Chapter 219: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 219 Would You Like to Go Inside and Check It For Me?

Colin raised his brows, “Have you found out about my identity?”

Da Song’s face turned red but didn’t explain how he knew it. He dare not offend Colin now and smiled apologetically, “Mr. Ward, I was wrong, I….”

“What’s your mistake?” Colin was ignorant and asked lightly.

Da Song was taken aback. How could he know about it?

‘I was wrong’ was just a habitual phrase, how could he fucking know what was his mistake?

Da Song thought about it and answered carefully, “I shouldn’t have asked the money from you?”

Colin shook his head.

Da Song said again, “I shouldn’t have kidnapped you?”

Colin shook his head again.

If the previous two answers weren’t the reason, then he didn’t know what his mistake was anymore.

Vanessa also looked at Colin curiously, Wasn’t that the reason?

Colin said lightly, “Your mistake is that you trust people so easily.”

“When I asked you to call just now, although you’re suspicious, you still made the phone call. As a gangster, shouldn’t you be vigilant at that time?”

“If it’s me, I’ll let the victim unlock his phone and checked the information from the phone to see who the closest person to the victim. Then, my probability for asking the money is bigger and there’s no need to worry that he is a bodyguard.”

“What?” Da Song’s eyes widened, “A bodyguard?”

After Da Song spoke, he looked at Gerd. When he looked again, he felt that he’s a fool. How could an assistant look like this? He suits to be a bodyguard indeed!

“Why do you kidnap me?” Colin asked.

Da Song immediately replied, “It’s for money.”

Colin asked again, “Aside from that?”

“Huh?” Da Song played dumb. His superiors had reminded him to pay attention to this man. Moreover, they would never show up, which meant that they wouldn’t reveal their identities. So Da Song pretended to be dumb about it.

“There’s another reason besides the money, right?”

Actually, he suspected that there’s someone behind Da Song. If it was true, he could take an early precaution.

Da Song looked completely dumbfounded, “There’s no other reason, Mr. Ward. Really.”

Colin looked at his expression then slowly said, “I’ll tell you something.”

Da Song blinked and looked uncertain. This turning point happened a bit quickly.

“Previously, there’s a killer that tried to kill me but unfortunately he wasn’t that capable. He was caught by my assistant, then, I put him in a container.”

“I’m not a cruel person and I don’t want my hand to be dirtied with blood so I just left him to die by himself inside the container.”

“You know a container, right? Aside from the door which you enter,

there’s no other exit. There isn’t even any window for ventilation, no food, and no water.”

“I don’t know how long he can hold on. Would you like to go inside and check it for me?”

Da Song looked at Colin in horror suddenly.

There was no other exit in a container. There were no food and water. He left him to die by himself. Isn’t this fucking cruel?

“No, there’s no need to…” Da Song didn’t want to be starved to death, died because of thirst, or even suffocated to death.

Colin nodded, “Then you say, what’s your reason to kidnap me aside from money?”

Da Song shook his head vigorously, “There’s really no other reason. I only kidnapped you because I thought you’re rich.”

Colin frowned upon seeing this. Da Song was so terrified by his intimidation and still told him there’s no other reason. Was he thinking too much? Was he really captured because he’s rich?

The room was suddenly filled with silence. Da Song was slightly nervous. He was wondering if he could deceive him.

After a long time, Colin looked at Vanessa, “Do you have anything that you want to ask?”

Vanessa shook her head and Colin looked at Bailee, “What about you?”

Bailee stepped forward, “Return my 20,000 dollars to me.”

Everyone was speechless.

Does she love money so much or short of money?

Colin was doubtful. Is she really Bald Liu’s sister?

Vanessa looked at Bailee in disdain.

Da Song was dumbfounded for a moment before replying, “In the room….that the assistant went to just now.”

When he finished speaking, Colin looked at Gerd.

Soon, Gerd returned with a bag of money.

Bailee excitedly snatched the money bag from Gerd’s hand, then smiled happily, “Great, the money is mine.”

Vanessa said unhappily, “The money is ours, right?!”

“The money is mine since it’s given to me!” Bailee hugged the money bag and protected it like her own children.

Vanessa’s lips twitched. She had never seen someone who loves money that much.

Colin didn’t care about it, “Forget it. 20,000 dollar wasn’t that much, just let her have it!”

At this time, Colin’s phone rang.

Colin looked at it. it’s Baker’s call. He stood up and went outside.

Gerd saw the caller ID and he asked the other two to follow him.

As for Da Song, he wasn’t released.

“Hey, no. Let me go!”

Nobody paid attention to him and all of them left with Gerd.

Outside the club, Colin replied, “I’ll return soon” before hanging up the phone.

He was going to rush home to see Doris but he was too late because of such things. Baker and the others were still waiting for Colin to come home to have a meal together with them, so Baker called him to ask about it.

Colin knew that he needed one hour to go back since this was the Southern District. So he asked them to start the meal without him, saying that there were too many things to handle in the company and he’ll be back as soon as he finished dealing with them.

Baker also didn’t suspect anything.

Eva complained after hearing, “Why didn’t he inform us sooner and still let us wait for so long?!”

Over there, Colin drove back with Vanessa, Gerd, and the uninvited Bailee.

Vanessa was confused, “Why does she have to come with us?”

Colin was helpless, “It’s dangerous for her to be alone here.”

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