Chapter 220: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 220 Like You a Little Bit (1)
Venus sighed, “Why wouldn’t I be worried? I just pretend not to be. Wait one more day, and if he still doesn’t contact me, I’ll have to contact him first. One of us has to bend to the other first.”

Hearing this, Xuan Chu leaned his head on the sofa and looked at the ceiling diagonally with a heavy heart.

Venus became interested and cautiously asked, “You seem to be in a bad mood. For work? Or…”

Xuan shook his head, “The job goes well.” He was just wondering if the work was worth it. Even if they got the map, would they really be able to find the treasure? There had been so many people failing to find it, though they had fought tooth and nail. Would they be the exception?

He discussed this idea with him, but he was too stubborn to listen to any comments.

As he wasn’t going to respond, Venus continued to ask, “Is that… an emotional thing? And… you can tell me about it. My lips are sealed, I will never the cat out of the bag.”

Xuan smiled disdainfully. He didn’t trust anyone but that person, let alone her, a stranger who had only known each other for a few months. Besides, they were just using each other.

“Forget it. Just don’t tell me. Then why do you come here?” Venus didn’t mince words and asked him directly.

“Upset in heart. Sit down here.”

Venus was speechless, “Hey, you’re so strange. You’re upset. But you don’t say it even if I ask you. Then just continue to be annoyed. I’m still hungry. I’m going to eat.”

Xuan still didn’t move, sitting there for a while. Just when Venus was almost finished her meal, he got up with a serious expression and asked her, “Venus, do you think there is really a treasure in this world? Or is that just a deliberate compulsion created by people with sinister intentions?”

Venus’s eyelids jumped. So he really had something on his mind.

Putting down chopsticks, Venus looked into his eyes and said seriously, “It’s not important to me whether there is this treasure or not. I just want my child back. Even if there really is this treasure in the world, as you use such dirty tricks to try to find it, if I were the heavens, I would never let you have your wish.”

Xuan stared at her in silence for a long time before speaking, “I will try to keep your child safe, within my greatest ability.”

“Do I have to say thank you?” Venus scoffed.

“No need.” Xuan shook his head, then strode towards the door. Then Venus heard the sound of the door closing.

Although she didn’t know why this guy would suddenly show great kindness, she was relieved a little bit with his assurance.

After turning back to the restaurant, Venus saw Kerry suddenly be back at the table, who was holding a bowl and chopsticks in his hand. Venus laughed out, “Where did you just hide?”

“Outside the window.” Kerry sat down to eat, but found that the food was already cold. All of a sudden, he had no interest in eating and put down his chopsticks.

Venus looked out of the window, the sky pitch dark, saying “You’re just hanging in the air. If some people see you, they will be scared to death.”

“That can only be blamed on his bad luck, but usually people would think it’s their own eyes.” Kerry came over from the dining table and walked to the living room to pick up her bag, saying, “Let’s go eat outside. The food is cold.”

Venus was hesitant.

” Sky City is so big that we won’t come upon him. Let’s go watch a movie after dinner. We’ve been too tense for the past two days and desperately need to relax.” Kerry helped set her suspicions aside and didn’t give her a chance to refuse, “Change your shoes. I’ll take you to the underground parking garage.”

“Don’t I need to change my clothes?”

Kerry looked up and down Venus who wore light white ruffled sleeves and white skirt, showing a comfortable and tranquil feeling.

“No need. It’s already good.”

Venus smiled and put on a pair of flat shoes, “Okay, let’s go.”

Kerry looked at her, then looked down at himself who was in a delicate white shirt, black trousers brown leather shoes. It’s too professional. He should have worn a T-shirt and jeans to match with Venus.

“Any other questions?” Venus asked.

“You’re so youthful. I feel like I’m keeping a college student who hasn’t graduated yet.” Kerry confided the true feeling.

Venus puffed up, “It’s fine if you don’t say it. I feel the same way when you say it.”

“Forget it. You’re my wife anyway.” Kerry gripped her hand and his heart quietly sank down. A few seconds later, the two of them arrived in the car in the parking lot.

Kerry’s eyes were purple as if ripe grapes, emitting a demonic light. Venus was a little worried and put her hand on his shoulder, “Did you use your powers too much today?”

Kerry rested on the steering wheel for a while, and when he raised his head, his eyes returned to the color of the ocean.

“It’s fine. It’s probably because I was injured too often some time ago, and hasn’t fully recovered.”

Venus thought Kerry suffered a lot a few days ago. He was shot in the kidnapping, and was injected with nerve-damaging drugs, then had his knee injured in order to save her in the earthquake and finally was stabbed in the chest by her. What’s worse, he also rushed to foreign countries to find their child and insisted on going to work. Indeed, he did not take care of his body properly.

Kerry started the car and teased her, “What’s wrong, worried about me?”

Venus instinctively retorted, “No, I don’t feel sorry for you. You have nine lives. How can you die so easily.”

“My hearts is broken into pieces, and you don’t comfort me.” Kerry looked like he was hurt.

“How do you want me to comfort you? Let me take that meal?”

Kerry just said casually while the woman actually took it seriously, “All my money is yours. Is there a difference of who pay the bill?”

“And what do you want?” Venus softly asked.

Kerry tightly gripped the steering wheel, moving his mouth to her ear, and whispered, “Listen to me at night.”

Venus’s face turned red, and her palm pressed on his mouth to push him far away, “Wishful thinking. Focus on driving.”

Hearing her tone, Kerry smiled proudly.

After the meal, they went to the nearby cinema.

“How long have you not been to the cinema?” Venus asked him when taking the elevator.

Kerry thought carefully, “I can’t remember. When I went to school, I went to the cinema once in which the environment was not very good. Then I installed a small cinema in the house during the decoration so I never go to the cinema after that. What about you?”

“When I was in school, I also saw a few times with my ex-boyfriend, the scum you know.”

Now mentioning Zihang Lu wouldn’t stir new feelings in her heart except for the word scum. Kerry didn’t have any reaction except for a frown. He didn’t blow up at the mention of this name like before. In his opinion, Zihang was nothing but Venus’s ex-boyfriend, a completely non-threatening person.

Once out of the elevator, Kerry was dumbfounded. How could there be so many people?

What day was it today?

Beautiful men and women would always attract a lot of people’s attention. Venus unconsciously lowered the brim of her hat. When just walked to the road, she found a nice hat in a shop so she bought it and just in case of this kind of situation.

Kerry was used to big events. Everywhere he went he was the focus of the crowd, so his expression didn’t change much. But when he saw someone taking out a cell phone to secretly film them, Kerry looked over with a cold gaze. The girl was scared by his cold eyes, and was busy putting her phone away.

The others who wanted to take photos in secret didn’t dare to go on.

Kerry looked at the information on the big screen as if nothing had happened, leaned over and asked Venus, “Which one do you want to see?”

Only then did Venus look up, her bright, dark eyes gleaming beneath the brim of her hat. She scanned the big screen and found no movies she particularly wanted to watch.

“Just buy the recent one. It’s getting late.”

“Fine, why not make a block booking? There’s too many people. The view will be bad.”What Kerry said showed he was a rich man.

Venus wanted to look at him like an alien, “Big brother, if you do so, why do you come to cinema? Just watch it at home.”

Big brother? An Interesting calling.

Kerry whispered, “Then go to my house?”

“No.” Venus refused. Went to Ye’s house? How could they really enjoy a movie when there were just the two of them?

Kerry smiled a smile. He found it so good to tease her.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 220 Like You a Little Bit (2)
The two of them went to line up. All around them were the whispers of little girls, which kept coming into their ears.

“Wow, this man is so handsome.”

“This woman looks good too. I can’t see her eyes, but she has a good shape of body.”

There were seven or eight other people in front of them. In case that she would be thirsty halfway, Kerry said softly, “You line up here. I’ll go buy something to drink.”

“Oh, I want freshly squeezed juice, not a drink.”

“I know.”

Venus settled in line, her ears going red from the exclamations.

Six people, five, four…

Venus just wanted to quickly buy tickets to enter the cinema. She couldn’t stand these girls. It’s understandable to state at Kerry, but she was also a woman. Was there anything to see? Of course, the light from certain men’s eyes were hot, too.


A familiar and strange voice came into her ears. Venus was stunned, and didn’t look back. She was now Yan Chu, and she realized that the person calling out to her was none other than the person she had just talked about with Kerry in the elevator, Zihang Lu.

Just like the old saying, you couldn’t talk about people behind their backs, or they would appear as you did so.

“Venus? Is that you?” Zihang asked again.

Venus looked back with a cold face, indifferent to the ex-boyfriend who had betrayed her. He did not change much. The outline of the face was more hard, and there are some vicissitudes between the eyebrows. There was a girl holding his arms who dressed in clothes revealing but good in material and tailoring. She looking at Venus defensively, as if Venus could snatch this man in her hands at all times.

Venus sneered in the heart. How could he find the rich girl?

Zihang knew he made a mistake and awkwardly apologized, “I’m sorry. I’d taken you for somebody else.”

Venus didn’t say anything and turned around to queue. There was only one person in front of her.

Zihang turned round to look for her several times, and bumped into a person. Coincidentally, it was actually Kerry.

“Kerry, long time no see.” Zihang greeted with a smile.

Kerry was only concerned about whether the juice and popcorn in his hands were spilled out, and when he heard the voice, he looked up and had the same thought as Venus–you couldn’t talk about people behind their backs.

“It’s been a long time.” Kerry had no desire to talk to him, because he saw Venus coming over with tickets. He gave the freshly squeezed juice to her, “Passion fruit juice with honey. Or it’s too sour.”

“It’s to my taste.” Venus took it with satisfaction.

Zihang’s eyes moved back and forth between the two of them, and a small flame sprang up within his heart, “Kerry, it seems that you, rich people, are all of the same virtue.”

With his face sinking down, Kerry asked in a cold voice, “What do you mean?”

“Isn’t this the mistress you’ve kept? Did you do right by Venus? You haven’t divorced her yet.” Zihang said angrily. After all these things, he realized how pure and precious the love that Venus once had for him was. He was too much of a jerk and betrayed her for a few bucks. Whenever he thought of this late at night, he regretted so much that he wanted to slap himself.

Kerry laughed in his exasperation, “Zihang Lu, as for who is sorry to Venus, you should be number one in the ranking. I, Kerry, don’t need you to tell me what to do.”

“I know I’m sorry to her, but she’s already married to you, so you should be responsible for her.”

Venus standing next to him was surprised and somewhat speechless. When did Zihang become so righteous that he even spoke for his ex-girlfriend? Didn’t he realize that his girlfriend beside him was already angry?

Kerry was about to say something else, but Venus tugged lightly on his corner and whispered, “We can go in now.”

At this time, the radio was informing the audience of this scene to enter.

Kerry, of course, listened to his wife. He looked at Zihang with contempt, took Venus’s hand in a demonstration, and strutted towards the ticket barrier.

During the ticket check, Venus unconsciously looked back. Zihang’s girlfriend was furiously talking about something, while he was indifferent, and finally turned around and left. The girl hurriedly chased after him.

He seemed… to be different. He’s not so obedient in front of rich girls like before.

Kerry turned her face and said petulantly, “Stop looking. They are gone.”

Venus sighed lightly and said, “It’s only been over a year, but it feels like something that happened in my last life.”

“It’s just something that happened in the last life.” Kerry muttered with a bit of grievance. Venus was the first woman he loved, but the first person Venus loved was Zihang. Could he not be grieving?

Venus was extremely surprised. As walking towards the 5th movie hall, she thought, “Didn’t Kerry used to blow up when he saw Zihang? Why he’s like a doormat today?

He’s becoming almost not the same Kerry she knew. Or, she had never known what kind of a man he was.

As she bought the latest show, there were no seats in the middle and the front. The two seats that Venus bought were in the last row to the side.

Kerry, who had hardly ever been to the cinema, didn’t know that cinema did brisk business at the weekend. But Kerry was very satisfied with this seat.

As long as she was around, he could sit anywhere.

The movie, an American 3-D sci-fi blockbuster, started soon. Venus put on the 3-D glasses she was given when she entered, and began to watch the movie quietly.

Kerry had little interest in such films. He preferred blockbusters telling real story and of blood, such as The Godfather and Schindler’s List.

Venus sipped her juice and then put it on the chair. Her hand was about to withdraw it when a large hand caught and held it directly.

Venus turned to look at him, and through the flickering light, she saw the man’s lips curving up.

For some reason, she felt that the sweet taste of the passion fruit she just drank flowed along the blood to her heart.

As Venus did not refuse, the corner of his mouth curved up at a bigger angle.

An inexplicable tenderness entwined in their fingertips. Kerry’s two fingers gently ground the knuckle of her index finger. Her callus on the knuckle grew again because of writing.

It was a normal viewing environment, and the fights and special effects on the screen were particularly great, but the constant intimacy of the couple sitting in front of her made Venus uncomfortable…

Venus coughed awkwardly to try to warn them, but found it didn’t work at all, and the two men were so obsessed….

Venus instantly lost interest in the movie. Her face quietly flushed in the darkness, and oh Heavens!

Kerry also saw the scene, and the eyes under the black glasses rolled over. He ground even harder.

Venus had no choice but to try to focus on the big screen.

Coincidentally, the handsome actor and actress on the screen were also entangled together…

There was a faint breath in the hall. Venus’s face was hot. She peeked at Kerry and found him staring at her. Although she could not see his eyes, she could feel his heat.

Whit her heart racing, Venus turned her head and pretended to go to the cinema. Why the sex scenes had not passed?

There was a sudden blackness in front of her eyes and her lips were covered with something soft, followed by a powerful attack.

Venus was shocked by his action. After all, they were in the cinema and there were so many strangers sitting next to them. She felt a little shy, a little scared, and also a little…

Kerry kissed more deeply…

Venus only felt his hot breath. Kerry said, “Go back now? Hmm?”

The word “Hmm” was like a hook that made her heart lurch.

But her sanity remained, “No, finish the movie.”

Kerry couldn’t wait for her to finish it, “Go back, okay? Venus?”

Venus bit her lower lip.

Kerry continued to add fuel to the fire, “I want you, Venus. I want you.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 220 Like You a Little Bit (3)
Venus Mu felt her heart trembling. She was provoked to lose the last bit of her sanity and nodded her head gently.

Kerry Ye no longer hesitated, took off his glasses and grabbed her hand. He bag down the steps to go outside fast……

He gave two pairs of glasses to the theater staffs and pulled her out. Just before he turned a corner and stepped out of the theater’s passageway, he turned on her and pressed her into the darkness and kissed her.

By this time, movies were being shown in every hall and there was no one people in the exit corridor.

Venus bore the brunt of his urgency. After a moment of intimacy, Venus turned on.

“I can’t wait any longer.” As soon as Kerry finished speaking, he disappeared into the darkness with Venus.

The hotel’s big bed……


The stereotypical cell phone ringing woke up the sleeping man. He stretched out his long arm and touched the phone on the bedside table. He opened his hazy eyes to see that it was Secretary Liu calling and pressed the call button.

“President Ye, this morning you have an appointment with General Manager Mike from the Mu’s Group. Time is nearly up.”

Kerry looked at the sweetly sleeping Venus in his arms and his voice was dumb, “I don’t go. I’ll talk about it when I have time.”

Secretary Liu knew that Kerry was still not awake so he said “Well” and hung up the phone.

Kerry closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

He had worked diligently for more than 10 years and now he had a beautiful woman in his arms. His impudence was not to be blamed.

What’s more, he liked it.

They slept through the afternoon.

When Venus opened her eyes, he was already awake. She was confused for a moment remembering what happened last night and was embarrassed to turn around. But she was pressed down by Kerry.

“Don’t sleep with your back to me from now on, eh?”

“I’m used to it.”

Kerry slipped a hurt light in his eyes, “But your back hurts me so much. I always feel like you reject me.”

Venus said honestly, “I indeed rejected you before.”

Kerry was furious when she said, “You like me now so don’t sleep in such a position.”

The woman reminded him, “It’s only a little bit. Kerry, you don’t get an inch.”

“I don’t care. A little bit is a lot. A little bit now, a lot later,” Kerry was being unreasonable again, “Let’s say. You usually sleep more on the right side, and then I’ll sleep on the left side from now on. Then we’ll be face to face.”

Venus rolled her eyes. Why did she think this man was getting retarded? Was it true there were no side effects from the last drug?

“Don’t get any ideas. I’m talking to you.”

“Whatever.” Venus really didn’t want to discuss such retarded issues with him.

Kerry was happy, “Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? I call hotel service?”

Venus was sore all over, especially her back and legs, and she felt hard to walk. But how did he regain his spirit after a nap? There really was a huge difference in physical strength between men and women.

This man was really……

“I don’t want to eat anything. You better let me sleep all day again. You were so crazy last night, I’m about to get killed.” Venus complained.

“Venus, you have to understand the needs of a grown man. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t had a woman in over a year. For that matter, you have to forgive me as well.”

Venus snorted, “Fancy words.”

“Fancy words are only for you too.”

“Kerry, you weren’t like this before. Where’s your domineering style?” Venus teased.

“Outsiders I’m bossy. You are my wife. I need to concern my wife, so of course I have to be gentle with you.”

Venus was completely speechless. He said these disgusting words at random and he didn’t blush at all.

“Today we go home.” Kerry couldn’t want to let her stay in the hotel and it was inconvenient just to eat.

Venus was fine with it, “You convince Xuan Chu.”

“Isn’t that simple?” Kerry took the phone, cleared his throat, and dialed Xuan’s number.

He seemed to be busy and Kerry waited a long time for the phone to connect.

“President Chu, I’m Kerry.” He introduced himself.

“I know. What’s the matter with President Ye?”

Kerry aimed at Venus in his arms and asked, “Well. Do you know where Yan Chu is? I couldn’t get through to her phone.”

“Staying in a hotel these days,” said Xuan, “President Ye this was originally a matter between you guys. I shouldn’t be nosy, but Yan is my sister. She has never been wronged since she was a child. I hope you can go through your head once in the future when you speak and act. And don’t place unwarranted charges on her. “

Kerry was scolded. In a rare moment, he didn’t argue with him, just saying lightly, “I know. I was too impulsive this time. I will personally apologize to her. Can you tell me which hotel she’s staying at?”

Xuan gave the name of the hotel and the two men hung up in unison.

“Well, go home.”

“Don’t want to move right now.”


The fight with the Mu’s Group had just passed less than a week. Another thing had been happened that Kerry did not expect.

Because of the last earthquake, the greenery in the Sky City was very badly damaged. In order to maintain the reputation of the garden city, the government decided to replace all the greenery. Many companies in the Sky City were eager to take over this urban construction project.

Due to his positive cooperation in the earthquake, the top wanted Kerry to do this job. Although the bidding was continuing, it had basically been decided that the Yehuang Group would win this bidding. Now they were waiting for the contract to be signed. But today, the news suddenly came out that the Sky City Municipal Administration and the Mu’s Group had signed a contract.

“How come it’s the Mu’s Group again?” Kerry was furious. Greenery was the face of the Sky City. In order to do this project well, they had thought about where to plant, what trees and flowers to be planted and even they came up with the most perfect plan. The city department also saw this plan and was very happy with it. Then their staff ran to many places, found many big green plant companies and contracts were signed. It was just a matter of paying for delivery. Now he was told that the project was snatched up by the Mu’s Group? He wanted to kill someone.

Kerry had a sneaking feeling that Mu’s Group specifically did these two acts for him. But where did they get such strong financial support? The annexation of the Huayang Electric was all very hard for them and now they took another landscaping project. It was just not enough to lose all of turnover for the past year or two.

“Secretary Liu, immediately check the source of the Mu’s Group recent funding. They simply can’t take these two profitable projects if they don’t have aid.”

“Yes, President Ye.”

Kerry turned around in the office for half a day. He called the Urban Council Director Li. Once the phone was connected, he hadn’t opened his mouth to speak and Director Li had already apologized, “President Ye I’m really sorry. I was just about to call you about this. I have no choice but to do what I’m told as I’ve been informed from my leader.”

“Leader? Which one? Secretary Zhang?”

“No, Secretary Zhang wants you to do it. But Secretary Zhang can’t go against the provincial leadership. Do you understand?”

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