Hearing Ping’s words, Yongfei couldn’t say how embarrassed he was. FXck. How silly she was. Could she feel that he couldn’t afford this?

How to pay for it?

Hearing Ping’s words, the desperate assistant had a glimmer of hope. She impatiently said to Kris, “Sir, this bracelet has already been ordered by this lady, so it can’t be sold to you!”

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