Chapter 219: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 219 Fighting with Kerry (1)
“You must remember my words and don’t admit it. I’ll hang up now.” Venus said.

It was hot, but Venus felt chilled to the bone. She couldn’t help but shrink her shoulders.

“Miss Chu, why is your face so pale?” John had just returned from an errand outside. He saw her white face and asked with concern.

Venus shook her head numbly, then turned sharply and ran upstairs to Kerrys bedroom. She had to ask Kerry why he killed someone when he’d already known it was a trap of Xuan.

“Do all the promises he made mean nothing? Doesn’t he fear that the child will be rewarded for all his evil?” Venus thought.

She went to Kerry’s bedroom and kicked in the door. Then Venus grabbed a pillow from the couch and smashed it against his head.

Kerry woke up to the pillow hitting him and rubbed his eyes as he got up from the bed. He was instantly fully awake when he saw Venus’s angry red eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Kerry asked and then got out of bed.

Venus growled, “What did you do last night?”

“I went to Jindun Company. That’s what you know.” Kerry said calmly.

“What did you do in Jindun Company?”

Instead of answering her question, Kerry asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you so angry?”

“Don’t change the subject. What did you do after you went to Jindun Company?” Venus asked angrily.

Kerry saw that she was really angry and didn’t beat around the bush, he just said, “I interrogated the man. It was indeed Yan or his colleges who arranged it, but he didn’t know the man with the silver mask.”

“And then?” Venus asked.

“And then I told him to get out of Sky City and never set foot here for the rest of his life.”

Venus got even more annoyed at that and retorted with a smirk, “You mean you let him go?”

“Yeah, why would I keep him?”

“Are you still lying to me? Why don’t you tell the truth?” Venus’s eyes got wet and her voice got choked up.

Kerry got anxious at the sight of her crying. He got up and walked up to her to hold her hand, but Venus dodged him.

“Why would I lie to you? I’m telling the truth,” Kerry said.

Venus’s tears streamed down her face, “You say you let the man go, but why did Xuan say you killed him and threw the body into the sea?”

Kerry heard her words, and then laughed.

“And you still laugh? Are you so cruel? Are other people’s lives so worthless to you?” said Venus.

Kerry held up his palms and swore, “You’ve wronged me. I swear I didn’t kill him.”

Venus stared at him. She was unsure if she should believe him. He really had too little credibility and there was no need for Xuan to lie to her.

“I’m serious. I didn’t kill him.” Kerry spoke firmly.

“But why did Xuan say you killed him?”

Kerry explained, “It’s like this ……”

Late last night, after Kerry had asked Jianxing Feng all the questions he wanted to ask. He had been thinking about what to do with Jianxing. If he let him go, he was afraid that Jianxing would tip off Xuan Chu. He was also afraid that Xuan would take the initiative to find Jianxing as well. If Jianxing could betray Xuan now, he could betray him then as well, and then Venus’s identity would be known to Xuan.

If he didn’t let him go, where would he get him to? Killing him would be the best solution, but Venus wouldn’t let him kill anyone.

“Jianxing Feng, what do you think I should do with you?” Kerry picked up the dagger on the table and played with it in his hand.

Jianxing shivered and quickly begged for mercy, “Mr. Ye, please let me go. I will never dare do that again. Please don’t kill me. My parents are old and they need me to take care of them.”

“You’re thinking of your parents now?” Kerry smirked, “What if I let you go and you go to Xuan?”

“I won’t. I didn’t complete my tasks, he won’t let me go. As long as you let me live, I will never go back to Sky City again, please.” Jianxing begged.

Kerry leaned against the table in silence for a long time and said, “I’m in a good mood today, so I won’t kill you. In order to address my worries and make Xuan cut off the idea of finding you, I will find a place on the beach to throw you down. Of course there will be a small boat under the cliff, whether you live or die will depend on your luck.”

Jianxing didn’t expect that Kerry would not kill him. He quickly nodded, “Thank you, Mr. Ye.”

Kerry went out and talked to the boss about the decision. The boss said, “I’m not going to keep a guy like him anymore. What to do with him is up to you.”

So Jianxing played dead and was put into the trunk. On the way to the sea, Kerry instructed his men to hide a small boat under the cliffs of the ocean, with three thousand and some food in it.

While arranging all this, Kerry felt he was too kind himself. He didn’t think it was like his style of doing things.

When Xuan’s men looked into the sea, Jianxing was picking up the boat to catch his breath. It was at night when Jianxing was thrown off the cliff, so no one saw that he was still alive.

After telling the story, Venus still looked at Kerry with a puzzled look,” You let him go and gave him money and food? Will you be so kind?”

“I didn’t think I’d do that either. Maybe it’s your kindness that has given me a sense of compassion.” Kerry teased with a smile. He was actually afraid that the bastard wouldn’t survive and come back to Sky City. The money and food would be enough for him to live in a strange place for at least two months. After two months, even if he ran back to the city, Kerry had solved all his problems.

Venus snorted, “I know too well what you are. A bad wolf suddenly turns into a kind rabbit. It doesn’t even happen in children’s story books.”

She said so, but in her heart she believed him.

“You can ask Henry. He was there with me last night.” Kerry felt a little pathetic. He used to be so cruel to people that she distrusted him now.

Venus stared at him and turned to walk out.

“Where are you going?” Kerry turned his head and asked.

“I’m going to ask Henry now.”

Kerry sighed and then lay down on the bed.

Henry was a little nervous when he learned of Venus’s intentions because he didn’t know how Kerry explained this to her. If he said something that was different from Kerry, he was afraid Kerry would punish him.

“Miss Chu, this matter is what Mr. Ye has told you.” Henry tried to muddle through.

Venus glared at him and said angrily, “I’m asking you now. If you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll fire you right now.”

Henry hesitated, not daring to say anything even in the face of her threat.

“Henry, you tell her what happened last night truthfully.” Kerry got dressed and came down from upstairs leisurely.

Henry was so relieved. He was about to speak but was interrupted by Venus. She said to Kerry, “Please go out for a walk. Don’t stay here.”

“I haven’t eaten and it’s so hot out there right now.” Kerry said reluctantly.

Venus looked out the window. It was hot indeed.

“Then you go to the dining room.” said Venus.

Kerry let out a long sigh, “How little credibility you have with me. Why don’t you believe me?”

“Your credibility used to be below zero in my mind, now it’s slightly above zero.” Venus said truthfully.

Kerry was heartbroken and then he jogged towards the dining room.

“Now we’re the only two in the living room. If Kerry is telling the truth and you are telling the truth, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.”

Henry took a deep breath and said, “Last night ……”

Henry narrated it very carefully. He watched Venus’s expression as he spoke, and thankfully she hadn’t changed much from the start.

When he finished, Henry set his phone to the dial-up interface for Venus, “I’ll call my subordinate at one o’clock to arrange for a small boat, here’s the call log. If you still don’t believe me, you can call him up again and ask.”

Venus scanned and indeed a call was dialed at one o’clock.

The details of what Henry had said were almost identical to what Kerry had said, except for the part about the interrogation in the room, since Henry hadn’t been in the room at the time.

“So, Kerry did release the man. And what Xuan saw was deliberately staged for him by Kerry?” Venus thought.

At this point she suddenly felt a little embarrassed to face Kerry.

She returned the phone to Henry. And Kerry asked, “Miss Chu, is there anything else you want to ask?”

“No, you can leave now.”

“Okay.” Henry responded and stalked out of the living room, taking a long breath. He prayed in his mind that she wouldn’t come to him next time to ask about Kerry so as not to offend Kerry.

Venus sat in the living room for a while. She was wondering if she should go apologize to Kerry for the wrong she had just done to him.

If she went to apologize to him, she felt too embarrassed. If she didn’t go, she felt a little guilty. After all, she was the one who had done wrong.

She hesitated whether or not to apologize to Kerry when Kerry sauntered over to her. He had a glass of water in his hand and a smile on his lips.

“I’m not lying to you, right?” Kerry asked with a smile.

Venus looked at him with a raised eyebrow, but she never said anything to apologize to him.

Kerry saw right through her. He sat down next to her, put one hand on the couch behind her, and said with a light smile, “You don’t have to blame yourself. I don’t blame you for wronging me. I blame it on my previous poor reputation.”

His words made Venus feel even more conflicted. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “I’ll try to trust you in the future, but only if you can’t lie to me.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 219 Fighting with Kerry (2)
Originally just to comfort her, Kerry Ye did not expect to hear her words, he was greatly pleased. The most important thing between husband and wife is trust, which is very important.

“Don’t worry, I will never lie to you, the best thing about me is my honesty.” Kerry bragged himself.

Venus Mu was speechless.

“What’s next? How am I going to act in front of Xuan Chu?”

Kerry acted like he was in control of the whole situation, “After such a big thing happened, of course you are the first suspect. you go to Xuan later after dinner, tell him that I am very angry, furious, and that we had a big fight. You should stay in the hotel for two days, and I will pick you up on the third day. I will arrange people around you to protect you for these two days.”

Venus asked worriedly, “Will Xuan believe it?”

“Half in doubt, but the show must go on or he’ll suspect we’re conspiring, and it would be too uncharacteristic of me not to react.”

Venus nodded and quickly got up and said, “I’ll pack my bags now.”

Kerry was stunned, “Pack your luggage?”

“Making a show of it.” Venus said seriously, “Besides, I still have to bring my daily grooming supplies to the hotel.”

Kerry was actually reluctant for her to move out, but in order to allay Xuan’s suspicions, he had to resort to this tactic to stall for time.

“How about having lunch before you leave?”

“No, it’s too late to delay, Xuan will get suspicious.” Saying that Venus turned to the stairs.

Kerry looked at her back, and had the feeling of moving a stone to smash his own feet.


It was past ten in the morning and the weather was already very hot.

Kerry drove Venus to Xuan. A block away from the office, Venus asked Kerry to stop.

“I’ll be down here.” She said.

Kerry understood what she meant, she was afraid of meeting Xuan in case, so she pulled over at the side of the road, “Don’t be panic when you see him.”

“It’s just acting, I have experience, this is a small thing.” Venus said.

Kerry was stunned, have experience? Well, eighty percent of the experience were in front of him.

Venus also reacted to what she said, but without embarrassment, she looked at Kerry and said, “You do not need to think too much, I just casually said, since I said last time the grudge all gone, I will not turn over old scores.”

Kerry laughed bitterly, with her mouth saying that it was all gone, how could she really wipe it clean in her heart?

Venus didn’t have the time to pay attention to his thought activity, got out of the car to get her own suitcase from the trunk and waved her hand at Kerry, “I’m leaving.”

“Well, call me immediately if you need anything.” Kerry instructed.

“Got it.”

Venus pulled her suitcase and stepped on her heels under the scorching sun towards mk Group a street away. Kerry looked at her slim and slender back and suddenly had the urge to stop her from facing these and just design her favorite clothes in peace, but now, he was really useless.

The MK Group.

When Venus appeared in Xuan’s office with a red face and wretchedly carrying a suitcase, the latter was obviously stunned for a few seconds, then without saying anything, got up and closed the office door.

“What are you ……”

“Kerry suspected that I had something to do with last night, then I had a fight with him and came out.”

Xuan was a little angry, “Why are you so impulsive? How else are you going to get the treasure map if you run out?”

Venus slanted a glance at him and snorted, “I live in Ye’s house once or twice, so I can go in three or four times, I know there and I know Kerry the best.”

Xuan glared at her with slight anger, “I want you to remember that you don’t have that much time.”

“Then do I have to admit it if I don’t strongly deny fighting with him? Do you want me to continue to stay in the Ye family? Do you think it fits Yan Chu’s status?” Venus retorted with a red face.

Xuan was speechless for a moment, she was right, Yan was tainted as a thief, if she could still calmly stay by the man’s side, she was either stupid in the head or had other intentions.

“Why would he suspect something about you?” Xuan suddenly asked.

Venus had been prepared and said with a bit of helplessness in her tone, “There was nothing wrong with him after he woke up this morning, he ate an early dinner and thought about something suddenly and then he connected the last time I was kidnapped and this time the matter of stealing the treasure map, and felt that there was a connection between both incidents and me, so …… “

Venus spread her hands, and Xuan also understood what she meant, frowning tightly and saying, “Kerry is really smart.”

“He’s never stupid, otherwise he wouldn’t have brought his business to the unparalleled position in Sky City in just a few years, and he’s both black and white.” Venus elaborated on this fact.

Xuan paced in his office, and he still had cooperation with Kerry, this matter must not be exposed, otherwise the amusement park project would be completely stranded. They mk Group has already thrown in a lot of money, and if they want to pull out completely, they’ll have to break their bones, which is not something he’s happy to see.

For Xuan, the most perfect ending would be for Venus to get the treasure map, he would fulfill his friend’s instructions, and then proceed to do his own business.

“So where are you staying these days?” Xuan asked.

“Hotel, for three days at most.”

“So confident?”

Venus raised her chin proudly, “Don’t forget, I’m not the real Yan, I’m Venus, Kerry’s wife, and no one in the world knows him better than I do.”

“Well, I hope you succeed.” Xuan sat weakly on the boss chair, rubbing his forehead.

Pushing the suitcase to get ready to leave the house, Venus suddenly turned and said, “If you see each other in the next few days, you’d better pretend nothing happened and don’t say a word for me.”

“I know.” Xuan said irritably.

As soon as she walked out of the office, a trace of triumphant joy slipped under Venus’s eyes, but it instantly disappeared.

Xuan leaned back in his chair to think, he did wonder if Kerry and Venus had reached a united front, but Jianxing Feng was dead, there was no way to know what he had said to Kerry, and looking at Kerry’s attitude towards Venus today, there was no chance that Jianxing had been killed by Kerry before he could say anything.

If Jianxing had confessed to all of them, Kerry should have come to him by now.

Things were tangled together like a mess, stirring his head up a bit.


Yehuang Group had been making a big move to buy Huayang Electric Appliance for some time now, and if it could buy the company, Yehuang Group would take a big step forward in the home appliance sector.

The process of preliminary estimates, acquisition plans, and conditions were all going very smoothly, and all that was left to do was to sign the contract, but a shocking news came this afternoon.

Huayang Electric Appliance was acquired by Mu’s Group, and it seemed that the terms of the acquisition were a little lower than Yehuang Group’s.

Yehuang Group held an emergency meeting.

“Why did Mu’s Group suddenly step in? Don’t you have any awareness?” Kerry was very upset, how could he not be angry when he saw the meet flying out of his mouth?

The general manager was also depressed, he was the lead person in this matter, and he had responsibility for such a slip up.

“President Ye, I really didn’t know that Mu’s Group would stab the knife in the back, and I’m solely to blame for this.”

Kerry stared at him and said coldly, “It’s not the time to pursue responsibility, but we need to find out what went wrong. Mu’s Group’s focus has always been on food and housing construction, how could they have gotten interested in home appliances?”

What was even stranger was that Mu’s Group had rarely made such a big move after Tianye Mu disappeared, and had been doing business moderately for more than a year, and that team of professional managers was also awesome, it was still so dutiful after the president disappeared.

“President Ye, why don’t ask the CEO of Huayang Electric Appliance out for a talk?” The general manager asked.

Kerry considered for a moment, “Huayang had signed the contract, it is completely unnecessary to talk to him now. Just help me to make an appointment with the general manager of Mu’s Group, I would like to understand what this foreigner wants.”

“Got it.” Secretary Liu took the phone and walked out of the conference room.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 219 Fighting with Kerry (3)
A few minutes later, Secretary Liu came in with an embarrassing expression, wanting to talk but stop.

“What did he say?”

“Manager Mike’s secretary said their boss has an hour tomorrow at 10 a.m. and wants you to go to the Mu’s Group…… if you want to talk.”

“Huh?” Kerry Ye interrupted Secretary Liu’s words with a cold snort and sneered, “Arrogant guy.”

Secretary Liu also kept asking Kerry, “President Ye, are you going then?”

“Go. Why not?” Kerry had an indifferent look. In the place of business, Kerry was especially able to let go of his face, but of course there was another reason. No matter what, the Mu’s Group was the property of Mu’s family and had grown a little bit under the governance of Venus Mu’s parents. And he really wanted to know who was playing this kind of trick behind. In case this person brought down the Mu’s Group, Venus would probably cry.

After Tianye Mu, who was far away from the villa, knew the news, he looked at the acquisition contract in front of him and smiled proudly.

Kerry, this was only the beginning.

I wanted you to know that in the Sky City, it was not like you could do whatever you wanted.

In the evening, Kerry was distraught and wanted to go home early. But the one he loved the most was not at home so it was no point going back. He drove to the parking garage below the hotel where Venus was staying.

“Where are you?” Kerry opened the door and asked.

“At the hotel. What?”

“Have you eaten yet?” Once Kerry heard her voice, he felt much more settled.

“Not yet. I’ll call hotel service later.”

Hearing her soft voice, Kerry couldn’t wait to see her. He didn’t sleep well all night last night when she wasn’t around. Tonight, no matter how much she refused, he was going to stay.

“Then you order more food. I’ll be right there.” Kerry said softly.

“Hey, what are you doing here? We’re still fighting, in case Xuan Chu sees us ……”

“Venus, I want to see you very much.” Kerry’s low hoarse voice with a strong affection in it reached the woman’s ears through the phone and hit her heart.

Venus was silent for a long time before she whispered, “Well.”

Kerry gladly hung up the phone, leaned back in the seat and a few seconds later he got off.

Venus wasn’t surprised by his sudden appearance and looked at him with a look she was used to, “You were just downstairs in the hotel, right?”

Kerry did not say a word as he went up and held her tightly in his arms.

Venus sensed that there was something a little strange about him and didn’t resist, letting him hold her. Until his hands began to touch her, Venus very rudely pinched his waist.

“Ouch-” Kerry felt the pain and quickly let go of her, grimacing and crying out in pain.

“What an inch.” Venus scolded, releasing her hand.

Kerry smiled, “I’ve really missed you. I haven’t seen you for two days.”

“No two days!” Venus looked up at his tightly furrowed brow and asked, “What’s wrong with you today? It feels like you’re in the wrong mood.”

Kerry was surprised, “So obvious? What’s wrong with me?”

Venus circled around him and her hands clasped in front of her chest thoughtfully and said, “You are a little lost and depressed, and completely different from the overbearing brutality you usually have on you.”

Kerry didn’t expect her intuition to be so accurate. But he didn’t want to tell her about the Mu’s Group. With her status right now it was not appropriate to think about this. One day when she regained her status as Venus, he would snatch the Mu’s Group over and give it to her as a gift.

“You’re right, it’s a business matter. I’ve been following a project for a long time. And the contract will be signed in the next two days but I didn’t expect that it was snatched up by another company.” Kerry said lightly.

Venus was so surprised that she opened her eyes wide and said, “My God, there’s still someone in the Sky City who dares to intercept your Kerry’s business. Which company is this? I’d love to get to know this company. It’s so gutsy and so good.”

Kerry pinched her face and said angrily, “Hey, this lady, can you put yourself in your place? You’re Yehuang Group’s boss’s wife and you’re praising your opponent?”

“An opponent who can snatch the meat away from your mouth definitely deserves my applause.”

Just as this was said, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Kerry immediately silenced, and Venus turned to open the door.

“Who is it?”

“Hello, your dinner order has arrived.” It was the hotel waiter.

Venus opened the door and a handsome man in a uniform pushed the dining car to the door, “Your order, Miss.”

“Thank you.” Venus signed the list.

“Do you need me to bring it in for you?” The handsome man asked politely.

“No, I’ll do it myself.” When Venus pulled the dining car in, the handsome man said, “Enjoy your meal” and closed the door for her very thoughtfully.

Venus ordered four dishes, some meat, some vegetarian but all lighter in taste, and one soup.

Kerry went to wash his face and hands, and Venus had already put the food on the dining table. Although she was in a hotel, she was staying in a VIP room with a dining room, living room and bedroom, like a luxurious bachelor apartment.

“How was your stay here?” Kerry sat across from her, breaking open the disposable chopsticks and handing them to her.

“Not bad. I can sleep anywhere.”

Kerry chatted with her as he ate, “Your kind of adaptable person is good for business trips. There’s a vice president under me who can fall asleep in any bed, but he can only fall asleep on one pillow, so he can bring nothing with him on every business trip but he must bring his pillow. Otherwise he won’t be able to sleep all night.”

This was the first time she had heard that and smiled, “It must be a girl.”

“No, it’s a guy. And he’s rough looking, a straight kind of guy at first glance.”

Venus was surprised, “Oh my god, who is it? I want to see it, he must be cute.”

“He’s from the marketing department. You shouldn’t know much about him. I’ll point him out to you the next time we meet.”

The two were chatting easily, when the doorbell rang again.

The conversation stopped. They looked at each other and Venus got up to open the door.

“Who is it?” She asked.

“It’s me.”

Venus blanched once, strode towards the dining room, and whispered, “Xuan is here.”

“It’s fine, go open the door.” Kerry was not more alarmed than her.

Venus looked deeply into his blue eyes. He had supernatural powers. How could she have forgotten about this?

“Coming.” Venus walked towards the door again.

Opening the door, Xuan looked impatient, “Why did you open the door so slowly?”

“Am I not allowed to wear a dress?” Venus invited him into the room.

As soon as he entered, Xuan smelled the aroma of food, “You’re eating?”

“Well, I didn’t want to go out so I called the hotel service. Did you eat?” Venus walked towards the restaurant and Kerry had disappeared, his pair of chopsticks also disappeared without a trace. This guy moved fast and she didn’t know where he had hiding.

“I haven’t eaten yet,” Xuan also walked to the restaurant but when he looked at her dishes and the clear soup, he had no desire to eat at all.

Venus casually asked, “Want some?”

“No, the food is too light for my taste.” He refused and asked, “You order so much by your own?”

Her heart was pounding, but her expression was calm, “I saw that the dishes on the menu were tempting so I wanted to try them all.”

Xuan looked around the room, and his intuition told him that there was someone else in this house just now. So while seemingly casually walking towards the bathroom, he carefully observed.

Venus followed closely behind him. Although she was at ease with Kerry, she was still nervous.

“What are you looking for?” Venus asked deliberately.

The transparent restroom and bathrooms were empty. Xuan came back to the living room, “Not looking for anything, just looking at the layout of the hotel. Getting to know the hotels on inland will help us with our future designs.”

Venus sneered, “You really are a hardworking and diligent boss. You won’t even miss this opportunity.”

Xuan ignored her sarcasm and searched the corners of the room with his sight. He said indifferently, “Only by adapting to local conditions and living and learning can business get better and better.” The couch had no signs of denting and the bed was flat and no one had slept in it.

Was he too sensitive himself?

Venus also lost interest in eating and sat on the sofa coldly watching him look around.

Xuan finally put his mind at ease and sat down across from her, “Has Kerry contacted you yet?”

“No.” Venus said coldly.

“And you’re not worried at all?” Xuan glanced at her.

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