Chapter 22: The Light Imperial Jade – Maty’s Bad & Great Husband

Kris Chen thought for a while and said, “In fact, to judge whether a jade is good or bad, you have to see its quality. Take your pair of bracelets, for example, it’s the Light Imperial Jade, whose transparency is pretty good.”

“Yes, as my bestie says, this is the Light Imperial Jade.” Yu Su nodded and looked at him in surprise, “I didn’t expect that you could identify it so well while standing so far away.”

“Ha-ha.” Kris Chen did not answer but continued, “Light Imperial Jade has a very fine jadeite grain, so it is extremely difficult to see the emerald with naked eyes. The true and top Light Imperial Jade will be translucent in natural sunlight.”

“But the bracelet you gave grandma is obviously not up to this level, it’s at most a medium.”

Kris said it very professionally and confidently, like an expert who had been in this field for years. But this man was a loser and a useless son-in-law; how could he know so much knowledge about this field? It made Yu more and more curious!

At that moment, a young man in his early twenties stood out and bowed to the Old Lady, “Grandma, this is my gift. Please take it!”

This young man was the eldest grandson of the Yu Family, Fei Yu, the master of the Yu Family.

When the box was opened, many people present were stunned.

There was neither antique treasure nor fine jewelry in the box, but a single piece of a check.

One million – nine hundred and forty thousand – nine thousand – eight hundred and one dollars!

This figure corresponded exactly to the birth date of the Old Lady, August 1st, 1949!

This gift was not only thoughtful but also useful, although it’s tacky, who would say no to money?

“Grandma, I still adore Yu. Hope you can approve of my marriage with Yu!”

As soon as Fei finished, everyone turned to look at Yu.

Yu did not pay attention at all to what Fei had just said. She was having a good time chatting with Kris.

Seeing his beloved girl flirting other men, Fei felt humiliated, thinking Yu could chat with anyone but this loser; it’s really unbearable to him.

“Su Yu, how can you flirt with such a loser!” Fei walked up to Yu, pointed to Kris, and shouted, “I am warning you, stay away from Yu!”

Kris shrugged and said nothing.

Yu stood up and said to the Old Lady, “Grandma, this marriage is too hasty. I still need to think about it.”

Yu just couldn’t say no directly since there were too many people watching.

Smart as this Fei was, he’s too narrow-minded, and his eyesight was too short; he also liked to quibble over little things. He indeed wasn’t her type!

The Old Lady was so clever that she understood Yu’s meaning immediately. She laughed and said, “Fei, we two families shall talk about it after the banquet!”

“Yes, Grandmother!”

Though he was unwilling, there’s nothing he could say, as so many people were watching.

He stared at Kris and really wanted to kick him out of the banquet hall.

The woman that he liked could not be touched by other men. Yu was so proud, scarcely was she seen to talk with other men so actively.

Now seeing her chatting happily with Kris, how could Fei not be angry?

“Mingdong Wei from the Wei Family is coming to congratulate!” Shouted the man at the door.

Everyone looked subconsciously at the door.

Mingdong Wei was dressed in a suit and tie, with his hair combed backward. He looked very energetic.

He strode over with a long box in his hand.

“Mingdong is coming!” The Old Lady started to smile on seeing Mingdong Wei..

Long before the birthday, Mingdong had released the news that he would present a big present on Old Lady’s 70th birthday party and propose to Mary Su formally!

It is said that the big present he had prepared would surely make the Old Lady happy. What was it that made him so confident?

Everyone’s curiosity was aroused!

Mingdong walked up to the Old Lady and bowed slightly.

He looked bright in the appearance, but he’s actually in a desperate situation.

He spent all the money he had on the suit, and it would all depend on his performance tonight!

If he should succeed, not only could he have his beloved woman, but also the generous help of the Su Family to regain his wealth!

If he should fail, no, he would never allow himself to fail!

Mingdong took a deep breath, looking at the Old Lady, and said, “Grandma, there’s something I have been wanting to tell you for a long time; today is your 70th birthday, let me just tell you what I want to say.”

“Grandma, I like Mary. I fell in love with her at first sight! But she married a loser. For two years of the marriage, she has been a laughing stock of the whole Westriver city. She is just a weak woman who needs someone to rely on; she has suffered enough; I feel great pain to see her bear so much! I hope I can be her shoulder to lean on. Now I sincerely ask grandma to marry her to me!”

Mingdong almost shouted out the last a few words!


This was too straightforward! It’s like rubbing Kris’s face on the floor, and he was humiliating Kris publicly.

For a time, everyone was silent, and they were only whispering to each other. But think about it, as a loser and a useless son-in-law, what face did Kris have? Would he dare to resist when offended?

“I would give everything to the person I like!” Mingdong said emotionally, “Mary said she likes the Heavenly City, so I sold my company and took the cooperation project between the Chen Family and me as collateral to borrow money from the bank. Finally, I got the Heaven City she loves.”


No way!

All the people present were stunned and looked at Mary’s neck.

The blue sapphire was shining brightly under the lamplight; matched with Mary’s beautiful face, Mary looked too noble to be offended.

It’s too beautiful. No one could move their eyes away from it.

“Is this the 20-million dollar Heavenly City? It’s so beautiful…”

“The name Heaven City is just too common. It has another nice name, Endless Love!”

“Endless Love, what a beautiful name! Oh, I am so envious! If anyone can give me a necklace like this, I shall marry him!”

No woman could resist the temptation of such a gift, even such a goddess as Yu, whose eyes were full of amazement!

Jane and Changhe were nodding, again and again, such son-in-law as Mingdong was exactly what they expect.

God, this Mingdong Wei must be a lunatic! How shameless it was of him to say that he bought the necklace!

The necklace was clearly given to Mary by him, not Mingdong!

He had never seen such a shameless person!

After the sentimental performance, Mingdong bowed to the Old Lady again, “Grandma, I’m very sorry for what I have said. To show my respect, I have prepared a special gift for you!”

With that, Mingdong opened the box in his hand!

What’s in this box?

Everyone couldn’t help but crowd around to see what was inside.

Finally, when someone finally saw what the thing was, he could not help exclaiming, “Oh my God, this… this is…”

“What is it?”

The Old Lady also walked to Mingdong with the help of others!

Lying in the box was a painting. Mingdong slowly unfolded the painting and said proudly, “Grandma, this painting is the famous Companions In Spring Mountain by Bohu Tang. I bought it from my friend at a high price. I know you love antiques, and this painting is a little something from me.”


Companions In Spring Mountain by Bohu Tang?

Liren Zhang and his fellows had just given the painting to him the other day, hadn’t they? Was the painting they had given a fake one?

No, it’s impossible; Kris was aware of their temper, they would absolutely never give him a fake painting.

Well, since the original was at the moment in his own hand, then the painting Mingdong was holding could possibly be a…

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